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In a small list on mobile, how to manage a simple filter?

In a simple list, 4 types of a specific variable can be displayed.

Which is better?
Check the list and display only available variables in the filter, or all the filters shows, and if there is no item, should the blank list be displayed?

For example, as shown in Figure 1, there is no type 3 in the list below.

fig1- list

There are now two ways to display the filter:

  1. Show in the list of filters and if you select Show empty list error. (fig2)

fig2 - with type3

  1. Remove this item from the list of filters and display the filter without item 3. (fig3)

fig3 - without type3

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I will provide 1k targeted USA valid Email list

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How can I right align a list in WordPress using HTML?

I am trying to align right my list in WordPress using HTML. This is an example of some list required to align it to the right.

  • point one
  • point two
  • point three

Can you please guide me on how to do this?

python – group lists within list together given they have at least one common element

I am grouping lists within list together given they have one element in common.

My input data is

((1, 2), (3, 4), (5, 6), (1, 2, 7), (8, 2), (9, 5))

My output is:

((1, 2), (1, 2, 7), (8, 2), (3, 4), (5, 6), (9, 5))

The code I am using to accomplish this is:

mylist = ((1, 2), (3, 4), (5, 6), (1, 2, 7), (8, 2), (9, 5))
temp_result = list()

for i in range(len(mylist)):
    for j in range(i + 1, len(mylist)):
        if (set(mylist(i)) & set(mylist(j))):

result = ()
for elem in temp_result:
    if elem not in result:


However, something tells me that this code can be improved a lot. Can someone please help me out?

Manipulating a list – Mathematica Stack Exchange

I have a dataset (satellite data) – Here is the link:

To read a specific part of the dataset one uses:

LISTA = FileNames(); (* Here you assume you have your files in one specific Directory and list them*)

data1 = Import(
LISTA((1)), {“Datasets”, “/PRODUCT/methane_mixing_ratio”});

Checking the data structure one gets


{1, 4173, 215}

I want to get rid of some of the background (or NaN data) and put 0 (zeroes)

Newdata1 = Flatten(ReplaceAll(data1, s_ /; s > 5000 -> 0))

When this is done however the data structure is “destroyed” and becomes only large one element list



Is there a way to replace those number and keep its structure (1 x 4173 x 214) ?

I have tried doing it without using the Flatten option but then I does not work I have seen some of the questions here and this might be a case of nested list issue, but I am not sure how to solve that .

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list – SharePoint Hosted App – Error – Failed to install sharepoint add-in while deployment

I have created site columns then add them to Content type, till here everything work. but when i create list and generate the content type columns to the list i get the error below while deployment.

error occurred in deployment step ‘install sharepoint add-in’: failed to install sharepoint add-in. >please see the output window for details.

How can I a lighn right the list in wordpress using html?

I am trying to align right my list in WordPress using HTML. This is an example of some list required to align it to the right.

  • point one
  • point two
  • point three

Can you please guide me on how to do this?