PhpStorm Live Templates for XenForo 2

This is an export of the Live templates I use for XenForo development in PhpStorm. You can see them in use in the Building with XenForo 2 video series.

The list of templates is far from complete, and will be updated periodically as I get around to it but in the interest in sharing useful work, here they are.
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To install them into PhpStorm, go to File...


live view – Will a DSL Camera Field Monitor on a D7500 Display What Is Shown In The Liveview

Will a DSL Camera Field Monitor on a Nikon D7500 allow me to see what is shown in the camera’s LIveView window? I’m trying to find a way to get a larger view of what is shown on the camera LCD so it will be easier to see if the scene is in focus before taking the picture.
It would be nice if I could see a larger view so I can see the camera’s shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and focus appearance that are shown in the cameras small LCD display during Liveview.

❓ASK – Best Roulette Live Casino’s? | NewProxyLists

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domain driven design – Where does a Process Manager live with a Hexagonal/Ports and Adapters Architecture?

Context: I initially asked this question. I lacked some understanding and phrasing to ask the actual question I wanted to ask. The answer though helped me understand the friction points a bit better to ask this question.

I have three separate Bounded Contexts, and have a new feature requirement that states that, based on an Event from the Upstream Context, two different Commands must be sent to the two Downstream Contexts. This is more appropriately described as a Process Manager (not a Saga, where one operation failure rolls back all operations).

In the book Implementing Domain-Driven Design, a number of packages are described.

  • root.package.(application)
  • root.package.(application.subconcept)
  • root.package.(domain.model)
  • root.package.(domain.model.subconcept)
  • root.package.(domain.service)
  • root.package.(infrastructure)
  • root.package.(infrastructure.persistence)

It also describes Hexagonal Architecture/Ports and Adapters with a pretty straightforward flow.

  • Adapters live in the Infrastructure Layer, and are the clients of the Application Layer/Services
  • Application Services are the clients of the Domain Model

So the code in the *.application package calls the code in the *.domain.* package (model or service).
The code in the *.infrastructure package calls the code in the *.application package.

I noticed a pattern, mechanically (not conceptually), between Aggregates, Projections, and Process Managers.


  • Consume Events to Produce Current State


  • Consume Events to Produce Current State (Event Sourcing), and
  • Consume Commands to Produce Events (modify Event Stream)

Process Managers

  • Consume Events to Produce Current State (Event Sourcing), and
  • Consume Events to Produce Commands (for other Applications/Aggregates/Contexts)

All three consume Events published by the Domain Model. The Aggregate (Command Model), lives inside the Domain Model, and is sourced from Domain Events. The Projections (Query Model), lives next to the Domain Model (*.projections), and is sourced from Domain Events. The Process Manager lives somewhere, and is sourced from Domain Events.

Based on this, where do the Process Managers live? Do they also live next to the Domain Model (in a *.process package)? Does it exist as an output Adapter, which might place it inside the *.infrastructure package? Remember that this particular Process Manager is not required for the Upstream Context to work, nor is it required for the Downstream Context to work; it is entirely an optional integration between the Upstream, and the two Downstream Contexts.

  • Do optional integrations exist in a separate Bounded Context, in a *.process package, as an Adapter in the Infrastructure?
  • Do required integrations that are sourced from Upstream Events belong in the Upstream Domain Model?
  • Do required integrations that are sourced from multiple Upstream Events, but interact only with one Downstream Context, belong in the Downstream Domain Model, maybe as an input Adapter?

index tuning – Storing Live Timeseries Data in SQL Server Azure Database

I have an SQL Server Azure Database and am trying to store time-series data that I get from multiple sensors.

Data Source:- 5-minute data is obtained via an API.

Current table structure: –

 Timestamp | ComponentId | Parameter1 | Parameter2 | Parameter3

Each sensor has a unique ComponentId. I have a non-clustered index on Timestamp and ComponentId to eliminate duplicates and also a clustered column store index on the whole table (It compresses data and saves space. Also gives a performance boost for aggregate queries). A python script is used to fetch the data via the API and pyodbc library is used to push this data to the table. The script runs every 10 minutes and inserts data into the table.

Some queries like fetching data for a particular component for just one day seem to take 5 seconds. Is this normal?


SELECT Timestamp,ComponentId,ParameterId FROM TABLE WHERE ComponentId=1 AND Timestamp BETWEEN '2021-05-01' AND '2021-05-02'

Is this way of fetching/pushing data fine? Please let me know if it can be improved and if there are any better methods to do the same.

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Is there a way to view Windows 10 battery percentage live (or at a specified interval) on my android device?

I keep my lap on charge on a different room while downloading, I want to make sure that I don’t over charge it.
Basically it would be more convenient to view and control our windows device from android remotely can you recommend any free application for that.
scrcpy using adb is a great feature for viewing and controlling android device from pc, I wonder if there is any such method for viewing and controlling windows from android without any software.

Live TV Channel Broadcasting Script PHP | NulledTeam UnderGround

Live Tv (StreamZon) is a responsive live channel and streaming CMS script. This CMS includes almost everything you need to create a live streaming and video sharing business website. Viewers can view any channel with one click and no need to register .. Plus, the back-end has many amazing features that are essential for a professional and good live TV channel or website. Almost all kinds of tasks can be performed using the…

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Create Live Streaming server

I want create Streaming server, i have more than 100K online users.
this is the first time that i will use servers for Streaming, so i want… | Read the rest of