standby – Mac OS: displays standby mode only on an external monitor

If I use pmset displaysleepnow in the terminal, the built-in LCD screen (MacBook Pro laptop) and the external screen are both in standby.

Is it possible to sleep only on the external screen?

The pmset manual shows that it is not possible with this command it seems. It is possible under Windows, and it seems like Mac can control the external display to make it sleep, so what is the underlying code that allows it and can it control the monitors individually?

mac – Macbook air 2019 13 & # 39; & # 39; slowdown problems?

I recently switched from a MacBook air 2015 to a MacBook air 2019 and after a few days of use. I notice something. I notice some delay when scrolling through web pages in chrome. Comparing the scrolling with the MacBook air 2015 right next to the new, the extremely slight shift of the mac 2019 is really noticeable. Aside from the slight scroll shift, I found no other sign of slowness.
However, I researched online about the issues related to the sluggish performance of the 2019 mac and to my concerns, the allegations of the slowness are actually true. In fact, the MacBook Air in 2018 is relatively faster than the Macbook 2019, and Apple has done this to adapt to the true tone function of the 2019 Mac and has now lowered the price for 2019.
So, is this something I should worry about? Will I see more signs of a slowdown in the mac over the days?

macos – Rstudio server in Mac Mojave

I am trying to install Rstudio Server in mac mini running on Mojave OS. I followed this link to build the Rstudio server from source. I also looked at this link. I was able to install it successfully without any problems.
But I get this error:

>>> cd /usr/local/lib/rstudio-server/bin
>>> rserver --server-daemonize=0  --auth-minimum-user-id=500 
rserver: command not found

I have the .plist and everything in the right place (needed to run the rstudio server in the backend) but I don't understand why it says the rserver command not found? I can provide any other details if necessary.

Why don't my touchpad and keyboard work with Kali Linux on Mac dual boot?

Due to my current circumstances, I need dual boot kali linux on my MacBook Pro (2018). I managed to burn the image to an external flash drive and load it to the desktop in the kali os. My problem is that once I get to the desktop, my mouse and keyboard no longer work at all. How to solve this problem? Do I have to install a driver? If so, how could I do it?

(I am relatively new to Linux, so a more in-depth explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance)

mac – NTFS HDD & # 39; e R / W (read / write) speed becomes super low on macOS Catalina

I have a WD Elements 1T NTFS formatted hard drive that I use between Windows and macOS. On my macOS Catalina, I replaced the default NTFS driver for Finder with ntfs-3g with Tuxera, and I also have NTFS for Mac by Paragon as a rescue utility.

Recently, I have a lot of videos to export to the hard drive in .mp4 format. What I did is that I transferred the original files to the hard drive and started exporting directly from the hard drive. After exporting a few files, a strange thing started to happen: after about 1 GB of data written to disk in 1 task, the R / W speed will drop almost instantly significantly. For example, before any R / W copy of 1 single 500MB file from the hard drive to my Mac takes less than a minute, after 1GB R / W on the hard drive, the time it takes to copy the same file will extend up to 10 minutes.

I read that you can use the disk utility to perform first aid, but it is disabled on my NTFS, I tried first aid on the mother disk, but it said that There was nothing wrong. Idk why, but my NTFS for Mac does not have the repair / first aid option. i used sudo dot_clean -m and a few other commands to remove the ._ files, I also manually deleted some of them when logging into Windows (but I kept the .DS_Store files)

can someone please tell me why this could happen, and how can i fix it, because this disc was labeled R / W speed at 5 GB / s, and this speed that i'm running is intolerable.

display – using an ultra large LG 34um94-p monitor with a mini mac in late 2012

I have this cool new LG monitor that I mounted and plugged into my Mac Mini (late 2012, High Sierra), but the LG monitor is not receiving a signal. I tried HDMI and a mini screen to HDMI adapter.

How do I get my Mac mini to talk to my LG monitor?

ios – Edited photos from Mac Photos app are duplicated on iPhone

I am editing many photos that I have in my Mac Photos app.

Since I have my iPhone 11 (supplied with iOS 13), when I transfer photos from Mac Photos to my iPhone Photos app (using iTunes to sync my iPhone with my Mac), all modified photos transfer TWO copies of their edited version (NOT a copy of the original + one of the edited), rather than a single copy, as it worked before.

Is there a way to fix this, so that a single copy of the modified version of these photos is transferred from the Photos app from my Mac to my iPhone again?

terminal – Characters with diacritics broken in zsh on mac OS Catalina

I am currently on mac OS Catalina 10.15.2, had switched to zsh using the proposed approach and using the default system

Writing characters with diacritics like ľščťžýáíé (my context is Czech / Slovak) in the terminal worked fine in the old Mac OS and in bash, but is now stopped in zsh.

In bash, it might look like this:
enter description of image here

In zsh like this:
enter description of image here

So each character is replaced by which is highlighted in the terminal.

Here's what my Terminal / Advanced settings look like:
enter description of image here

my ~/.zshrc is empty. What other configuration options could be behind this?

java – I can't finish installing netbeans on my mac

When trying to install NetBeans, it asks me for some things that I accept (as usual) but in the last step it seems to me that there was an error during the installation. installation, that the package "next to-8.0.1.pkg" is not reliable.
Please, I need urgent help because I have to start programming in java for a project.enter description of image here

mac – Is there a way to let "Add to iTunes as a voice track" use one of the voices from the browser?

One way to record text-to-speech on Google Chrome or Safari is to highlight the text, right-click and choose "Services" -> "Add to iTunes as a voice track".

But I think the voice that can be chosen is limited to the voices of the system. There is no way to choose voices from Google Chrome such as "Google US English" or "Microsoft Jessa Online" from Microsoft Edge. Is there a way to choose them?