How can I remove an unwanted Just Join app from Mac.?

Trying to remove Just.join app. without success message states "can’t be removed because it’s open" when I tried to open it states"can’t open because it may be damaged".
can anybody tell me how to proceed please.
System High Sierra (10.13.6

App Mac – Wondershare PDFelement Pro v7.6.5 (OCR) Multilingual (MacOSX) | NulledTeam UnderGround

Wondershare PDFelement Pro v7.6.5 (OCR) Multilingual (MacOSX)

Wondershare PDFelement Pro v7.6.5 (OCR) Multilingual (MacOSX) | 582 MB | Language: Multilanguage

PDFelement – The easiest way to create, edit, convert, and sign PDF documents. We’re now introducing the all-new PDFelement 7, which includes a redesigned UI, more advanced writing tools, improved team collaboration features, more powerful conversion tools, a user management console, and more.

*** PDFelement Pro ***

+ Includes all features in PDFelement Standard
+ OCR (Exclusive in Pro version)
– OCR (Optical Character Recognition)enables you to edit and convert characters in scanned PDF files or pictures
– Supports recognition of 29 languages

+ Create & Sign Forms (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Create fillable PDF Forms from interactive field objects, such as buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, and drop-down lists
– Support adding digital signatures to forms

+ Merge PDF (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Combine different format files into a new PDF

+ Convert PDF (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Supports converting PDF file to a greater number of output formats like EPUB, HTML, Text, RTF

+ PDF/A (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Support PDF/A as an available output format with ISO Standard for long term archiving

+ Batch Processing of PDF Files (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Process PDFs in batches
– Add backgrounds, watermarks, headers and footers in batches

+ Bates Numbering (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Apply Bates Numbering with advanced formatting

+ Redact PDF (Exclusive in Pro version)
– Redact sensitive text and images in PDFs

Top In-App Purchases: Pro Version – included
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64 bit.

Mac App Store:

networking – ALFA wifi network card Monitor Mode on Mac OS

I recently bought an ALFA AWUSO36EAC and I want to use it for packet injection and monitor mode on Mac OS. I was told that this is a better page to ask about Network Card related questions. I have installed the drivers and it connects to wifi just fine. However I cannot get it to go into monitor mode. I have used the pcap library. Here is my c++ code if it is relevant:

    char errbuf(PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE);
    char dev() = "en7";
    pcap_t *handler=pcap_create(dev, errbuf);

    if (handler == NULL){
        printf("unable to put in monitor moden");
        return -1;
    if(pcap_can_set_rfmon(handler) == 1){
        printf("monitor mode can be set n");
        if(pcap_set_rfmon(handler, 1) == 0){
            printf("monitor mode enabledn");
        pcap_set_snaplen(handler, 2048); //sets the max packet size to 2048 bytes
        pcap_set_promisc(handler, 0); //turns off promiscuous mode
        pcap_set_timeout(handler, 10000); //sets the timeout to 10 seconds
        int status = pcap_activate(handler);
        /* start the loop of capture, loop 5 times */
        pcap_loop(handler, 0, (pcap_handler)got_packet, NULL);
        std::cout << "this was the return code: " << pcap_can_set_rfmon(handler) << std::endl;  
        printf( "This could not be opened as %s n", pcap_geterr(handler));
        printf("This was the errbuf output: %s n", errbuf);

If I were to use it with the wifi drivers that come with the computer it works fine. However, if I use it with the alfa wifi card, it does not give me the error as to why it isn’t able to put it into monitor mode. It just is not able to put it into monitor mode. I want to know if there is a way to over ride any blocks that are keeping a Mac OS from putting the driver into monitor mode. Because, I know that the driver does support monitor mode and packet injection.

mac os x – How does one open/launch UnityLink using Mathematica ver 10 (on Mac)?

I am trying to access UnityLink on Mathematica version 10. When I follow the only found directions, I receive an error that does not inform me on how to resolve the issue. I quote from the notebook:

In(1):= Needs(“UnityLink`”)

During evaluation of In(1):= Get::noopen: Cannot open UnityLink`. >>

During evaluation of In(1):= Needs::nocont: Context UnityLink` was not
created when Needs was evaluated. >>

Out(1)= $Failed

Where does one go from here?


On one Mac (computer) I upgraded to Catalina (to date, the latest MacOS, 10.15) which nullified Mathematica (version 10) because of 32-bit vs 64-bit issue.
When available, I installed version 12 of Mathematica on said Mac.

On another Mac running Mojave (MacOS 14, which I keep always one OS behind), I run still my free student account licensed copy of Mathematica version 10.
According to videos posted, to date, 5 to 6 years ago, UnityLink was available and in use in Mathematica (version 10).

