css – Magento 2.4.3 – Installed Theme not loading

I have setup Magento 2.3 and installed frontend and admin themes. Later I have installed Magento 2.4.3 in Xampp and manually installed frontend and admin themes as I had installed in 2.3 setup.

The 2.4.3 version installation was successfully, however as soon as I installed admin/frontend themes, the css does not seem to load. Upon review I did not see any module entry in setup_module table.

I had ran all commands as below after installing theme but in vain

php bin/magento indexer:reindex
php bin/magento cache:flush
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:di:compile
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
php bin/magento deploy:mode:set production

Also the http://localhost/admin is not found and when I try to view source of any file http://localhost/myproject/pub/static/version1627326188/frontend/_view/en_US/mage/calendar.css it says This localhost page can’t be found

magento2 – How to Create an ‘AND’ Condition for Layered Navigation Magento 2?

Filtering with layered navigation on attribute 1, attribute 2 and attribute 3, I get the parent product because the child products have filtered attributes like child product 1 => attribute 1, child product 2 => attribute 2 and attribute 3, but I need to show this parent product which one child has 3 attributes together, for example child 1 => attribute 1, attribute 2 and attribute 3.
Is it possible ?
Plugin bellow



namespace VendorModulePluginCatalogSearchModelSearch;
use MagentoFrameworkDBSelect;
use MagentoFrameworkSearchRequestFilterInterface;
use MagentoFrameworkSearchRequestFilterBoolExpression;
use MagentoFrameworkSearchRequestQueryFilter;
use MagentoFrameworkSearchRequestInterface;
use MagentoFrameworkSearchRequestQueryInterface as RequestQueryInterface;
use MagentoFrameworkAppResourceConnection;
use MagentoCatalogApiCategoryRepositoryInterface;
use MagentoCatalogModelCategoryFactory;
use MagentoCatalogModelProduct;
use MagentoFrameworkDataHelperPostHelper;

class IndexBuilder
    * @var MagentoFrameworkAppConfigScopeConfigInterface
    protected $scopeConfig;

    * @var MagentoStoreModelStoreManagerInterface
    protected $storeManager;
    protected $_stockFilter;
    private   $layerResolver;
    protected $categoryRepository;
    protected $_categoryCollectionFactory;
    protected $_date;
    protected $_filterData;
    protected $_productRepository;
    protected $_productDependant;
     * @var MagentoCatalogModelResourceModelProduct
    private $resourceProduct;
     * @var MagentoCatalogModelCategoryFactory
    protected $_categoryFactory;
    protected $_registry;
    protected $_request;
    private $resourceConfigurable;

    public function __construct(
        MagentoStoreModelStoreManagerInterface $storeManager,
        MagentoCatalogModelResourceModelProductCollectionFactory $productCollectionFactory,
        MagentoCatalogModelProductVisibility $productVisibility,
        MagentoCatalogHelperCategory $categoryHelper,
        MagentoFrameworkRegistry $registry,
        MagentoCatalogInventoryHelperStock $stockFilter,
        MagentoCatalogModelLayerResolver $layerResolver,
        CategoryRepositoryInterface $categoryRepository,
        MagentoCatalogModelResourceModelCategoryCollectionFactory $categoryCollectionFactory,
        CategoryFactory $categoryFactory,
        MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp $request,
        MagentoFrameworkStdlibDateTimeTimezoneInterface $date,
         ShoogaSearchByFilterModelFilterData $filterData,
         ShoogaLinkedDependantsModelFilterData $productDependant,
        MagentoCatalogModelProductRepository $productRepository,
        MagentoCatalogModelResourceModelProduct $resourceProduct,
        MagentoConfigurableProductModelResourceModelProductTypeConfigurable $resourceConfigurable
    ) {
        $this->storeManager = $storeManager;
        $this->_productCollectionFactory = $productCollectionFactory; 
        $this->_productVisibility = $productVisibility;
        $this->categoryHelper = $categoryHelper;
        $this->_registry = $registry;
        $this->_stockFilter = $stockFilter;
        $this->layerResolver = $layerResolver;
        $this->categoryRepository = $categoryRepository;
        $this->_categoryCollectionFactory = $categoryCollectionFactory;
        $this->_categoryFactory = $categoryFactory;
        $this->_request = $request;
        $this->_date =  $date;
        $this->_filterData = $filterData;
        $this->_productRepository = $productRepository;
        $this->_productDependant = $productDependant;
        $this->resourceProduct = $resourceProduct;
        $this->resourceConfigurable = $resourceConfigurable;

