How can I get profile links from these websites?

Hello, I have a question

My competitor's website contains a lot of profile links to this website.

How can I get these profile backlinks? someone knows?

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Building links in Japan

Hello! Everyone knows a way to get links from Japanese sites?
The bloggers did not answer me, but I wrote them in Japanese (this language, I know it better than English).
I have not found either "market links" on the Japanese Web.
Please, help me great-seo-masters!

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wordpress – Why disabling "Forcing SSL with https redirection" to redirect http links to https?

I realize that this question can be an XY.

After upgrading my site from http to https, FB OpenGraph og: image will no longer extract the images. The solution seems to use http links rather than https in meta og tags. However, the images are still not being extracted, probably because I checked this button:

enter the description of the image here

However, when I uncheck this option, http links are always redirected to https links.

Do you know how to stop this? The software is WordPress and DirectAdmin. I also used the Really Simple SSL plugin, but it is disabled now.

8 – Follow the symbolic links in default / files

I run Drupal 8.7.6. The default / files directory is a symlink to a read-only mount (/ mnt / files_ro).

Drupal needs to write in a few files to group and cache resources. I have therefore created a read and write montage, as well as a number of symbolic links from / mnt / files_ro, such as:

  • css -> / mnt / files_rw / css /
  • js -> / mnt / files_rw / js /
  • styles -> / mnt / files_rw / styles /

Now, Drupal generates the same errors it would have if the / default files had incorrect file permissions, but the files_rw directory is owned by the. Apache user and is writable.

I've done enough tests to make sure the problem is not a simple file authorization. I also know that in Drupal 7, you had to apply central fixes if you wanted Drupal to follow symlinks.

How to make Drupal 8 follow symlinks in the / files / directory?

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drupal 8 follows symbolic links in default / files

I run under Drupal 8.7.6.
My default / files is a symbolic link to a read-only mount:

files -> /mnt/files_ro

Drupal needs to write in a few folders because it aggregates and caches assets such as css, js, php / twig, ….
So I created a read and write montage. And created a number of symlinks from / mnt / files_ro:

css -> /mnt/files_rw/css/
js -> /mnt/files_rw/js/
styles -> /mnt/files_rw/styles/

Now Drupal is generating the same errors it would have if the / default files had incorrect file permissions. but my files_rw directory belongs to the Apache user and is writable.

I've done enough tests to make sure the problem is not a simple file authorization.

I also know that in D7, you had to patch Core if you wanted Drupal to follow symlinks.

How to make D8 follow symbolic links in the / files / directory? Has anyone else done that?

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Why follow .edu Backlinks?

The .edu website has more weight in addition to the one following is the right signal to the search engine to index the backlink also.

Dose This service includes Edu domain names with country code, such as,, etc.?

No, this service only includes the .edu domain source based in the United States. However, to get backlinks from country-specific educational websites, you must contact me before placing an order.

Why a low MOZ spam score?

The MOZ spam score is a similar signal to Google that penalizes the system score, but is not 100% accurate, but SEO companies follow such a standard. The MOZ Spam score starts from 0 to 17. The least have a good score. Sources of .Edu backlinks have a lower spam score (0 or 1). So do not worry about Google's negative actions on your website.

Why a high domain authority?

The domain authority is also another MOZ standard that most SEO companies follow. The high authority backlinks have more weight than the weak ones on the search engines. All .edu backlinks have good DAs and PAs.

Does the backlink page contain more external links?

No, this .edu backlink source contains only your website or some morality provided by the owner of the original website.

Why contextual .edu Backlinks?

Contextual backlinks are surrounded by text, which means that the page does not only contain links, text is also present around backlinks. It also allows an anchor text.

Is .edu Backlinks coming from all unique domains?

Yes, you will get a 100% unique domain source for backlinks.

If you have any other questions, contact me before placing an order.

What are you going to give me?

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