android – Open the link in an external application

I have a mobile app for my website, in the website there are links for some social networks like instagram, pinterest and telegram, in web browsers everything is fine, but in the app i & # 39; I have a problem with these links, if click on the link of the telegram it shows an error, how can I solve this problem when someone clicks on a link for an application like Instagram or Telegram and … a option appears and suggests to open through this external application?

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Does your business need a payment link service?


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magento2.3.3 – The category link of the mobile menu is an undefined URL cannot work in Magento 2

I face annoying problems. When I'm on the desktop, no problem with the menu link.

When I'm responsive, when I go through the menu, I have the right URL but
when i click on the item category link, i am redirected to a 404 page (my.domain / undefined) and an undefined URL.

If a custom script, tool and module, give me the link
so i sorted this problem out quickly as soon as possible.

I used the module but I cannot work

If you have any idea how to sort out this problem, please give me
solution as soon as possible and any custom script for it?

Thank you.

magento2 – How can I put a hypertext link in the message?

How did I put a hyperlink in the translation message? it seems like it didn't work … another option i can do?


US store'"/>

List some benefits of linking to Seo?

List some benefits of linking to Seo?

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tokens – Does the Link module allow "calculated" values?

I use Link to create links that export content in JSON and XML format, for use with RESTful Web Services

As there is already a lot of content, I added 2 link fields for JSON and XML with default values ​​of node/[node:nid].json and node/[node:nid].xml.

When a new record is entered, the values ​​displayed are node/.json and node/.xml and I have to change them again for node/[node:nid].json and node/[node:nid].xml before the right values ​​are displayed.

It is obvious from this that the first time that a new record is added [node:nid] is equal to 0, and calculates the empty string, but it is stored in the database, so the next time the record is changed again, the fields are not empty and are left alone.

The ability to use node/[node:nid].json etc., which remains present between the changes, shows that the calculated extended token is what is stored in the database when a new record is created, but the following changes with tokens store the tokens in the database. data without developing them.

Is there a way to avoid expansion and leave the token chain as it is when a new record is created?

Can the Link module be configured to not extend the token with new records?

Sharepoint Online – Link the column of the multiple-choice list to documents uploaded to the document library

So I have items in the list that are linked to documents in the document library by using search columns where users can see how many documents have been linked to the list item. selected.

The scenario is below.

The user changes the state of the choice column of "to do" in "finished" in the list and they want it to label or link to the document [s] once they have been completed in the list of this column. I have not found any information or trick to implement the scenario that I mentioned above.
I was thinking of creating search columns to link the choice columns in the list, but unfortunately the search columns do not support the columns of choice.
In addition, I've already implemented validation rules in the choice columns so because of the nature of the project I can not use a search column instead of a column of choice.

I would appreciate any suggestion or alternative to achieve it.

Blue background by clicking on the link

I have a problem, that is, when you click on a link with the help of a mobile device, a blue background will appear. Do you have a way to delete this background using CSS?