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Download: https://mega.nz/#!OGhwjaCb

Buy: https://selly.gg/p/b7e04829

How to add an item to the list of adjacent images?

I'm trying to create an HTML list of adjacent images (which are added by the user, for example inside a publication content). Right now, the exit code looks like this

but I want to turn it into:

I've tried to define the regexp that will find elements in ul class = "myclass" with the "/" signs, but that seems to work with code that does not have a line break . Is it possible to match the result I want to achieve / is the use of function filters a good way to do it?

Email List of Warez Forum Members

I have administrator access to a forum, so I grabbed the list of all the members, more than 100,000 e-mails.
I am willing to sell the list + allows to send the email from the official domain of the backend to all users promoting your site or you can use the list to send e-mails later.
As the owners of the Warez forum, if you are serious, you can gain a lot of users overnight.

I am open to offers

multi classing – Can we get a hierarchical list of Pathfinder Prestige classes?

I'm looking for a complete list of all Pathfinder prestige classes, at what level each corresponds, what classes can to be used with, with which classes they are better used with, at the earliest, you can get them, how many levels you want to take to get the maximum possible without losing too much of your base class, etc.

I know that prestige classes are generally considered best at best suboptimal. you Arcane Archer).

SharePoint 2013 List View Web Part display filter in each column

When a SharePoint list reaches a certain size, about 500 items, some fields no longer display an appropriate drop-down menu for filter choices. Instead, it displays "Show Filter Choices". To avoid performance issues, Microsoft has selected> 500 options to choose from.

If you wish, you can try to add? Filter = 1 in the URL, which will display the available values ​​by default.

Here are some articles for your reference:


"Show filter choices" link instead of actual values ​​in a list column filter

I have a problem with java.lang.StackOverflowError when I try to print the front of a node from a doubly linked circular list

Well, for starters, I have a Class list with the following method:

showLista public empty () {

if (isEmpty ()) {
System.out.println ("** LIST EMPTY **");
} else {
System.out.println (before);


and the main method call me sends this exception example.

    case 3:
L1.showList ();

(L1 is the purpose of the Class list)

Exception in the "main" thread java.lang.StackOverflowError
on java.lang.StringBuilder.append (StringBuilder.java:136)
at cLista.Automovil.toString (Automovil.java:39)
on java.lang.String.valueOf (String.java:2994)
on java.lang.StringBuilder.append (StringBuilder.java:131)
on cLista.Nodo.toString (Node.java:50)

And these are the lines of code that mark me error according to the exceptions.

This is from Automotive class

public String toString () {
return " n ========= || VEHICLE || =========  n  t"
+ "Plates:" + plates + " n  t Model:"
+ model + " n  t Color:"
+ color;

And this one of the knot.

public String toString () {
return "Node {" + "data =" + getDato () + ", Next =" + getNext () + & # 39;};

I do not understand what the error is when trying to print a data type node (forward).
someone knows exactly where my problem lies

Synchronization between iOS and Android results in an excessive list of contacts

I recently synced a new Android-powered Pixel 3 phone with an older Apple 5 using the provided Google sync cables. I noticed that the contacts of my Android Phone app now show all the people I've called or with whom I've had contacts, rather than the list of contacts that I kept on my iPhone.

Is there a way to only get the contacts I had on my old iPhone instead of having to go through hundreds of unnecessary old contacts on my new Android device?

Python – I have all the lines with a particular column with lists. Select rows that do not contain at least one item in the target list

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google sheets – Assigning a value to a cell based on another list of cells containing a value of element

Here is the situation: I have the column I with the header like "Design" and the column J with the header as "DETAIL", then I have the column K with a header like "TYPE_W". OK on this last column K, I've selected from the cell K2 Up & # 39; to K22 and added a data validation criterion: LIST OF OBJECTS then DETAIL, DESIGN, OTHERso what I want to accomplish is:

If I select on K2 "DESIGN", I want in cell I2 the value = Y, if DESIGN is not selected, then I want the value to be empty on I2, so the same thing for cell J2 if value selected in K2 is "DETAIL", then I need to J2 A VALUE = Y otherwise I need an empty value, so of course, I want it for all the cells under I and J that a value in K has been selected if nothing is selected because in this line there is no imputed data.