Worksheet – Lock Sharepoint Excel Linked to Microsoft Forms

I was able to create a Microsoft form linked to an Excel sheet stored in SharePoint. Multiple users will have access to the sheet. I want to lock a column with a password. I select the edit range and set a password for the M column, then the rest of the range to be edited by anyone. Excel indicates that the changes will only take effect if I lock the sheet. After the sheet is locked, the responses on the Microsoft form do not reach the document. As if I had prevented SharePoint from modifying its own spreadsheet! I need a locked column but I need Microsoft forms to fill the rest every time we have a new answer. Help me?

ios – How can I bypass the activation lock?

The official steps to disable search lockup from my iPhone are documented by Apple at

In summary, the different ways to remove iCloud Activation Lock are as follows:

  1. Apple will remove the lock if they can verify that the original buyer is asking for the action.
  2. Self-service delete if you can authenticate as an iCloud account that has locked this device.
  3. Businesses using DEP technology can often use their MDM to remove the lock as a self-service action without Apple being involved.

For consumers, you will probably have to make an appointment at an Apple Store and provide proof of purchase in hand Genius (to show that you are the authorized owner), as well as a proof of identity . They will then reset the activation lock, giving you access. to the device.

For businesses, it depends on whether you are enrolled in the DEP – Apple device registration program or if you simply want to provide copies of the serial numbers from the original purchase list to verify it. the property.

If you purchased the device, stole it, found it, or acquired the device by any means other than purchasing it directly from Apple, you may need to ask the original owner to provide proof of ownership. purchase, etc. the device to your account or simply disable the activation lock.

If you can not enter your password in the device itself, the only way to remove the self-service lock is to authenticate to and remove the password. activation lock when the device is not connected to the Internet.

5th dnd – Is a character with the exploit of War Caster able to call a lock with Call Lightning instead of launching an opportunity attack?

No, War Caster does not let you do that

Unfortunately, War Caster offers the following benefits:

When the movement of a hostile creature causes an opportunity attack on your part, you can use your reaction to: to put a spell on to the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a cast time of 1 action and must target that creature only.

When you use your action to call lightning as described in the Flash Appeal spell, it does not cast a spell; it's its own kind of action, manipulate a spell that has already been cast and that is not covered by War Caster.

You can not use the reaction offered by War Caster to launch Flash appeal like a new spell, that is, since Flash appeal do not just target that specific creature; Lightning has an effect area, so it can potentially target multiple enemies, even with only the initial lock, and you can continue to use the spell to hit many different targets during its duration.

Remove pin lock from an old forgotten phone

I broke my current phone so I thought I would use my old Samsung j1 (2016), but it seems like I forgot the 10-digit PIN (10 because the code used all the numbers, including 0). I've searched on the net, but the developer option is not enabled on the phone, ROM / custom recovery and wifi / 3G are disabled.
Please, help me, I do not want to delete all my data.

Emphasis Field Lock / Value generated automatically

How can I point out that the value of a field is generated automatically and is not editable?

Design 1:


Design 2:


Design 3:

enter the description of the image here
Thank you for the valuable advice.

How to lock the content of the video / publish after a delay of x seconds (seconds) viewed?

I'd like to lock the post or video player after x seconds of time spent on the viewer or browser, then show a html code afterwards.
How to do?
I do not have any code for that.

android – How to drag the polygon into reactive native maps or lock the polygon and drag the map?

Hi, I need to know it anyway, that's how I can drag a polygon / polyline inside the native maps. Just like in the Web. If this thing is bad, how to lock the polygon and drag the map, so that the user can adjust the polygon accordingly. You also need to know how to add a recovery screen for this purpose, if I can.

My code is simple, have my custom polygon in mapview-


Thank you

Lock screens – Can I activate my fingerprint lockscreen without (!) Enable encryption

J & # 39; Love regular backup my The data partition using TWRP. I noticed once that I activate my fingerprint screen lock, TWRP can not access my data partition because Android 8.0 the figure from the moment I put password lockscreen (Required when I activate the fingerprint lockscreen). For the time being "preserve force encryption" is of in Magisk. Can I take the risk and activate my fingerprint screenlock now? Or will he encrypt my data partition again? I do not want to format my data anymore and reinstall everything. my the bootloader is unlocked and my phone is a Samsung SM-G935E

Lock the screen widget and wallpaper

I currently use motorcycle e. with Android version 5.1, I would like to change the clock widget on the lock screen with a custom screen background and even lock the screen is there a way to do itThis is the lock screen Currently, I use nova launcher premium … help me please

nokia 6 – Can not select the option "none" of the lock screen after the factory reset

Previously, my phone (Nokia 6.1 and Android Pie running Android) was set to use the lock screen option "None", but after a factory reset, this option n & # 39; 39, appears more. I can only select the options for drag, pin, password or template.

I find this extremely frustrating and I will probably have to buy a new phone if I can not fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

Things I've already tried:

  • Erase the identification information.
  • Disable all device administration applications.
  • Set a password and then try to find the option.
  • "difficult" reset the phone via the device recovery menu.
  • Delete my google account.

I've been looking up and down a fix for this and nothing works.

Thank you for your time!