Telegram group joining links are not responding (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)

This problem has been happening for quite some time. I tried contacting telegram customer support over this issue but unfortunately haven’t heard back from them since.

Whenever I try to click on any Telegram group joining hyperlink, it just keeps on buffering and shows a “took too long to respond” kind of error. This is not something that was happening earlier. I then have to somehow transfer this link to join from my mobile device. That is the only solution that I’m aware of for this issue.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I’d certainly love to know about a more permanent solution rather than the rather sloppy mobile workaround that I use currently. Anything that would aid me in opening the links in Laptop/Desktop devices itself, would be a huge plus.
(An associated screenshot is also attached)

enter image description here

design patterns – Hover on a card with clickable links

I am working on card which has a clickable link/ clickable options but the card itself is not clickable. I want to add a shadow to the card when someone is hovering on/ clicking on the link. I have read in many posts that only when something is clickable, we should put a hover action on. Does it seem like a good interaction pattern?
No Hover and Hoverable Card

graphs – Adding Links to Reduce Diameter

Given an unweighted graph $G$, the problem is to add links to the graph with total minimum cost such that the diameter of the graph becomes at most a constant $k$? The cost of adding a link $(u,v)$ is the shortest path length between $u$ and $v$ in $G$.

Has the above problem been looked at? Is it NP-complete?

subdomain – How to make my sub-domain forwarding survive links?

I have my sub-domain forwarding to I have installed the site-wide navbar on the blog. When visiting the blog through the sub-domain, when clicking on the mysite/forum (FluxxBB) link in the navbar, an error message is displayed “ refused to connect.” This forum link otherwise works when clicked from anywhere else, including directly from Just not from

I’ve tried looking at the admin settings of the Forum, and the Cpanel/godaddy admin for the sub-domain, but I can’t identify the source of this problem.

seo – Does the power of internal links vary depending on the quantity of them on page?

The number of internal links per page tends not to matter much from a PageRank perspective.

  • Fewer links per page will pass more PageRank per link.
  • Also, pages on your site will receive fewer links from other pages on your site.

There is a fixed amount of PageRank available to your site. You can distribute it to your pages via internal links. The number of links you use per page doesn’t change the amount that is available, not will it change the amount of PageRank that most of your pages end up getting from external links.

If there is some particular page that you want to rank better, it is possible to adjust PageRank going to it from internal links and help it rank better. Removing other links from the pages linking to it would be one way of doing so. However, it is usually easier to create more links to that page from additional pages that hadn’t linked to it before.

It is also tempting to try to remove internal links to pages that don’t matter for SEO. Why would you link and pass PageRank to pages that you don’t want to rank? For example, if you have pages in robots.txt, will it help the rest of your site to remove the links to them? From my experiments, it appears not to. I’ve never been able to increase rankings to my site as a whole by “preserving” PageRank by removing links to pages that Google doesn’t index.

woocommerce offtopic – WC Bootstrap offcanvas sidebar – all links removed but WHY?

I wanted to move the Woocommerce shop sidebar into a bootstrap offcanvas block, to make it a better fit for mobile. In this I’ve succeeded however in doing so the links on each filter option have been removed and I have no idea why.

This is the code I’ve implmented, and which successfully creates a shortcode that I am using in sidebar.php, to replace the original, get_sidebar(‘shop’).

// Get sidebar content
function get_dynamic_sidebar($index = 1)
  $sidebar_contents = '';
  $sidebar_contents = ob_get_clean();
  return $sidebar_contents;

// Register offcanvas sidebar
function offcanvas()
  $args = (
    'id' => 'offcanvasshop',
    'name' => __('Offcanvas Shop', 'woocommerce'),
add_action('widgets_init', 'offcanvas');

// Register sidebar shortcode
function get_shop_offcanvas_sidebar()
  $output =
    '<div class="offcanvas offcanvas-start" tabindex="-1" id="offcanvas-shopsidebar"><div class="offcanvas-header cursor-pointer hover bg-light text-primary" data-bs-dismiss="offcanvas">' .
    esc_html__('Cancel', 'woocommerce') .
    ' <svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24" width="24" height="24" fill="var(--bs-primary)"><path fill="none" d="M0 0h24v24H0z"/><path d="M13.172 12l-4.95-4.95 1.414-1.414L16 12l-6.364 6.364-1.414-1.414z"/></svg></div><div class="offcanvas-body"><div class="widget_shop_filters">' .
    get_dynamic_sidebar('offcanvasshop') .
  return $output;
add_shortcode('shop_offcanvas_sidebar', 'get_shop_offcanvas_sidebar');

Why are all the links being removed by this?

filters – ACF Relationship Previous Next links of CPT

I have a CPT for artworks with custom taxonomy for artists. Then I have another CPT for artists. The artist pages are basically the the page title (artist name) and a relationship field where you add the artist’s artwork from the artworks CPT where you can filter by the custom taxonomy (since there are 50+ artists and 100s of artworks).

