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How can I run a split test in MSN ads for product listing ads?

Hi all,

As the title indicates, I would like to run a split test between two campaign setups for PLA in MSN. In Google ads, I use a script to enable / disable controls and experiments every hour, but I do not find the same functionality in MSN. Is there a way to automatically pause / activate two campaigns to run a test?

thank you,

How can I run a split test in MSN ads for product listing ads?

Hi all,

As the title indicates, I would like to run a split test between two campaign setups for PLA in MSN. In Google ads, I use a script to enable / disable controls and experiments every hour, but I do not find the same functionality in MSN. Is there a way to automatically pause / activate two campaigns to run a test?

thank you,

Website Design – What should be the proximity of items on this product listing page?

The product list page below is defined by I have a little trouble figuring out what information should be more associated with which. For example, should the left filter group be closer to the products on the right and farther from the title or the same distance from the two? Should the title be at the same distance from the filter and products / filters? I think is the relationship between things. Whatever it is, any suggestions for improvement is also welcome! enter the description of the image here

Listing Listing Theme: The price plan does not appear when I am not connected

Hello everyone,

I've installed this Listingpro theme if anyone has ever used this one, tell me how I can pop up the rate plan when I'm not connected. In fact, when I click on the link, the one who is supposed to open the pricing plan page is loaded and still displays the home page.

An idea?

Windows App – Directory Listing and Print Pro 3.69 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 17 MB

Directory List & Print is a software tool for Windows that lists and prints the contents of any directory in the easiest way. In addition, file lists can be formatted, filtered, saved in several file formats and also processed (delete / copy / move files). By copying them to the clipboard, lists can be exported to other programs or opened directly in Word and Excel. The free version has all the basic features included, the Pro version (Shareware) offers additional interesting features.
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Pro version:

Save your directory favorites.
Set the directory recursive depth / levels for subdirectories.
Displays the number and sum of the size and length of the displayed objects.
Date display in many international formats:
mm / yyyy, mm / dd / yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, yyyyyymmdd, yyyy.mmdd, yyyy / mm / dd, yyyy-mm-dd, mm.dd.yyyy, mm / dd / yyyy, mm-dd dd-yyyy
Time display in many international formats:
hh: mm: ss, hh: mm, hh: mm: ss AM / PM, hh: mm AM / PM, hhmmss, hhmm
Display of audio / video duration in many formats:
HH: MM: SS.nnn, MM: SS.nnn, SS.nnn, HH: MM: SS, MM: SS, SS
Display additional information about the file:
– file attributes (archive, read-only, hidden, system, compressed, encrypted),
– the checksums calculated for the files: CRC32, MD5, SHA1,
– owner of files and directories,
– title of the document files (pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx),
– title of audio / video files (mp3, ogg, mpeg, mp4 and much more, see website),
– program title and version number of executables (exe, dll),
– dimension of documents such as pages, words, characters (pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, pptx),
– dimension of images like width, height, bit depth,
– size of audio files such as sampling rate, bit rate, bit rate mode,
– size of video files such as width, height, cadence, bitrate,
– format of the audio / video and image files,
– duration of audio / video files.
Display EXIF ​​meta tags like:
width, height, depth, resolution, DpI, format, orientation, date taken, time taken, date changed, time changed, author / artist, copyright, description, comment, note, software.
Display IPTC meta tags like:
keywords, title, caption, copyright, signature, date of creation, time of creation, country, state, city, sub-location, source, publisher.
Showing META AUDIO tags like:
title, artist, album, recorded year, release year, track number, disc number, genre, composer, publisher, copyright, commentary, duration, beats per minute, sampling rate, throughput, throughput mode, format.
Showing META VIDEO tags like:
title, recorded year, published year, length, width, height, video format, video standard, frame rate, bitrate, movie name, series name, series season, director, producer, publisher, subject, description, keywords, copyright, comment, Software application.
Showing META DOCUMENT tags like:
title, subject, keywords, categories, comments, author, pages, sheets, slides, words, characters, lines, date of creation, time of creation, modification date, modification time, modification of, revision, encryption, software, version.
Sort the files / directories by name in the NATURAL or ASCII order, in ascending / descending order.
Sort files by size, date / time, duration (A / V), ascending / descending.
Set the filter to a certain file size range.
Set the filter to include or exclude certain types of files.
Set the filter to include or exclude files and directories according to certain terms.
Set the filter to include or exclude files by date range, creation date, or modification date.
Define the filter to include or exclude files by attributes (archive, read-only, hidden, system, compressed, encrypted).
Set the filter on the audio / video / image properties (width, height, resolution, DpI resolution, FrameRate FpS, KBpS bitRate, SamplingRate KHz, duration in seconds).
Set the filter to the length of file names, for example. to scan the file system when copying to a new directory structure (path + file name, file name only,>, =,
Send the list directly to the default printer.
Produce the list as a PDF file (the page size is automatically adjusted up to A0).
Generate the list as an HTML table, with absolute Windows file paths to use locally or with relative Web server addresses, fonts, and customizable colors.
Produce the list as an XML file, including all selected attributes.
Remove the list as a CSV file or tab-delimited file.
Export the list directly to Microsoft Word ™ and Excel ™.
Link files and directories in Excel ™ and HTML output for direct opening by mouse click.
(This feature is customizable for any variant of Excel language)

