8 – Consolidation of Powerful Commercial Order Line Items

I need to add to the shopping cart bulk order lines to not allow the user to delete or change the amount of any of them without changing the number. 39, another also.

I can not do this with a single command line item because I need different taxes and prices per line.

Can I create a command line item type with a reference field for other command line items in order to display it grouped in the UX and disable the widget amount in case of need? I do not know if it is possible or if we have a better approximation.

Mobile – Where do you divide long contacts on a single line?

For example, an email address for an area of ​​the company is something like "businesssupport@nomentreprise.com"

Although we can do a lot of alternatives (links, forms, etc.) so that you do not see this long contact, we found that people wanted to know where he was going.

The longer contact address proves a challenge on the mobile and in the different components of the page.

  1. Where is a good stop point for email?

  2. What's an alternative approach when you have to display a single, very long word?

How to disable PIM and keyfile prompts when using VeraCrypt from the command line? [migrated]

veracrypt --text --mount --protect-hidden=no /Users/admin/test /Volumes/test
Enter password for /Users/admin/test:
Enter PIM for /Users/admin/test:
Enter keyfile [none]:

I would only like to have to enter a password.

Print the first line of content in wordpress

I'm trying to print only the first line of content on a wordpress post:

$lines=explode("n", $string);
echo $lines('0');

But it does not work. I must say that I have looked everywhere, even trying with this and that. But nothing works … what can I do? Thank you in advance.

Exim mainlog meaning of the auth_relay journal line

In / var / log / exim / mainlog, there were two lines related to my hosting account with the user name "user" and the domain of the account "domain.net".
it is purported to be spam-related and I would like to ask if you can explain in detail how to read these journal lines so that I can find exactly how the site is operated by the spammer so that I can solve this problem. Thank you

messageid1 ** me@gmail.com F= R=smart_route T=auth_relay H=smtp.mailchannels.net ( X=TLSv1.2:DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256...
Code (markup):

Exim mainlog meaning of the auth_relay journal line

How can I get the line number of the last non-zero value of a range in Google Sheets?

I have a column of numeric data, say a1: a20. I want to search in this range and return the cell address of the last non-null and non-empty cell or, if that can not be done, the line number (because I already know the column).

linear algebra – Enter 10 points, calculate each possible line from 2 points and check if the other 8 points are on the right

An example of a points game in $ mathbb {R} ^ $ 3.

p = Tuples[{-1, 0, 1}, 3];
n = Length[p];

The list of all triple points:

triples = Subsets[p, {3}];

A function that checks if a list p of k = Length[p] covers an affine space smaller than k-1:

f = MatrixRank[#[[2 ;;]] - ConstantArray[#[[1]], Length[#] - 1]] < Length[#] - 1 &;

Apply this function to all triple points:

f /@ triples

transform – Transpose a column in line with condition no r

df <- data.frame(Coluna = c(1, "ALDO SANTOS", "02/02/2020", "MARIA SANTOS", "EM Socorro Bastos", "Pov. Acará Mirim",
                            "EM Socorro Bastos","Pov. Acará Mirim",2,"FABIA SOUSA", "12/10/2020","RAIMUNDA SOUSA",
                            "EM Caio Abreu", "Pov. Bacuri", "EM Gonçalves Dias", "Pov. Morada N. Areias", 3,
                            "FABINA NUNES", "28/01/2020", "LUCIA GOMES", "Colégio Albérico F. Ferreira",
                            "Trindade - Sede"),
                 stringsAsFactors = FALSE)


1                             1
2                   ALDO SANTOS
3                    02/02/2020
4                  MARIA SANTOS
5             EM Socorro Bastos
6              Pov. Acará Mirim
7             EM Socorro Bastos
8              Pov. Acará Mirim
9                             2
10                  FABIA SOUSA
11                   12/10/2020
12               RAIMUNDA SOUSA
13                EM Caio Abreu
14                  Pov. Bacuri
15            EM Gonçalves Dias
16        Pov. Morada N. Areias
17                            3
18                 FABINA NUNES
19                   28/01/2020
20                  LUCIA GOMES
21 Colégio Albérico F. Ferreira
22              Trindade - Sede

Command line – PHP ffmpeg tries to include a variable but does not run at all

I have the following variables defined in php:

$ffmpeg = ffmpeg.exe;
$VideoFilename = "C:/Videos/VideoFile_1.mp4";
$CroppedVideoFilename= "C:/Videos/VideoFile_1_Cropped.mp4";

I have the following line of code in php:

$cmd = "$ffmpeg -i $VideoFilename -vf crop=848:352:4:64 $CroppedVideoFilename";
$Return = `$cmd`;

which seems to work well; this creates a cropped video.

However, the following items will not work:

$cmd = "ffmpeg.exe -i $VideoFilename -vf crop=848:352:4:64 $CroppedVideoFilename";


$cmd = "ffmpeg.exe -i C:/Videos/VideoFile_1.mp4 -vf crop=848:352:4:64 $CroppedVideoFilename";


$cmd = "$ffmpeg -i C:/Videos/VideoFile_1.mp4 -vf crop=848:352:4:64 C:/Videos/VideoFile_1_Cropped.mp4";

and most importantly what I'm trying to do is:

$CroppingValues = "crop=848:384:4:32";
$cmd = "$ffmpeg -i $VideoFilename -vf $CroppingValues $CroppedVideoFilename";

I've posted the other faulty lines of code as this might help to solve the problem of "why" some variables are accepted by the ffmpeg command and others do not.

I'd like the last block of code to work. For some reason, it just does not work. I've been looking for escaped characters and have tried:

$CroppingValues = "crop=848:384:4:32"

that does not work but

$cmd = "$ffmpeg -i $VideoFilename -vf crop=848:384:4:32 $CroppedVideoFilename";

Does it work, and then what follows:

$CroppingValues = "crop=848:384:4:32"

does not work, so there is something wrong with the $ CroppingValues ​​variable.

Thank you.

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