Digital Integration – Loss of Precision in Orthogonalization of Polynomials with Orthogonalize

The context

As a way to understand the growth of the structure in the universe,
I am interested in characterizing the curvature of random fields such as this one:

enter the description of the image here

To do this, I start with a PDF of the eigenvalues ​​of the second derivative of the field (measurement of the local curvature). This PDF file contains a Gaussian random field

Pdf1 = 2 Sqrt[2/[Pi]](x1-x2) Exp[1/2 (-x1 (3 x1-x2)-x2 (3 x2-x1))]

and looks like this:

rg = {{x1, -Infinity, Infinity}, {x2, -Infinity, x1}};
ContourPlot[Pdf1, Sequence @@ rgn // Evaluate,  ImageSize -> Small]

enter the description of the image here

whereas when the field becomes non-Gaussian, the PDF can be very different:

enter the description of the image here

My goal is to use orthogonal polynomials to represent this non-Gaussian PDF file.


I have defined a scalar product

Clear[int]; int[a_, b_] : =
To integrate[ a b  Pdf1, Sequence @@ rg // Evaluate]

and a digital integration version of it

    Clear[nint]; nint[a_, b_] : =
NIntegrate[ a b  Pdf1, Sequence @@ rg // Evaluate]

I define my 2D polynomial

p = 2; pol0 =
Table[Table[x1^i x2^(p1 - i), {i, 0, p1}] // Flatten // Union,
{p1, 0, p}]// Flatten // Join

{1, x1, x2, x1 ^ 2, x1 x2, x2}

    pol = Orthogonalize[pol0, int[#1, #2] &]

They look like this:

Map[ContourPlot[# Pdf1  , Sequence @@ rgn // Evaluate, 
   PlotPoints -> 15, PlotRange -> All] &, pol]

enter the description of the image here

If I do the same thing numerically

    pol = Orthogonalize[pol0, intn[#1, #2] &, Method -> "Reorthogonalisation"];

I receive the same answer.


If I try to find higher order polynomials numerically

    p = 6; pol0 =
Table[Table[x1^i x2^(p1 - i), {i, 0, p1}] // Flatten // Union,
{p1, 0, p}]// Flatten // Join;
pol = Orthogonalize[pol0, intn[#1, #2] &, Method -> "Reorthogonalisation"];

I understood

(* {1., 1.81473 x1-0.804133, -1.53835 x1 + 2.37903 x2 + 1.73585,2.33148 x1 ^ 2-2.23663 x1 + 0.170409 x2-0.0991482, -2.84065 x1 ^ 2 + 4.36636 x1 x2 + 4.97902 x4.66.66., 1.84722 x1 ^ 2-5.47403 x1 x2-4.89841 x1 + 4.11307 x2 ^ 2 + 6.90647 x2 + 2.25076,0,3.15107 x1 ^ 2 x2 + 1.83935 x1 ^ 2-3.44839 x1 x2-3.23326 x1 + 0.212753 x2 0.219.13 x2 + 0.676981,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0} *)

In other words, the loss of precision in the orthogonalization leads to
zero polynomials of higher order.

I've also tried Gramm Schmitt by hand (somewhere on SE)

gs[vecs_, ip___] : = Module[{ovecs = vecs},
Do[ovecs[[i]]- = projection[ovecs[[i]], ovecs[[j]], ip]{i, 2,
Length[vecs]}, {j, 1, i - 1}

; ovecs];
pol1 = gs[pol0, Function[
    NIntegrate[ ##  Pdf1, Sequence @@ rg // Evaluate]]];

but that gives the same loss of precision.

I have also tried the eigenvectors of the matrix of scalar products

            mat = ParallelTable[int[i, j], {i, pol0}, {j, pol0}

eigs = Eigensystem[mat // N]; 

But the orthogonal polynomials are not of increasing order:

                Map[ContourPlot[#  Pdf1, Sequence @@ rgn // Evaluate, 
   PlotPoints -> 15, PlotRange -> All] And
pol = eigs[[2]].pol0 / Sqrt[eigs[[1]]]// Chop]

enter the description of the image here

Note that although orthogonal, they are not orthogonal "in the same direction".


How can I calculate orthogonal polynomials of higher order precisely?

Annex question

One option would be to stick to the symbolic evaluation of the scalar product,
but it seems like it takes forever for higher order polynomials.

Is it possible to say orthogonalizing do not standardize the polynomials which, symbolically, seem to take the most time?

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My problem, however, is that the rendering texture is of very poor quality. See the image below – the top line represents the canvas with text, set on Screen Space Camera, as it appears in the world. This camera defines the rendering texture, which is applied to an empty plane mesh (the bottom line). In other words, the top line corresponds to the original and the last to the rendering texture. The bottom line is crushed and distorted, which (if I understand correctly) also leads to the white outline when it samples from the bottom 0 alpha camera.

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  • change the looping mode of the rendering texture, which has no effect
  • changing various settings in the canvas, camera, and texture
  • resizing the plane (enlarges the text but does not make it grow and remains deformed)

Some additional details: the text is made with Text Mesh Pro. The aircraft shader is set to UI / Default, otherwise the background of the camera was also rendered and covered everything behind it.

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