gui design – Is having multiple links to the same destination from a single GUI a good practice?

gui design – Is having multiple links to the same destination from a single GUI a good practice? – User Experience Stack Exchange

magento2 – Magento 2 Sub Category Links Broken

When I use the layered navigation links on my category page to go to a sub-category, the link removes a letter from the category name.

For example: my category url is
When i click any sub-category link the link turns into
(missing b from bathroom is intentional)

Is there any reason for this as it happens on the Luna theme and my custom theme.
There’s nothing in the URL rewrites pertaining to this.
I don’t want to just use a URL rewrite to fix this as it seem janky.

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html – Are absolute or root-relative internal links better for SEO?

Does website seo score changes the way writing internal links as:

<a href='' title='abc'>Abc</a>


<a hef='/def' title='abc'>Abc</a>

I know that linking would be same but what to know the impact on SEO the internal link way there are written.

I want a way to click on all mailto: links on a page and send an email to them

I am using a Mac with no programming experience, except a class or two, and some html knowledge, so anyOne willing to write out a quick and easy explanation of how I can do something like this would be most appreciated. This is for my business and would help me greatly.

If there is a program to do this that would be great

seo – Limit Google site links to just my subdomain when currently they include other sites that don’t belong to me from the same domain

I’ve been struggling to find some information about sitelinks that Google generates when I search for the webapp I’m working on.
enter image description here

As you can see in the image, I’m working on this website, which is a subdomain of The problem is that it generates these sitelinks that have nothing to do with the page.

It’s a simple Angular application and I’ve added all required meta tags and information for SEO, but none of them seems to be related with sitelinks.

Is there a way to do this? A few links i’ve found says that this behaviour is automated, so it means we can’t have any control about it?

Disable auto convert links to title of a web page in Trello cards

I really need links to be links, because it makes impossible to copy cards with copy-paste, links are just text.

May be a handy innovation but not for everyone.

theming – Administrator tab and contextual links not working in view

bar not working

For some reason whenever I create a view, there seems to be some CSS problem with the administration bar, aswell as the button to edit which doesnt appear for any block.

In comparison with a regular page or article made without using views :

enter image description here

I heard that it might be a problem with the theme I’m using (showcase_light) but I don’t know if that’s the true problem and how to fix it.

googlebot – Google crawls links in Gmail

We faced a strange issue – within a few-hour window, lots of links in the emails were crawled by Google (Google Bot IP addresses were used).

When looking for information on the internet, there is nothing about Gmail crawling.

Few days after that we noticed, that email deliverability dropped, so maybe Gmail was somehow checking the links?

Has any experienced anything like that or where to find more information?

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