magento1.9.3 – Add a product to the basket by program using ajax with price change

I want to add a product to the basket by programming using ajax. I also want to change the price of the product once added to the cart.

Suppose the price of my product is $ 100. I wanted to change it to $ 110 when adding to the cart.

The connected user cannot access the cart or payment pages, so I have created a personalized page for it, where users can search for products, add a quantity and a personalized price and simply add the product to the basket.

Once this process is connected, the user can send a quote to a particular user.

Here is the code to add the product to the cart: –

$cart = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/cart');

try {   
    $cart->addProduct($product, array('qty' => 1));
catch (Exception $ex) {
    echo $ex->getMessage();

Please indicate how I can proceed.

magento1.9.3 – Magento 1.9.3 CE, Staging & Live Sites behave differently

Recently, we found that our staging site and our active site behaved differently in 2 situations:
1]. we found that Live Site had a timeout of 500 errors while Staging Site is normal;
2] we found that updating the CSS file in the intermediate site was reflected in the interface, while Live Site did not reflect the changes.

How to check the code difference and how to synchronize the code of the staging site on the Live site?

magento1.9.3 – Magento 1.9 Recently viewed products do not show up

getLayout () -> createBlock (& ​​# 39; reports / product_viewed & # 39;) -> setTemplate (& # 39; reports / product_viewed.phtml & # 39;) -> toHtml (); ?>

This code supposes to leave the Recently viewed products on the category page or the product page (by inserting the code in .phtml files). and it has always worked for me on my Magento sites.

However, I found that for a site (Magento, this code did not work at all. and for this site, the widget show recently viewed product does not work either.

Any ideas that can cause "recently viewed products" do not work?

magento1.9.3 – Magento Admin – Reorder – New Increment ID

In magento 1.9.x, if I click on "rearrange" in a command page, it duplicates the increment_id of the original command and adds "-1" at the end.

order-> increment_id = 12345

reorder-> increment_id = 12345-1

Where can I find this feature?
there is a way to change this function? because i need to create a new increment_id

order-> increment_id = 12345

reorder-> increment_id = 12346

thank you so much