#text at the start of each page, before the main content block

If you check my website (website), you can see the problem immediately, I can't locate this #text anywhere …
I hope someone can help me with this frustrating problem that I have encountered!

I don't know what else to say if all is well.

Thanks in advance!

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8 – Update the packages in conflict with the main update

First, make sure your composer version is not fixed (for example drupal / core: 8.7.10):

composer require drupal/core:^8.7.10

This will update to its latest version (for example 8.7.11) but will also ensure that you can progress later. To see which projects would cause problems, run:

composer prohibits drupal/core:8.8.0

This will result in a list:

typo3/phar-stream-wrapper (^3.1.3)
typo3/phar-stream-wrapper (but v2.1.4 is installed)

Then you can make sure to update the package:

composer require typo3/phar-stream-wrapper:^3.1.3

Then update like this:

 composer update drupal/core typo3/phar-stream-wrapper pear/archive_tar

What is the main measure to use to assess a classification model for the learning data set that is very unbalanced?

The model should be created in Azure ML using automated machine learning

automation – What is the best way to implement a command line application for the main asp.net web application?

I have a basic asp.net web application based on CRUD. I would like to implement a separate console application for us. Same functionality CRUD.EfCore + MySql.
We would like to implement something like this.

How login would work?
Using env variables
export TAIKUN_USER=username
export TAIKUN_PASSWORD=password
export TAIKUN_URL=someurl


taikun project create --name test --kubespray-version v.2.12.0
taikun project delete --name test
taikun project list
taikun project user add tom
taikun project user delete tom
taikun project mgmt add avengers
taikun project mgmt remove avengers

I found this library and this approach. But I don't know if this is a simplified way for this. I would somehow like to make a request to my backend methods and create features that I mentioned above. Something similar to postman and looking like the CLI command line.
Is this a good resource for this? Or ideas? Thanks in advance.

Master – Main configuration on Postgresql 10 + Ubuntu 18.04 + Pgpool II

Anyone have experience setting up Pgpool II with Postgresql 10 on Ubuntu 18.04?

I am trying to configure Master – Master setup on Postgresql 10 + Ubuntu. I am trying to use Pgpool II

I will have two or more primary DB servers running on different IPs and my goal is synchronized with each other.

I am looking for open-source solution [s] Your thoughts, suggestions and experiences are welcome.

SQL server – Must a connection be created on the MSSQL Always On replica before being granted roles on the main server?

Consider a SQL Server connection MyLogin which exists on PrimaryServer but no SecondaryServer in a permanent availability group. MyLogin has a number of roles already assigned.

If the connection MyLogin is created later on SecondaryServer using the hashed password and SID of PrimaryServer, will it automatically have the same roles on the mirrored database on SecondaryServer?

Is it important that authorizations were granted on the database on the PrimaryServer before creating the connection on SecondaryServer?

laravel – redirects to the subdomain after logging in to the main URL

I'm developing a system Multi-tenant through a sub-domain and on the home page (main domain) you will be able to log in.
Until now, the registration of the company is linked to the user, the user when logging into the main domain, I take the field where the name of the subdomain.

Then comes the doubt, how can I redirect to the subdomain belonging to this client? I have already searched the Laravel documents and searched the Internet, but I have found nothing. Can anyone help me?

Here is an example of system settings:

1 – The client registers in the main domain meusite.com.br, does the registration and puts as it wants the name of the subdomain, ex: xxx.meusite.com.br.

2 – He can access the sub-domain he has chosen as well as the connection button on the meusite.com.br. At this point, once the client is connected, redirect to its subdomain with the authorized connection.

How can I develop the website search structure of certain links in Google search results on the main keyword of the website?

Please check this snapshot. How can I build the structure of my website like that is startegy?

enter description of image here

How can I find the only main bookmark in Mercurial?

I am very confused in what I did with this mercurial repository … I reversed a commit and after that I could never have a "unique" structure in my repository again. Can someone help me?

hg newspaper

672 [advice]: 670 671 9abd695c57ee 2020-02-14 10:01 +0100
commit before

671 [localgit / master] [master]: 669 02169eecd8d0 02/13/2020 17:15 0100
script to subscribe shared streams

670 922dcfabbc33 2020-02-13 15:34 +0100
script to subscribe feeds

669 [localgit / functionality] [functionality] 126caa38767f 2020-02-13 10:22 +0100
debug the algosec connection

hg heads

changeset:   672:9abd695c57ee
tag:         tip
parent:      670:922dcfabbc33
parent:      671:02169eecd8d0
user:        grigoli
date:        Fri Feb 14 10:01:37 2020 +0100
summary:     commit before
hg branches

default                      672:9abd695c57ee

hg bookmarks

   feature                   669:126caa38767f
   master                    671:02169eecd8d0

post-treatment – What is the main cause of posterization

I did post-processing and came to the point where the gradient in the sky turned into areas separated by sharp borders, which I believe to be a classic example of posterization.

First of all, I thought that this would be easily resolved by a local reduction in sharpness. However, this border of separation only somewhat blurred, the areas preserved.

Then I deleted all the things I had done, one at a time, but whatever I do, I can't restore the gradient.

Who should be the first to look for in these circumstances?