Mobile – Where do you divide long contacts on a single line?

For example, an email address for an area of ​​the company is something like ""

Although we can do a lot of alternatives (links, forms, etc.) so that you do not see this long contact, we found that people wanted to know where he was going.

The longer contact address proves a challenge on the mobile and in the different components of the page.

  1. Where is a good stop point for email?

  2. What's an alternative approach when you have to display a single, very long word?

forms – Where to place the send button in a long screen with multiple entries

I redid a web configuration interface for a hardware element. Think of a configuration interface of a standard router. You install this hardware on your network and access the configuration via your browser. The user interface is normally accessible from a PC and should also be available for mobile devices, but the computer is our focus.

I need to implement a configuration form with a submit button. The old design was done in hardware design and had this layout:
enter the description of the image here

Form1, Form2 are slightly different configuration forms, which have a similar subject (currently active SubMenu1). Think about "IP Address", "Router Name", "DHCP Configuration" etc. it was a router. All have the same Submit button in the upper right corner that applies only the modified entries. For example, if there is an entry for a password, this one will only be applied if it has been changed; otherwise, the old password will remain even if the password has been changed. entrance was empty. The send button, although located on a menu bar, is floating (when the menu bar is not there) and always stays on the screen exactly in the same place when you scroll .

I redo a user interface in the same way, preserving the appearance more or less, but changing the forms to group them into cards:

enter the description of the image here

But I hesitate to use the same location for the Submit button because I think it poses serious problems from the point of view of UI / UX.

  1. The location is extremely strange and unintuitive. The button is located in the menu that is common to all views and appears / disappears simply depending on the view. Users do not expect it to be there
  2. The button, although located in the menu, is not associated and floats when the menu is not.
  3. It is not obvious that if you do not change the password and leave it blank, the password is not changed. My first thought is that it sends a blank password to the system. However, I'm not 100% sure that it's a problem, just find it weird.

The problem is that I do not know where to put the submit button here. My first hypothesis is to float it and place it in the lower right corner. I do not know how to solve the password problem though.

Is this a good suggestion? If not, what should I do? And is it a good idea to leave the password box as it is, or should it be changed?

[ Politics ] Open question: How long will House Democrats and their facilitators, MSM, continue to lie about the Trump hoax, Ukraine?

[Politics] Open question: How long will House Democrats and their facilitators, MSM, continue to lie about the Trump hoax, Ukraine?

Cause reached lasts for so long in the second century

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I will find some uncompetitive and long tail keywords that will actually rank your site for € 5

I will find some uncompetitive and long-tail keywords that will actually rank your site

I am an SEO expert and in general, people say that I have written many articles on my website but that their websites are not visible in the search engine and that they are then at the 50th or the 60th position. So I come. I will find uncompetitive keywords for which you can write your content. You will then see that your content / website actually ranks in the competitive landscape and that it appears in the competitive landscape (the top 20 search engine search results).

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5th dnd – How can I bring a creature back to life 5 times a long rest with the least possible investment?

Strongly linked: How can I bring back to life a low-lying terrestrial invertebrate 5 times per day with the least investment?

A character wants to proactively use the summoning of the Chronicle of the Raven Queen (from UA: Warlock & Wizard) but must abide by the law of death – the creatures must be dead when that is the case. is "their time" and not otherwise. To achieve this, the character must ensure that the creatures that he "queries" are dead no longer than is strictly necessary for the summoning to work. More precisely, the character must finish every day without a creature that they killed simply for interrogating the dead again as a result of this assassination.

However, the character pledges to proactively summon creatures they would not otherwise have killed, 5 times per rest..

What is the smallest number of levels for such a character to be possible? Suppose that magic objects are acquired with levels at the normal rate, and that these objects are the ones that are most useful for construction. If you need mundane items, money, or money-priced items, you must assume that the character has an average amount of money drawn from the reserve for his level as well as close to the money. median amount of individual monster treasure. Remember that the character must have at least Three levels in Warlock (the invocation requires the Tome Pact), so you can not, for example. to be a level 18 Rogue (not that it would necessarily solve the problem, just for the sake of example).

Multiclassing and AU are acceptable, as well as all other proprietary sources.

How long does the hosting provider play with customers?

We all know that Cpanel's pricing strategy places an additional burden on hosting to provide or provide the same service as before,
To my knowledge, very few nearby hosting companies and many players have turned to another control panel without price change so as not to lose customers, but most of them they provide intimate customers well in advance.

This time veteran hosting provider DTS-NET.COM do not want clients to migrate cpanel to the web database control panel.
I opted 3 years for…hlight=dts-net
they currently offer…hlight=dts-net

They never communicate about migration

real problem arises when they do not care about the customer database during migration and when asked to solve the problem they answer blah blah apologies


I understand that you're currently experiencing issues with your InnoDB MySQL tables. Troubleshooting these issues involves advanced procedures that often must be performed with extreme caution and/or preparation, and pose a high risk of data loss or production impact. Because of this, InnoDB problems are very often something that we cannot safely or confidently assist with.While we are unable to assist in many cases, our technicians have created a guide on our forums for customers to use in determining how to move forward. The guide can be found at the following URL:
An additional helpful resource is the official InnoDB Troubleshooting documentation on the MySQL docs site, found here:
What we recommend to most customers is to either get in touch with a specialist or administrator familiar with InnoDB, or to spend the time reading through the information in the above link until you feel fairly confident enough to attempt some of the procedures documented, where relevant to your situation.

Google has just erased the original pixel. How long before it's a brick?

If Google declares an "EOL" device, it simply means that you no longer receive device and security updates.

As a result, your Android devices will not stop working. However, after the expiration of EOL, a security vulnerability that will allow you to attack and that will permanently increase your data.

However, since Google devices can be easily unlocked, you do not have to accept this. Unlocking the boot loader allows you to install an operating system that does not come from Google, such as LineageOS (warning: unlocking will erase all user data).
The first pixel (codename "sailfish") is a device supported by LineageOS.
As a result, you can download and install LineageOS on your device and receive updates again until LineageOS also removes support for your device.

But there are also disadvantages to unlocking and installing LinegeOS: Some devices assume that LineageOS devices are rooted and therefore unsafe (they simply assume that in general, regardless of reality). As a result, applications such as GooglePay may refuse to work.

I need a good wordpress designer for a long term project


I have a project and I will need several WordPress websites. It's not just like you could create one, but there would be a lot of small websites. You're looking for the fastest and most cost-effective way to get as many WordPress websites as possible.

google sheets – How to read a long text in a cell that results from a formula?

I have a text cell that needs to be in "Trimming" mode, cutting off most of its contents. Or is at the end of the range. Or is too long to be displayed. Normally, I read the cell by selecting it and reading it in the formula bar.

But if the cell is the result of a formula (such as =join(", ", A1:A300) which results in a long text), the formula bar only displays the formula, not the resulting text.

Is there any kind of keyboard shortcut or parameter that helps with this?