Find the position of the main Mysql binary log in the Slave binary log

I have a mysql master / slave replication configuration and I like to know the bit position in the slave where it has executed the master request. I have log_slave_updates enabled on slave. So, is this the right process?

On the master, I show the status of the master and it says mysql-bin.000001, 45408621 (suppose that's the position in which I want to know its equivalent in the binary log of the slave).

Then I make a mysqlbinlog on the mysql-bin.000001 of the master, and I look for this position 45408621 which will be this one

            at 45408621
# 190620 17:39:21 server id 118 end_log_pos 45408704 CRC32 0x481aab34
# Position Type of time stamp Master ID Size Master Pos Flags
# 2b4e16d 39 27 0c 5d 02 73 00 00 00 53 53 00 00 c0 e1 b4 02 08 00
# 2b4e180 9b 87 1b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 27 00 00 00 00 | ................ |
# 2b4e190 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 06 06 73 73 74 | ............. std |
# 2b4e1a0 03 02 00 01 00 04 21 00 21 00 21 00 05 06 53 59 | .............. SY |
# 2b4e1b0 53 54 45 4d 65 62 00 42 45 47 49 4th 34 ab 1a 48 | STEMeb.BEGIN4..H |
# Request thread_id = 1804187 exec_time = 0 error_code = 0
SET TIMESTAMP = 1561077561 / *! * /;

Then on the slave, I ran mysqlbinlog on its last binary log (for example, mysql-slave-bin.000001) and grep for "17:39:21" and the thread id of 1804187, and I get this.

            # to 12506
# 190620 17:39:21 server id 118 end_log_pos 12574 CRC32 0x0802ae3f
# Position Type of time stamp Master ID Size Master Pos Flags
# 30da 39 27 0c 5d 02 73 00 00 00 44 44 00 00 of 31 December 00 00 08 00
# 30ed 9b 87 1b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1a 00 00 00 00 | ................ |
# 30fd 00 00 01 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 00 03 02 00 01 00 | ................ |
# 310d 04 21 00 21 00 21 00 00 42 42 47 47 49 4th 3f ae 02 | ........ BEGINNING ... |
# 311d 08 | |
# Request thread_id = 1804187 exec_time = 0 error_code = 0
SET TIMESTAMP = 1561077561 / *! * /;

Can I conclude that the position of the master (mysql-bin.000001, 45408621) is equal to the position of the slave (mysql-slave-bin.000001, 12506) in the slav
The binary log of e?

And if it's the right process, is there a simpler way to do it? Maybe someone has already written a script for this?

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On a photo taken with a main lens, what is the cause of the "zoomed" appearance of the bokeh?

This is just an enlightened guess that I have never tested or seen specifically tested with lenses that have been heavily corrected to account for the curvature of the field and the astigmatism, which are intimately related.

Most of the highly corrected field-curvature objectives are used for macro work or for two-dimensional flat document / artwork reproduction (or for very good results on flat test diagrams at close distances so that the seller can declare that they possess the clearest possible goal his class. ") In such cases, the aesthetic properties of the background blur are not a primary consideration when the design of the lens.

Lenses with uncorrected or under-corrected field curvature often also show sagittal astigmatism. The two elements combined, especially when they are used on a medium wide lens with a very large aperture resulting in mechanical vignetting, can produce a type of "swirly" bokeh often called "Petzval effect".

Most lenses that give such a "swirly bokeh" involve a form of mechanical vignetting.

enter the description of the image here

The large opening to the left presents a mechanical vignetting, when all the entrance pupil is not visible due to the fact that the body of the lens blocks a part of it from an area to always finding in the field of vision of the lens. Even without any appreciable amount of field curvature or astigmatism, such a lens will demonstrate a "cat-eye" bokeh.

enter the description of the image here

Add to the equation an uncorrected field curvature, as well as a scene with many blurry reflections, such as the shining sky behind the foliage, and the "swokely bokeh" effect.

enter the description of the image here

What is this swirly bokeh technique and how can I achieve it?
What is the cause of this non-uniform bokeh effect?

