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GoogleBot making POST requests – Webmasters Stack Exchange

Why did GoogleBot start last Friday to POST requests on a page? I can see in the log file (just an example, there were about 10,000 entries over the weekend – the URL in the log is changed): - - [15/Jul/2019:08:34:53 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:35:06 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:35:18 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:35:20 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:35:34 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16731 ​​"" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // .html) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:35:45 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:35:46 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:36:00 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) " - - [15/Jul/2019:08:36:10 +0000] "POST / Contact / HTTP / 1.1" 200 16730 "" "Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Googlebot / 2.1; + http: // ) "

Would setting the index / nofollow page help stop this behavior?

Fun side knot: this page uses Google recaptcha V3. So, in Google's recaptcha statistics, I can see about 95% of the incorrect queries (they seem to come from Googlebot itself).

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[ Politics ] Open question: After making fun of Trump, does the women's football team have a case to invite to the White House?

The liberal left will use it to make fun of Trump, conservatives, Christians and all the healthy people of this country that the left is vain to make fun of and denigrate because of their own immorality. Healthy people are respectful of their parents, country, people and gender without denigrating others.
Do you have this TB12? Tribeca thinks she's better than us and thinks it gives her a chance to make fun of Obama to make fun of whites and make fun of America.
Looks like everything is about the race card. Tribeca, you hate Trump because he's white.
Rapinoe said he took Kaepernick's side against white and racist white cops.

Apparently, you are not aware of the problem, but rather boring and narrow-minded. .

javascript – How to group a nested table, by making an object with a table inside?

I would like to retrieve user data with their linked portfolios in a table, but it brings as two tables.


I have 3 collections


"_id": ObjectId ("5d27b7ba5455a11eacdf164d"),
"first name": {
"first": "Alexssander",
"last": "Leal"
"user": {
"active": true,
"admin": false,
"email": "",
"password": "123456"

WALLETS – With two portfolios handed over to the user

"_id": ObjectId ("5d27fbf95a298d4470416f33"),
"members" : [
        "creator" : true, 
        "people_id" : ObjectId("5d27b7ba5455a11eacdf164d")
"name": "Fundo de investimentos",
"type_coins_id": ObjectId ("5d1ebbb44a2b012e343ff48c"), 

"_id": ObjectId ("5d280149b1e77444a013c86b"),
"members" : [
        "creator" : true, 
        "people_id" : ObjectId("5d27b7ba5455a11eacdf164d")
"name": "Bolsa esportiva",
"type_coins_id": ObjectId ("5d1ebbb44a2b012e343ff48c"), 


"_id": ObjectId ("5d1ebbb44a2b012e343ff48c"),
"name": "Real",
"abbreviation": "BRL", 

My code

let pipeline = [
        $lookup: {
            from: 'wallets',
            localField: '_id',
            foreignField: 'members.people_id',
            as: 'wallets'
    }, {
        $unwind: { path: '$wallets' }
    }, {
        $lookup: {
            from: 'type_coins',
            localField: 'wallets.type_coins_id',
            foreignField: '_id',
            as: 'wallets.type_coin'
    }, {
        $unwind: { path: '$wallets.type_coin'}

However, let's bring an array of duplicate users by changing only the wallet obj of each position.


"_id": ObjectId ("5d27b7ba5455a11eacdf164d"),
"first name": {
"first": "Alexssander",
"last": "Leal"
"user": {
"active": true,
"admin": false,
"email": "",
"password": "123456"
portfolios: [
        "_id" : ObjectId("5d27fbf95a298d4470416f33"), 
        "members" : [{
             "creator" : true, 
             "people_id" : ObjectId("5d27b7ba5455a11eacdf164d")
"name": "Wallet 1",
"type_coins_id": {
"_id": ObjectId ("5d1ebbb44a2b012e343ff48c"),
"name": "Real",
"abbreviation": "BRL",
"_id": ObjectId ("5d280149b1e77444a013c86b"),
"members" : [{
             "creator" : true, 
             "people_id" : ObjectId("5d27b7ba5455a11eacdf164d")
"name": "Wallet 2",
"type_coins_id": {
"_id": ObjectId ("5d1ebbb44a2b012e343ff48c"),
"name": "Real",
"abbreviation": "BRL",

If someone can help please ..
Thank you very much in advance

can I have problems with making sneaky comments to airport officers?

I am Arab and I live in Australia. Whenever I travel, without fail, I am trained in "random" control of explosives, whether at the national or international level, even when I travel with my white girlfriend aussie, they 're I will search, but not her, even if we are clearly together.

I can not do anything because it's the law, but can I at least make some sarcastic comments to the agent? or throw a dirty look?

Will I be in trouble? I do not like my rights and dignity being flouted over the years because of my color.

Does anyone know what are the best performances for developing and making WebService available in PHP?

Then I have a database with 5 tables. Do I need to create a web service with the full CRUD for each table? Would 20 PHP CRUD files or summarize in 5 files each for an array?

api design – How to intelligently discover and track significant changes in HTML with a C ++ / Qt backend, making it easier to extract and inject code?

Backstory (You can jump)

I work almost exclusively with Qt and with the design philosophy of

Expand everything as API

The particular practice of this question is the tracking of the members of the group, emitting signals whenever their value changes.

