pathfinder 1e – How to balance encounters after the loss of frontline fighters?

I started a pioneering game for quite some time. Until now, I think I have balanced the meetings quite well, the party is about to reach level 7 and there have been only 2 deaths but a lot of close calls . This is exactly the kind of risk level I want in this campaign.

The party consisted of a barbarian, a bard, a druid, a paladin and a wizard. A fairly balanced party composition that has learned to be quite synergistic. The barbarian and paladin are the main protagonists, the other supporting them with caster and ranged attacks.

My problem is that the barbarian was killed in the last session and the player is more likely to replace him with an oracle. In addition, my paladin player informed me that he would be moving overseas for one year next month. He is therefore also absent.

What changes should I make to the design of my meeting to allow the loss of frontline fighters?

I seek advice from MJ who have experienced similar situations or who have organized campaigns for parties without melee characters.

How to unlock the password of the 7zip file?

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dnd 5th – Does the paralysis persist until the loss of consciousness?

The paralyzed condition lasts until a minute goes by. in general, the conditions tell you when / how they end

The "Conditions" section indicates:

(…) A condition lasts until it is countered (the risk condition is countered by rising, for example) or for a duration specified by the effect that imposed the condition.

In this particular case, the text block of the Yeti says (I assumed that the characteristic of the cold look of the Yeti was what paralyzed you):

Scary look. (…) The target must succeed in saving the DC 13 Constitution against this magic or suffer 10 (3d6) cold damage and then be paralyzed for 1 minuteunless it is immune to cold damage.

Unless something is explicitly stated otherwise, the paralyzed condition caused by the cold look will not end until the end of the minute; such an explicit exception is the less restoration spell, who says:

(…) You touch a creature and can end an illness or condition affecting it. The disease can be blinded, muffled, paralyzed or poisoned.

As user @Ryan Thompson points out, it is becoming increasingly clear that conditions persist even in the most extreme cases of death. The PHB errata states:

Exhaustion (page 291). The following sentence is added to the last paragraph: "In addition, being resurrected reduces a creature's level of exhaustion by 1".

There would be no reason to reduce a creature's exhaustion level to the resurrection unless death does not already reduce it to 0. Thus, levels of exhaustion persist even after death, not to mention the loss of consciousness, this would apply in the same way under other conditions.

It should be noted that even if you are unconscious, you continue to make saving throws to end the paralysis caused by Chilling Gaze (if you wish). This could end the effect before the minute is over and this is possible because ending the paralysis requires a saving throw of the Constitution – the Unconscious and Paralyzed conditions only cause the throws to fail automatically. Economics of Strength and Dexterity.

Without any loss. – Discussions and help

Without any loss, no business of this type is available in this world. And Forex trading is not totally different from them. As a profitable business, you need to prepare for trading losses. Forex traders who do not prepare for future losses will never achieve success. The best way is therefore to apply some of the money management to Forex trading. To succeed in the market, traders must compulsorily apply the management of money.

python – Calculation of the loss after several lots

I use pytorch to implement a special template.
A demo code is provided to show the idea.

def calculate_one_bag(loader: DataLoader):
    max_ans = torch.tensor(0.0).to(device)
    for i, data in enumerate(loader):
        inputs =
        max_ans = torch.max(max_ans, torch.max(net(inputs)))

a = calculate_one_bag(loader1)
b = calculate_one_bag(loader2)

loss = criterion(a, b)

It seems that each loop consumes GPU memory and the GPU overflows.
How can I solve this problem?

SEFLOW / DOMFLOW vps review: announced disaster, loss of all data on a burned server

I hope that I do not break any rule of the table, in case, please, just delete my thread.

I wanted to share my experience with SEFLOW – DOMFLOW, a company that sells vps, which, I suppose, is located in Italy.

Recently, they experienced what they said was a fire on a server (really!?! In 2019, properly maintained servers can really explode?!?), Resulting in the total loss of my virtual machine .
I had backup of the files and the database, hopefully, but no picture of the entire disk because their full partition backup tool never worked as expected or not at all .
In any case, who would expect to see a complete failure / disaster on a modern supplier company and supposed to be solid?

I have therefore lost a lot of time restoring my site (on another provider, of course), and I asked him what I assumed was a normal request, in this case: the termination of the contract and a partial refund for the remaining service time, due to a server fault not attributable to a fault of the user.
They rejected the request and never apologized for this inconvenience. They say that this type of disaster is quite common and that it is my fault if I did not buy an additional disaster recovery service (paying, of course, not free).

Fortunately, the time spent with them was almost finished, and the loss, in economic terms, if we only consider the cost of the service, is not serious.

But seeing companies like this one, hiding behind contracts not to admit that they made a mistake and who do not even have the education to claim such a disadvantage, is incredible.
I thought therefore that I should have warned other potential customers of their attitude, in the hope that they would choose where to host their valuable work in a safer and better place than mine.

If someone is looking for a VPS, stay far of SEFLOW – DOMFLOW.

If someone with direct experience in maintaining physical servers reads this, can I ask a question? Can servers really catch fire, if they are well maintained? Is this really a common phenomenon?

The loss is part – Discussions & Help

The loss is the part of forex trading. It is almost certain that you will face a trade in losses, no matter how likely you are to continually benefit. Overall, I keep a log in which I log all my trading history. It also confuses why I took the trade. At this point, I sometimes trace my journal to perceive what I have created. These are the techniques by which I manage the losses. I negotiate with a broker XeroMarkets. It has 0.0 pip spreads. Likewise, the deposit and withdrawal fees are zero, the spread is low and others more so.

windows – Removing healthy drives from a storage pool without data loss

It was not so long ago, I ended up with a Windows 2016 server that was running out of space on a virtual disk on its primary storage pool. I've put two new drives and started the process of adding to the storage pool so that we can expand the virtual disk. As this happened, the space on the virtual disk was reduced, so the extension was no longer needed, and we now need to recover these new drives for use elsewhere. The problem is that the virtual disk is now distributed on these drives. I know that I can use Remove-PhysicalDisk to remove drives from the pool, but not if they are in use. Is there a way to tell the virtual disk to not use these physical disks before removing them from the storage pool? Like a reverse Optimize-StoragePool? Is there a way to reduce this storage pool without data loss, keeping in mind that the virtual disk is the same size as it has always been?

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