SQL Server – SQL – work locally instead of public ports

My database and my web application are currently on the same server and I want to access SQL Server as localhost and close the SQL Server port for remote connections.

This is my current connection string, how can I change it to access the database as localhost?

"ConnectionStrings": {
    "DefaultConnection": "Server=tcp:;Initial Catalog=testdb;User ID=usera;Password=********"

I have tried:

Data Source=(local)

using Data Source=(local)\SQLEXPRESS
I got this message:

A connection has been established with the server, but a connection
an error occurred during the login process. (provider: shared memory
Supplier, error: 0 – No process is at the other end of the pipe.

Using SQL Server 2017.

$ G $ – the space is locally compact

assume $ X $ is a topological space,$ G $ Is a locally compact group.If the quotient space $ G backslash X $ is compact, can we deduce $ X $ is locally compact?

Geometric topology – Does each homogeneous metric space connected locally compact admit a green-transitive "grid"?

The answer is no. A quick response can be made as follows:

(1) Pansu proved (1989) that two Carnot Lie groups are quasi-isometric if and only if they are isomorphous.

(2) There is a continuum of many non-isomorphic 7-dimensional Carnot Lie groups.

Yes $ Y $ is appropriate, uniformly discrete and isometric-transitive, then he is IQ at his isometric group $ G $which is locally compact. Assuming that QI to a nilpotent Lie group further implies (by the results of Gromov / Losert / Trofimov) that $ G $, modulo a compact normal subgroup, is discrete and practically nilpotent. There are only many classes of quality assurance. Therefore, at least one of the examples in (2) gives (for each choice of left invariant Riemannian metric) a negative answer to your question.

There is an alternative using hyperbolicity rather than polynomial growth, consisting of a continuum family of 3-fold homogeneous curved negatively. That they are not IQ is also the result of Pansu. The fact that a totally local compact IQ group must be compact by discrete is an immediate consequence of Hilbert-Smith's two-dimensional conjecture (which is an ancient theorem).

Examples of locally finite sets whose convex hull is the set $ mathbb {R} ^ n $.

In our exercise, a locally finite set A is a set such that $ A cap B (r) $ is a finite set for all $ r geq $ 0, or $ B (r) $ is the ball centered on $ 0 and has a radius $ r $. Should not conv ($ A $) then to be bounded?

.net – Does it make sense to debug a solution locally with a different framework version than the production one?

Users have recently reported that a small, overlooked project has timeout errors and some object reference exceptions. As I just replaced a developer responsible for this project, the solution was not installed on my machine.

While trying to run a local version, I find that several Nuget referenced packages are obsolete and that the solution fails to generate. At this morning's meeting, I told the team that I was looking for obsolete packages to be able to debug locally, or at least attach a debugger to QA / Prod, and then continue to investigate the issues. A colleague who somehow "transferred" the project confessed that he had to build it locally by updating the local .NET 3.5 solution to .NET 4.5 and upgrading to new Nuget packages. .

I thank them for their remark and replied that I was trying to solve some immediate problems related to production. I would like to reproduce as closely as possible the quality assurance and production environments. their answer was pure confusion and protest. I explained that the production had many errors reported by users, not counting those reported by the server's reporting mechanisms, and that I did not want to add fuel to the situation by upgrading the framework. of the solution. The colleague replied that they do not suggest that I upgrade the production, just the local build and debug like that.

This goes against all that my mentors and senior engineers have learned about the need for local constructions as close as possible to production. This advice has always been wise. Am I too reckless here? If you think that the code fix will not depend on the structure, should you simply do everything in your power to have a version be running to debug?

How to access macOS files stored locally in the Files application on an iPadOS or iOS device

How can I access macOS files (v10.14, v10.15.beta) that are stored locally on an iOS or iPadOS device through the File application and that are not uploaded to iCloud or from? other cloud services, nor in a folder from applications like Pages, Keynote? Obviously, even synchronization does not copy these files. I use iPadOS (v13.1). Thank you.

blockchain – Disables block update locally with the bitcoind cmdline option

I'm using the blockchain2graph tool to import the Bitcoin blockchain into Neo4j. It uses JSONRPC calls to read block data. For that, I must have the bitcoind service in progress. Is it possible to disable the update of the blockchain in bitcoind is running?

I'm using the cmdline and I've tried -proxy= and -debugexclude=proxy options but it comes out constantly connect() to failed after select(): Connection refused. I do not want this exit either.

The MSAL + Angular Acquire token is locally very slow

I've been looking up and down for an answer for that and I can not find a solution.
When it is run locally, it calls the .well-known / openid configuration for each API call made on the page and takes about 5 seconds. Basically, it looks like trying to renew the token before each call instead of using the cached token. This makes the development very slow and tedious. All versions compiled in Angular 7 work as expected.

Documentation in process of https://www.npmjs.com/package/@azure/msal-angular

How to find a function that is locally Lipschitz, but not Lipschitz in general.

It's a question for my homework, but I do not understand how this feature can exist.

Automatic tape loading with locally programmed changes

Is it possible to load an ecommerce website into a browser with the prices changed?
The idea is to be able to access this website from my computer and that its prices appear with a rule that I apply to them. In this way, I do not need to use a calculator to calculate the prices of my provider, so I can browse directly to your website to see everything. Converted prices.
Thank you