usability – Is there a list of all the user test websites that allow you to download designs?

Can you help me with a list of websites that allow you to create a test script and download designs or include prototypes?

For example:

An original route from PLP to PDD to Bag recreated in Sketch generated a prototype link.

B – The new PLP to PDD course designed in Sketch generated a prototype link.

The problem behind all this is that the company I work for needs some quick information before starting the huge tests that require front-end and / or back-end work.

I already have this list:

We had previously, but they were purchased by and the company does not want to invest so much money.

thank you,

How to export the SharePoint Online list and import into a new tennant

Is it possible to export SharePoint Online lists and import to another site?

There was an option for this in the on-site installations but I found none in SherPoint Online.

(I need something like a file that can be saved and published to another SP site, here's how the SharePoint designer worked.)

Looking for wired structures for wish list design

I'm looking for a website where I can see examples of UX feeds in wired structures. Specifically wish list with folders. An advice?

thank you,

sharepoint designer – Custom List Column Validation in SP2013

I have encountered a small problem when I want to validate my fields (columns) in my custom list in Sharepoint 2013.

I give you an example:

I have a custom form made in Infopath with multiple fields and 2 date and time fields. We call it "StartDate" which never changes and the other is "EndDate" and this date changes. And when I have the form "createListItem", the validation "EndDate" must be "StartDate + 365days", which is quite easy to do. But when I need to edit an item from the list, I need another validation of "EndDate", this time "EndDate + 365days". Is it possible to do it without programming? I tried it using additional fields and calculated field types, but I was not able to get what I wanted.

No suggestion? Maybe someone here was trying to do the same thing.

Thank you in advance.

sharepoint online – Change the position of the Title field in the list, in the Site Design script

When I create a list in a site design script (via createSPList -> Add-SPOSiteScript -> Add-SPOSiteDesign), the Title field is automatically added. I discovered how to remove the Title field with the help of the Hidden property, for example:

"verb": "addSPFieldXml",
"schemaXml": ""
"addToDefaultView": false

However, what I want to do for this list is to include the Title field, but to display it at the end of the table and at the bottom of the New / Edit form (that is, the last field). of the list). There seems to be no way to do that with the createSPList command, because the Title field that I specify in my script is overwritten by the automatically added Title field, and it is positioned in the first column of the view and in the first field of the form.

I know that I can change the order once the site design has been applied, but I would prefer to set the order programmatically in my script. Is there a way to do this? An example of a script is shown below. It will add two fields to the view, but the Title field will always be placed first when the drawing is applied, although it is listed last in the script and it is not included in the view:

"$ schema": "schema.json",
"verb": "createSPList",
"listName": "List of positioning title fields",
"templateType": 100,
"verb": "addSPFieldXml",
"schemaXml": ""
"addToDefaultView": true
"verb": "addSPFieldXml",
"schemaXml": ""
"addToDefaultView": false
"verb": "addSPView",
"name": "All articles",
"query": "",
"rowLimit": 30,
"isPaged": true,
"makeDefault": true
"bindata": {},
"version 1

python – Reading this list takes time

Below is the listener function containing 3 million items, then
creates another dictionary for further research.
This is an extremely tedious feature that, after multiprocessing, takes about 2 hours with 6 processes. I want to optimize this function. All the indicators that help me reduce the time of execution are appreciated. Thank you

                def create_lookup_dict (words):
#dish_groups is the dictionary of skipgrams on all the names of parables in the database
result = []
      for word in words:
dish_lookup_word_level = {word: list (set (i[0] for i in self.dish_groups.items () if word in i[1]))}
final_dishes = []

        if self.ztag_dict.get (word, 0) is 0:
print ("No tag")
final_dishes.extend (dish_lookup_word_level[word])
elif self.secondary_category_tag_dict.get (word, 0) is 0:
print ("No sub-category label")
final_dishes.extend (dish_lookup_word_level[word])
for i in dish_lookup_word_level[word]:
if self.ztag_dict[i].intersection (self.ztag_dict[word]) and
self.secondary_category_tag_dict[i].intersection (self.secondary_category_tag_dict[word]):
final_dishes.append (i)
result.append ((word, final_dishes))

Uptime Monitor & Black List IP Monitor – Free and Paid – (AutoStart SolusVM) + Reseller -Dewlance®

We launched a website availability monitor, IP Blacklist Monitor, at a very affordable cost.

We offer free and premium plans.


