admin – Magento2.3.5 Dynamic Row Add New Column Removes Current Fields

I’ve added 4 dynamic row while back ref:

Now I’ve added a 5th column but all the row data that was previously there disappeared!

I can see the data in the database but when the new field is added instead of magento just ignoring if is empty or not set it just won’t render.

any ideas how to go about that?

magento2.3.5 p2 – what is the table of products in magento 2?

Product data is stored across a number of tables. The main one is catalog_product_entity. Anything not in that table will be stored in catalog_product_entity_int, catalog_product_entity_text, catalog_product_entity_decimal, catalog_product_entity_varchar, catalog_product_entity_datetime. Additionally you need to use the eav_attribute table which will tell you which values in the other tables are for which attributes.

magento2.3.5 p2 – manual migration of magento 2 products, done incorrectly

I’m on a project that made the migration from magento 1 to magento 2, and a manual migration of products from magento 1 to magento 2 was made, but after registering many products we realized that they were registered in the opposite in cms , that is, the html code of the products is appearing on the front end in the store, would there be any way to convert in bulk?

magento2.3.5 p1 – How to create a second bank transfer payment method?

I’m using Magento 2.3.5-p1 and I need to create a second bank transfer method the same as the default from magento, because the client need to be able to choose between bank transfer in 30 days or in 1 day with a 2% discount.
I think there is no way to make that choice inside a payment method so I thought about creating one method for each option.
I know I need to create a custom module but I don’t know how to create a payment method the same as the default from magento.

Best regards,
Rui Silva

magento2.3.5 – Magento 2 Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘catalog_product_index_price_cg13_ws2’ doesn’t exist

I am getting “Base table or view not found: 1146 Table’catalog_product_index_price_cg13_ws2′ doesn’t exist” when customer logged out.

We have a multiple website:

  1. Now I have tried to created account from “abc” website like:
  2. Your account is created successfully but after login you getting this error on my account page “An unspecified error occurred. Please contact us for assistance.”
  3. In var log getting above error base table not found.

Can you please help me on this issue ? If anybody having idea how to generate “‘catalog_product_index_price_cg13_ws2” this table based on customer group please answered here.

magento2.3.5 p2 – Magento 2.3.5p2 – PayPal Error – PayPal NVP gateway errors: A successful transaction has already been completed for this token

After recently upgrading to 2.3.5p2 EE, we encountered an error when a customer placed two magento orders in close time proximity to each other.

The first order worked fine, and Magneto recorded both a correlation id and an transaction id, but for the second order Magento completed the order, but there was only a correlation id.

There was an error logged in system.log:

report.CRITICAL: PayPal NVP gateway errors: A successful transaction has already been completed for this token (#10415: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details). Correlation ID: 1251d12bc66e7. Version: 72.0. () ()

There have been other reports of this happening, so I was wondering if there was a definitive fix.

Why would Magento create an order if paypal returned an error?

magento2.3.5 – How to block keywords in username in registration

I think my Magento 2 site has been targeted by a bot that promotes some kind of gambling website.
Luckily, my site is not yet live (I’ve placed “under construction” images on the header)

The bot that targets my site constantly registers fake users with seemingly stolen emails and each of their fake usernames contain the URL of a gambling website that the bot is promoting. While I can still delete these fake users now, it will become a burden later on, and an embarassing display for legitimate users when my site finally goes live. So far, I just type “https” in the Users search list and delete everyone that has “https” in their username.

I’m wondering if there is a way for the Magento 2 user registration form to exclude / block certain keywords or patterns in usernames from registering in the site, because all the accounts that the bot created had the URL in them (

Can this be done? Is it possible for Magento 2 to prevent user registration of usernames that contains forbidden keywords? Please let me know, thank you.

magento2.3.5 p1 – Collection of custom attributes returns only first element in the template

I have written a function in the which returns a collection of a custom attributes:

public function getDownloadableAttributes()
        $product = $this->getProduct();
        $file_0 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file');
        $file_1 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_1');
        $file_2 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_2');
        $file_3 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_3');
        $file_4 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_4');
        $file_5 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_5');
        $file_6 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_6');
        $file_7 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_7');
        $file_8 = $product->getCustomAttribute('downloadable_file_8');
        $files = ($file_0, $file_1, $file_2, $file_3, $file_4, $file_5, $file_6, $file_7, $file_8);

        foreach ($files as $file) {
            if ($file) {
                return $file->getValue();

Having a breakpoint on a return statement returns all the attributes, but calling this function in the block returns only the first element:

$product_downloadable_attributes = $block->getDownloadableAttributes();

Not sure what’s missing or what I’m doing wrong. Appreciate the help.

How to display estimated delivery date in order email template in Magento-2.3.5

How to display estimated delivery date in order email template in Magento-2.3.5

Exp: "Wed, December 2nd, 2020 – Fri, December 4th, 2020" like this

magento2.3.5 p2 – Fotorama Gallery JS Errors With Magepack JS Bundling Enabled

We are using Magepack on a Magento v2.3.5-p2 website for JS bundling. See below:

If we enable magepack JS bundling using the Luma or Blank theme it works fine without issue. However when we enable this using the clients implementation of porto theme it breaks the fotorama image gallery on the product pages. See error message that appears in the JS console below:

Uncaught TypeError: settings.$elementF.fotorama is not a function

When magepack JS bundling is disabled the image gallery works fine. It also works fine if the core Magento JS bundling is enabled. The issue is isolated to when magepack is enabled as far as we can tell.

Does anyone have any experience of this same issue when using Magepack JS bundling?
Does anyone know how to debug issues like this?
Is it something simple thing that we are missing like reordering the files in the magepack.config.js file?