Is Shortening Links still works?


y u no do it?

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Will links that are only shown to logged-in users do any benefit to SEO?


Some websites will only shown links to logged-in users. Will such links do any benefit to SEO?

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Media library links broken WordPress Multisite after SSL update

We updated (not added) SSL to the site

The media on the network admin media library works fine, but the media library for the sub-sites displays a grey box

for example: Image url looks like this: (when directly accessing this url, server 404 error, not WordPress 404 page)

breaking it down we have                            -> blog main url
/multisitedomain                                   -> virtual domain created by multisite
/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/09/image-file.png -> relative path to image

true image path is (if you try and access the image here, it works)

this is the same as above, but missing the virtual domain

Files upload fine (into the non sub-domain folder) but the returned url is set to use the subdomain (if you remove subdomain they are there, but as given they are not)

They all have https paths, but the site is not properly locating the images when using the /subdomain pathing

I have compared the .htaccess to a different multisite that is on a different server, and compared it against the backup version, no changes to it, and they seem the same. It became broken only after the SSL updated

Is there something that needs to be done server side that we missed when updating the SSL? or could a server setting have been reset/changed during the process (I didn’t do the update, so uncertain what steps were taken) that could have broken multisite, but not the “network admin” portion (or other non multisite WordPress sites on the same server)

I did create a temporary JavaScript fix to change the URL of images if not found on the front end, but as the media library is loaded via

magento2 – Mega menu links base 64 encryption on Magento 2.3

For SEO reasons, I want to encrypt the links that are in my mega menu. The goal is to replace every <a href=""> elements from my mega menu by <span>

So I have created my own module that overrides Topmenu.php.

    namespace PersoMenuBlockHtml;
    class Topmenu extends MagentoThemeBlockHtmlTopmenu
     protected function _getHtml(
            MagentoFrameworkDataTreeNode $menuTree,
            $colBrakes = ()
        ) {
            $html = '';
            $children = $menuTree->getChildren();
            $parentLevel = $menuTree->getLevel();
            $childLevel = $parentLevel === null ? 0 : $parentLevel + 1;
            $counter = 1;
            $itemPosition = 1;
            $childrenCount = $children->count();
            $parentPositionClass = $menuTree->getPositionClass();
            $itemPositionClassPrefix = $parentPositionClass ? $parentPositionClass . '-' : 'nav-';
            foreach ($children as $child) {
                $child->setIsFirst($counter == 1);
                $child->setIsLast($counter == $childrenCount);
                $child->setPositionClass($itemPositionClassPrefix . $counter);
                $outermostClassCode = '';
                $outermostClass = $menuTree->getOutermostClass();
                if ($childLevel == 0 && $outermostClass) {
                    $outermostClassCode = ' class="' . $outermostClass . '" ';
                if (count($colBrakes) && $colBrakes($counter)('colbrake')) {
                    $html .= '</ul></li><li class="column"><ul>';
                $html .= '<li ' . $this->_getRenderedMenuItemAttributes($child) . '>';
                $html .= '<span class="menu" data-atc="'.base64_encode($child->getUrl()) . '" ' . $outermostClassCode . '>'
                    . $this->escapeHtml($child->getName())
                    . '</span>' . $this->_addSubMenu(
                    ) . '</li>';
            if (count($colBrakes) && $limit) {
                $html = '<li class="column"><ul>' . $html . '</ul></li>';
            return $html;

Then I have created a custom JS that replace that do the opposite when someone mouves the mouse or scroll down. It turns the in .

require(('jquery', 'jquery/ui'), function($){
var job= false;
function update_dom(){
  if(job == false)
      var url = atob($(this).attr("data-atc"));
      var anchor = $(this).html();
     $(this).replaceWith('<a   href="'+url+'" target="_self" >'+anchor+'</a>');

    job= true;


My purpose is to avoid Google follow my mega menu links but allow my visitors to navigate with proper <a href>. So Google sees with base 64 encrypted “data-atc” where users see classic <a href>.

My problem : if I move my mouse when the page is loading, everything is fine (my source code is with <span> instead of <a href>, my menu and submenu load as <span> then turn into <a href> etc…everything is perfect).
But if I don’t move my mouse during the loading and let it end, when I move it, my submenu doesn’t appear. My menu and submenu are loaded but when my mouse comes over my top menu element the action of displaying <display : block> my submenu is not working.

It looks like magento needs both <a> and class =”level-top” in Topmenu.php to activate the display:block action… I really don’t know how to do…

How do I remove links from the WordPress Twenty Twenty header?

I’m brand-new to WordPress. I’m using the Twenty Twenty theme, and the header has a bunch of links on the right-hand side that are the names of my posts and “Sample Page.” I want to remove them.

From the WordPress control panel, I’ve found the Appearance > Theme Editor page and pulled up the header.php file. I know very little PHP, but I don’t see the links anywhere in this file, and I don’t see a comment indicating what block creates the links.

How do I remove these links from the Twenty Twenty header?

Long after the demise of Google Authorship, is it now both valid and viable for a document to include multiple links?

When Google Authorship was very much still a thing several years ago, the conclusion was that it was better not to include more than one <link rel="author"> on any given page.


Google Authorship is now a distant memory (Mountain View stopped using it several centuries ago in 2016) but I’m concerned that there may still be something invalid or nonsensical about including more than one <link rel="author"> in the <head> of a given document.

My use case involves referencing both an About Page and humans.txt:

<link rel="author" href="" />
<link rel="author" href="" type="text/plain" />

Is there anything – I can’t find explicit confirmation – from the WHAT-WG to confirm that this is valid usage?

Or is there a viable alternative to using more than one <link rel="author"> element?

sharepoint online – Links in Team Site Left Navigation Column Only Visible to Site Admins

I have a SharePoint Online Team Site with multiple links in the left navigation column that only the Site Administrators can see. The only customization on the site is a script editor web part setting a background image. Site Owners and Members only see the “Home” link in the navigation column. I’ve completed the following steps to resolve this issue.

  1. Activated the Site Collection Features > SharePoint Sever Publishing Infrastructure and corresponding Site Actions > Manage Site Features > SharePoint Server Publishing features;
  2. Verified the ‘custom script’ and Quick Launch settings are enabled; and
  3. I’ve removed and re-created the navigation links.

Nothing has affected the visibility for Site members. Has anyone seen this happen before?

Thank you in advance for any assistance,

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Is there a way to enable durable links for JPG files?

I have enabled Document ID feature in one of the sites

Document ID feature seem to support only WOPI enabled files (all MS Office File formats + PDF)

Is there a way to enable durable links for JPG file types?

javascript – Qual é o sentido de usar scripts em links?

Recentemente vi no site do W3schools a possibilidade de executar códigos em JavaScript em links, colocando os scripts dentro do atributo href:

Obs: não funciona no SOpt.

<a href=""Hello World!');">Execute JavaScript</a>

Porque isso existe, tem algum motivo para isso ainda funcionar?