How to send email to Mailchimp subscribers?

Are there any plugins that allow you to compose and send an email to all members of a Mailchimp subscriber list from the WordPress dashboard?

Magento 2 extension for Mailchimp

Can you clearly tell if in 2021 the Magento 2 EBIZMARTS extension for Mailchimp is working well:

  • Mailchimp Customer Journey
  • Mailchimp Transactional email
  • Mailchimp Mandrill

Thank you

mailchimp – Magento2.3 Undefined index: list_id in Stores/Save.php

I installed a Mailchimp integration plugin on our magento2.3 website and it does not seem to load the configuration page . When I look in the exception.log I get the below error

Undefined index: list_id in /vendor/mailchimp/mc-magento2/Controller/Adminhtml/Stores/Save.php on line 95

I am not sure how to fix this. I have tried reinstalling the plugin but that brings me to the same place.

api – How to query for a list of all Mailchimp campaigns using Python?

There are campaigns; however, none of them are being returned from this sample script:

nicholas@mordor:~/python$ python3 
key          jfkdljfkl_key
user         fdjkslafjs_user
password     dkljfdkl_pword
server       fjkdls_server
nicholas@mordor:~/python$ cat 
import os
from mailchimp3 import MailChimp


print ("keytt", key)
print ("usertt", user)
print ("passwordt", password)
print ("servertt", server)

client = MailChimp(mc_api=key, mc_user=user)
client.lists.all(get_all=True, fields=",")


do I need to send additional information to get back a list of campaigns? Just looking to log some basic responses from Mailchimp.

(obviously, I’ve not posted my API key, nor other other sensitive info.)

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email – Mailchimp suggests to “woo back” the unsubscribed recipients 3-6 months later. Is it really acceptable?

From Mailchimp’s article on Drip Campaigns:

Communicate based on a user’s behaviors

Unsubscribe emails. <…> If they unsubscribe from your subscription service (such as a gym), in addition to asking for feedback, you might provide a special “we want you back” offer or incentive. You can also follow up with them 3 or 6 months later, when their situation may have changed, to woo them back.

E-mailing them for whatever reason right after they’ve explicitly told you no more e-mails, let alone trying to woo them back 6 months later, contradicts the honor opt-out requests part, as well as… common sense.

Is Mailchimp recommending a poor practice here, or did I misunderstand something?

8 – Automate notification from Drupal8 to Mailchimp

I am trying to automate a notification integration between Drupal8 and Mailchimp.

I currently the Mailchimp module installed and a signup form has been configured so that people can signup for notifications and select which ‘Group’ they wish to be part off.

However, I am now trying to automate the notification process. So that the process will be like this:

  1. An article created which has the ‘Sports’ and ‘NFL’ taxonomy selected,
  2. The article is published,
  3. Send notification to Mailchimp that a ‘Sports’ and ‘NFL’ article has been published,
  4. Mailchimp will send a notification email to all users who are part of either the ‘Sports’ or ‘NFL’ groups in our mailing list. The notification email will include a link to the relevant article.

I have searched for a module for the above but haven’t found anything. Is there an already built solution for the above? Or should I be writing a custom module and/or using the Rules module?

bulk email – Mailchimp vs. WordPress Plugin for sending newsletters

I have a small firm that that sends around 10,000-15,000 newsletter every month. We are getting around 1,000 new contacts every month.

Currently, we’re using Mailchimp to send newsletters.

With every batch of new contacts, the Mailchimp pricing is increasing.

At this point, I am thinking of a WordPress email newsletter plugin like Mailster to send newsletters. I’ll be using Amazon SES to send emails using Amazon SES’s IP.

My site is already hosted on Google GCP and has enough power to send emails (according to my hosting provider).

Should I make the switch? Sending emails using my server and SES will save me money in the long run.

SendGrid vs MailChimp email deliverability

I am trying to set up emailing facility for a small non profit organization. We use a gmail account as our official email and all emails are sent from that sender.

I tried two services so far, SendGrid and MailChimp. I am basically looking for the followings

  • I can use place holders to use user’s name, address etc in the email template.
  • The email must be delivered. It is a group of around 300 people, and we dont want to miss anyone just because of technical glitch.

Now here is my observation after trying out these two services:


  • [+] Possible to use placeholders.
  • [-] The delivery rate is extremely low. Most of the time it does not deliver to all recipients. Misses or other organizational domains. Even get into spam in Gmail.


  • [+] Delivery is fantastic. Emails arrived in or any other organization domains momentarily.
  • [-] Not possible to use placeholders.

My question is:
* Why the delivery quality is different in two services given my I configured with exactly same amount of information I have.
* Is there any way to configure SendGrid to send emails from a Gmail sender and ensure no email is missed.

Really appreciate your help.

MailChimp – Unable to delete old audience list due to "usage on published landing page" but there is no published landing page

Whenever I try to delete an old audience list (the charity I work for) on MailChimp, I get an error message stating that the list cannot be deleted because it is used on a published landing page. However, we have no published landing pages. I have scanned and deleted a draft of pending emails for this audience, and the only thing that exists now is the emails that have already been sent. Anyone have any ideas? Any help appreciated. Error messageNo published landing page exists