How to store a set of long character strings to find a long character string key

I have a set of several thousand strings of maximum length 1024 (containing all visible ASCII characters plus space) that I need to store to speed up the search for an exact match of a key. What is the best algorithm to store the whole and find a match?

Are the hotel staff happy if a guest stays in a hotel for a long time?

It often depends on where and what they are aiming for.

For example, cheap hostels often have a rule that locals are not allowed to stay for more than 2 weeks (to prevent people from enjoying cheap accommodation, ruining the mood of the traveler only the hostel could search).

Have also seen a similar limit for actual travelers – they want travelers, not backpackers on vacation, just using them as a basis. This can be for the mood, or also because they can count on the commission of activities for example, which they receive from different frequent travelers.

That said, a friend lived in an inn in London for 18 months while working. I did a few weeks in a single hostel in Argentina, Vancouver and Melbourne, Australia, and I got to know the staff, shared barbecues, drinks and more.

How long can Democrats still pretend Joe Biden is okay?

"Make sure we bring help the – the student, the, the teachers deal with the problems that come from the house. The problems that come from the house. We need – We have a psychologist school for fifteen hundred children in America today. It's crazy. The teachers are reca – Now I'm married to a teacher. My deceased wife is a teacher. They have all the problems that come their way. We we make sure that every child actually has three, four, and five-year-olds go to school – to school, not to daycare. School. We bring social workers to parents' homes to help them raise their kids. It's not that they don't want to help, they don't want to – they don't know what to do. Play on the radio, make sure the TV, the – "excuse me, make sure you have the turntable at night, the-the-phone, make sure the s children hear a word. A child from a very poor school, from a very poor background, will hear four million fewer words by the time they get there. "~ JOE BlDEN | HLS Over-Air – Up to $ 30 / $ 10,000 – Long term with stability | NewProxyLists

Dear WJ,

We would like to introduce our new service to you Upstream which aims to provide you with a very stable platform for downloading and sharing videos with ease. We noticed that after most of the major video hosting services fell or stopped, most webmasters and uploaders fell into some kind of instability and tried to find a service that meets their expectations in terms of functionality, but also offers a very high level of stability and has a great future of long-term partnership with its partners.

We decided to use our very long experience in this sector by creating a video hosting service that meets users' expectations in terms of stability. We are happy that our history with DropAPK and its stability will help us gain people's trust and prove our goals.

What do we have to offer UpStream?

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* High standard HD quality.

* FTP supported.

* Screen List – Splash Thumbnail.

* Clone download

And all the standard and basic functionality.

What about the most important part, the payments?

We understand that hard workers in this industry invest their time and effort in finding additional sources of income, which is why we decided to offer a stable affiliate program.

Consequently, here are our rates:

And here are our payment methods:

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Should you discuss the comments? Don’t hesitate. We are looking to provide people with a very long term platform with the highest level of stability, so your opinion counts to improve the service and keep it in the right direction.

Is it okay to break down long html elements into multiple lines?

I already answered this in the comments (which I shouldn't, we have response fields for that), but anyway …

Because it makes it much clearer and easier to read in my opinion.

Absolutely. And that's a good reason to do it. Your 80 to 100 character limit also makes sense. 80 is considered a kind of standard "limit" in many languages ​​(Python is famous for that, but at the time, punch cards and teletypes were already limited to 80 columns).

Google's HTML style guide says:

Cut long lines (optional).

Although there is no column limit recommendation for HTML, you may want to consider wrapping long lines if it improves readability significantly.

When returning to the line, each continuation line must be set back by at least 4 extra spaces compared to the original line.

You've already checked that your validator has no problem either, so go for it. With hindsight, if the validator had had problems with this, it would have been time for a better validator.

Better readability => better maintainability => less bugs and less development time.

google search console – divide a long article into sub-articles with a different title

I have a long article with several topics, and in fact, I confused the title of the article to use.

