What is Link Cloaking?

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The connection envelope is the way to hide the subsidiary login URL, given by a member program, to confuse your sub-division ID and shorten the connection. This secures your associated payments by making the rejection ID less obvious and making the connection more visible to customers.


Ways to hire the best iOS app development company

It is really important to hire professionals in the field because they have years of experience in developing applications for clients. In addition, they built applications in various niches. It's not a secret that the average cost of developing apps varies by location


Always make sure that the hired company always creates high quality applications. To verify this fact, one can check the applications created by the team in the past. You can also consult the company's portfolio. Get the links from the app that they have developed and see if there are any bugs or download issues in the app.


Customers of the iOS application development company should be very satisfied with the quality and expertise of the company's team members. It's the expertise that matters most in the professional development of applications for clients.


It is the transparent communication on the part of the company that should allow you to choose a company. Ask them first if they would be able to communicate at the times when you are most comfortable talking to them at your time zone. Also check what is your preferred means of communication, such as Skype, WhatsApp and other interaction channels.


The team of the company must be ready to solve all the technical and non-technical problems that may arise in the iPhone application. They must be experts in SWIFT coding and other programming languages ​​and the XCode structure needed to build applications. This service should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Not only must the company meet all the design and development needs for iOS application development needs, but a team of experts must also check the quality of the application before you transmit it to the customer. This is the most ignored step, but the most important, which has a great impact on the quality of the applications and the user experience.


A ♪♪♪♪♪ vs IOS

We have seen the factors that would help choose the platform to use for your first mobile applications, the sad truth remains: there is no yes or no answer to the platform with which startups have to go among the market share of Aan vs ios us.

However, although we have trouble finding you an answer to 'An ♪♪♪♪♪ vs iOS: which platform should be chosen by the startups', we give you the answer to the question "When."

When should startups choose iOS first

If you want to integrate the target demographics of the app store, you need to put the first mobile application of your startup on iOS, spending your expenses in an iPhone application development company. Plus, if you're not influenced by the ability of an app to like and be moved to the home screen, the less fragmented world of Apple can s & # 39; Prove useful because you will not have to waste time creating your app for multiple devices.

The advantages of concentration and the ability to generate high revenues make the development of iPhone applications advantageous for business.

When should startups choose An- ♪♪♪♪♪ First

You should start with An- ♪♪♪♪♪ if your audience is not focused on a specific place. Plus, if there are lots of customization basics in your mobile app, use An ♪♪♪♪♪. The benefits of the scope and customization provided by the platform make it almost indispensable for companies to have an An ♪♪♪♪♪ application.

When do startups need to choose both An An and iOS
Vs iOS: what platform that start-ups should choose for the first mobile application also have a third option, one that ends the confusion between iPhone or An – Launch the application on An ♪♪♪♪♪ and on iOS.

If the selection is to be chosen as a solution by companies with sufficient time and money, you need to invest in mobile application development companies that specialize in the development of multiplatform applications in order to seize the opportunity to enjoy the best of all.

Now that we have seen everything – The factors that affect the choice of iOS vs iOS for startups and situations in which we consider that one is better than the other – now is the time to answer a very futuristic and logical question – When does a company have to go from one platform to another?

When does your startup need to extend from one platform to another?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that your application uses all the advantages of the current platform. If your app has reached a point where it now generates constant revenue from the App Store, expand it to Play Store for greater reach.

If your An ♪♪♪♪♪ app has gained enough followers on the Play Store, increase the extent of monetization by directing it to the App Store.



Web applications greatly facilitate decision making and improve many aspects of business management. The Web is no longer just a marketing tool for businesses; Proper use of software can also significantly reduce your expenses. Web-based business applications are software applications that can increase the reach, integration, and efficiency of your business processes. Companies developing applications reduce their operating costs, increase their revenues and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Web applications have the power to streamline business functions, with automatic generation, supply chain management, database management, and more. It allows businesses to present users with a dynamic website that can provide the best customer service. By providing e-commerce store solutions and effective management of an online business, companies can reach global reach and grow exponentially.

Every business has a huge amount of data and information that needs to be stored, managed, and recovered. Systematic data management and maintenance have become essential. A custom database Web application allows you to store and retrieve data at any time. In addition, the use of databases has led to the development of new methods of effective business management.

A content management system is an application that facilitates the creation and distribution of content. You no longer need separate software to update the content of your site, you can easily change the content of the site with an Internet connection. The system helps users create, organize, and efficiently manage content-rich websites. By simplifying the web publishing process, content management systems eliminate the need for costly site maintenance and allow you to manage the content yourself.

