livestream – Facebook Live does not show a preview on the page

I have a Facebook business page. When you create a live video using the Facebook Page app, on the page, it only displays a text description of the post. It is not even clear that this is a live video – it looks like a regular video has been published.

How can I get him to publish a full preview of a live video on the page where the broadcast originates from?

Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen LiveStream

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This change will only be visible until it is peer reviewed. How to permanently stop the YouTube livestream? When I start broadcasting again using OBS, YouTube resumes my transmission!

Banned users for using emotes on youtube livestream! | Promotion Forum

Users of Markiplier were banned and their calls to spam emotes during his livestream were rejected. Users are blocked from Google Accounts, emails, the Play Store, any Google! Some users indicated that they had access to their accounts again, but that they had lost their videos and their content.
I absolutely do not agree with Google on the choice of who should have banned users.

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I will create a 24/7 automatic livestream Youtube daily, weekly or monthly.

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-The RTMP URL of your channel or if you do not know how to use it – your username and password to log in and get the RTMP URL
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LiveStream Opensource Media Server! | Talk Web Hosting


We are looking to integrate a Livestreaming media server into a php application that needs to detect the desktop camera from the browser to publish live on the rtmp protocol. We checked with Wowza and Nginx, but it does not detect the desktop / laptop camera from the browser. Please let me know if there is one on the market that supports this?

Thanks in advance!