If, on the contrary, the lens is strongly corrected for the curvature of the field in order to give it a more or less flat focus field¹ and that it also has tangential astigmatism, it seems to me that the shape of the bokeh would be stretched in a radial direction from the center of the lens, as shown in the example picture included in the question. By strongly correcting the curvature of the field, the astigmatism can go from sagittal (as when FC is not corrected) to tangential. If the sagittal MTF value is greater than the tangential FTM value, the tangential lines will be more blurred than the sagittal lines and will therefore be spread over a larger area in the direction perpendicular to these tangential lines.

enter the description of the image here

What most of us regard as a "good" bokeh, in terms of the quality of the fuzzy reflections, results from a lens design that leaves the curvature of the field and / or spherical aberration under-corrected or not. This means that such an objective will not be suitable for other types of photography, such as landscapes or architecture, when we wish a good sharpness up to the edge of the frame.

The classic example is the Canon EF 85 mm f / 1.2 L II. What gives him such a big bokeh, is the uncorrected field curvature that he shows. This makes it a totally inappropriate target for flat reproduction jobs or for flat test cards, as the focus field at the edges and in the corner will be considerable in front of the flat subject when the center of the goal is perfectly developed. above. If you want to take a perfect shot from a flat test pattern, the $ 350 EF 350/350 EF filter will absolutely clean the floor with the EF 85mm f / 1.2L filter at $ 2,000. But when you want this bewitching bokeh on the edges of a portrait, nothing like the 85 / 1.2!

¹ Keep in mind that most lenses have some field curvature. The focus field is not a perfectly flat plane, even with a lens theoretically perfectly manufactured. Highly corrected targets depending on the curvature of the field, such as many macro lenses, retain a focus that is more like a lens lasagna noodles than a flat plane. They are not perfectly flat, they are simply flatter than uncorrected or less corrected lenses. To learn more about the intricacies of the field of concentration, I recommend you read Roger Cicala's excellent series on this subject:
Have fun with the concentration field, part 1
Fun with Field of Focus II: Variation from copy to copy and objective test

What are the main changes of the June 2019 google broad core update?

What are the main changes of the June 2019 google broad core update?

lightroom – Smart sync preview of main catalog

I'm using Lightroom Classic with a main catalog approach (compared to a multiple catalog) for my work.
I do not store any RAW files on my local hard drive. Everything is stored on multiple HD disks (2 HD hard drives, 2 large USB drives and a NAS).


  1. Is there a way to synchronize with Adobe's cloud only intelligent preview
    of the catalog of a folder and / or a specific reader? Until here if I do
    Export the folder as a catalog, it will also try to copy the RAW files.
  2. Currently, the synchronization is on "waiting for connection". Preferably
    the file is set to nothing. I do not want it to sync with my RAW
    (large catalog)

My goal:
I only want a subset to be able to work on multiple platforms via smart preview and return to the main catalog of the host to perform the RAW file export. Ideally, I would like to modify my iPad via Lr Mobile only via smart preview or a subset with e / e – then export only to the host.

What are the main things I can do to increase brand awareness?

What are the main things I can do to increase brand awareness?

From now on, Google will announce in advance future updates of the main algorithm.

It looks like they're doing it to prevent the SEO community from giving their updates incorrect / unfavorable names.

Two reliable sources to watch for future update announcements:

Will they also announce WHAT will be their updates? Not sure. Stay tuned!

The main problem with MyBB | Promotion Forum

I like the MyBB software, but the problem comes from these login errors, when the theme is not compatible with the latest update. It's so irritating – that I switch to phpBB for some of my free forum software projects.

Whatever it is, it is unfortunate because I like MyBB better in most cases.

usability – Change the main screen / product section according to the user's progress with the product

The addition of mentors as the main screen after the registration is correct, many platforms do the same to customize the experience for the user. For example, Pinterest asks the user to select topics of interest before moving on to post relevant publications for the user.

In your case, adding mentors from the beginning seems reasonable, but a little too much to ask users. It would be great if the user knew the mentor in advance, but choosing a mentor without knowing it seems like a very difficult task (reviewing the mentor, his background, etc.) to start from the beginning.

This is acceptable for Pinterest because the cost is low and the choices are easy, but choosing the wrong mentor leads to higher costs and the choice is more difficult. Maybe too difficult for a user for the first time, resulting in a fall. Of course, if the user does not have the choice or already pays for the service, the problem is less serious, but remains an arduous task. It depends on your situation. You can add messaging to ensure that users can change their mentors at any time, or simply send them to a generic progress screen, and ask them to select mentors. It depends on your product.

With regard to dashboards that track your progress, there are many examples in language learning applications such as Duolingo. For applications with a progression, dashboards should inform the user of their current status or what is happening. The complexity depends on your product, but ask yourself what are the most common goals when connecting and insert these features into the dashboard.

enter the description of the image here