Google Maps: why does the text for Macau seem smaller than Hong Kong?

The font size of a city name is a visual cue used by Google Maps to indicate its population. The font sizes of city names around the world are not fixed as constant by Google Maps, they are variable, but they are always used as visual indices to indicate the populations of cities compared to neighboring cities in a user-friendly way.

The current population of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the People's Republic of China is 7,475,170, based on Worldometer's latest United Nations data and the current population of Macao's SAR is 646,141 inhabitants. 100% of Hong Kong's population is urban. Worldom├Ętre

international travel – Recommendations for a beautiful place to visit in Hong Kong, Macau or southern China, where Cantonese is spoken

I wish to visit a beautiful place in China. I am interested in exploring culture in urban China (or Hong Kong) and wish to travel to a region where Cantonese is spoken so that I can practice it and further improve it (j & # 39; have level A2).

Please note that I do not want to see the Great Wall of China and I do not want to go to a place with a criminal or mafia presence. I looked in Google but I did not find anything cool. Recommendations?

international travel – What is a beautiful place with people speak Cantonese in Hong Kong, Macau, South China for the visit?

Hello everyone I just want to know where can I find a nice place to visit and travel for example I do not want to see the wall of China, why? because I want to know the urban culture of China or Hong Kong, of course, I do not want to visit places with criminals or mafia, but I would like any place of these places to visit and practice my Cantonese (although I just have the A2 level), but I want to improve in my Cantonese as my Chinese Mandarin and other language.

Before anything I was looking in google I did not find anything cool, no recommendation and why?

I hope to be able to help