Magento 2: Is it possible to import more than 200 products at a time?

My import concerns only the first 200 parts. Is there a place to change this setting?

magento2 – Magento 2.3 Dashboard Grand Total data

By default, the Magento 2.3 dashboard contains data on income, taxes, shipping and quantity under the chart.

I found that /vendor/magento/module-backend/Block/Dashboard/Totals.php had lines

    $this->addTotal(__('Revenue'), $totals->getRevenue());
    $this->addTotal(__('Tax'), $totals->getTax());
    $this->addTotal(__('Shipping'), $totals->getShipping());
    $this->addTotal(__('Quantity'), $totals->getQuantity() * 1, true);

How can I add "Grand Total (Base)" data to Dashboard?

I've tried adding $ this-> addTotal (__ (total grand total), $ totals-> getGrandTotal ()); but no result

Can someone help me better?

magento2 – Magento 2: how to perform operations after updating the price of the product from the backend

You must develop your question to get an appropriate answer. As – What kind of operation do you want to perform and when do you need to perform after updating the product price from the backend?

Such an example – If you want to update the product price of the article added to the cart, you must use the Object Manager:

$cart = $objectManager->get('MagentoCheckoutModelCart');
$priceHelper = $objectManager > create('MagentoFrameworkPricingHelperData');
$items = $cart->getQuote()->getAllItems();

magento 2.3.1 inventory: missing orders in the reservation

I have Inventory_reservation inconsistencies that I need to clean up on M2 2.3.1, so follow this wiki guide but I'm not sure. get an error

& # 39; no order is defined in the inventory: reservation namespace ".

Magento 2 + must use the fotorama page in cms

Is it possible to use the fotorama slider in the CMS pages?

magento2 – Create new VPS backup images and download the file on magento

My very large sites with download of images and files.

So, I would like to install as a CDN from another my server VPS server2 from the current VPS virtual server. This server will be storing images and downloading files.

I knew that magento could change URL storage from baseUrl and baseSecureUrl. However, I do not know how to map server 2 and synchronize it.

Anyone can suggest me, step by step, to create a storage like that?

magento 1.9 – Catalog Search Database Problems – Cleaning Unnecessary Data

It is not uncommon for the search form to be spammed. In addition to random junk, you will often see SQLi and XSS attempts. I think they are clumsy robots. I do not think it's a legitimate attack vector (on an up-to-date Magento installation).

It is usually prudent to change the catalogsearch_query table in the database. catalogsearch_result is configured to remove lines related to catalogsearch_query by query_id.

truncation catalogsearch_query will eliminate unwanted data, but also all legitimate search terms, which appear as tips when users interact with the search form.

Most importantit will remove any custom search term redirection that may have been configured to return specific pages for certain searches, rather than search results. These contain a value in catalogsearch_query.redirect.

I think that a safe approach is to back up catalogsearch_query, then delete unwanted rows based on the templates you can find to identify them. For example. rows with catalogsearch_query.num_results = 0 maybe most of the time undesirable. catalogsearch_result should decrease in size accordingly.

Always safer, start by doing all this on a development site after importing your dynamic database.

FWIW, I tested the following query on a development site:

mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM catalogsearch_query WHERE redirect IS NOT NULL;
| count(*) |
|      923 |
1 row in set (0.02 sec)

mysql> DELTE FROM catalogsearch_query WHERE redirect IS NULL;
Query OK, 44367 rows affected (5.45 sec)

mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM catalogsearch_query;
| COUNT(*) |
|      923 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

The reindexing process works normally, and the redirect search terms appear as indices and work as expected.

magento2 – Magento 2: Reindexing by program

I have created the code below for reindexing programmatically, but I got the error below when running the code below. Help me solve this problem.

processor = $processor;

    public function execute()
        /* Regenerate indexes for all indexers */

        /* Regenerate indexes for all invalid indexers */

And I had the error below while running the code above in my controller.

enter the description of the image here

magento2 – how to remove the cursor from the date range in magento 2. Using the Grid method for rendering the list. Magento 2

This is my layout.xml code

MGS NotifyMe Model ResourceModel NotifyMe Collection


Customer email

Product Name

date hour

                                Are you sure?


Magento 2: How to add a pagination in a front-end custom module

I have a simple module, how can I add a pagination in front for my custom module? Thank you in advance.