dnd 5e – Does the Dispel Magic spell affect “Living Spells” in any meaningful way?

It appears that dispel magic has no effect

Living spells are not affected by dispel magic. Whatever magical effect is sustaining the sentience and energy of the living spells, it must not be a spell. Remember that dispel magic typically only works on spells, unless a specific effect is listed as being affected (emphasis mine):

Any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target ends.

That being said, non-spell effects can still be affected by dispel magic in specific cases such as the Animated Objects in the Monster Manual:

Antimagic Susceptibility. The object is incapacitated while in the area of an antimagic field. If targeted by dispel magic, the sword must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against the caster’s spell save DC or fall unconscious for 1 minute.

While the magical effect (the animation of the object) is clearly not entirely ended like a spell effect would be when hit by dispel magic, the antimagic does have some effect.

However, no such effect exists for living spells. This may be connected to whatever is causing “its magical energy (to endure) indefinitely.”

Antimagic field

Antimagic field, however, will have an effect on the living spells.

Creatures and Objects. A creature or object summoned or created by magic temporarily winks out of existence in the sphere. Such a creature instantly reappears once the space the creature occupied is no longer within the sphere.

Living spells are creatures, so since they were created by magic, they would be affected by the above portion of the antimagic field spell.

dnd 5e – Does Dispel Magic Affect Living Spells in any Meaningful Way?

I recently came to a point where I was trying to find a source that talks about Dispel Magic in relation to Living Spells. Living Spells are very similar in a lot of ways to spells with a few notable exceptions obviously, but they are still at their core magical spells from what I can ascertain. Dispel Magic can currently dispel spells with a d20 check sometimes if they spell is of a certain level or higher, but it doesn’t address whether a Living Spell would be affected by Dispel Magic.

How would Dispel Magic work when cast on a Living Spell?

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canada – Ottawa or St Catharines, for a foreigner living with kids?

Ottawa or St. Catharines, for a foreigner living with kids?

I know they’re both safe but if you had to choose one over the other, which one would you go for?

Can a Canadian living in Australia leave to UK during current COVID restrictions?

My girlfriend is a Canadian citizen, visiting Melbourne, Australia on a work visa.

I am able to leave Australia, and travel back to England using my British passport, because I am a dual citizen of Australia and United Kingdom.

However, my girlfriend is Canadian, so she does not have a British passport.

This leads me to my question . . .

Can she currently travel directly from Australia to the UK without restriction?

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spells – How is a soul different from the living creature that it came from?

Short Version

If someone capable of casting a spell like Plane Shift dies, what prevents their soul from simply casting the spell and returning to the Material Plane?


From what I can tell, when a humanoid dies in the Pathfinder universe, he or she usually goes through this process:

  1. Sometime after dying, his or her soul appears on the Ethereal Plane near the River of Souls.
  2. Over some unspecified amount of time, the River of Souls carries the soul to Pharasma’s Spire to be judged.
  3. Pharasma judges the soul, usually sending them to an appropriate Outer Plane based on their alignment. The souls of PCs are usually held in the Boneyard until they can be raised from the dead.
  4. Souls that pass on to the Outer Planes eventually become petitioners, losing their former abilities and their connect to their mortal body.

I can’t find any information about how the soul is mechanically different from the original PC. However, the description of petitioners (including the Petitioner template) makes me think that until the soul becomes a petitioner, they’re basically the same as the original creature. This seems consistent with other D&D-related media like Baldur’s Gate and Order of the Stick, where the souls of the dead can retain class abilities and maybe even some gear.

If the soul is basically the same as the original creature and still has class abilities, what stops a caster from resting for 8 hours and then casting Plane Shift? How is this different from being brought back by Resurrection (other than saving 10,000gp)?

europe – Can South Korean passport holder temporarily living in Vietnam enter EU countries?

I am a South Korean passport holder who’s been in Vietnam since early this year. I am in Vietnam on an extended tourist visa, not as a resident.

I would like to leave Vietnam and enter any EU countries that opened their border to Korean citizens (like Greece, Denmark, for example). However, I found the entry requirement of each country to be quite unclear if me being a Korean passport holder is enough to enter the country or I should have stayed in Korea before coming to these EU countries.

Does anybody have a similar situation or an answer for this?

Thank you!

usa – What is “Resort-style living”, “No Mello Roos” and “direct access garage”?

I read this description of a (rather expensive) house for sale in California, USA:

Resort-style living in Baker Ranch community with No Mello Roos. This turnkey The Rowe Plan 1X townhome was built in 2017 and is located near the Vista Swim Club with a spacious courtyard featuring 3 upstairs bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a direct access 2-car garage with approx. 1,500sf of living space. This model perfect home welcomes you with an open floor plan, 9′ feet ceilings, upgraded high-end laminate flooring, wall mounted flat panel TV pre-wired, and recessed lights in the great room and all of the rooms.

The neighbourhood looks cozy but not like a “resort” at all.

  1. What would be a garage that is not “direct access”?
  2. “Mello Roos” did have a Wikipedia entry, but I couldn’t understand the description.
  3. Resort-style living means what exactly? What makes that house such a “resort-style” house? Does somebody come and change my blankets for me every day and put a mint chocolate on the pillow? (I very strongly doubt that.)