dedicated server located in China


we are able to provide a dedicated server located in China.
for example:
CPU E5 8 CPU cores
500GB SATA Hard Disk
Unlimited bandwidth / 100M
IP 253
SEO Servers Tag
Price $ 555.00
And you can customize the server.

Thank you

bitcoind – .indexes & .tesnet3 not located in my Bitcoin directory

A new Lightning node was started using the raspiblitz guide, but when synchronizing the client from my desktop (MAC), I was not able to locate these files (".indexes. testnet3 ") required by the guide to properly synchronize the client on the pi. It's weird, these files are nowhere else ~ / library / Application Support / Bitcoin /

I'm using the latest .17.1 version of Bitcoin Core and one of the main requirements of the guide when copying the blockchain from the latest version is (txindex = 1 in the bitcoin.conf file), but I have not changed the .conf file at all, should default to the latest version …

Ideas where to locate these files on Mac?

seo – Cause of Google's recent move located at

I've noticed a recent trend in many of our websites that indicates SEO traffic ranging from localized Google sites (such as,, etc.) to

Did anyone else also notice this on their websites?

Does anyone know why this change has happened?

irctc – Can I get on my train from the booking point located a station before my boarding point?

If I understand your question correctly, the train goes from A to B and from there to C. You are in A and buy a ticket. A is your "point of reservation".

The ticket you have purchased is good for the passage from your "point of embarkation" (B) to your destination (C). The ticket from B to C allows you to be transported by train from B to C. It does not give you the passage from A to B.

In other words: a ticket from a point of embarkation to a destination does not necessarily include the passage from the point of reservation to the point of embarkation. If you want to go from the reservation point (A) to the destination (C), you have to buy a ticket between these two points. Because the A-C distance is longer than the B-to-C, the A-C ticket will be more expensive.

Your first sentence is "If I board from my reservation point which is a station before my boarding point, will I be considered without a ticket between the booking and the boarding point. " Assuming that it's a question, the answer is "Yes, you will be considered to be without a ticket."

How to redirect my-doamin.tdl / someurl to an index file located in a different Webroot folder with nginx?

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mac – Use the command & # 39; mv & # 39; to move files except those located in a specific directory

On Linux, I know the command mv! (folder1 | folder2) folder1 if I want to move all the files in the current folder, except for folder1 and folder2, and move them in folder1. But these recommend, does not work in the terminal mac!

Where is the equivalent command in mac?

How do you perform a system state restore on a Windows 2016 server located in a datacenter where you only have RDP access and the serial console?

I'm trying to do a system state restore on a Windows Server 2016 machine, but the server is in a datacenter (1 & 1) and I only have one. RDP access and console in series. I have the WindowsBackupImage folder on my d drive that should not be involved in the system changes as they are all on C. I have encountered two major issues.

The first is that I can not get Microsoft Backup to accept the path to the image. Some online readings seem to indicate that it should be possible to run from the D drive, but I can not find the right way to do it.

The second problem is that some accounts seem to indicate that some parts of the process require interaction and that I am not sure that the serial or RDP console is available and that I am not sure if there is a way to make them function. unattended.

macos – Can I delete StoreData located in / private / var / log / powermanagement / StoreData?

I had a problem while backing up my iMac (mid-2007) running El Capitan with the help of SuperDuper. I sent the error log to SuperDuper and they suggested I delete StoreData at the address / private / var / log / powermanagement / StoreData

Can I simply put StoreData in the trash and empty it? Will deleting the file cause problems to my system? Do I need to recreate an empty StoreData file in one way or another? If so, what is the file extension?

networking – SSHing in a RasPi when an openVPN connection is active for all IP addresses not located on the local network 10. *

I would like to be able to SSH in my raspi; what can i do on the wlan0 interface if that simplifies things.

All other connections I want to be routed via an openvpn connection to the tun0 interface.

What I hope is the openvpn configurations or the iptables routing that allows me to ssh in my raspi, while openvpn is active.


  • Between my local network and Raspi, do not use VPN
  • Between my raspi and everything outside my local network, use the VPN

ifconfig on my main computer (connected via wireless network)

$ ifconfig

lo0: flags = 8049 MTU 16384
options = 3
    inet6 :: 1 prefixlen 128
inet network mask 0xff000000
inet6 fe80 :: 1% lo0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1
nd6 options = 1
en0: flags = 8863 1500 mtu
Ether ac: bc: 32: 93: 36: c7
inet6 fe80 :: aebc: 32ff: fe93: 36c7% en0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x4
inet6 2601: 643: 8500: 614: aebc: 32ff: fe93: 36c7prefixlen 64 autoconf
inet6 2601: 643: 8500: 614: cbb: be12: 9871: prefixlen b2b4 64 temporary autoconf
inet network mask 0xffffff00 broadcast
inet6 2601: 643: 8500: 614 :: a8ce prefixlen 64 dynamic
nd6 options = 1
    media: automatic selection
status: active

in5: flags = 8863 1500 mtu
ether 0b: 0b: 0b: 0b: 0b: 0b
inet6 fe80 :: aebc: 32ff: fe93: 36c7% en5 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x7
inet network mask 0xffff0000 broadcast
nd6 options = 1
    support: automatic selection (10baseT / UTP )
status: active

awdl0: flags = 8943 MTU 1452
ether f6: 1e: 4f: ec: 7b: b8
inet6 fe80 :: f41e: 4fff: feec: 7bb8% awdl0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x9
nd6 options = 1
    media: automatic selection
status: active

ifconfig on the RasPi (connected with a wired Ethernet)

$ ifconfig
eth0: flags = 4163  1500 mtu
inet netmask broadcast
ether b8: 27: eb: 4d: 28: 33 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet)
Packets RX 130 bytes 17325 (16.9 KB)
RX Errors 0 Aborted 0 exceed 0 image 0
TX packets 62 bytes 9923 (9.6 KB)
TX errors 0 missed 0 exceedances 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

lo: flags = 73  Mtu 65536
inet network mask
loop txqueuelen 1000 (local loop)
Packets RX 0 bytes 0 (0.0 B)
RX Errors 0 Aborted 0 exceed 0 image 0
TX packets 0 bytes 0 (0.0 B)
TX errors 0 missed 0 exceedances 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

wlan0: flags = 4163  1500 mtu
inet netmask broadcast
ether b8: 27: eb: 18: 7d: 66 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet)
Packets RX 66 bytes 9976 (9.7 KB)
RX Errors 0 Aborted 0 exceed 0 image 0
16-byte TX packets 2116 (2.0 KB)
TX errors 0 missed 0 exceedances 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

How can I change the visibility of a div via the click event of a button or link located on another page (html) in Angular?

How can I change the visibility of a div via the click event of a button or link that is on another page (html)? I have a button on the "main.html" page that I want and that, when I click on it, displays a hidden div in "header.html". Is there a way for me to do that?