How to list the list of non-nullable unique columns in the postgres database?

I want the list of unique columns with a non-zero constraint

csom – Access denied to the list after granting permissions to a group in a list

After granting View / Add / Edit / Open / Delete ListItems to a group on a list, users in the group always have access denied while attempting to access the list.
Here is the code I used to grant permissions:

var group = clientContext.Web.SiteGroups.GetById(id);   

 BasePermissions permissions = new BasePermissions();

 RoleDefinitionCreationInformation rdcInfo = new 
 rdcInfo.Name = "roleDefName";
 rdcInfo.Description = "Description";
 rdcInfo.BasePermissions = permissions;
 RoleDefinition roleDefinition = 

 RoleDefinitionBindingCollection RoleDefinitionBindingColl = new 

 List targetList = web.Lists.GetByTitle(listTitle);
 targetList.BreakRoleInheritance(true, false);
 RoleAssignmentCollection collRoleAssign = targetList.RoleAssignments;
 RoleAssignment rollAssign = collRoleAssign.Add(group, 

 web.RoleAssignments.Add(group, RoleDefinitionBindingColl);

c # – How to send a list by AJAX to a controller in MVC 5?

I would like to know how I can get a list of objects in the ajax and send it to ActionResult from my controller. I appreciate the help in advance.

Ajax JQuery

$(document).ready(function () {
    var array=(
        {id: "1", nombre: "Darwin", edad: "26", fecha: "28-10-1992"},
        {id: "2", nombre: "Aldo", edad: "30", fecha: "19-11-1988"},
        {id: "3", nombre: "Alexis", edad: "34", fecha: "01-11-1984"});

        url: '/Prueba/ExportarExcel',
        type: 'POST',
        dataType: 'json',
        data: JSON.stringify(array),
        success: function (data) {

This is my controller that I want to store in a variable called result

public ActionResult ExportarExcel(List array)
 var resultado = array;
 return View(resultado.ToList());

The purpose of what I want is to store ajax data in a list of person-type objects, as shown in the controller, but I get an error like this.

The value can not be null. R n Parameter name: source

How to navigate in a list with Threading in Python?

I have a question, I was watching the threading module,

but I do not understand how to browse a list in more than one thread at a time,

Maybe it's a simple question and I appreciate your help


List Handling – What is the best way to join tables that have different lengths on the same column values ​​that exist in both tables?

I think my problem is pretty simple, and in SQL it would be trivial. I have two tables

TableOne = {{a, x1}, {b, x2}, {c, x3}};
TableTwo = {{a, y1}, {c, y2} , {a, y3}, {a, y4}, {b, y5}, {c,y6}, {c, y7}}

I want to be able to join these two tables where the values ​​in column 1 in both tables match such as:

DesiredResult =  {{a, x1, a, y1}, {c, x3 , c, y2} , {a, x1, a, y3}, {a, x1, a, y4}, {b, x2, b, y5}, {c, x3, c, y6}, {c, x3, c, y7}}

I've tried with both Select[] statements inside a Table[] the structure and also examined JoinAcross[] but have not managed to get the desire effect. In SQL, it would be simple, something like:

SELECT Col1.Table1, Col2.Table1, Col1.Table2, Col2.Table2,  FROM table2 INNER JOIN table1 ON Col1.Table1  = Col1.Table2

Or something similar.

woocommerce – How to gray out the options in the drop-down list when certain variations are chosen instead of disappearing

I'm looking for a way to gray out the options in the drop-down list of a woocommerce product page. Currently, I have 520 variations for a product. Example below.

Here is the link to the product page:

Basically, it works the way you want, but I wanted to know if there was a way to always show all the options for each drop-down list, which would be grayed out, and the options available for a particular variant would be displayed as is.

As if I had to choose "Appliance Bases" from the "Furniture Categories" drop-down list, all the "Description" and "Dimensions" options would still be displayed, but would be grayed out and unavailable on click, instead of just disappear when it's filtered.

Any help would be appreciated :]

Thank you

Animated Firebase list in Flutter does not interpolate as expected

This code works as expected

child: FirebaseAnimatedList(
                  query: dbRef,
                  itemBuilder: (_, DataSnapshot snapshot,
                      Animation animation, int index) {
                    return new Card(
                      child: ListTile(
                        leading: CircleAvatar(
                          backgroundImage: NetworkImage(
                        title: Text(staffRoster(index).name),
                        subtitle: Text(staffRoster(index).email),

The next step was to modify the image according to the user. I therefore followed what I thought was the documented interpolation strategy:

backgroundImage: NetworkImage(

but this translates into

Provider of images:
NetworkImage (" of
& # 39; Staff & # 39 ;, Instance of & # 39; Staff & # 39 ;, Instance of & # 39; Staff & # 39; …

sharepoint online – How to display a list item and its linked items in the easiest way?

In SharePoint 2013 and earlier, you could have used a URL parameter to filter the Web Part of the Project List based on the client ID, but at the present time, Modern SharePoint does not have Web Parts or the functionality to do so.

However, you can use an integrated PowerApp. Use the client as a data source, use a drop-down menu to select the client, and then use the projects as another data source, filter based on the selected client ID, and view the results in a gallery.

c # – Turn the list by K places

I'm trying to solve the question at



With a linked list, rotate the list to the right by k places, where k is not negative.

Example 1

Input: 1-> 2-> 3-> 4-> 5- NULL, k = 2
Output: 4-> 5-> 1-> 2-> 3-> NULL


rotate 1 step to the right: 5-> 1-> 2-> 3-> 4-> NULL

turn 2 steps to the right: 4-> 5-> 1-> 2-> 3-> NULL

//public class ListNode
//    public int val;
//    public ListNode next;
//    public ListNode(int x) { val = x; }

//k = number of places
//head =Given Linked List

    public  ListNode RotateRight(ListNode head, int k) {
        if (k > 0 && head != null) {
            ListNode tail = head,
            RotatedList = null,
            kthnode = head,
            kthPrevNode = head;
            int listLength = 0;
            while (tail != null) {
                listLength += 1;
                tail =;

            k = k % listLength;
            if (k == 0 || listLength == 0) {
                return head;

            for (int i = 0; i < listLength - k; i++) {

                kthPrevNode = kthnode;

                kthnode =;


            RotatedList = kthnode;
   = null;
            while ( != null) {
                kthnode =;

   = head;
            return RotatedList;


        return head;

I have passed all the tests but I am looking to improve the efficiency of the code and the complexity of the time. Thank you for letting me know if there are any bad practices

2016 – Filtering a list by date of entry between the "start date" and the "date of entry"

I have a MeetingTopic list (topics to discuss at a meeting), with a StartDate field and an EndDate field. I'm trying to create a page that takes a date parameter (MeetingDate) and presents all valid topics on that date (MeetingTopic.StartDate <= MeetingDate and MeetingDate <= MeetingTopic.EndDate).

How can I configure this? I do not have access to SharePoint Designer at this location, so any answers I have after several days of searching will not work.

I've added a query string filter (URL) to the page. I can connect it to the MeetingTopic list Web Part, but I can only apparently filter it as a match to a single field (StartDate = MeetingDate). How can I:

  1. have it return records where StartDate <= MeetingDate; and
  2. do it also filter on EndDate> = MeetingDate?

If not, how can I get a data entry on the page and filter the list on the date of entry, compared to StartDate and EndDate? Does the query string (URL) filter the wrong approach?