– 5 different server locations for monitoring (and adding more).
– Automatically start your SolusVM VPS If down.
– Keyword Monitor
– 1 minute interval
– IP blacklist monitor on more than 40 RBL and get a notification.
– SMS notification.
– Public monitor status page.
– Choose the location of the monitor

Plan: free

– Monitors: 5
– 5 minutes interval
– 2 free SMS included
– 5 Monitor Location
– Email alert + SMS alert (optional)
– 1 page of public statistics

Price: $ 0 / month
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Premium Plan
Interval of one minute

– 5 free SMS credits
– Availability monitors: 40
– IP blacklist monitors: 40
– Website availability monitor
+ SolusVM VPS Availability Monitor
+ IP Blacklist Monitor

– 5 Monitor Location
– Email + SMS Alert (SMS is optional)
– Set the frequency of emails and SMS

Price: $ 4 / month
Premium order

I want to become a reseller?

– Yes, you can resell it and also, if you are hosting a VPS provider or vendor, use it for your VPS. For example, if you have 30 VPS, you can use our service to monitor your 30 VPS using our Premium Plan.

I am host, can I use it?

+ Yes, you can monitor 40 websites and if you need more, contact us for a personalized plan.

Will my key and my SolusVM API hash be secured?

If you want to monitor your SolusVM account management system with the help of our monitoring service, you do not have to worry. We use EV SSL, Secure Server and have several options like SMS Notification when connecting. You can also enable 2Step authentication for another layer of security. SMS Notification & 2FA ​​is free for our client.

I need a monitoring site for my country that is not available on your site, can you add it?

Yes, open a ticket and we can provide you with an update that we can add or not.

Do you have a demo like how to use it, etc.?

Yes, we made it a demonstration video.

Encrypt columns in the sharepoint online list

I know development pretty well, but I have basic knowledge about SharePoint and Sharepoint Online.

J & # 39; would add an encryption thing to my Sharepoint Online list columns make it

  • possible to choose whether it should be
  • private (only the creator should be able to see the deciphered value)
  • role-based (only people with a certain role should be able to see the decrypted value)
  • public (everyone can see the deciphered value).

I understand that I need some kind of customization to do this, so my question is this:

  1. What is the best practice for encrypting list columns? Any built-in API functions that I can use?
  2. Is it even possible to add customization to SharePoint Online? Please guide me where to start?

2013 – How to export SharePoint list data in xls or xlsx format with the help of Poweshell

Try the code below,
The code below attempts to create an xls file. To create it, it is necessary that MS Office is installed on the machine on which you are running this PowerShell.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

#Get the Web
$ web = Get-SPWeb -identity "** Enter your Web URL **"

#Get the list of targets
$ list = $ web.Lists["**Please enter your list name**"]

Array Result #Array - PSObjects
$ ListItemCollection = @ ()

#Get All List items
$ list.Items | for each {
$ ExportItem = PSObject New-Object
$ ExportItem | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -name "Title" -value $ _["Title"]

** # Please create your column variable as column variable "Title" **

#Add the object with the property to a table
$ ListItemCollection + = $ ExportItem
#Export the Array result to a CSV file
$ ListItemCollection | Export-CSV "c:  ListData.csv" -NoTypeInformation

#Has the web object
$ web.Dispose ()

# This line below requires the installation of MS Office on the machine to create an object of type xls.
$ xl = new-object -comobject excel.application
$ xl.visible = $ true
$ Workbook = $ ("c:  ListData.csv")
$ Workbook.SaveAs ("c:  ListData.xls", 1)
$ Workbook.Saved = $ True
$ xl.Quit ()

Delete-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell 

If you do not have MS Office and run the code, then you could get the following error,

New-Object: COM Class Factory Recovery for Component with CLSID
{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} failed for one of the following reasons
error: 80040154 Class not registered (HRESULT exception:
0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).

the error is produced by the code below,

$ xl = new-object -comobject excel.application

As far as I know, there is no direct approach to creating an xls file from the SharePoint list using PowerShell without MS Office installed.

Check if an item of the same title exists in the share point list, then display this information in the Infopath form.

I have a requirement like this.

I have a SharePoint list named 'Examdate & # 39; which stores different CoursNumber, Semester and ExamDate. It uses an InfoPath form to enter the course number in the list.

Now, they must have a mechanism to know if the user adds a new ExamDate whose CoursNumber is already present. They do not want users to stop the adding process, but rather want to display the exam date for that CoursNumber already existing in the form. This should not happen on the save button.

So, I was thinking of customizing the New article form by adding a button next to the CoursNumber field, say "Check existence" and check if the CoursNumber and the semester exist according to this number entered by the user. But I do not know how I can do that.

What is the easiest and easiest way to do it?