usability – How to represent alternatives in a column view (such as the Mac OS Finder)


In an expert system, configuration users may be able to define custom behavior using business rules or decision tables. For these to make sense, the system offers as input its domain-specific data model.
This type of data model can be quite complex and subject to changes over time, which means that it is difficult to document it in a usable manner without the risk of making it obsolete quickly.

I do not expect users to view long lists / tables in a manual to find what they are looking for. The same goes for large / separate documentation like Javadoc or JSDoc. Instead, it should be available online with the management rule or decision table being defined.


  1. Avoid overloading the user while allowing to browse the complex hierarchical data structure by not displaying the full tree, but only the sub-elements of a particular selection in a view. column, as in the Mac OS Finder:
    Mac OS Finder: Columns View
  2. Use a standard way to describe a data structure that can be generated from code (such as Javadoc / JSDoc): JSON schema

You can find the current status of my component on GitHub and even play in his storybook.


Unlike a file system (represented by the column view of the Finder), such a domain-specific data model may contain optional elements. This can be represented in a JSON schema in several ways – mainly in the form: no matter what or one of substructures.

For example. a customer can be a private person (with a first name, a name, his date of birth, etc.) or a company (with a single name, an organization number, etc.) – on an invoice, the client can be represented as:

Purchase invoice: {
Properties: {
Customer: {
one of: [
        { $ref: "PrivateIndividual" },
        { $ref: "Company" }

How to show these alternatives in a meaningful way?

From the outset, I can think of the following approaches, but none of them fully convinces me, especially with the no matter what in mind where substructures can even be combined (instead of exclusivity). one of alternatives):


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

  • How can we improve them?
  • Is there a better one that I just missed?
  • How to manage no matter what?

I need to know if my version of Mac can support and run a Windows bootcamp

Can my Mac use Windows? And if so, what windows do I have?

Version: OS X El Capitan (Version 10.11.16)
MacBook Pro (15 inches, late 2008)
8 GB of memory

mac pro – You are unable to remove the heat sinks on a MacPro 3.1 (2008), even though I have the screws?

I have a MacPro 3.1 and the screen continues to go black and the fan starts blowing at high speed.

I excluded that it was my operating system by running Clonezilla and trying to clone the hard drive. During the clone, he finally presented the same symptoms.

I was able to clone the hard drive on another machine without any problem.

I also plugged in, only a stick of RAM while trying to clone the hard drive and got the same results, so that leaves the logic board, the PSU and the processors.

I'm trying to follow the path of the CPU, but I can not dispel the heat sinks for the repasts.

I've loosened the 4 screws on the processor A heatsink and I still can not remove it from the processor, I hear a lot of crunches, but that does not dissipate.

What happens if I change my MAC address by the MAC address of my gateway?

Can I listen to anyone on the same network? I've tried it, but it does not work (if I did it right). I can not see anything precious in Wireshark on my laptop.

Restore my Mac from a Time Machine backup on my Time Capsule

No you do not do it. This will work fine if you connect Ethernet to any port except the wan port, regardless of the settings.

You can reset the time capsule if you want to make sure it is in the normal order. The password will then be known so that you can reset it if necessary.

thumbnails do not load on a Mac majove that does not have a sketch

Ok, read all the articles for months and months .. I still can not see my thumbs in PS. desperate. Originally, I found sketch and I erased it. Now, people say reload, delete, its $ 99. I do not use sketches, I'm a photographer

mac – Bluetooth automatically paired with "Broadcom Bluetooth device"

I am experiencing a very annoying problem (Mojave 10.14.1).

When I stay in a hotel (which I do frequently at work), my computer is constantly paired with devices called "Broadcom Bluetooth Device". It does not only discover them, it associates them automatically and immediately interferes with the legitimate connections to my AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones. It decomposes and cuts the sound into complete uselessness, unintelligible and stuttering.

enter the description of the image here

I have to manually disconnect these things every 1-2 minutes.

I've looked for some solutions:

  • We mention the deactivation of Handoff. My transfer is actually disabled.

  • Another mentions that this problem only appears when a browser window is open; it still happens to me.

  • Another mentions the use of Terminal to "write in sudo" the value of DontPageAudioDevices in the bluetooth .plist file of my library. I did it and this partially solved the problem: connections to this device became less common and my computer will automatically disconnect after a few seconds, but not fast enough to prevent it from disturbing my audio in the same way.

I am running out of places to look for a treasure solution. I do not know why my computer is so stubbornly determined to connect to these random and unknown devices to the point of disrupting the fundamental user experience.

Does anyone have a legitimate solution to force my computer to stop this behavior? This sounds like a huge bug that does not pay much attention. Any help is appreciated.

Notability to find lost files on MAC

I have a mac and I use Notability for my studies.
Douring the weekend the program closed after a powe down. At the opening, the list of documents was not there.
I-cloud synchronization has been disabled for the last 2 Monte application, so it is only possible to search for older notes.
We think that the notes must be on the hard drive, but that we have just lost the connection to the program.
Can we manually add the notes from the folder to the program?
What file and what to do?
Or can the program add "document lists" that are still on the hard drive?

French. Henrik

terminal – How to block TCP connections from unidentified IP addresses mac

I started a private minecraft server for my friend and me, which forced me to use generic TCP transfer in order to open it to accept its IP address. I used this program called for the TCP transfer that opened my network to accept incoming connections. the command I'm using is the following

ssh -R (port number): localhost: (localhost number)

However, I also get random IP connections that I do not know like this one

besides, I'm pretty sure I can catch the viruses by opening the ports I use, even if the OSX firewall and avast antivirus are enabled. Is it possible to whitelist my friend's IP address and block all others? I am relatively new to server / port forwarding, so it would be very useful for someone to help you explain this, as well as any other steps you can take to prevent the receipt of viruses / Trojans / other malicious programs on the Internet.