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What are some great examples of link bait?

Hello friends,

What are some great examples of link bait?

8 – My custom menu link class are being overwritten by the “is-active” class

I have a standard navigation menu. In the Drupal UI, I’ve assigned a CSS class to some of the links on this menu.

These classes are being correctly applied to the tags in the rendered menu. However, when I click on one of the links, Drupal adds the class “is-active” to the – and removes my custom class!

Is this expected behavior? Is there a workaround?

google sheets – Link chart heading to cell

I would like the main heading of a Google Sheets chart to change dynamically by linking it to the value of a cell. The header input field does however not seem to handle formulas like =I4, it just displays the formula.

Is there a way to link a chart heading to a cell value?

What is link roundup in SEO..?

Hello friends,

What is link roundup in SEO..?

8 – What is the best practice for writing a sanitized link to the screen?

In Drupal 7, one could do the following one line::

t('Visit @mylink', ('@mylink' => l('my website', '')));

But that no longer works in Drupal 8 or 9 😞. So far, I’ve tried this:

First I create a link, Drupal 8 style:

$mylink = Link::fromTextAndUrl('my website', Url::fromUri(''));

Then try to create a string that can be printed. I’ve tried both ways:

t('Visit @mylink', ('@mylink' => $mylink->toString())));
t('Visit @mylink', ('@mylink' => render($mylink->toRenderable())));

But PHP 7.2 doesn’t like it. Both calls to t() produces the following Notice:

Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference …

Fair enough – but how is this done?

I could not find how to do this described in any of the obvious docs, such as:

So my question is:
What is the best practice for writing a sanitized link to the screen in Drupal 8?

(Environment: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Drupal 8.8.6 (core + devel), procedural code – e.g. hook_help()).

How to add a subpage link on my custom page?

I’m using the plugin boilerplate and i manage to add a custom menu under the “product” menu (admin panel), to render the data from a API, but now i need to admin a second page so the user can “edit” the data.

This is what i did to add the custom page.

public function add_submenu_page()
        array($this, 'display_options_page')

public function display_options_page()
    $discounts = $this->client->discounts()->getAll();  // API Request

    require_once 'partials/pryceapp-admin-display.php';

inside pryceapp-admin-display.php i have a html table listing all data, e.g:

        <a href="!"><?= discount->name ?></a>

How can i add a link to a the “edit” page (above) passing a query string?

I’ve also created another function to render another page but it doesn’t seems right:

public function load_discount_page()
        __('Edit discount', $this->plugin_name),
        __('Edit discount', $this->plugin_name),
        $this->plugin_name . '_edit_discount',
        array($this, 'display_option_edit_discount_page')

public function display_option_edit_discount_page()
    $code = $_GET('code');  // This is not right !!!

    $discount = $this->client->discounts()->getByCode($code);

    require_once 'partials/pryceapp-admin-edit.php';

This is the best option to do this? is there a way to define all pages at once?

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templates – Can a link in WordPress contain a query string that is picked up as $_POST

This question is about a very specific circumstance.

  1. A template file can run a default category query with thumbnail, linked title and excerpt, or it can run a linked title only depending on a viewer choice. That is, once on the category page, the viewer can click a List Only option. https:// domain/category/ glossary-of-wood-terms ?format=list This part works fine.

  2. The second option (linked title only) should pick up the whole dataset, not a paginated dataset.

  3. Using a pre_get_posts, I can set the query to get the whole dataset (not paginated) with

$query->set( 'posts_per_page', -1 );

and an if test that will only run that code on a particular URL. Here is where the problem lies.

It turns out that WordPress sees the address as https://domain/category/glossary-of-wood-terms?category_name=glossary-of-wood-terms with the query string hidden. But WordPress is treating it as a $_POST variable not a $_GET variable.

What address should I used in the pre_get_posts test?

8 – How do I create a link from an internal path for the core Link class?

I miss the deprecated l() a lot. I am trying to construct the Drupal 8 equivalent of:

l(t('mylink'), 'admin/structure/types');

I am trying to generate a link to'admin/structure/types' (but will appreciate an answer that explains how to do this for any valid internal path.

I’ve looked at a lot of examples, a most of the them end up saying one should use Link::fromTextAndUrl in some construct like this – without explaining how to get $routename from the path.:

Link::fromTextAndUrl(t('mylink'), Url::fromRoute($routeName));

I’ve seen this suggested, but the object it produces is not text, but some object that does not even contain a textual link to be rendered on the screen:

Link::fromTextAndUrl(t('mylink'), Url::fromUserInput('admin/structure/types'));