Is it possible to use an imac 2009 as a screen for a macbook pro 2017?

Is it possible to use an imac 2009 as a screen for a macbook pro 2017? If so, what cable will I need for this to work? Ideally, with a mini-port display on a USB-C cable, it would work simply, but I have doubts.

Display – LG UltraFine 5K Numbers with MacBook Pro 2017

Yesterday, everything worked well. I had my MacBook Pro (four USB-C ports and a touch bar) connected to my LG UltraFine 5K monitor (Model's official name: LG 27MD5KA – B). At the end of my work day, I turned everything off. In the morning, I restarted everything but nothing seemed to work.

I proceeded to disconnect the monitor from the MBP and this one turned on without any problem. I've tried to plug in the monitor again and the MBP's screen has turned black. Eventually, the touch bar was no longer responding. I've tried all kinds of combinations to solve the problem:

  • Turn off the MBP, unplug everything from the mains, wait a moment and reconnect everything;
  • MBP PRAM reset;
  • MBP SMC reset;
  • Tried with another MBP touch bar;

One thing works only when the LG UltraFine 5K is connected to the mains and I connect an MBP with the cover. In this case, the monitor turns on, although very weakly, I can see the Apple logo, then suddenly the logo extends horizontally on the screen and the bottom quarter of the screen is distorted (everything is very pale) . If I open the lid, only the Caps Lock appears to work (which suggests that the computer has not crashed). If I pick up the MPB, it responds without problems after a few seconds. The reconnection and the MBP screen turn black and the computer stops responding (except for the capital lock). However, I can access the computer by remote connection (SSH) and have managed to turn it off or restart from there (sudo shutdown -h now or sudo shutdown -r now).

I even downloaded the LG screen manager, but the application seems totally useless in my case (although the copyright notice seems strange, it says "Copyright 2016-2026 LG Electronics Inc." ).

Do you have any suggestions to make (apart from bringing the device for repair)?

System used:

  • MBP (13 ", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB);
  • MBP (13 ", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB);
  • Bothe MBP are installed with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2
  • LG UltraFine 5K (aka 27MD5KA – B);

macbook – Is it possible to use an Ethernet connection on a Mac without draining the battery?

I'm using a model Macbook Pro 15 "2018. I want to use a wired internet connection.I have tried using 2 different USB-C hubs to achieve it.Both are USB-C type to Ethernet, as well as some USB-A 3.0 ports (SD card slot connectors on one of them) .They have considerably depleted the battery life of my Mac, for example by having it almost halved, when I only used the Ethernet port.

Today, I also have a USB-C to pure Ethernet adapter (not a hub). This does not seem to drain the battery as much as the hubs, but the same problem persists. I hoped it would be better and I will test it a bit more tomorrow.

The fact is that without the Internet connection via USB-C to Ethernet, the battery life is perfect. It seems as good as advertised, actually, about 10 hours or so. I did not do a real test to see how long it really took before stopping, but it is still noticeably better. Even Wi-Fi seems to use less power than USB-C over Ethernet.

Does anyone know a solution to this? Should USB-C to Ethernet connections on Mac drain the battery? Or could it be a software problem? I have often tried to look for a solution on the internet, but it seems that many people do not even encounter this problem with this type of adapter.

Thank you very much for any help, and best regards.

Launch a pro macbook 2015 with Mojave os

Did a silly stupid thing that I wanted to download Python 3.7.2, it would not be downloaded correctly and to try to delete the incorrect download, I deleted the version of Python 2.7 installed. How can I reinstall to fix my error and where to go the correction, new to programming so very limited knowledge, now nothing works. Python support was hopeless. Thank you Jos

hardware – Macbook mid-2010: no power supply after ssd upgrade

I've replaced my hard drive with an SSD drive with the help of the ifixit guide on my MacBook Unibody, model A1342 (mid-2010).

But after reconnecting the battery, the Mac seems to be dead (Magsafe light off, no chime, no fan, nothing). I've tried another charger that works perfectly with another Mac without success.

Any chance that it is "only" a problem of battery? Or the logic board is dead? Or any other solution?

macbook – The touch bar does not show up but I need F8

I run a Windows virtual machine via an external hard drive. However, when I primer it, I receive the error message. Winload.efi is corrupt or missing but it says I have to press F8 to change some settings so that it works. There is a problem here, I use a Mac Book Pro with a touch bar, so the touch bar does not show up because it is not needed when starting Windows. I have to press F8 otherwise I can not repair the PC. Ideas?

Macbook pro 13 mi-2012 – No click on increase or decrease in volume nor on clicks

My macbook suddenly stopped producing these clicks and the volume button does not do that well. My speakers are fine. I have recently upgraded my RAM. What could be the problem?

memory – MacBook end 2019 – RAM

I'm using a 2.26 GHz Intel Core Duo MacBook.

I am trying to install 2x4GB DDRL-1600 SODI / MM

However, I can not install both simultaneously. One or the other pair works properly when paired with a 2GB 2GB 2GX PC3-10600S-999 computer.

Are there any known memory compatibility issues or documentation to help you?

high sierra – Internet recovery broken on Macbook Pro. The error message is " -3403F".

This indicates that your machine can not access the Internet.

Troubleshooting this task will be difficult unless you have network / sharks capabilities and you can ensure that packets from this machine are not cluttered by Apple's servers.

In practice, this is much easier to diagnose by using a second Mac on this network to see if it can boot into recovery mode. Otherwise, you know it's the network. If the second one can boot – you have a hardware failure or a failure of the network card on the Mac problem.

Taking the suspicious Mac to another reputable network (or just porting it to 4 or 5 networks and assuming one of them is correct) can also help you isolate if the problem is related to network or hardware.

Macbook – Sennheiser Lavalier Mic Mac compatible

I do podcasts and videos and I am currently looking to improve my sound quality. I have my eyes on the Sennheiser MKE-2, linked here:

However, I do not know anything about the compatibility between the Sennheiser MKE-2 and the MacBook Pro. I have a 15 "MacBook Pro 2015 and I was wondering what:

  1. Is the MacBook MKE-2 compatible?
  2. Is there a general adapter solution for external microphone compatibility issues on MacBooks?

Thank you.