8 – How can I display the last content added to a specific link?

I have a content type Videos, let's say I have 5 videos, they have these URL links:

  • / videos / video-name-1
  • / videos / video-name-2
  • / videos / video-name-3
  • / videos / video-name-4
  • / videos / video-name-5

What i want is when i go /videos I want this page to display the latest video added (/videos/video-name-5) and I want to make this dynamic ex. if i add a new video, when i visit /videos this will show me the page for this new video that I have added.

How do I get there? As much as possible, I don't want to use redirection.

8 – The unique password reset link is no longer valid

In a Drupal 8 project, when you try to reset the password, the single sign-on link is successfully sent to the entered email address, but when you click that link, it always prints the ; next message event when the link has never been used before or has not yet expired (counts the activation link expiration setting is set to 86400, which means 24 hours)

You have attempted to use a single login link that has already been used or is no longer valid. Please request a new one using the form below.

Any suggestion?

Thank you so much.

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IP recovery without visiting the site or clicking on the link

I'm doing some research. There are sites like grabify and iplogger.org that allow you to get the IP of the person who clicked on the link. Logs are also generated by various bots when you send a message via twitter, whatsapp, facebook or instagram.

However, will it be possible to get the individual's IP without clicking on the link? An example scenario is as follows:
A – send a message to – B with link
As soon as the message arrives in B's inbox, we get B.'s IP address

Some services generate logs when link previews are generated, but they are robots.

Thanks in advance

Link buttons and button links

I would like to know your opinion, whether or not you use buttons that look like links (text links, especially when they are the same shape as links) and links that look like buttons is good practice. I think making a link look like a button, and vice versa, is materially dishonest and misleading. It tells users that the links and buttons are the same, but that they are not. For example, users can expect to be able to open buttons that look like links in a new tab or window, but this obviously does not happen. The links must be navigation and the buttons can be activated, but again, we have buttons labeled "next" to go to a next step in the wizards, etc. Can anyone help to understand the complicated science behind these components?

customer service – Is "contact" better than "contact us" or "contact me" for a contact link (leading to contact details)?

In many cases, the staff of a web application may slowly move from one person to two or more people and / or slowly move from two or more people to one person.

My problem

This question could be considered petty, but there could indeed be linguistics recommendation to simply use "contact" to avoid the following possible (or similar) business interaction biases:

A customer is annoyed to receive an email response from a deputy if he
was written seller (he expected the website owner because he expected the website owner to be the only respondent.

My question

Is "contacting" better than "contacting us" or "contacting me" for a contact link (leading to contact information)?

It's asking; is it better, by a formal (accessibility?) or by a formal linguistic argument, to use the contact<>,
Instead of "contacting us" or "contacting me"?

co.combinatorics – Combinatorial link on monotonic sequences

Let $ nu $ is a score on $ n $. Given a $ n $ cycle $ (1,2, ldots, n) in S_n $.

Let us define $ H_g ^ {m} ((n); mu) $ count the number of tuples $ ( tau_1, ldots, tau_r) $ in symmetrical group $ S_n $.Let $ beta $ indicates the type of cycle.

$$ (1,2, ldots, n) tau_1 ldots tau_r = beta $$

$ tau_i $ are transposed written as $ (a_i, b_i) $ and $ a_i <b_i $ such as
$$ b_1 leq b_2 leq ldots leq b_r. $$
$$ r = 2g-1 + text {len} ( beta) $$
A result in the paper
declare that when $ beta = 1 ^ n $ then
$$ H_g ^ m ((12..n), beta) = Cat_ {n-1} T (n + g-1, n-1) ….. (**) $$

I have the following expression the numbers which are called central factor numbers
$$ T (a, b) = 2 sum_ {j = {0}} ^ {b} (- 1) ^ {bj} frac {j ^ {2a}} {(bj)! (B + d)!} $$
or $ Cat_n $ dentoe the catalan number.
Even the document gives a combinatorial description of $ T (a, b) $.
$ T (a, b) $ has the following combinatorial description. This is the number of ways to put $ {1,2, ldots a, 1 ^ {& # 39;}, ldots, a ^ {& # 39;} } $ in $ b $ non-empty disjointed box such as if $ i $ be the least whole of the box and then $ i ^ {& # 39;} $ also belong to the box.
$ Cat_ {n-1} $ has the combinatorial description of writing $ (1,2 ldots, n) $ cycle like monotonous $ (n-1) $ transposition tuples.

My question is, is there a combinatorial bijection? This is given a seq in LHS of (**) I would build an element belongs to $ Cat_ {n-1} $ and $ T (n-1 + g, n-1) $ ?

I also put an example in the case $ n = 3, g = $ 1

The LHS assembly is given as follows
$$ (((2.3), (2.3), (2.3), (1.3)), ((2.3), (1.3), (2.3), (2 , 3)), ((2,3), (1,3), (1,3), (1,3)), ((1,3), (2,3), (1,3), (2,
3)), ((1.3), (1.3), (2.3), (1.3)), ((1.2), (2.3), (2.3), ( 2,3)), ((1,2), (2,3), (1,3), (1,3)), ((1,2), (1,3), (1,3) ,
(2,3)), ((1,2), (1,2), (2,3), (1,3)), ((1,2), (1,2), (1,2 ), (2,3)))

The above gives a set of 10 tuples of length 4 each. it's monotonous

Now $$ Cat_2 = 2 $$ and $ T (3,2) = $ 5 The elements of $ Cat_2 $ can be given as follows 2 cyles
$$ (((2.3), (1.3)), ((1.2), (2.3))) $$
I don't know how to build the whole $ T (3,2) $ do a combinatorial bijection?

Office 365 – Find a Microsoft team link connected to a SharePoint site

The only way I found using the user interface in the SharePoint site was to click on the site title, then scroll through the pop-up that appears and under "Applications", click on "Teams" to get a link to navigate to the actual team.

I tinkered and bit and found that you can link using the F12 development tools which can get you the same link as above.

Use the console tab, paste it and hit enter. Copy the returned link into a new browser tab and you will find the link in the property called MicrosoftTeams.TeamHomeURL.

_spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/SP.Directory.DirectorySession/Group('" + _spPageContextInfo.groupId + "')?$select=teamsResources";

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