lock – Create a table in Postgresql locked pg_class forever


I have a Postgresql cluster with few databases. In one of the databases, if I try to create a new table, the command is never complete until I kill the linux process. I've checked pg_lock and found that pg_class and indexex on pg_class are locked, locktpe is the relationship and the mode is RowExclusiveLock.
I can add a column to a table but I can not create an index on a table.

If I create a table in another database, there is no lock on pg_class.

Each clue can help.


Ubuntu Fatal error: Unable to open and lock privilege tables: mysql.host table & # 39; does not exist

I woke up today on a server that had no problem until recently by generating the following error:

190713 3:40:02 InnoDB: Compressed tables use zlib 1.2.11
190713 3:40:02 InnoDB: Initializing the buffer pool, size = 128.0M
190713 3:40:02 InnoDB: Initialization Complete Buffer Pool
190713 3:40:02 InnoDB: The most supported file format is Barracuda.
190713 3:40:02 InnoDB: Waiting for the start of the background threads
190713 3:40:03 InnoDB: 5.5.62 started; log sequence number 120778290313
190713 3:40:03 [Note] Host name of the server (link address): & nbsp; port: 3306
190713 3:40:03 [Note]   - "" is resolved to "";
190713 3:40:03 [Note] Socket server created on IP: "".
190713 3:40:03 [ERROR] Fatal error: Unable to open and lock privilege tables: mysql.host table & # 39; does not exist

This is on an Ubuntu 16.04 server. In my opinion, an automatic update is triggered.

I already have a handful of databases on the server, so I'm a little
Concerned the only answers I found are to completely uninstall mysql and reinstall it.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Network – Lock (select) LTE tapes in Android Pie 9

I try to lock my phone in a specific group and, according to my research, I have to either A) do not have Android Pie 9, either B) root my phone. I've seen several ways to do this that worked in the past, but none of them seems to work now. Ideas? Thank you!

I have access to a tactical Galaxy S9, a normal S9, a normal S7 and an S3 tab. Any help would be appreciated!

motorcycle x4 – Fingerprint / Pin Unlock returns to the lock screen; The system interface has stopped

I'm stuck between the hammer and the anvil with this one. The power button on my Moto X4 is physically damaged (with the volume down button).

This morning, after a long trip to Waze, my phone was locked in my pocket. It will no longer be unlocked by fingerprint, so I put my PIN code. It's unlocked for a second then returned to the lock screen. This has already happened before. I have therefore inserted the camera icon and launched the camera, then pressed on "home" to access the lock screen, enter my PIN and get the message "L & # The system interface has stopped. "

The device has the impression of having a fugitive process (it's really slow) but the battery does not run out. Any ideas for getting a day or two more from this device until the replacement arrives?

lockscreen – Set the view of today as the default on the iPhone lock screen

Is it possible to make sure that Today's display is the default on the iPhone lock screen?

Currently, I need to slide directly to the lock screen to see the Today View screen (security is not a problem because Today View is accessible to anyone without logging in. to the iPhone).

I want the Today View screen to be the default screen of the lock screen when the iPhone is locked.

I'm using an iPhone 7.

lock – SQL Server Sch-S locks on unrelated tables

I am a little confused. I am myself MCSE and thought I understood most parts of SQL Server.

Now I have a stored procedure here, making inserts and updates on both dbo.tabA and dbo.tabB tables. Let's call this SPID 1.

On a complete table sales.invoices, I am recreating a clustered index on a partition schema. Let's call this SPID 2.

To my surprise, SPID 1 is blocked by SPID 2.

If you look at sys.dm_tran_locks, it tells me that SPID 1 is waiting for a Sch-S lock on sales.invoices (OBJECT LOCK), but that sales.invoices is not mentioned directly in SPID 2 or part of the SPID 2 request. a view or a function. .

Why is SPID 1 trying to lock an object that has not been touched by its request?

Problem with Google Smart Lock suggestions

How can I delete old profiles from this list? In my saved passwords, I do not have that, only 1 is saved for VK. Same problem in the Tinder application too, always suggested to use my old number and some other applications. It's so annoying. How to fix it?
enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Android 9.0.1 no options to delete the lock screen

Android 9.0.1 no options to delete the lock screen, is there any other way to remove the lock screen?

Mid 2012, MacBook Pro, firmware lock

I was wondering if there was a way to remove a firmware password from a MacBook Pro mid-2012 with USB or something of the sort. I just bought it at Craigslist (I know but that's enough …). When that happens, all I have is a screen with a blinking file with a "?" Above. And if I try to use the recovery mode, it goes to lock the firmware, because I want to unlock and reuse it, but preferably without taking it halfway. Btw, I've checked with Apple, unless I have proof of original purchase (I do not do it), so they can not solve the problem for me. Any help is appreciated

8 – How to forget a Drupal lock?

I understand how locks work, thanks to this post. Very simple:

function mymodule_long_operation () {
if (lock_acquire (mymodule_long_operation & # 39;))) {
// Do the long operation here.
// ...
lock_release (& # 39; mymodule_long_operation & # 39;)

My problem is that my function can remain "locked" if lock_release is never touched. So, how can I make my work work again if something is wrong here:

function mymodule_long_operation () {
if (lock_acquire (mymodule_long_operation & # 39;))) {
// something is wrong here!
lock_release (& # 39; mymodule_long_operation & # 39;)

Yes, I can put all the function around a try / catch and release the lock in the catch. But as a developer, I often add "die ()" in my code when I work. I can easily trigger this function in a non-executable state.

Is there a way to expire the lock after a certain time? Or for the lock to expire as part of a gaurante location recovery function?

All ideas would be very appreciated! Thank you!

** UPDATE **

It does not matter if I add die () in my code. And if the function expires? Then he will not reach liberation. I'm sure there are more cases to validate this as a problem.