All files supporting extended information like
Creation date / time, modification date / time, size, file attributes, file type, file path, file name, CRC32 / MD5 / SHA1 checksums

Image files containing additional information such as
Image format, image size, bit resolution, DpI resolution, EXIF ​​meta tags if available, IPTC meta tags if available
-bmp, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpeg2000, jp2, j2k, j2c, jng, jif, jpe, jpe, tiff, tif, tga, targa, ico, pcd, pcx, cut, dds, exr, g3, hdr , lbm koa, mng, pbm, pfm, pgm, pct, peak, pict, ppm, ras, gross, nave, nrw, dng, crw, cr2, sgi, wbmp, xbm, xpm, psd

Audio files containing additional information
Title, Duration, Audio Format, Sampling Rate KHz, Kbps Bit Rate, Fixed / Variable Bit Rate, AUDIO Meta Tags if available
-ogg, ogm, wav, mp2, mp3, wma, ra, monkey, mac, flac, aiff, aifc, at, ssi, paf, sd2, irca, w64, mat, pvf, xi, sds, apr, ac3, aac , dts
South Dakota

Video files containing additional information
Title, Duration, Video format, Image size, Frame rate in Fps, Bit rate in Kbps, Meta VIDEO tags if available
-avi, mpeg, mpg, vob, mp4, mpgv, mpv, mv, m2v, m4v, asf, wmv, qt, mov, rm, rmvb, ifo, wtv, dvr-ms, mkv, mk, mka, mks, mx , xvid, m2ts, m2t, mts, ts, flv

Documentation files containing additional information
Title, scope such as pages / sheets / slides and number of words / characters, meta tags DOCUMENT if available
-pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx

Executable files containing additional information
Title, version number
-exe, dll

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Google search index listing the IP address of my old server instead of my domain name

This question already has an answer here:

My website, two years old, has been indexed and the search results have been listed as normal by domain name in Google search results for a long time. However, it has recently changed the IP address of the server, which may not be the cause, but Google now lists some of my pages under my old IP address page-here in their search results, so my pages under his domain as any one of this millennium do it by default.

How can I solve this problem because Google ruins my brand by indexing dead links?

And how not to live in fear of that in the future? Domain names exist so that we can change IPs.

Is there a problem with my listing on the PD market?


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lists – Templates for listing users in a "room"

Overall, I tend to agree with Danielillo 's answer, but the devil' s advocate in me was unable to combine the following …

In your example, the colors behind the users are useless, so it seems useless to keep them (especially given the problems mentioned by Danielillo when choosing "usable" colors).

However, it takes a little effort to match the abbreviated names of each track to the full names at the top of the page. It may be the color could be helpful.

Depending on the number of users you expect in each room at a time, you can create a sufficiently distinctive color list (for example, switch from white to color to black over text color, depending on the color d & # 39; background).

To help you if the number of colors needed means that they are not as distinctive as you want, you can optionally highlight the full name when you hover the mouse over (or click / tap) the abbreviated name of a song.

I've shown the songs in the mosaics below, partly because it better shows the effect of having only copied the details of four songs, but you could probably do the same thing in your three-column list.


web server – Are files accidentally accessed via a directory listing a person?

I am a novice, but I have thought about something. If a service provider has certain files accessible in a directory of its web server, I assume that if they are sensitive / personal (for example, supposed to be restricted to members only), the service provider may be sued or responsible for the service. violation of GDPR laws.

But has the person who accidentally accessed or stumbled upon the security problem without reporting it is at risk? I mean just by typing the URL will list the directory. Where is the responsibility and this poor soul who stumbled on the breach and flipped through (without redistributing material or links), hacking and a crime?

If so, it gives a whole new perspective to security as it could cause people problems even more complex than the one I initially envisioned.