blockchain – Collect Litecoin money from my Trezor

LCC-core does not ask for your Trezor passphrase (25 words) which, as you said, you have not configured. LCC-core prompts you for your wallet.dat passphrase which is the passphrase used to encrypt the contents of the LCC-core wallet.dat file. This is a passphrase that you defined when you initially installed and configured the LCC-core software.

Just advice. You could be better served using the Electrum-LCC software as it can speak directly to Trezor. No need to extract private keys (which is inherently risky)

altcoin – Build a Litecoin fork and have questions

I'm currently following Youtube tutorials (yes many because each one is incomplete in one way or another) to build a Litecoin fork. Up to now, I have been able to make the wallet for my coin on Linux. Awesome. However…

  • In one of the tutorials, the guy suggests, after running the Linux wallet, to use a vm or vps to clone the room (I use a vps – it uses a vm), configure a mycoin. conf file in .mycoin for local machine and vm / vps, then run ./mycoin-qt on both (how am I supposed to run it on a vps terminal?) Supposedly this will allow it 39; extraction. Can anyone clear things up for me? Will I need to start over? This is not the starting knot, is it?

  • How can I make sure that I can extract, for example, 10,000 blocks per minute and then return to its usual settings (say, 20 by 5 minutes initially)? This is so that I can extract a few million blocks for myself. I will also post this on my play site for more transparency.

  • I need help setting up seed nodes. To my knowledge, I'm supposed to have 2. How to configure this (what code should I change, what should I do at each vps)?

  • I am trying to save money. Would it make sense to configure a starting node (or task 1 of this post) on the same server on which I host a DNS server?

  • What's the least stressful way to create a Windows wallet?

  • Thanks in advance. 0.8 Litecoin Fork

    how is litecoin different from bitcoin

    Until now, I only know that litecoin uses another data mining algorithm called Scrypt which has some ASIC resistance. Is there more difference? Or they are completely identical except for the data mining algorithm

    transactions – Where is Scrypt used in Litecoin?

    I am trying to learn more about Litecoin and I understand how Bitcoin transactions work. What I don't know is where Scrypt comes into play. I know it's used as proof of work, but internally when it comes to transactions, how is Scrypt used? I can hardly find any documentation on Litecoin, except having to debug a fairly large code base.

    • A Litecoin wallet address is a SHA256 / RipeMD160 of a public key and a few other things. So no Scrypt there.

    • Now for Bitcoin, in order to sign a raw transaction (assuming you've done all of your ScriptPubKey and such), you take the hex and you SHA256 (SHA256 (raw_transaction_bytes)), then you use your elliptical curve scp256k1 and sign the result of the above. This produces the SigScript that you insert into your completed transaction.

    Okay … where is Scrypt involved here? Or is he not involved in the creation and signing of a Litecoin transaction?

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    litecoin – Altcoin transaction blocked in Mempool

    I have a forked piece of litecoin source, the current nodes work on the 0.8 code base of litecoin (which I know is old), I am upgrading it to a newer version of the code base of the version 0.13.2, while testing everything works fine but I am working in a problem, when sending a transaction from the new version, it remains blocked in mempool. Transactions from the old nodes are functioning properly and are also detected in the new nodes. Still, everything seems to be working well. Could this be due to the fact that all the other nodes are 0.8 versions (the nodes that also run the mining pools), so they reject the transaction from the newer node? or could there be something else?

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    proof of work – security of litecoin vs bitcoin data mining algorithms – scrypt vs sha256?

    how is the current state of cryptanalysis on both sha256 and litecoin scrypt?

    is litecoin scrypt at a security level like sha256?

    by security, I simply mean means of "breaking" "deciphering" the hash functions in any way.

    Thank you

    transaction fees – LITECOIN CORE – estimationSmartFee is not a function

    I have this error when trying to get estimateSmartFee with Litecoin.

    TypeError: clientLTC.estimateSmartFee is not a function

    I use exactly the same function without any problems in Bitcoin:

    clientBTC.estimateSmartFee(1, 'CONSERVATIVE');

    I am using Litecoin Core v0.17.1 (64 bit)

    and I have no other problems accessing the litecoin kernel.

    Any idea what the problem is?

    Are Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains compatible?

    While Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency on the market and is considered to be the "gold" of cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is considered to be "money" of cryptocurrencies and the first follower of Bitcoin .
    However, are Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains compatible? Can they be merged into one?