Currently you can’t view Sony A7S3 thumbnails on Macs / Macbooks

Currently you can’t view Sony A7S3 thumbnails on Macs / Macbooks.

This might seem like a trivial issue, however, for those of us who do large volume shoots in our profession (I’m a real estate photographer)- this is major issue when it comes to efficient work-flow.

I shoot 5-brackets, an average of 300 brackets / photos per home, averaging four homes per day, five days per week. I have to get my photos sorted at the end of the day and then processed or uploaded to my editor so I can have them back to my clients next day. That’s 1500 photos per day, in which I have to choose the best 35 photos (175 brackets) to send to my clients. Without Finder, to have to load them in Lightroom, then click on each individual bracket within a set of five, – it could take hours. With using finder, you can split the window and quickly drag and drop to your upload folder. The entire process for one home is about 10 min vs 45 min. Any help or workaround ideas would be appreciated.

How to change a MacBook’s "main" login/user?

I got a new (reconditioned by Apple) MacBook for my girlfriend. When it arrived, I went through the setup process and created my account, and then created her account afterwards. Both have admin privileges.

If she shuts down and reboots, it only ever asks for my login. She cannot login unless I login first and then we do a switch-user.

She uses it more than me, so my thought is that she should have been the one to run through Setup Assistant.

What is the recommended way to fix this?

I’m a bit chary of simply removing .AppleSetupDone

  • Will that wipe the existing user’s home directory (we would want it to have the same name) ?
  • Will that actually "reset" who the default login is?
  • Is there some other reason why she cannot login from a reboot, despite being admin?

I’ve checked the following questions, but it is still not clear to me exactly what I should do:

  • How to change boot login
  • How can I create a new macOS user using a pre-existing home directory?
  • How to change the main user name of a used MacBook on macOS 10.13?

love at first sight – Workflow using the latest macbooks

Ok, here is my part time job: I record high school groups when they go to Sound Studio. Each of the three judges also makes digital recordings on handheld recorders.

While I'm recording a group via a mixer on my macbook using a USB port, I download comments from the previous group's judges from the portable recorders via another USB port. I then quickly change the four files, then write them to a USB drive using a USB port.

Here is the problem. I need to upgrade my current laptop (he is four years old) and turn it into a backup. The current generation of laptops only has two Thunderbolt ports. How can I do this work while maintaining the loaded laptop?

copy paste – Clipboard shared between multiple Macbooks

I have a Macbook Air (2017) and a Macbook Pro (early 2015). As a developer, I want to do my development on Pro and navigation, emails and other items on Air at the same time. This requires a copy and paste between the machines.

I was watching the Universal Clipboard feature. I've followed all the steps in this article but it does not work. I do not know if it's a Mac feature to iOS only.

I'm running macOS Mojave (10.14.4) on both machines. Please let me know if you need additional information.

P.S. In the meantime, I use Notes as a shared clipboard.

time machine – Which MacBooks can work under 10.11.3 OSX

The mid-2012 MacBook Pro was stolen. I want to restore the time machine to a replacement machine that I have not bought yet.

I understand that the backup includes the operating system.

I need to get an old MacBook on which I can restore the backup of the machine at the time.

Where can I find out which MacBooks can run the backed up operating system, namely 10.11.3.

Thank you