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S software is an X library with Y links

Recently I encountered this statement when searching for a library in Github:

SW_NAME is a c ++ library with Python and R links!

Can anyone explain in layman's terms what are links from a software engineering point of view?

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knot theory – Rigid Brunnian links for $ n geq 4 $

Brunnian ties consist of $ n $ non-knotted components linked so that cutting any component leaves all components unconnected. The most famous example is the three-component Borromean rings (or links). In 1954, Milnor classified all Brunnian links to link homotopy.

In $ mathbb {R} ^ 3 $, it is indeed simple to see that one can build Borromean rings from rigid Components. (The simplest case involves three identical rigid ovals — same intrinsic shape, same intrinsic size.) I've sketched six classes of rigid components (without knots) that can be linked to form Borromean rings, and I am sure there are an infinite number of such.


Is it possible to create identical rigid components intertwined to form Brunnian ties for $ n geq 4 $? Is there an upper limit for $ n $ for whom can it be done?

Searching for hard links from quality websites

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7 – How to obtain the data of the menu fields from the menu links?

When creating menu links to an existing menu, there is an option to activate the menu fields, if this option is activated, it has allowed to download images and a summary for these links.

menu fields allowing option with image and summary

I have tried both

menu_tree_all_data and

I am getting data related to menu links, but i am unable to get data related to menu fields. Is it possible to get it from the database.

Share Facebook links on Twitter: why no link preview or excerpt generated?

I want to share a Facebook page, or actually all Facebook URL, on
Twitter. (That is, I want to "tweet a link to a Facebook page, etc.")

  • Why is no "link preview" generated?
  • Why is no "snippet" generated?

Is it

Conversely, sharing a Twitter link on Facebook works fine
of course.

No, I don't want to link my Twitter and Facebook accounts, then share the link on Facebook and automatically post it on Twitter. All I want to do from time to time is press the Tweet button and launch a Facebook URL and tweet it and have an appropriate preview and link snippet generated by Twitter.

Ctools modals do not work on links loaded via a view using exposed filters and AJAX

I am using a view in Drupal 7. The view generates a series of links which I want to open in the modal ctools. I also use exposed filters and AJAX on the form.

All my links have the class & # 39; ctools-use-modal & # 39 ;. The links that appear when the page is loaded for the first time also have the class & # 39; ctools-use-modal-processor & # 39; and open in a modal however you want. However, as soon as I paginate or update the exposed filter, the newly loaded links do not open in a modal.

I guess it's because the ctools modal javascript only fires once and can't handle new links after the AJAX call is over.

Is there anything else I can include in my template to tell Drupal to re-trigger JavaScript after an AJAX call, or can I manually re-trigger it?

In the view model, I include the tools before printing the output:


print $output;

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