Enhancements, customizations, end-to-end implementations, and application development integration are made possible through the use of a software framework. The frameworks are designed to support the development of dynamic websites, applications, and web services. Commonly used platforms such as PHP, Java, .NET and RIA are very efficient and offer many advantages.

Like any development process, website development requires proper business planning from the start. Custom Software Lab can help you evaluate, plan and design the web project of your dreams with small and medium businesses. Custom Software Lab, which offers web application consulting services, will help you manage your business across multiple services, including marketing, sales, human resources and many other functional areas. Custom Software Lab is a web development company with extensive experience in providing Web-based business application services using the latest and most reliable technologies.

The Custom Software Lab's expert team has extensive experience and an understanding of the finest nuances of all aspects of web development. Understanding your need to improve efficiency to stay competitive in the global market, Custom Software Lab ensures that web-based business applications become a valuable tool for your business. A highly skilled web application engineer at Custom Software Lab can provide you with effective and scalable solutions to meet your business needs. With a solid foundation in a variety of web application platforms, Custom Software Lab is your one stop shop for developing quality and cost effective web applications.

Custom Software Lab allows you to use multilevel applications and ensures that your hierarchical architecture needs will be managed by professionals capable of creating scalable and efficient multilevel applications according to your needs. Custom Software Lab specializes in creating multiple tiers, such as the front-end Web server serving static content, application servers such as Java / J2EE, ASP.net, the PHP platform, and a web-based application. Dorsal database composed of a database management system.

The application integration solution designed by Custom Software Development Company ensures that your current investments in Legacy remain unscathed. This is made possible by the integration of information with new systems, technologies and custom applications. Custom Software Lab installs a high impact integration solution that will improve the speed and quality of the consumer response. Rapid response is crucial in today's market, and with traditional application integration provided by Custom Software Lab, you can also be the first to market your products and services.


Why AngularJS is the perfect framework for dynamic web applications

It is today one of the most used JavaScript frameworks. Here are some of the good reasons that make the setting so popular and powerful. Custom Software Development Company uses angular js to develop a dynamic web application.

1. The modular architecture of AngularJS makes the frame very powerful

AngularJS has a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, which is best suited for creating dynamic Web applications with rich content. The framework divides logic, processes, and the user interface into separate modules, making development easy, simple, and flawless, while dramatically improving code quality.

The modular architecture improves the architecture of applications and improves flexibility and functionality without compromising stability. It helps developers create powerful workflows and achieve powerful results with little effort.

Developers working on a modular infrastructure to create fully responsive single-page applications need to do very little manipulation on JS and HTML to achieve different results. Very few changes are needed to ensure that the rendering of the page differs across devices and platforms. In addition, the changes involve rearranging the modules rather than modifying with the code itself, providing better stability. Developers can also segment pieces of code, simplifying test, update, and maintenance activities.

2. AngularJS is rich in resources

AngularJS is built on JavaScript and comes as a complete package, eliminating the complexity traditionally associated with JavaScript development. It offers everything the developer needs for the application to be operational. It is also very easy to co-opt libraries and third-party packages, which makes the presentation of data very attractive.

The multiple models, modules and UI effects proposed greatly enhance the user experience of utmost importance. AngularJS also offers several versatile, ready-to-use solutions, such as UI routing approaches, that make the task of personalization easier.

Developers can extend HTML templates by adding constructs to extend HTML functionality, facilitating an advanced approach to component management. In fact, it is possible to extend HTML vocabulary by implementing features even during runtime.

3. AngularJS exploits the power of simplicity

AngularJS makes the development of dynamic web applications simple and easy.

It is possible to add AngularJS to an HTML page easily, using a simple coding script. Application developers also do not need to add any libraries when writing code. They can add libraries later, which greatly facilitates changes and customizations. The improved and declarative user interface allows developers to create an eye-catching user experience through the application.

A normal application has more than 60 components and the project runs out of order. AngularJS makes it easy to manage and locate code for developers.

The AngularJS code is easy to understand and manage. The ease and simplicity make the development faster, but it also means that the client does not have to be linked to a developer who has developed the code initially. They can choose any developer according to the needs, depending on the specific nature of the problems encountered at mid-term.

4. AngularJS facilitates accelerated development

Today's developers are always pressed for time. AngularJS is a boon as it offers a powerful tool to get the job done very quickly. The modular capabilities of AngularJS facilitate parallel development, reduce dependencies on other modules and accelerate time to market.

The modular structure of AngularJS makes it easy to reuse the code. Each module created remains independent or dependent on each other, depending on the preferences of the developer, which facilitates the reuse of the code. Developers can co-opt their previously built components into a new application, avoiding extensive editing. A simple copy-and-paste of an existing component into a new one will make all assets available automatically.

