menus – Alter the page title with a hook, without altering navigation links

I’ve written a basic function with the goal of altering the page title.
It works.

However, the new string also replaces every single navigation menu item on the page.

At first I thought that might have been the result of careless coding in the theme I was using. But if I switch to the twentytwenty theme, the same thing happens.

I want to hook into the page title without hooking into the nav menu items at the same time.
How do I do this?

function mjwd_replace_page_title( $title) {
     global $post ;
     $title =  "<h1>got here</h1>" ;
     return $title ;
} add_filter('the_title', 'mjwd_replace_page_title');

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Problem in posting joomla and wordpress links โ€” ๐Ÿ‘‰ GSA SEO and Marketing Forum ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Problem in posting joomla and wordpress links, links are being submitted but not getting verified. Proxies are working, catch is working.
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wordpress – How to remove spam links from google?

Resubmit your sitemap, those spam links will be automatically removed within 3 months.
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Google Index >Url Removal

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7 – How can I preprocess pager links for a view display?

For the mini pager, the Views module uses its own theme function, theme_views_mini_pager(), which uses the more generic theme functions for the previous, next, and current links. There isn’t a template file for that theme function, as the theme function itself is returning the markup.

With hook_preprocess_views_pager(), you could change the values contained in $vars('tags')(1) and $vars('tags')(3), which by default are the 'โ€นโ€น' and 'โ€บโ€บ', but those are passed to a theme function, which means you are someway limited in what you can do.

$li_previous = theme('pager_previous', array(
  'text' => isset($tags(1)) ? $tags(1) : t('โ€นโ€น'),
  'element' => $element,
  'interval' => 1,
  'parameters' => $parameters,
if (empty($li_previous)) {
  $li_previous = "&nbsp;";
$li_next = theme('pager_next', array(
  'text' => isset($tags(3)) ? $tags(3) : t('โ€บโ€บ'),
  'element' => $element,
  'interval' => 1,
  'parameters' => $parameters,
if (empty($li_next)) {
  $li_next = "&nbsp;";
$items() = array(
  'class' => array(
  'data' => $li_previous,
$items() = array(
  'class' => array(
  'data' => t('@current of @max', array(
    '@current' => $pager_current,
    '@max' => $pager_max,
$items() = array(
  'class' => array(
  'data' => $li_next,

You can implement hook_theme_registry_alter() to replace that theme function with your own. In this case, you have complete control over the output; you could even tell Drupal to use a template file.

Keep in mind that theme_views_mini_pager() is used for mini pager of every view. For what I can see, there isn’t any value passed in $vars that makes understand for which view the mini pager is output.
Given the lack of documentation on the values passed in $vars, I would check what is passed in $vars. It may be that one of those values is the view ID, or machine name.
The values documented in the theme functions for the previous, next, and current links are the following.

  • element: An optional integer to distinguish between multiple pagers on one page
  • interval: The number of pages to move backward when the link is clicked
  • parameters: An associative array of query string parameters to append to the pager links

Questions about a few terminologies in Knots and Links Rolfsen

In Knots and Links by Rolfsen, he mentioned words like "the collar of a boundary", "bicollared boundary", "a bicollar on the boundary". I just wonder what the defintion of "collar" is. Also, what a flat ball is?

How can I preprocess Drupal 7 pager links for a view display

I’ve created a custom Drupal 7 block view that uses a mini pager. I need to display the pager-previous and pager-next links as images, and replace the pager-current link with some text. Do I need to create templates for these three links? Do I need preprocess functions for each of them? What are the naming conventions for these templates and functions? They would be tied to a particular block display.

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Guest Posting on Romanian News Sites with DO-Follow Links

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