How to print all indices of a list in python

How to print the indexes of the list.
Hint: 0 1 3 …
I like: 0 0 0 …
A message is represented as part of a list. The list index indicates the number of messages. For example, the first message (extension number 1) corresponds to the zero (0) index in the list.

I have:
Index: 1
likes: 0

I did not get the answer

post = ()

print (& # 39; 1) Create an article & # 39;)
alternative = int (input ())
t = post.append (0)

if (alternative == 1):

if(len(postagem) < 1):
    print('Indice:', postagem.index(0))
    print('likes:', postagem(0))

if(len(postagem) >= 1):
    print('Indice:', len(postagem) - 1)
    print('likes', postagem(1))

Display custom toxicity in WordPress and the theme widget category selection drop-down list

is using a Premium theme, but unfortunately the developer has abandoned the theme. He's now broken with recent WordPress updates and worried about security risks, so I'm now trying to move on to another topic.

The problem is that the theme I am using is fortunately accompanied by types of personalized messages such as "Videos" added via the theme plug-in.

I am now having trouble creating custom toxicity
or categories so that CPT "Video" appears both in native WordPress widgets and in the drop-down list of categories in the new Widget theme. The only categories I get are only for default posts.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am not very familiar with php.

For the relationship below, list all the pairs

What would be included in the relation R?

If D = P ({0,1}

R = {(x, y) ∈D × D | x⊆y = {0,1}

sharepoint server – Adding items to a custom list application "silently fails"

Of Site Contents directory in SharePoint, I created a Custom List via New > App > Custom List.

I added 12 entries and everything worked as expected, the answers were visible in the list.

When you try to add following entries (when you click Save on the new registration form accessible by clicking on the + ), new entries did not appear in the list (even when refreshing the page).

It is as if the form "silently fails" and I don't know why.

It's a simple setup and worked for the first 12 entries, so I'm not sure why it stopped working all of a sudden.

For the context, I renamed the mandatory Title field at Organisation Name (because I don't need a Title in my form), so I don't know if this is a problem?

email – How to extract specific strings from an attachment in a SharePoint list?

I want to extract some parts of the email content and put the results in the list item fields.

I want to add this to a feed that I have already created and which:

  1. Forward an email from a shared mailbox to a SharePoint
  2. A list item is then created in this list
  3. The body of the email is converted from HTML to text
  4. The result of this conversion goes to a list item field
  5. The content of this list item field is then used to create a text file and attached to the list item.

For example, a string that I want to extract:

  • will always be a line
  • will always be the last line
  • start with "Ref:"
  • I want to put this line in a text field in my list item

Is there a way to do this?

list manipulation – Apply SequenceReplace with fixed offset

How can i apply SequenceReplace with a predefined fixed offset instead of an offset equal to the length of the pattern, on a given list? For example. SequenceReplace[{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9}, {a_, b_} /; b - a == 1 :> "z"] Return {"z", "z", "z" 6, 9}, i.e. apply the function on {1,2} and {3,4}. But I want it to be applied on {1,2}, {2,3}, {4,5} and {z,z,z,z,6,9} returned. Is there a quick / efficient way to do this?

SharePoint list filter stuck on spinning upload icon in a list of only 11 entries

Desired behavior

Click on Column Name > Filter by and have a list of unique values ​​to filter.

Real behavior

When i click on Column Name > Filter by, the Filter by simply displays a flickering circular loading icon.

This behavior is very intermittent, sometimes it loads the values ​​to be filtered, sometimes not.

List all available groups and users

Is there a query in SSMS that I could execute that would list all of the following information:
enter description of image here

Without having to use SSMS search in the advanced option?

Microsoft Flow – How to display only values ​​in a copy of a custom SharePoint list where values ​​are the result of selecting options from a drop-down list?


Of Site Contents directory in SharePoint, I created a Custom List via New > App > Custom List.

I have created my columns and added entries via the form associated with the list.

Some columns are of type Choice and configured to allow multiple selections.

For example:

Service Type:  
 - Groceries - Apples
 - Groceries - Oranges   
 - Groceries - General

(note: multiple options can be selected)    

Desired behavior

Copy a SharePoint list to a CSV file via a recurring Microsoft Flow based on this Microsoft model.

Current behavior

The feed I created works.

However, when I open the CSV in Excel, where the values ​​are the result of selecting options from a drop-down list, the corresponding field has 4 columns (rather than 1):


with the corresponding values ​​of:

({"@odata.type":"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference","Id":2,"Value":"Groceries - General"})





How can I make sure that:

  • Only one column is displayed for each drop-down field
  • Only values ​​are displayed, rather than all of Microsoft's "markup" text


enter description of image here
enter description of image here

list manipulation – Name repeated patterns

How can I name a repeated pattern to apply a rule to it?
In the example below, I have a sequence of two elements. There is no problem naming them and then applying functions to them:

SequenceReplace[{1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}, {a_, b_} /; b > 1.2 a :> 
  f[{a, b}]]

And if the length of the sequence is variable, let's say of size k with a certain constraint on this model {_,_ ,etc}? There is Repeated[_, {k}]. But how to pass it to the function f?