AngularJS also lets you modify the behavior of HTML tags to create customizable and reusable tags. This not only makes the code more readable and faster to create, but also helps the development of a web application without problems.

AngularJS also comes with real-time and integrated modules to enable in-depth and functional testing for each module built. The modular structure means that the segments and modules requiring testing can be treated separately, the rest remaining unchanged.

5. AngularJS exploits the power of the crowd

Popularity brings its own benefits. This allowed AngularJS to build an active and dynamic developer community, always ready to solve the most advanced problems. Developers can easily tap into the power of the crowd to find the right solution to their pressing problems.

AngularJS is today the most popular framework for developing video streaming applications on demand, applications with many dynamic features such as travel applications, weather update applications requiring interactive display. and real-time activities, interactive applications for user reviews and other applications, applications. with a lot of user-generated data, applications dealing with huge data loads, and so on. Some of the most popular interactive applications on the Internet, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Upwork.com and others, are developed with the help of AngularJS. However, the framework draws its strength from a large number of small-scale developers, who find it perfectly suited to their needs.


What you need to know about design choices SACRIFICING SOFTWARE SECURITY

Whether for software design, for the Web, or for any of the popular desktop or mobile platforms, many developers do not consider how their design selections can affect security. their application.

Some bad design choices are made because of a time limit or the need to create a "user-friendly" application. Some bad design choices are due to the fact that developers only understand the security requirements of the application or because they depend on third-party partners for certain features of their application.

Below you will find an explanation of how each choice causes security problems. We will also explain how a software architect can avoid these security disadvantages. The mobile application development company is concerned about following things when designing a mobile application.

1. You do not use a secure design checklist

When many developers design and develop an application, they are working on developing an application to perform the task at hand. They usually work in the allotted time and, as the project progresses, security can sometimes become an afterthought, an issue to be solved once the application is properly performing its task.

Never approach software design with security as a secondary requirement, but still design the application with security as the primary requirement. Security is about understanding what problems you can solve and understanding the problems for which you can not do anything. A secure design checklist can help you achieve this goal.

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices site provides an excellent example of what a secure design checklist should include. Although Redmond has "removed" this list, it is nevertheless an excellent framework for creating your personal design checklist.

2. You can not think like a bad guy

Never forget that, no matter what type of application you develop, someone will probably attempt to hack your code. Whether for pleasure or for profit, someone is there to help you. It is also important to avoid the attitude of "This application is secure because I develop it and I can not hack it!" You simply do not approach the code from the correct (in) point of view.

Software security would be enhanced if every designer, developer and manager was more confident about the possibility than someone "wants to get them".

Try to secure the software with the same state of mind as a black hat hacker. Examine the code you develop with an eye on how design would create insecurities in your code. The feature you just added to recover the user experience can also enhance the experience of hacking.

Secure software design is essentially about guarding against attacks, exploits, and threats. Whenever possible, it's a good idea to use a hacker to look for faults in your application. Have them really pummel your code for security holes, and share how they exploited them.

3. You do not consider the attack surface of an application

Sliding features can be one of the most important contributors to the insecurity of any mobile application. Even though it would be nice to include every feature that you or your customer can think about, always approach the features from a security perspective before running additional features.

For example, although a search feature or a help feature is always suggested for any application, especially web applications, consider requiring a user to log in before activating it. these features. By limiting a help or search function to authorized users only, you limit the overall likelihood of an attack.

The attack of an application can also be increased using APIs or third-party services. A mobile app is as secure as making cloud service security or security related to the connection of your weakest partner. If the partners have security vulnerabilities, your application has security vulnerabilities.

4. You forget that small vulnerabilities represent a great vulnerability

By paying attention to small security flaws in your application, you avoid that they combine to create a hole big enough for a bad guy to drive a truck.

Small vulnerabilities may not seem important in the big diagram, but each unsafe "straw" adds weight to the back of your security camel. Hackers can take advantage of any security vulnerability and many have a real talent for linking enough vulnerabilities to create a huge number of problems.

When you design and develop your application, deal with small security issues and you will find that you will face far fewer security issues down the line.

5. You do not talk about future code exploits

Building security in your software from the beginning is the best way to guard against possible exploits that the industry is not yet aware of. The bad guys could even use two features that, in themselves, do not provide a foothold, but by combining, they could open a hole.

No application is ever really "finished". I have not yet developed or updated any software that does not require an update, it is necessary to fix bugs, to offer features or to repair the back. camel. Always incorporate security into all phases of your development, whether during initial development or bug fixes.


All about custom software development

What's a bespoke software?

Custom software (also called custom software) is an application developed specifically for your company or organization to meet its specific needs. This type of software is designed for a single customer or a group of customers who decides on its functions and the solutions it will propose.