Finding the only way to invoke UnityLink on Mathematica, I entered the text, see quoted lines above, but to no avail.

How does one get beyond this error so that can use UnityLink in Mathematica version 10?

Just to let know, I have three versions of Unity: 2017, 2018, and 2019 on the Mac running Catalina but defaults to opening new projects in ver 2018. My Mac running Mojave, I just reduced to keeping single version 2019 of Unity.

macos – Como resolver el error Un certificado https valido se encontro pero no es accesible al ejecutar una app web en Visual Studio Mac?

Buen Dia. Como resolver el error Un certificado https valido se encontro pero no es accesible a traves de las particiones seguras al ejecutar una aplicacion web en Visual Studio Mac?
Ejecuto el comando: dotnet dev-certs https pero no resuelve el problema.
Trato de evitar de resetear la cadena de llaves. Hay que copiar un certificado? Cual?.

App Mac – Money Pro – Personal Finance 2.6.1 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

Language: Multilingual | File size: 41 MB

Manage money like a pro.​

Сhange your spending behavior for good. Money Pro is the one place for bill planning, budgeting and keeping track of your accounts. Money Pro works great for home budgeting and even for business use.


– Mark days on the big calendar when your bills are due.

– Schedule recurring bills with custom periodicity.

– Filter transactions by selecting dates on the calendar.

Today view

– Take a quick glance at bills due.

– When you actually have a transaction, approve it quickly.

– Money Pro predicts transactions for the day that may not have been scheduled manually.

Bills due notifications

– A whole system of rders will alert you of upcoming bills.

– Quick rescheduling option will help you deal with bills due (tomorrow, in 3 days, next week).

More .

macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit



App Mac – Coherence X 3.1.4 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

Coherence X 3.1.4 | macOS | 16 mb
The perfect middle-ground between websites and apps on your Mac. Coherence X is a powerful tool that allows you to turn any websites into a chromium-based, native application on your Mac.

Coherence X builds upon the fundamentals of the world’s previous most powerful SSB tool – Coherence Pro 2 – and rebuilds them from the ground up. Here are just some of the major new changes.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

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rdp – Trying to access Windows Admin-Center from my Mac browser

I recently installed Windows Admin center on Windows windows server 2016. And accepted the self signed certificate, This is running on my local network, I move around the house and I will like to use the browser on my Mac to access Windows admin center from my Mac to manage my windows Server instead of constantly logging in with RDP.
I read that on windows server, this feature is installed as a network service and I believe is being accessed via http.
To resolve this, I added the Server’s IP to my Mac’s host file, but unfortunately nothing worked. I am able to use it but only with RDP.
Is there a working solution to this problem? Can I access it on my Mac?

App Mac – A Better Finder Attributes 7.03 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 13 MB

A Better Finder Attributes is the ultimate file-tweaking tool for OS X.​

It combines photo-shooting date and file date chag along with a few unique tricks of its own.
Change EXIF stamps at Will – A Better Finder Attributes 5 allows you to manipulate JPEG, CR2, NEF, ARF CRW and CIFF EXIF stamps at will by setting them to specific s or batch adjusting them by adding and removing (useful for correcting the stamps of images taken with a digital camera with a incorrectly set clock and to compensate for zone changes).

Correct Finder Sorting for JPEG EXIF and RAW Photo – A Better Finder Attributes 5 also allows to synchronize the file creation and modification dates with the shooting dates of JPEG EXIF as well as a wide variety of RAW formats, so that files sort properly in the Finder and other systems.

Total File and Folder Creation and Modification Date Control – A Better Finder Attributes 5 gives you total control over file creation and modification dates, setting them to specific s and dates, adding or removing or simply removing them altogether.

Automate with Droplets – A Better Finder Attributes 5 allows you to save frequently used settings to separate “droplet” applications. Drag-and-drop files onto the droplet application to apply the changes stored in it. Double click the droplet to edit the stored settings.

Batch operation

Drag-and-drop into the file list or onto the application icon

Select files in the Finder and activate A Better Finder Attributes 5 via the Finder context menu or via a hot key

Automatically deals with file date consistency rules

Separate processing for files and folders, batch processing of sub-folders

Additionally, A Better Finder Attributes 5 gives you control over:

Whether or not file extensions appear in the Finder

Batch locking or unlocking of files

Setting or removing legacy creator and type codes

Removing invisible files

Seeing invisible files in the Finder

Batch setting of Finder labels

Forcing the Finder to update its information about files and folders

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit


Autocomplete in Chrome Browser, not sure if its Mac OS or Chrome

everytime I type "Th in my Chrome browser, and autocomplete of "Thanks" pops up. I’ve dug around and cant’ figure it if its a Chrome, plugin, or OSX thing but its incredibly irritating. Any help please? enter image description here