Each artwork is its own page as mentioned. When you click on the artwork from an artist page, we want to have the option of going to the next or previous artwork based on the order displayed on the artist page as determined by the order you set from its relationship field.

I’ve tried many solutions but none have worked yet. The only way I even get a hint of success is by adding a ACF field to the artworks post type that selects the artist post type via a post object field. I was using THIS PAGE as my guide.

There seems to be an issue with the following code. I’m note sure how $current_post_id applies to the array_search. If I print_r $current_index nothing appears. Same goes for $prev_module and $next_module. However, if I print_r $module_ids the array appears as it should in the order I set on the Artist page in the Relationship field. $first_module and $last_module show the correct IDs too. I just can’t seem to get the current post ID to then determine next and previous.

// create empty array for module ids
$module_ids = array();
// loop through modules and add them to array
foreach( $modules as $module ) :
    $module_ids() = $module->ID;
// get the current index
$current_index = array_search( $current_post_id, $module_ids );
// find the prev/next items
$prev_module = $current_index - 1;
$next_module = $current_index + 1;
// find first and last modules
$first_module = $module_ids(0);
$last_module = end($module_ids);

html – Does styling links in the same way as non-clickable text affect seo?

It does not affect to SEO only if you’re using for legit purpose.

Bad practice always heart SEO, it does not about whether you got penalize or not.

For example, you got chance to write some article on quality website, but you’re placing links with inline CSS so moderator don’t see it, then it is consider as bad practice. But if you do for legit purpose then it will not heart, just make sure you don’t manipulate them.

You should note that all links does not add same value, links that are useful for users may pass more value than others. For example header pass more value then body links, and body links pass more value than footer links.

It’s all about whether it is useful for users or not. Google may treat all links same at this time, but once they got understand your site, they may treat them separately.

My personal advice is use some hover effect or use underline text decoration style in links.

magento2 – Magento 2.4 add multiple Custom Links to Main Navigation via Plugin

You can use like this below way :


 * Copyright © Magento, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * See COPYING.txt for license details.

namespace VendorModulePlugin;

use MagentoFrameworkDataTreeNodeFactory;
use MagentoFrameworkUrlInterface;

class Topmenu {
     * @var NodeFactory
    protected $nodeFactory;

     * @var UrlInterface
    protected $urlBuilder;

     * @param NodeFactory  $nodeFactory
     * @param UrlInterface $urlBuilder
    public function __construct(
        NodeFactory $nodeFactory,
        UrlInterface $urlBuilder
    ) {
        $this->nodeFactory = $nodeFactory;
        $this->urlBuilder = $urlBuilder;

    public function beforeGetHtml(
        MagentoThemeBlockHtmlTopmenu $subject,
        $outermostClass = '',
        $childrenWrapClass = '',
        $limit = 0
    ) {
         * Parent Menu
        $menuNode = $this->nodeFactory->create(
                'data' => $this->getNodeAsArray("Main Menu", "main-menu"),
                'idField' => 'id',
                'tree' => $subject->getMenu()->getTree(),
         * Add Child Menu
                    'data' => $this->getNodeAsArray("Sub Menu", "sub-menu"),
                    'idField' => 'id',
                    'tree' => $subject->getMenu()->getTree(),

    protected function getNodeAsArray($name, $id) {
        $url = $this->urlBuilder->getUrl($id);
        return (
            'name' => __($name),
            'id' => $id,
            'url' => $url,
            'has_active' => false,
            'is_active' => false,

I added Parent Menu & Child Menu. You can use it multiple times which you want to add multiple links.


emails – How to have URLs show up as clickable links in Webform submissions sent via Swift Mailer

I’ve got Swift Mailer and Mailsystem installed on a Drupal 8 site I maintain, mostly to handle email submissions from Webforms.

And everything’s been working fine — except that just recently we got a Webform submission in which the person had included some URLs in the main message area of the webform (a textarea field). And I was surprised that they did not show up as clickable links in the email — just as plain text. Even though URLs normally convert into links in most emails, even ones just sent from someone’s individual email client.

Which means that the site owner, who is not very technical, couldn’t figure out what to do with them and I had to explain that he would need to copy and paste the URLs into his browser, which he was not very happy about.

I explored the settings of both the Webform in question and Swift Mailer to see if I could find something that might affect that, but with no luck so far.

Does anyone know how I might be able to get URLs in HTML emails sent by Swift Mailer to show up as clickable links?