So before I publish this article, I plan to divide the topics of this long article into sub-articles so that I can easily use a strong title as well as strong keywords for each new article.

Is it a best practice ?!

How long after cancellation will easyjet allow me to transfer a booking to another flight?

Right now, easyJet allows me to change my booking for just about any route they take at no additional cost. How long do I have to make my decision? If I don't change my reservation, will easyJet automatically provide a refund or take away the option to change the flight for free?

For the background, I paid some time ago for some flights intended to occur in the past week, and I had unusually cheap tickets (the total reservation for 2 people when 39; a return trip was less than £ 90). The original flights were canceled (which is not surprising – the low price indicates that it is likely that it will be one of the first planes that no longer makes economic sense) .

It was one of my first experiences with their "Manage Disturbances" portal, which we found surprisingly easy to use – and which allows you to choose pretty much any flight with money. space available without further change. We took the opportunity to change flights to flights that were at a preferred time and from a preferred airport than the one we had originally booked, but which had previously been excluded for reasons of price, so we first thought it was a win.

Later it became clear due to the changing situation of the coronaviruses that the trip would be ill advised, but easyJet had then canceled its normal change fees. When the second flight was not canceled, I instead changed it for a future date (March 31 – April 2) where I had found a pair of cheap flights to hold the reservation for that we are considering our next move.

The intention was never to fly on March 31, but to take advantage of this time to decide on which future flights to transfer it, or request a refund if this flight was canceled …

Now, the second flight has also been canceled, and once again, the "manage disruption" portal is available, allowing me to book without further change on any easyJet flight currently available for booking.

We have plans (as specific as possible in the current situation) for a trip in September, but plans for the summer are likely, and we would prefer to see how the current situation evolves before fixing them, and it happens me that this efficient "generic" reservation is fully valid. For one time, it seems like I can choose any flight that easyJet operates at no additional cost.

At this point, it would seem a shame to waste this generic option on a flight which is fairly inexpensive to book directly anyway, but even more wasteful if the option is time-limited in one way or of another.

Obviously, the normal intention of this generic booking is to allow you to transfer to other flights in a very short time when they would normally be extremely expensive booked directly in such a short time, but in this unusual situation, we no longer have immediate travel plans, so I would like to keep this option for as long as possible!

Relevant information:

I certainly don't want to disturb easyJet's customer service on such trivialities – they're going to be busy enough sorting out stranded passengers on return flights, etc.

Nor do I want a refund mostly right now – I would have to pay a high price for my next trip which will certainly be at least a little more expensive. The current reservation which has now become valid for "any easyJet route operates at no additional cost" seems far more valid than a refund.

Performance improvement: building a lexicon and a frequency table from a long python chain

I have an X_train dataset, which is an array where each entry is an email (a string). There are 11,314 emails, each of approximately 500 characters. (X_train is a processed version of the training data in the focus group data set.)

Ultimately, my goal is to build a tf-idf function from scratch (knowledge of which is probably not necessary to answer my question). To get there, I built a lexicon that contains once and only once every single word in X_train. My lexicon contains 211441 elements. I also need a table where each entry frequency_train (i) is the number of emails in which a given term lexicon_train (i) appears.

I build the frequency table as follows:

frequency_train = np.zeros(211441)
for i in range(211441):
    count = 0
    for email in X_train:
        if lexicon_train(i) in email:
           count = count + 1
    frequency_train(i) = count

In the same cell, I also do something similar with the X_test test data. I ran it in the Jupyter notebook, and this process takes some time. A previous and very similar task took approximately 90 minutes. I suspect that I am doing this task as slowly as possible. Is there a faster way to do this?

Edit: I would also be happy to receive answers that explain why this process should take time.

[ Politics ] Open question: how long will the quarantine of coronaviruses last?

[Politics] Open question: How long will the quarantine of coronaviruses last?

What are the long tail and short tail keywords?

What are the long tail and short tail keywords?