terminology – How to explain the focal distance to someone who is not a photography lover?

Without going into the formulas, I think the easiest way to visually explain the focal length is to use an empty 35mm slide as a framing guide. (Note that over time, less and less people know what a 35mm film slide looks like, so the visual guide is less apt …)

First of all, you need to explain that focal length is a property of the lens. Just like a milk jug can hold 1 or 1/2 gallon or 1 liter, or a certain bottle of water can hold 1/2 liter, so any particular lens has a particular focal length. (In this analogy, zoom lenses are like collapsible water bottles, which have a certain minimum volume when folded down and a maximum volume when folded down). Just like volume is a property of this particular bottle, the focal length is therefore a property of this particular lens.

(Note: I didn't have to use a bottle volume for analogy. I could have used the height of the bottle as easily as the property. It doesn’t matter – it’s just an analogy)

Extending the analogy, it doesn't matter if the bottle is full, half full or empty – the capacity of the bottle is fixed. Just like with a lens: it doesn't matter if it's focused far or near – the focal distance of the lens is unchanged.

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Now back to the cameras. Different focal lenses modify field of view when mounted on a certain camera. Conversely, when mounting different cameras (with different film or sensor sizes) on a particular lens, the field of vision is also affected.

Here is where the 35mm slide comes in when explaining to people: for a lens with a focal length ƒ (say, 50mm), if it was mounted on a film camera 35 mm (those that most people using film cameras know), then you will get the same field of vision just as you hold a 35mm film slide at a distance of ƒ (50mm, or about 2 inches, in this case) in front of your eye.

Another example: early in the evening of a full moon night, when the moon is low on the horizon and it looks impressive, if you want to capture it in full glory, imagine holding a empty 35 mm slide at arm's length (about 3 feet or or about 900 mm) to frame the moon. When framed with a slide holder at this distance, the moon will fill about 1/3 the height of the frame. So that gives you an idea of ​​the viewing angle of a 900mm lens on a 35mm film camera (or a 35mm full frame DSLR).

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Now if you are talking about a camera with a smaller sensor, such as a 1.5 or 1.6 APS-C crop sensor on entry level DSLRs and mid-range, a 35mm film slide holder no longer works. The framing tool should be 1.5 times smaller. In this case, it would be 24 x 16 mm. Using the smaller "1.5 APS-C slider holder" as a framing guide, you can place it at the focal distance of the lens ƒ from your eye to judge the size of the field of view .

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This is the simplest way I have found to explain and visualize the focal distance, without delving into math with the formula of the thin lens and the formula of the angle pinhole vision.

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How to stimulate the lovebirds so that they are Ngekek

Lovebird makes a different sound, but most fans prefer Lovebird, which is active. Even for the lovebirds who practice it diligently, few of them make unique efforts to be diligent in their efforts. Lovebird lovers usually like this bird because of its hoarse voice.
The longer you are, the better the bird will be. In addition to being used for masters, jarang bunyi Lovebirds are often included in the race. As a result, many people try to train and cook their favorite birds. In addition to using the main sound from MP3 peripherals, it is just as convenient that lovebirds express themselves diligently by voicing their hoaxes.
There are not many lovers of lovebirds who use certain items to train Lovebird to stagecoach in their efforts.

Here are some unique ways to catch Inseparable birds:
1. Use Styrofoam
The styrofoam that is usually used to pack electronic objects can be used to attract your love-loving lovers with as much zeal to fight it, the result is that the bird will become addicted and resonate as it's loud . If this is done regularly, then inseparable becomes more diligent.
2. Use used beverage cans
The cans of used soft drinks can be used to cause a sound of love, how to insert small stones into cans of soft drinks. Then the can is shaken to produce a unique sound similar to that of the inseparable.
3. Using citan cit toys akibat lovebird kurang birahi

Another unique way is to use the material available at the bird market or the bird accessories store. You only need to tell the seller that you are looking for a special parrot toy called pet-petan or cit-citan. This toy is plastic. Its use is very simple, just squeeze it by hand to get a sound similar to that of Lovebird ngekek.

These are unique ways to provoke a throbbing voice on lovebird, so if you are more often trained, make it make a loud noise. inseparable biar ngekek rajin


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