    * Build index query
    * @param $subject
    * @param callable $proceed
    * @param RequestInterface $request
    * @return Select
    * @SuppressWarnings(PHPMD.UnusedFormatParameter)
    public function aroundBuild($subject, callable $proceed, RequestInterface $request) {
        $select = $proceed($request);
        $storeId = $this->storeManager->getStore()->getStoreId();
        $rootCatId = $this->storeManager->getStore($storeId)->getRootCategoryId();
        $productUniqueIds = $this->getCustomCollectionQuery();
        $select->where('search_index.entity_id IN (' . join(',', $productUniqueIds) . ')');

        return $select;
        public function getProductsSkus($id){
      return $this->resourceProduct->getProductsSku($id);
    public function getCurrentCategory()
        return $this->_registry->registry('current_category');
    * @return ProductIds()
    public function getCustomCollectionQuery() {
        $todayStartOfDayDate = $this->_date->date()->setTime(0, 0, 0)->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');
        $todayEndOfDayDate = $this->_date->date()->setTime(23, 59, 59)->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');
        $websiteId = $this->storeManager->getStore()->getWebsiteId();
        $collection = $this->_productCollectionFactory->create();
            'or' => (
                0 => ('date' => true, 'to' => $todayEndOfDayDate),
                1 => ('is' => new Zend_Db_Expr('null')),
            'or' => (
                0 => ('date' => true, 'from' => $todayStartOfDayDate),
                1 => ('is' => new Zend_Db_Expr('null')),
            ('attribute' => 'news_from_date', 'is' => new Zend_Db_Expr('not null')),
            ('attribute' => 'news_to_date', 'is' => new Zend_Db_Expr('not null')),

        $collection->setOrder('sort_order', 'ASC');
       /*You can write your custom logic here...*/

        $getProductAllIds = $collection->getAllIds();
        $getProductUniqueIds = array_unique($getProductAllIds);
        return $getProductUniqueIds;



magento2 – How to add constant in core class ? and how to access that ? in magento 2

  1. create di.xml in to the following location


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:ObjectManager/etc/config.xsd">
    <preference for="MagentoCatalogModelCategory" type="VendorExtensionModelCategory" />
  1. create Category.php file on this location.


namespace VendorExtensionModel;

class Category extends MagentoCatalogModelCategory
    const STATUS_PICKING = 'picking';

  public function __construct()
        echo "Model Rewrite Working"; die();


magento2.4 – Unable to save qty in magento 2.4.2

I am creating product programmatically. Following is the code

enter code here
 $product = $objectManager->create('MagentoCatalogModelProduct');

 try {
  $product->setName('Test Product');
        'use_config_manage_stock' => 0,
        'manage_stock' => 1,
        'min_sale_qty' => 1,
        'max_sale_qty' => 2,
        'is_in_stock' => 1,
        'qty' => 100


I have also used “setQuantityAndStockStatus” but qty is not saved.

magento2 – Magento 2 : How to add export button product review grid in Admin product edit page?

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magento2 – Magento 2.3 – What is the footer subscription event?

I am trying to capture the event when customer is subscribing to the newsletter. I can capture the event when the customer is subscriber is using the account via “newsletter_subscriber_save_after” event:

enter image description here

But it doesn’t capture the event when the subscriber is using the footer subscription form:

enter image description here

What is the event name that I can use to capture the footer subscribers?

magento2 – Magento 2.4 Installation issue (setup not working)

Actually when you setup mangento, you need to point magento to pub directory.

Now that you are using localhost and you haven’t used virtual host, you need to open your project with http://localhost/magento/m24/pub/

For images and CSS, access your database and you need to update table core_config_data
execute following commands:

UPDATE core_config_data SET `value`='http://localhost/magento/m24/pub/' WHERE path='web/unsecure/base_url';
UPDATE core_config_data SET `value`='http://localhost/magento/m24/pub/' WHERE path='web/secure/base_url';
UPDATE core_config_data SET `value`='http://localhost/magento/m24/pub/media/' WHERE path='web/unsecure/base_media_url';
UPDATE core_config_data SET `value`='http://localhost/magento/m24/pub/media/' WHERE path='web/secure/base_media_url';

Flush cache at the end

Hope this will resolve the issue

magento2.3 – Magento Admin display Exception #0 (MagentoFrameworkExceptionInputException): Please correct the target currency

After a lot of struggle , I could finally install Magento 2.3.5 p2 but now when I try to login to magento admin , it shows me the error message given below :
Exception #0 (MagentoFrameworkExceptionInputException): Pleaseenter image description here correct the target currency.

Please help me resolve this issue as I tried searching it everywhere.

Magento 2 URL rewright for category page

How can i change my category URL from "www.domine.com/catalog/category/view/s/shop/id/22/" to "www.domine.com/shop"?

magento2 – How to show configurable product options in popup in Magento 2

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