MacBook Pro mid-2012 flickers sometimes

The screen of my MacBook Pro mid-2012 flashes from time to time. Please find the screen shot below. Any idea of ​​why this happens, also any alternative to eliminate it.


charging – Can a micro-USB Android device (Redmi 4 (India)) be charged using a hybrid converter (USB Type-C to Type-A) with a high-powered MacBook Pro charger? ?

I have a MacBook Pro (15 inches, 2017 model). It comes with a very high voltage charger with USB type C port. I have a hybrid converter (USB Type-C to VGA + USB Type-C + USB Type-A). I want to charge my Redmi 4 (India variant) device with the help of a cable (USB Type-A to micro-USB). My phone supports the unspecified version of the Qualcomm Quick Charge (tested with a Moto Phone turbocharger).

So, the connection is given below:
MacBook Pro Charger -> USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable -> USB Type-C to Hybrid Output Converter, Including USB Type-A -> USB Type-A to micro-USB cable -> Redmi 4 device.

Will the above setup damage my phone or charger? In addition, can my phone recharge quickly because it supports an unspecified version of Qualcomm's fast charging?

macos – How to install a new copy of Mojave on a Macbook Air?

When I make the option + the command + R, several options appear to me. One of these options is to reinstall Mojave from an already existing image. I do not want to use this image, I rather want to install from a new image. For some reason, I can not connect to the laptop. Is it possible to upload an image to a USB drive, place it in the USB port and install it with the Option + Command + R method?

Using Macbook and the Windows Desktop with a Wired Mouse and Keyboard

My monitor has an available HDMI port and the desktop to which it is connected (via another HDMI) has a wired keyboard and mouse.

I'm looking for a device or cable that would allow me to plug my Macbook Pro 2017 to the monitor and use the existing mouse and keyboard without disconnecting them from the desktop.

Until now, I've explored two options

  1. Connect the Mac using a USB-C to HDMI cable and use software to redirect input from the desktop. In this case, I will have to leave my computer running while I use the Mac, what is it? I do not want.

  2. Use a device (example) to convert my mouse and keyboard to Bluetooth and connect them to a desktop or Mac computer (while using the same USB C to HDMI cable to connect the Macbook to the monitor)

Is there another option that may be easy?

Enjoy any help.

battery – What is the most accurate method of battery testing for the MacBook Pro A1278?

The SOC battery always depends on the weather.

Although in the first moments, it may seem correct, shortly after, it shows the true state of charge.

This is because it measures the variations of voltage and current overtime to determine the SOC.

I recommend at least 10 minutes of testing allowing the Mac to collect the information.

The cycle state count is only an indicator for us humans, but it is not accurate to determine the true state.

The best indicator is probably the

Full load capacity (mAh): 6705

Found in About this Mac> System Report> Power

It basically indicates the charge that the battery can hold.

It's not a linear scale. So when it reaches a half-way to new battery (4000), Mac says to repair the battery.

The new battery has values> 8,000.

What is the most accurate method for testing batteries for A1278
Macbook Pro?

he is TIME allowing him to collect the information related to time.

macbook – "System" taking almost 90 GB on my mac?

One day, I was checking my storage on my Macbook Air, I found that the word "System" occupied the vast majority of my Mac. I was able to move almost all my files from my Mac and I deleted several applications to no avail. I contacted Apple Support, and they told me to reindex the Spotlight Index, etc., but nothing they did improved my situation. Has anyone had the same problem and if so, how can I solve it? (I was told to reinstall the operating system, but I wish to avoid doing so because I am afraid of ruining the computer.)

enter the description of the image here

crash – 2009 macbook pro crashes on startup + D command and startup + S command

I have a macbook pro 2009. It started accidentally it happens before I check the connections of the battery and the hard drive. Then he started planting at startup. I did the boot + command + D and the boot + command + S and it crashed. It starts when I start normally. Question: Should I be able to execute the boot + command + D command and the boot + command + S command without this blocking?

He just crush !!!!!!!!!!!!

How to check if the MacBook Pro hard drive cable is defective?

MacBook Pro hangs during startup, before and after installing OS.

Please help.

macbook – Will a Dell U2419HC provide enough energy to charge a 15 "MBP (late 2016)?

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Rainbow color circular lines on the screen: MacBook Pro, late 2012


As the title says, My MacBook Pro, which you can see here: MacBook Pro displays a rainbow-colored circle that looks like something from an Alien movie. Previously, I had received a triple beep code associated with RAM issues. Other things to note: the battery has recently been replaced and the screen has no problem. It's just about everything. I have my ideas on what could be the problem, but I decided to see if it was a frequent occurrence or if someone had already had the experience of handling a problem of this type. I look forward to your comment!

battery – My MacBook is not loaded since 2016, can I still charge now?

There is no other way to know it than to try it.

In general, there is nothing to indicate that a battery needs to stop working because it has not been charged for two years – batteries like these are getting older as a result intensive use rather than hanging out on a shelf. So, unless something serious has happened to the computer or the battery during these two years, it will probably work very well.