Por que el ascii no funciona en Mac?

estoy en macOs BigSur, según esta pagina: https://elcodigoascii.com.ar el 162 es el carácter ‘ó’, pero cuando lo compilo en la terminal me aparece un carácter así: ‘?’. Pero cuando coloco el 114 si pone el carácter ‘r’. Si alguien sabe como se soluciona o que podría hacer en este caso.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    int n = 162;
    char a = (char)n;
    return 0;

What is the default wm for mac

I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but what wm does macos use, also, please give a download link if possible.

Show FULL WEEK-DAY NAME and FULL MONTH NAME in the Mac menu bar?

Why it is not possible to show the FULL WEEK-DAY NAME and FULL MONTH NAME in the Mac menu bar? I thought that Mac is the perfect computer? Or is it possible?

mac os x – Android adb doesn’t see android device on macOS Catalina

macos – 10.15.7

device – xiaomi redmi 3s

adb works fine with android emulator, but it doesn’t see real device, which is has debug mode turned on.

When I connect real device via usb, I see that device is charging, but I don’t see an option to choose File Transfer connection on device.

ADB connection with device works fine on my Windows PC. How to make macos to see real device ?

Is there a way for me to view my Apple Watch Activity data on my mac desktop?

I’d like to be able to view my apple watch Activity data on my mac desktop or laptop.

So for example, workouts, steps, etc, today, and for the last week, much like what I can find in the Activity app on the apple watch.

Is there anyway I can do this?

Modern SSH client (windows, mac and mobile)

check out -> https://www.termius.com/
It is free but you have to pay to unlock more features, I couldn’t find crack for windows but there is crack for mac and android.

network – Can’t share ethernet connection of college ethernet on Mac – but can do it on windows without problems

I’m trying to share my college dorm ethernet connection of my Mac over the WiFi of the laptop with internet sharing in MacOs. Previously, I used a Windows pc and could switch on “Hotspot” in the windows taskbar pretty easily without configuration or error message.
Now trying to do it on the Mac and results in the error that I can’t share the connection, because it is protected 802.1x and therefore can’t be shared.

I already read other stackexchange posts which only seem to have the answer that it’s not advisable to share it and they give no solution (other than using a vpn). I understand that the admins of the network have their objectives, but why was I able to share it on the Windows PC pretty easily, without configuration but can’t do it on the Mac?

ms office – Microsoft Excel on Mac Error VBA Run-Time 1004 on Application Open – Endless Loop – Cannot Use Excel

When Excel is opened – no matter the document – there is a run-time error as shown in the picture belowClick The Link

clicking on End does nothing but brings up the same error window again, causing a loop that causes Excel to not be usable. Please advise. Thanks! This is Excel on Mac. I tried re-installing already.

memory – Mac Book won’t install software

I just recently replaced the drive in my MacBook Pro and after partitioning the drive, formatting it correctly, and multiple attempts to install it just won’t complete the process. When going through the Command + R menu it will start to download OS Mountain Lion but when it’s almost finished it will give an error in the install log that says “Failed to verify InstallESD.dmg: hdiutil verify failed” and it will begin to download all over again. If I go through the Command+option+r menu it will try to download OS Catilina and when it’s almost finished it will give an error that says ” an error occurred when installing macOS Catalina”. I’ve read that both of these problems might be related to ram so I took both out and reinstalled them as somebody suggested and still no luck. I really just want to make sure that it’s the ram before I go and spend the money. Any ideas would be appreciated!