magento2 – Magento 2.3.3 images are not displayed on the frontend

After a recent update of Magento 2.1.7 to 2.3.3. product images are not displayed.
I believe this is related to the cache, and the most common (if not the only) solution I have found is to run:

php bin/magento catalog:images:resize

However, since there are around 12,000 images, it takes forever to function and it seems to slow down over time. I have tried to run it several times. It lasted more than 6-8h and it still happens to be around 80% and there it seems to stop.

I also tried:
– cache empty, clean
– manually clear the administrator's image cache
– delete all images
– import new images with different file names

At first, it showed most of the images, and where there weren't any, it showed a placeholder for the Magento icon.
Now, it's just "empty" (white) and I noticed that all the images are called like this:

When I go there:


At first I did not see the cache directory, but after I started opening the products in the detailed view, I noticed that the cache directory had been generated. However, the hash of the directory where my images are located and the one on the frontend in the image source is not the same.

Also – on the home page, there are modules with products listed, and when the home page is opened, no cache directory is generated …

Is it possible that my theme is using the wrong URL for cached images? And if so – where should I change this?
The theme is no longer supported by the developers so … it's up to me πŸ™‚

magento2 – A type error occurred while creating the object: Magento Framework Interception Config Config after upgrading to 2.3.2?

After running the update from 2.2.8 to 2.3.2, I get this error every time I run a CLI command like upgrading or cleaning the cache:

main.CRITICAL: A type error occurred while creating the object: Magento Framework Interception Config Config, the return value of Magento Framework Interception Config CacheManager: : load () must be of array type or null, the returned string () ()

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

magento2 – how to display the price of the landing with taxes in the list page of the magento 2 catalog?

                            $tierPrice = $_product->getTierPrice();
                            foreach ($tierPrice as $key => $value) {
                                $qty = (int)$value('price_qty');
                                $price = $value('price');
                                $formattedTierPrice = $this->helper('MagentoFrameworkPricingHelperData')->currency(number_format($price, 2), true, false);
                                $savePercentage = ceil(100 - ( (100 / $_product->getPrice())* $value('price')) ) ."%";
                                echo "Buy $qty for ".$formattedTierPrice." each and save ".$savePercentage."
"; } } ?>**what we can add in this code for the show tier price with tax**

magento2 – Changing the title of the Crossell and Gaps product block

I implemented the development of Crosssell product extensions on the product page with Magento 2 on Magento 2.2.0. It currently works, but several modifications are necessary.

  1. The gap between the content of the previous block and the next content (margin or padding)
  2. The title said "More choices" should change to "You might also like?"

I have attached this screenshot here:

Cross-sell products on the Product Details page

I am using Unero Theme for more information (I have put the XML block in the Frontend Theme of the Magento catalog -> catalog_product_view.xml) and I am still at an early stage of understanding the codes and Magento developers. Thanks before.

magento2 – setData does not define attribute values

I create simple products and try to define attribute values

$attributeSetId = $product->getDefaultAttributeSetId();
$product->setSku($sku); // Set your sku here
$product->setName($product_title); // Name of Product
$product->setAttributeSetId($attributeSetId); // Attribute set id
$product->setStatus(0); // Status on product enabled/ disabled 1/0, disabled by default

$product->setWeight(10); // weight of product   

$product->setVisibility(4); // visibilty of product (catalog / search / catalog, search / Not visible individually)
$product->setTaxClassId(0); // Tax class id
$product->setTypeId('simple'); // type of product (simple/virtual/downloadable/configurable)
$product->setPrice($product_price); // price of product
        'use_config_manage_stock' => 0,
        'manage_stock' => 1,
        'is_in_stock' => 1,
        'qty' => $qtyAvailable
echo "Qty: ", $qtyAvailable, "n";
foreach ($options_list as $current_option) {
    $attributeCode = $current_option("attribute_code");
    $attributeValue = $current_option("option_code");
    if ($attributeCode == 'color') {
            echo "Color ";
    } else {
            $product->setData($attributeCode, $attributeValue);
    echo "Setting attribute: ", $attributeCode, " ", $attributeValue."n";

I created 2 product attributes in the backend, color and shipsfrom.
I added these attributes to the default set.

As you can see in the code, I am trying different methods to add the attribute value to my product, setColor or setData.

The values ​​in my options array are as follows:

attributeCode    attributeValue
color            White
shipsfrom        Spain

However, neither the color nor the vessels coming from the property were assigned to them after the creation of the product, while all the other standard attributes receive correctly assigned values.

Am I using the wrong methods to update these attributes?

magento2 – Does anyone know (dsl: & # 39; less & # 39;) a configuration snippet in @ magento_root / dev / tools / grunt / configs / theme.js?

recently, i'm using grunt to develop magento store themes, but i have questions in setting up the program at @ magento_root / dev / tools / configs / themes.js below:

module.exports = {
    blank: {
        area: 'frontend',
        name: 'Magento/blank',
        locale: 'en_US',
        files: (
        dsl: 'less'

So I hope someone can help me …

after 5 minitues, I find and know what is dsl: & # 39; minus & # 39;

  • dsl: dynamic style sheet language (minus | sass)

But where is it used?

magento2 – Index – ready but 11619 late

We have an indexer in Magento 2.3.3 which causes us problems.

We have tried several times to reset and reindex this indexer, but that does not help.

| Offer Export        | Ready            | Schedule  | idle (11619 in backlog) | 2020-01-18 19:31:42 |

So this is the extension

We have tried many times
php bin / magento indexer: reset bol_offer_export
php bin / magento indexer: reindex bol_offer_export

But no luck at all. Any ideas on this?

magento2 – two magento sites in an elasticsearch

Is it possible to perform an elastic search on two different Magento 2 sites?

Currently, a Magento site performs elastic search smoothly, but now I must also add elastic search to another Magento site.

Will this conflict with the results? if yes, then how to solve?

What is the role of the prefix index name in elastic search?

please help me make elastic search work with two magento sites.

magento2 – How to implement rich results in magento 2?

Basically I'm trying to add structured data such as AggregateRating for products with reviews, Offer – price and priceCurrency, Image (s), SKU, Product name, as JSON-LD code in the page of all products in magento 2 which would be added as markup to produce search results rich in google, so I am referring to -using-schema-org-tags / and / magento-microdata-for-google-shopping / which I found really relevant. But the problem is that I can't find this file app/design/frontend/(package)/(theme)/template/catalog/product/view.phtml mentioned in the references above. It would really help me to better understand this concept if someone could drop suggestions on the file problem mentioned above. Thanks and well done

magento2 – How to convert a layout block to a cms block?

I have created a block programmatically which displays the name and image of the category on the home page.
Here is my code:



This block takes the viewmodal data and displays it in a phtml file.
If I have to put it on another page, I have to replace that layout. Is there a way to convert this block to cms block so that we can place it anywhere from the admin panel?