1) Optimization of business processes

The majority of organizations cater to custom software developers to optimize internal processes. Whether it's a simple database for a small business or a complex solution for a large enterprise, "tailor-made" presupposes that the application will solve all the problems of his client.

2) invention

The ability to organize internal processes is a medium to success. Although a custom software development company can design a special solution, you are also participating in the process by suggesting the necessary options. Thus, a bespoke application will partially or fully represent your invention, showing your creative approach to old business problems.

3) status

And an invention is always something to brag about. The development of custom software therefore indicates your status and insists that you treat your business seriously.

4) reliability

A bespoke software is not a "luxury product", but it does require infusions of money. This allows you to establish yourself as a trusted partner because it shows that you care about your business.

5) Uniqueness

Companies do not tolerate similarities. you must stand out from the crowd. If a company looks like the others, it will disappear sooner or later. A customized solution proves your uniqueness for the market and your offbeat approach.

6) adaptability

With this type of software, you can have exactly what you want, not what the market forces you to buy. Adapt the tools and the means to the objectives and the ambitions of your company, and not the opposite.

7) Compatibility

Ready-made solutions are not always adaptable to the applications you use. Customized software assumes complete compatibility with your current equipment.

8) Exclusivity

What is good for your competitor will not work for you in the same way. Thus, you get the necessary features developed exclusively for you and gain in superiority over your competitors.

9) Flexibility

Custom software makes a business more flexible and adaptable to change, which is important in the era of rapid technological development and economic turmoil.

10) security

If you can not rely entirely on the opinion of your software development partner or if you want to manage everything yourself, custom solutions will meet your needs. In addition, with the growing problem of cybersecurity, you can control and set the level of security you need.

11) Profitability

Finally, you can get the license for your custom software and sell it. In other words, the money you invest in development will come back to you.

So now, when you know what a custom software is and when to use it, no vendor will be able to fool you with five dollar words. You just do not want to stone them. But if you want to know more about custom software development, do not hesitate to ask us for more details.


What are the benefits of web development with MEAN Stack Development?

In today's very small world, all businesses, large, small or established, or just a start-up, need a strong digital presence. To do this, there are several ways. Average stack, for the moment, is a popular approach.

MEAN is essentially an abbreviation of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. All of these technologies are open source, individual JavaScript technologies that together can provide a highly competent JS framework.

More and more recent web applications are being manufactured from MEAN. If you plan to use a mobile application development company to create your web applications, you have a good reason to do so.

Advantages of MEAN Stack Development

Easy to switch between client and server
Having a common language allows you to effortlessly switch between the client side and the server side. You no longer need a third party server like Apache. Instead, Node.js allows the developer to open the application on the server.
That's why most people refer to the MEAN stack as being simple and quick to use.

It's also very flexible!

Now, what does flexibility mean in this context? This means that MEAN allows you to do more things that simply act as a platform for developing web applications.

For example, with MEAN, you can host the application on a cloud if you want to test the web application after development.

In addition, MongoDB, the database system used in MEAN, is a system designed for the cloud. Once in the cloud, it provides automatic sharing and cluster support on all servers.

The fastest wao come with an MVP
MVP is a viable minimum product. In most cases, it includes the product (in this case a Web application) with its preliminary set of features.

These are the most needed features that customers are looking for.

A development company MEAN Stack will ensure you achieve the MVP as soon as possible.

This is due to the fast nature of the frame.

MVP – Minimum viable products

An ever-growing online community
Mean is a highly reputed framework that has proven effective for many developers around the world.

Many enthusiastic developers working with MEAN have created a strong and useful online community. You only need Google to understand how comprehensive the solutions are and how tightly connected they are.

This is only due to the fact that MEAN Stack is a proven tool for developers and you have to opt for it without any inhibition. In fact, from small businesses to tech giants, everyone uses Node.js.

Allows isomorphic coding

One of MEAN's major assets is that it allows developers to move from one framework to another. The code will always work exactly as expected.

Isomorphism is a rather interesting feature for a web development platform, which really distinguishes MEAN. In addition, this makes the platform more reliable and more attractive to the uninitiated.

Supports MVC architecture

The model view architecture is an architectural plan for the implementation of a user interface of applications.
To integrate the MVC architecture, your application will need to be divided into 3 interconnected parts. This separates the internal representation of the information from the way the user will see it.

This essentially allows the MEAN Stack development team to maintain a high level of productivity.

Help with quality assurance

A web application built with MEAN will support automated testing. So, whenever a feature goes down, the developers will have instant knowledge.

One of the fundamental reasons why companies hire is that the battery developer controls the quality becomes easy. In fact, the best way to check quality assurance is to integrate it into the development phase, as does MEAN.