macos – Is it possible to recover an erased Mac SSD partition?

I did the stupid thing of formating by accident the main SSD in my Macbook. I was using Windows through an external drive and hit the “Erease” button thinking it was another drive.

So I lost EVERYTHING in my computer and it won’t boot as MacOS. I can use windows through the external ssd, and the formatted drive is “Not Allocated” right now. I only erased, I didn’t mounted as a new format.

Is there any way to recover the partition/files?

mac – How to add custom keyboard shortcut to highlight text in foxit reader on macOs?

Foxit Reader : 4.4.1
macOs Big Sur

I want to create a custom shortcut for highlighting text in foxit reader mac.

Currently what I do to highlight text is: Select the text -> Right click -> Select Highlight.

I want to set this process to Select the text -> Press cmd + H on keyboard

I think there is a 3 key shortcut already but I want it specifically to be the above shortcut. Is it possible?

homebrew – What is best package manager for MacOS (BigSur 11.11) machinese based on M1 Apple Silicon cpu?

As of 25 Jan, 2021 Homebrew is available on the MacOS ( BigSur ).
Macports was working since the new macs came out in November 2020.

What is the reccomened packagae manager by the StackExchange community fro m1 cpu macs?

big sur – Unlock MacOs with fingertips doesn’t work on Big Sur

I’m trying to unlock my MacOS Big Sur with a fingertip. During the initialisation process, I configured my fingertip correctly but when I try to unlock my MacOS it doesn’t detect it.

If I go in “System Preferences” under the menu “Touch ID” this is what I see:

enter image description here

Then I decided to check the “Unlocking your Mac” option, I fill the password but if I open “Touch ID” for the second time “Unlocking your Mac” is still unchecked.

Why? What can I do?

macos – Cant connect sequel pro with database, but can access through terminal

I have an issue accessing my databases in the sequel pro. I can log in but my sequel pro does not have any database even if you created but I can access my database in terminal

My Terminal

That was my terminal and this is my sequel pro they are logged in with the same user.

My sequel pro

That is my.cnf

  # Default Homebrew MySQL server config
  # Only allow connections from localhost
  bind-address =
  mysqlx-bind-address =

How can I fix this please help me.

macos – Boot Camp error “Windows cannot locate the disk and partition”

I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch running on macOS Big Sur 11.1.
I am trying to install windows using Bootcamp. I get the following error:

Windows cannot locate the disk and partition specified in the unattended answer file’s setting. Make sure the setting references a valid partition and restart the installation.

Can someone help me how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

MacOS Big Sur : is threre a way to remap a shortcut with trackpad?

Keeping shift + horizontal movement on trackpad increases significantly the horizontal scrolling.

Is there a way to remap this combination (shift + horizontal movement on trackpad) just by a simple horizontal movement on trackpad.

I have not found a paramater file where the speed of horizontal scrolling is defined.

Any idea ?

macos – Add page numbers using print dialog box’s “watermark” tool

In most applications, such as preview, the print dialog box has a watermark feature. It is possible to open a PDF document and watermark it e.g. bottom right with a text and print it again back in to a new PDF.
print dialog box
Is it possible / is there a hidden feature that allows inserting page numbers / total number of pages in the watermark field, where it is automatically replaced by corresponding numbers at the time of printing?

mac os x – Document oriented macOS

In macOS,

  • app’s Menu bar isn’t contained within the window.
  • if you click X, it doesn’t kill the app, but rather close the app’s window.

So Menu bar represents the app and the window is app’s “document”.

But the Menu bar also contains options regarding only one window, eg. tabs Edit, View, Window. (You change view of only one window)

Why is this distinction made?
(neglecting user experience with the OS).

In X11 or in Windows, the window is the app and it is self-contained.

Here at the end, somebody says it enables new workflows, but he doesn’t give examples which would be fairly unique.

I’ve seen this post, but I don’t think it is good UX decision to force user to user keyboard shortcuts.