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Integrated weight loss niche blog Amazon ClickBank & Adsense Store

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All of the main features of WordPress, such as custom menus with drop-down menu options, sidebars with widgets, custom headers and backgrounds, featured images, and related comments are fully supported. You will get automatic updates of themes directly on your WordPress dashboard whenever a new version will be released.
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The theme is fully compatible with the popular Woocommerce plugin. When you use the plugin to sell your own products, it suits you right away. NOT NEED edit PHP and CSS code

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[ Insurance & Registration ] Open question: I had 2 accidents in 1 year, so I lost my loss discount (full nb for 15 years ago) is it possible to buy car insurance?

[ Insurance & Registration ] Open question: I had 2 accidents in 1 year, so I lost my loss discount (full nb for 15 years ago) is it possible to buy car insurance? .

Export images in PDF format without loss (without modifying them)

I have several JPG images each representing a document page. I want to export them to PDF but without re-encoding them. I am able to do it, but the images are always modified by mathematica.

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linux – rsync can not complete the download due to connection loss

I'm trying to download about 3 million JPEG files, about 90 GB, to a remote server.
At first, I thought that rsync would be good for the job and at first it completely saturated my download link.

However, my Internet connection is somewhat unstable and falls every few hours. It seems that the startup phase of rsyncs takes a lot longer when there are already files in the target directory, apparently checking all the files for the changes. This process now takes hours before it starts downloading new files. My connection does not stay in place that long, which restarts the process.

So, actually, I'm not making any progress at all, because the startup takes too much time and is canceled before it can be completed. I need rsync or something like rsync that is aware of connection drops and can reconnect without losing any progress.

Is there such a tool or option for rsync?

unit – Prevent the loss of focus of the UI button when you click away

I have a set of UI buttons in a canvas. The user is able to navigate the buttons through mouse clicks and arrow movements. However, if you click anywhere other than the buttons, you will lose focus, which will make navigating with the arrow keys impossible. Is there a way to solve this problem?