How to remove MDM Lock from Samsung Tab-E

How to unlock the Samsung tablet, I don't have the password and when I try to reset the factory settings using the power button, increase the volume and welcome I get a message that it can be done with MDM locking. I bought the used tablet and I have now glued it. Would appreciate any help

lock screens – Enlarge text on lock screen

Is there a way to magnify the text displayed on the lock screen? More specifically, I want to enlarge the "notification" of my music player to see the track currently playing and its information (I am using Poweramp).

I tried an app called "Big Notifications", but it doesn't do what I want (it enlarges them, but only in the notification area of ​​the status bar). I want to increase the size and visibility of the text on notifications that appear when the phone is locked.

Thank you!

samsung – Factory reset device with surelock kiosk lock (without password)

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A which has surelock installed in allows only one application (robomate) to run..I cannot open ANY other application or start in safe mode, etc. .I can connect to WiFi..I don't know the password too..Is there any way to remove the surelock or reset the device to factory? I have been searching on Google for hours and I could not find a solution .. I can assure you that this is my device.

Group Policy – Windows 10 lock screens are grayed out

My lock screen controls are grayed out, and there is a banner at the
top saying "Some of these settings are hidden or locked by your

According to the instructions at,
I used the Group Policy Editor (I needed to open it as an administrator)
and accessed:

Computer Configuration
  > Administrative Templates
  > Control Panel
  > Personalization

I'm supposed to put Do not display the lock screen at EnabledBut
is already set this way.

Why else would the lock screen control be grayed out?

Please note that I have no problem with the lock screen. I was just
following the advice of
remove ads from my new Windows 10 Pro laptop.

canon – Sigma DC 18-250mm Macro HSM Lens Auto focus does not lock to let me click on the image

It is a lubrication problem, they do not put enough lubricant in the mechanism of the optical tube and it wears or gets stuck. the lenses are still usable in case you want to open the lens and lubricate it properly or if you can just support the lens during autofocus, with your finger. The amount of lubricant does not correspond to physical requirements (kinetic powers, gravity, friction) and simply stops working.

This is nothing electric or complicated, this answer is valid for practically all of this:

"Hey, I finally found THE REASON and a temporary solution: I bought this lens recently once and faced the same problem – autofocus would not work. As my piece had mushrooms and I'm not a fan of optical equipment, I just thought that the mushroom interfered with the autofocus to properly match the light, so I took it apart using only a screwdriver and actually destroyed it all, but after looking at the optical tube inside which seemed very dry, I came to the conclusion that it would be blocked because there would not be enough lubricant and the power supplied by the camera would simply not be sufficient to make it move properly, the angle of the optical part towards the sensor / film would no longer be exactly 90 °.
So yesterday I bought the Exakta counterpart which is basically the same lens, I bought it without the sun visor but I would still have the Sigma sun visor – without the sun visor -sun, autofocus works perfectly. Today I tried it with the hood, and it showed the same symptoms and it just clicked – the hood applies weight to the light tube so that it gets stuck because it becomes too heavy (and the angle is no longer correct), this can be bypassed by supporting the optical tube, which comes out of the lens when zooming, slightly with your finger. I would be very happy if someone could find a permanent solution to this, I agree to take the sun visor with me and only put it on when necessary, then focus with the slight support of my finger but for convenience I would prefer to operate it normally because it is a very trivial problem as it seems. Dismantling it and re-lubricating the optical tube is probably the solution, but I'm not going to dismantle this thing again, lol. Are there any sun shades for this thing that would be slightly lighter or something like that? This product obviously did not undergo long-term use testing in full configuration. "

(Sigma 70-300 mm)

You can give this clue a repairer (lol) and it should make it work again, you can also try to install some kind of support bar which would relieve the optical tube.

The thing with these lenses that completely lack ball bearings and make them ridiculously prone to such defects, is basically the tube that starts to "come off" because there would be too much function in it. based on a completely obsolete mechanical principle while using materials below normal.

Is there a setting to hide the screen when you press the on / off switch to lock the screen?

I am using Android 10 and I have not encountered this issue / problem with the lock screen on previous versions of the operating system.

The problem

In the past, when you press the on / off switch, this activates the screen lock and the system goes into standby state. The screen goes blank and stops monitoring for gestures or tapping. It needs the on / off switch or the finger recognition scanner to turn on again.

What I am looking for

A setting that will turn off the screen until I press the on / off switch, preferably not the fingerprint reader

camera – Geo / location marking a photo when taken from the lock screen

I activated the geolocation / geolocation of photos on my phone (Samsung S10 +, before that, S7 – same results). The photos taken usually save the location information as expected. However – if I take advantage of the phone's ability to launch the camera app from the lock screen (i.e. without unlocking the phone by PIN code / fingerprint / facial recognition, etc.), location information is NOT saved.

I can see how it would be behavior of "unintended consequence"; if you do not unlock the phone session, the camera app can be launched in a “ security context '' & # 39; & # 39; different, and in this context, it may not be able to read internal GPS information. However – I can't think of any scenario where allowing the camera app from a locked phone to access location information could be a problem, and I would like to change this behavior if possible. I rely a lot on the information of “ geo-tagging & # 39; & # 39; stored in the photos and it's quite often difficult to unlock the phone while hiking etc. not always desirable).

I have tried all the parameters I can find regarding security and location services, and I have been looking for high and low answers. Part of the challenge here is that keywords like "lock", "location", "camera", etc. result in a high number of visits, and 99.9% of people seem to ask how to activate location tagging in general, not specifically when the camera is launched from the lock screen.

KrebsOnSecurity – Does your domain have a registry lock?

Exclamation KrebsOnSecurity – Does your domain have a registry lock?

Interesting story ……registry-lock/

WebSitePanel / MspControl / SolidCP / Smartermail / Installation / Configuration / Troubleshooting / Migrations
Windows Server management / security / hardening
i speak english and spanish

VLC Activate lock screen controls

On an Oppo A9x with ColorOS V6.0 and Android version 9, is there a way to activate the VLC audio player controls on the lock screen?

physical – Why is the caps lock key often so large on a keyboard?

It seems that the caps lock key is not a frequently used key on a computer keyboard, but on all keyboards I have used, it offers a significant amount of space. 39 interface, often as much as the backspace key and more than quite a few other keys such as delete, arrow keys and escape.

The caps lock key is used in some specialized applications: engineers use it, as do people with poor motor control of their hands, and I imagine graphic designers who often use capital letters for reasons Stylistics also benefit from its existence, but even in these cases, it is still a rarely used key.

Why is it so big? Should it be resized or placed in a different position on the keyboard?

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