8 – Current page link is not adding in my custom theme full pager links

I have created a view page showing products with full pager and full pager links are showing currently but current page link is not been added in the pagination links and because of this pagination links are showing home page and adding the parameters to home page links.
I have checked using Bartik Theme and other Contributed Themes available on drupal.org and full pager is working correctly as it should be(by adding current page links in the pager links) but it is not working only in custom theme.
I request, please help me with this as, I am beginner with Drupal and full pager is needed in almost all the projects.

Note: I am also using better exposed filters with exposed block.

Pager Links same in other themes also

Current page link is not adding in pager links in other themes current page link not showing in html but it is being added after page load

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Can a publicly shared file stored in my Google Drive be deleted by someone having “Anyone with the link” editor rights?

Short answer. No.
None of the editors having “Anyone with the link” editor rights can delete the file.
The only person who can delete this file is the owner of the file.

You can see that when changing the sharing permissions of a file to Anyone with the link can Edit, the option of changing the settings is greyed out with the message Settings are disabled for public links

enter image description here

Furthermore, when within the file Edit menu , the option of moving the file is greyed out as well.

enter image description here

One can only use the Add a shortcut to Drive.
Even if one later decides to delete this created shortcut from the drive, the original file remains intact.

You can safely, publicly share, any file stored in your Google Drive using “Anyone with the link” editor rights.
Your publicly shared file will never be deleted by anyone else but you.

Important Note
Please do NOT confuse the above with editors added under Share with people and groups.
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8 April. 2021

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8 – Menu link Converting full URL to local

When I save a menu link pointing to a node (nid 5, alias /woohoo/magic/test, it’s value in the database is: entity:node/5

I’m trying to convert fully formed user inputs such as “” to the path stored in menu in the databse.

I’ve tried the following:

$local_path = url::fromUserInput($possibly_local_path);

// $local_path->getRouteName() returns "entity.node.canonical"
// $local_path->toString() returns "/woohoo/magic/test"
// $local_path->getInternalPath() returns "node/5"

Please note I can’t just do string concatenations. I don’t always know that the path is to an entity, such as when I am using group module group content entities.

Any ideas?

How do i remove family link supervision after 24 hours

So I went into the app family link and I clicked stop supervision. Then I waited 24 hours so I can stop, but after 24 hour it wont remove it and it says remove supervision failed. There is also a retry button there but when I click it, the message comes up again. Does somebody know how to fix that because I cannot access my phone now because of that, thanks.

8 – How to alter an existing breadcrumb link programmatically?

I am trying to alter the ‘Home’ Breadcrumb link using


The default Breadcrumb class allows you to add New links using the



However it does not allow one to edit the links. Is there a way to edit an existing link directly?

price volatility – Are there any academic papers on the link between energy markets and Bitcoin mining?

I am keen to see if there have been any academic papers that have studied the link between bitcoin miners and energy markets, in-particular, if there is a so called ‘no-arbitrage’ requirement, or a hedging strategy for miners, that exists.

Suppose there is a miner, Bob, who’s mining equipment produces a fixed hashrate and is not a part of any mining pool. The decision, whether Bob should mine or not, depends on the following variables (some are random):

  • The spot price of electricity (Random)
  • The spot price of Bitcoin (Random)
  • The network difficulty (Random)
  • The network hashrate (Random)
  • Block reward (Deterministic)
  • Equipment depreciation (Deterministic)
  • Transaction fees (Random)

Bob wishes to ensure that in expectation, mining yields a profit. Of course this depends on these aforementioned variables. Bob also wishes to ensure that if mining isn’t profitable with the spot prices, perhaps there is a way he could still mine, by using energy market or cryptocurrency derivatives to hedge against this.

Or, if it would not be profitable to mine, he could lease his computation as cloud services for a fixed, deterministic rate per given time period, to ensure his machinery isn’t idle. Conversely, he could choose to mine an entirely different cryptocurrency that would yield a profit, of course, in expectation.

My immediate, non-academic “hunch” tells me that there is a link here, or a way to ensure that miners have more certainty when mining, using derivative products to hedge themselves against sudden drops in the price of Bitcoin, or sudden increases in the cost of electricity. And the dynamics would be interesting to study.

I was wondering if there have been any academic papers published, which might deviate from what I have mentioned above, but include some relevant concepts. I have seen other answers on this site that have explored similar questions, seen here. As well as an academic paper on the sustainability of bitcoin mining, seen here.

sharepoint on prem – SP 2019 OnPrem – blank page after clicking on link in navigation

I have a big problem and can’t find the root cause of it – I hope someone of you can help me.

We are in the process of creating an intranet for our company with Sharepoint 2019 OnPrem. I chose the small minrole farm with 1 sql server, 1 front end + cache and 1 application + search server.

Just to let you know how the navigation works for our intranet:

We need a global navigation and use one communication site as a landing page and site collections for departments (team-sites). Therefore I use the term store to pin the global navigation to each site according to this tutorial https://sharepoint.handsontek.net/2018/04/19/share-global-navigation-between-site-collections/ and with this powershell script https://collab365.com/global-managed-metadata-navigation-script/ which works fine.

Now, in my global navigation I have set a link called “Search” for the search which directs to http://srvsharepoint01/_layouts/15/search.aspx – it’s the search in the communication site which we want the users to use as the global search page.

When i click this link from http://srvsharepoint01/ everything works fine. Now my problem: When I’m on a different site collection (e.g. http://srvsharepoint01/websites/somesitecollection) and click on the link, i can’t see the search. The whole page is blank except for the headers. After refreshing the page, I can see the search just fine as it should be. The link doesn’t change on refresh!

I also get some 500 internal server errors in the console of my browser. The problem exists for every user, regardless of the browser.

You can see the problem and the error codes in the following screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/4GEy7Jr

Can someone help me troubleshoot this mess? I would be very thankful as it’s been a pain in the ass the last few hours to find anything, but I’m not very experienced to troubleshoot these problems yet.