Does the expansion of the universe actually lose the contraction and has it a limit to reach the value of the total length?

Your question contains many invalid statements.

You do not apply special relativity to the expansion of the universe. You use general relativity which, under certain circumstances, allows expansion by gravity. The notion of "total length" does not exist in general relativity.

If you want to understand how the extension works, just ask it. Do not put invalid stuff in a question.


html – Make sure the div does not lose space between them

I want that when a div increases its height, the space that is defined between them is not lost.

the div of half has 3 descriptions, the rest only one, it happens that when the div of the half has 3, the others move too much "widen their space" and I do not want that, I want them to keep their space.

I already know that I can get this effect by joining two div inside a box and putting the contents in a row, but I already have it all armed and I can not for the time and in addition that could only be with 1 div in each row and I need 3 in each row.

What I want to achieve and use the facebook application right now:

enter the description of the image here

body {
background color: #ddd;
.caja {
width: 90%;
margin: 0 auto;
display: flex;
justify-content: space-between;
align-items: start;
flexible envelope: envelope;
background color: # ff4000;
.happy {
width: 30%;
height: auto;
lower margin: 10 px;
text-align: center;
background color: # f5f5f5;






2 descriptions

3 descriptions









print – Mac continues to lose printers, must restart

this has been a recurring problem. For some reason, Aiprint stops working and I have to restart the computer to restore it. Then, after a few weeks, it does not work anymore. The computer "can not find" the printer and no printer appears in the preferences panel. It started on a 2013 iMac, with 10.13, continued on 10.14 and now on a 2019 iMac. So it's clearly a software problem. Something has gone wrong and now it is just transmitted to each new update, which obviously does not solve the problem. The printing works with the USB by the way. "Nowadays, there is no" clean installation ", what can I do? Thank you.

If a human variant is reincarnated, would they lose the exploit and skill that they have achieved?

If you reincarnate, you lose racial traits, but do the exploits and skills acquired count as racial traits? For example, would a half-elf lose his skills when he was created when he was reincarnated as Dragonborn?

How often do you lose your mobile phone? | Promotion Forum

Have you often misplaced your phone? Is it in silent mode when this happens or is it almost drained from the battery?

I usually place my phone in the same places depending on the room in which I am. I lost it once when it was hanging on my wrist (the case is endowed with a strap) and it got stuck in a bag that I put in my bag. trunk and I did not notice. I thought it was lost on a hiking trail! – When converting from Integer to Single can lose precision

I was reading a Microsoft article about Widening Conversions and Option Strict On when I got to the game

"The following conversions may lose precision:

Whole single

Long to single or double

Single or double decimal

However, these conversions do not lose information or magnitude. "

.. but according to another article about the types of data,,

The integer type can store from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 and

Single type can store from

            1.401298E-45 to 3.4028235E + 38 for positive numbers, and
-3,4028235E + 38 to - 1,401298E-45 for negative numbers

.. so Single can store many more numbers than Integer. I did not understand in which situation such a conversion from Integer to Single could lose precision. Could someone explain it, please?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Why did I lose everything I saved on Chrome?

I've lost everything: passwords, bookmarks, frequent sites, etc. And now, Chrome is differentthis little circle appears with my Google profile picture. This little circle appears with my Google profile picture

And now, the windows are stacked right, NOT left like a few days ago. The accident occurred a few days ago and here is what it looks like now The accident occurred a few days ago and here is what it looks like now. I have no idea what has happened. What do you think?

jQuery – Force item to lose focus on mobile devices

I walk with a problem that generates a real headache.

The problem comes from my need to force it after selecting a listing option that results autocomplete, the lose focus. The solution I have chosen is to use the event blur () from Jquery.

On the desktop, it works perfectly, I select the item from the list and the loses the focus correctly. But my surprise comes from seeing that on mobile devices the continues to have the focus.

I have searched and I can not find any useful information about it, which shocks me because I doubt it is the only one to have escaped such behavior.

I've put together a simple test example, taken from the basic example of autocomplete:

  Autocomplete jQuery UI - Default Functionality


In the example, we can see that the loss of focus actually occurs after selecting an item in the list, but that does not happen if, for example, the mobile emulator of Google Chrome development tools is used.

Ideas for a desperate man?

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