google play services – Leaderboard broke Ads from displaying? | Game Maker Studio 2

In my game I want to add leaderboards to it so people can see the highest score and compete for it. My game was displaying ads correctly before adding the leaderboard code. I followed these 2 tutorials to add leaderboards to my game:

From adding leaderboards to my game, it has stopped the advertisements from displaying. I don’t understand why?

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❕NEWS – Maker Of Zcash Launches Educational Program For Crypto | NewProxyLists

The maker of Zcash Electric Coin Company launched a new educational training called “Crypto in Context” which will teach people about cryptocurrency. Popular exchanges like Gemini and Binance are also participating. Crypto in Context is also looking forward to hosting educational events around the world. They are planning to offer crypto lessons to the poor and needy.

Android Build Failing Game Maker Studio 1.4

In Game Maker Studio 1.4 I’m trying to export my game to Android API 29. Whenever I start to compile, the build fails because the API 28 support library is too low for the Target API 29. I have the latest Android Studio and SDK’s installed. I don’t know how to fix it.

Here’s a pic of my target sdk settings:

Setting SDK's

Here’s my lint file saying what the error is:
Lint Report Error

Score won’t save to Android in Game Maker Studio 1.4

I have oController as the first object to run when the game is opened. In oController’s Game Start event
I have the following code:

ini_open(working_directory + "SavedScores.ini");
var highscores = ini_read_real("Highscores", "Score", 0);

global.LastScore = highscores;

When the player has gotten their score, I use this code to save it:

if global.gameOver {
    if global.LastScore == 0 {
        global.LastScore = global.currentScore;
        ini_open(working_directory + "SavedScores.ini");
        ini_write_real("Highscores", "Score", global.LastScore);
    } else {
        if global.currentScore > global.LastScore {
            global.LastScore = global.currentScore;
            ini_open(working_directory + "SavedScores.ini");
            ini_write_real("Highscores", "Score", global.LastScore);

Whenever I relaunch the game on my phone, it won’t load the score I got when I previously launched the game. Idk why it’s not saving?

Technocare FRP | Money Maker Discussion

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According to Japanese legend… | Money Maker Discussion

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character creation – Does Tool Expertise and Wonder Maker stack?

I have a Rock Gnome Artificer, which grants Tool Expertise, but I want to take the Wonder Maker feat. Do you add +3 for proficiency, +3 because of Tool Expertise, and +3 because of Wonder Maker when doing a tinker’s tools check?

Tool Expertise

Starting at 3rd level, your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses your proficiency with a tool.

Starting at 6th level, your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses your proficiency with a tool.

Wonder Maker

When you make a check using your proficiency with tinker’s tools, you add double your proficiency bonus to the check.