I will do b2b lead generation for target industry and target location for $8

I will do b2b lead generation for target industry and target location

I want to help you build fresh and high-quality b2b lead generation, targeted e-mail, email collection, LinkedIn lead generation, real estate leads, email list, email finding, web research, and so on as your requirements.

What you will get?

50 Leads including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Email
  • LinkedIn ID
  • Location


[WTS] Affordable servers from reliable hosting provider in many location.

Legionbox is leading VPS and dedicated server provider, which was created and has been successfully working for those who is in constant need of high performance, reliability, stability, and server security!

Linux Virtual private servers

With Legionbox virtual server, the RAM, storage, and capacity without any overload are provided to you.

Each VPS comes with:

– Free instant setup;
– 1 dedicated IP;
– Money-back guarantee (You may request a refund within 14 days of purchase for annual products and 48 hours of purchase for monthly products).
– Best-of-breed routers and servers;
– 24/7 telephone, email and Web-based tech support;
– material protection (24/7);
– network monitoring (24/7)
– panel SolusVM (which enables you to run, restart and stop a virtual server, and also install a new operating system)

SSD VPS (most popular plans)

Choose one of options: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or Windows.
Available locations: USA, Los Angeles; Switzerland, Zurich; Germany, Nuremberg.

CPU: 1хE5-2680
Disk Space: 20 GB

CPU: 2хE5-2680
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CPU: 2хE5-2680
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CPU: 2хE5-2680
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Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers

Choose one of options:
CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or CentOS + cPanel.

Our 64-digit servers of the Windows 2008 version combine the familiar interface of the most popular operating system in the world’ with a wide set of functionality.

Available locations: USA, Los Angeles; Switzerland, Zurich; Germany, Nuremberg.

All Plans Include:
– Protection against excess capacity
– Dedicated IPs
– 24/7 technical support by e-mail and via the Internet a week
– Physical protection (24/7)
– Network monitoring (24/7)
– FTP access
– Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition (Price (monthly): $ 140
– Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition (Price (monthly): $ 25

Server E3-1230
Datacenter: Usa, Los Angeles
Starting at $69/month
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230
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Disk Space: SSD 100 GB
Ipv4 – 1
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Port – 1 Gbit/s

Server i7-4770
Data center: Germany, Nuremberg
Starting at $100/month
CPU: Intel Core™ i7-4770
Raid software 0,1
Disk Space: SSD 100 GB
Ipv4 – 1
Ipv6 – yes
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Port – 1 Gbit/s

Server E3-1220
Data center: Switzerland, Zurich
Starting at $100/month
CPU: Intel® Xeon E3-1220 V3
Raid software 0,1,10
Disk Space: SSD 100 GB
Ipv4 – 5
Ipv6 – yes
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Port – 1 Gbit/s

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Have a question?
Feel free to open a ticket


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How can I view all the pictures posted by an Instagram user on Instagram in a given location?

How can I view all the pictures posted by an Instagram user on Instagram in a given location?

For instance, I would like to view all the pictures taken by https://www.instagram.com/au_suwisitp/ in Bangkok, Thailand.

How do I change the iCloud Photo location in Win10

The iCloud settings allow me to change the location of my Shared Albums, but not the location of my iCloud Photos. How do I change it?

enter image description here

location lock wordpress website

Hi I am setting up a WordPress website for a venue. I need to lock the latitude and longitude of the venue so that the website only open inside the venue, i tried setting it up on local host to only open with the Wifi but most of the customers use their 4G. any help would be appriciated! Thanks

How to avoid sharing location to Google?

When I make a search on Google, the results are sometimes in my native language and the websites listed are from my country. That being even if my query is in English. At the bottom of the page, I can read my location, which means Google is tracking me somehow, and I want it to stop. I’ve tried to search about it, but all I get is something indicating me to change settings in my Google Account, but the weird thing is this is happening even in ‘Incognito mode’. What’s even more weird is the fact that sometimes, the results are in English, sometimes in Portuguese (my language).

So, how to effectively stop Google from tracking me? The solution I have right now is using DuckDuckGo when I want to see the results in English when Google shows the results in Portuguese. But I’m not quite satisfied as this is not really a solution.

how can user select custom location when order host on WHMCS


I have two Hosting Server, a server is in France and Another in Canada ( By Directadmin Panel),

I created separate product for th… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1813370&goto=newpost

autohotkey – AHK code issue – Defining variables and getting mouse click at location?

I’m pretty new to AHK. I just started like a couple days ago, and I’ve hit a stump and need help debugging.

I would like this code to go to a specified mouse position and click the coordinate, and import my variables since I will have many AHK scripts referring to the same variables.

PROBLEM: The code currently does not move the mouse and click in the desired location. I am not even sure if it is clicking. It simply displays the ToolTip message as well as the msgbox message. (The messages that will display are marked in the code as working via (works)). I think this might be because the variables are somehow not defined… When the variable displayed in the msgbox was defined in the if/else statement, the msgbox would be empty. The Clicks aren’t working either, and I think it’s because the values aren’t existent. I have no idea why in the world this is happening.

What is wrong with my code and what is going on? Please help me!

#include C:UsersusernameDesktopvars.txt
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
clickThing(whichThing) { ;START FUNCTION
    Sleep, 1000 ; sleep 1 sec
    Send ^h ; control h
    Sleep, 3000 ; sleep 3 sec
    if (whichThing = 1){
        goTox = %x1%
        goToy = %y1%
        ToolTip, option 1 ; display "option 1" @ cursor tip ; (works)
    } else if (person = 2) {
        goTox = %x2%
        goToy = %y2%
        ToolTip, option 2 ; display "option 2" @ cursor tip ; (works)
    } else if (person) = 3 {
        goTox = %x3%
        goToy = %y3%
        ToolTip, option 3; display "option 3" @ cursor tip ; (works)
    } else {
        msgbox that isn't a valid choice. ; (works)
    msgbox %goTox% %goToy% ; msgbox will be empty...
    ; I tried this
    Sleep 1000
    MouseMove, %goTox%, %goToy%, 30
    MouseClick, left, %goTox%, %goToy%
    Sleep 500
    MouseClick, left, %goTox%, %goToy%
    Sleep 1000
    ; I also tried this
    Click %goTox%, %goToy%

IfWinActive, window_name {
    msgbox, window not active ; (works)

msgbox, finished ; (works)

Google Now Auto-Deletes Search and Location Data after 18 Months

Google has said it’s changing the data retention of user data.

backup – Where is the file location for samsung notes/memos and/or can I recover these files if I deleted the app?

I backed up all the files on my S9+ because I wanted to reinstall my buggy samsung notes app, but it turns out notes doesn’t fall under documents anymore and it has its own separate sync that needs to be toggled from a default off. I’ve tried using different recovery software but they’re either shady or don’t work. I’m open to trying to root the device but I wanted to see if anyone knew where in the Android the notes or memos files are located and if it is still possible to recover them. I had pretty important stuff in the notes which is why I’m so concerned. Thanks in advance