For example, here is a general way to treat class members with the philosophy of the API, namely that for each member, there are at least four components:

QUrl url (); // return a copy of m_Url

public niches:
void setUrl (URL QUrl); // A designated URL creator

void urlChanged (); // emit a signal whenever setUrl () is used

QUrl m_Url; // the object itself, with its protected state

This has worked very well for me so far, since as soon as I have to add features that depend on m_Url, I only have to do this:

connect (this, & MyClass :: urlChanged, & foo, & MyOtherClass :: doBar);

And this is reliable because, basically, at will always be a significant change, the perfect signal that informs me when to try the injection of JavaScript code. (Well, it's not really perfect.) Running conditions appear, making complicated and complicated code injection, one of the problems I would like to solve by designing a better API than the one I'm using. have now.)

Now, I must say that HTML and web development were not my original strengths in programming, and as such, I did not understand why these signals would exist:

But, there was no signal for htmlChanged. Instead, all you have is:

Which is a function that will capture the current state. I had to manually call him on a timer whenever I wanted to check for a change of state.

So that's what I did, and then I discovered that even the HTML code of a static web page, or at least the one I was working with, was constantly changing, in which the changes had not changed. no meaning, and that's why none of this signal has been included by Qt's developers.

The heart of the problem

So I know what you are saying, "significant is a subjective and situational term ", so let me define what I mean by significant

It's an excerpt of HTML code, say about 10,000 lines, the change I noticed on a webpage:

change in this

and returns to a constant loop. The fact that it comes back to the original state in a constant loop is what makes this change no Sensand for that matter, it's not something I know how to follow intelligently. My initial strategy of detecting each change in the html string and analyzing it over an interval seems to me to be a very bad approach.

And yet, that being said, I really need signals that will tell me the appearance of buttons or timer, to then inject JavaScript code that push buttons at the right time.

The fundamental questions

  • How I intelligently discover and follow significant changes in HTML? For example, suppose that a single value changes in an HTML document of 100,000 lines; Do I repair the entire document, compare it and find the change, or is there a way to avoid all that and correct the difference?

  • What API design philosophies, or existing APIs, should I use when interfacing with HTML, which will give me the correct signals for code injection or the right time for it? data extraction?

The answer should ideally take into account that the backend is Qt / C ++ oriented so that I can easily interface with the other libraries I depend on. I can do things like inject JQuery into the web page, or follow printfs and others. If that counts, the current engine I'm using is based on Chromium,

Thank you for making us the # 1 WHT Server Management Company!

Wizzadmin Server management
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cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk are the most used hosting control panels (CPs) in the industry. These control panels allow you to add users, email accounts, databases and manage many aspects of a hosting server. Hosting servers without a control panel can be difficult to configure and operate properly without the right experience. You have deadlines, needs and we have good experience. Trust WizzAdmin for complex tasks, issues, optimization and monthly server management.

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Unlimited number of tickets, administration hours, tasks, truly unlimited support for your server based on the Linux Control Panel.

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Our management team has 25 years of experience (so we have seen everything) and our administrators have no less than 3 to 5 years of experience in Linux and Windows web servers and hosting clients and servers. Our management team is made up of RHCE (Certified Red Hat Engineers) and all are excited and energetic to solve the hosting issues. Our strategy is to be big enough to offer our services at a competitive price, retain the ability to spend time learning your challenges and listening to you, and also have the agility and flexibility to act quickly enough. to provide effective solutions.

Here are some of the most common tasks entrusted to us:

  • Apache & MySQL optimization
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  • Fffmpeg and video tools
  • And much more.

Is this the right service for you?

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We can help you with a wide variety of server management tasks ranging from software installations and services to more complex tasks such as server migrations, vpn configuration, failover, backup services. disaster recovery or faulty / problematic, etc.

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Originally, I contacted wizzsolutions because I was interested in a server security service provided on an ad hoc basis. My contact with the team, especially with Michael, convinced me to sign up for a regular monthly subscription for help. I have looked around me and I have not found any better service for my Centos server plesk in the price range I am paying to Wizzsolutions. Our partnership has been around for several months and I wish Michael and his team a lot of success with the new WizzAdmin services.

We had experience with many management companies, but believe me, wizzadmins are superior to all those. They know what they are doing and I think they like their work. All the technicians are qualified and competent. They helped me and helped me beyond my expectations.
What else could I say, these guys are just great. And I'm really happy to stay with them.

We used WizzSolutions to configure a disaster recovery server to ensure high availability and availability. Their team is very competent and provides excellent support and sound advice.
Although they took a little longer than expected to provide the configuration, they did everything to put our systems into service and test them before delivery. They also helped us with tasks that were not even part of their services.
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Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Rome – More Money Making Opportunities

All roads lead to Rome. Ok, it's a classic for an article that explores the beauty and exuberance of the Eternal City, but if you're not alien to the journey, you know that one way or another, wherever you go, you will find yourself at Rome some point. Whether or not your visit to Rome is on your list of priorities is definitely something you should do with your life, because it was the capital of the world at one time, and we have every reason to prove it.

Modern Rome is a mixture of influences, where the urban drone collides with the eternal silence of ancient sites and you get an absolutely seductive result. Whatever your interests and passions, wherever you come from, you will find something for you in this city, be it fashion, gastronomy or always charming Italians. To that end, we present you the 10 best places to visit in Rome.

10. Piazza Navona

If you want to spend days walking in beautiful places often hidden with a unique charm, Rome is your city. Seeing that we try to cover the 10 best places to see in the Italian capital, we must mention Piazza Navona. This is one of the most tourist sites, it's true, but when you get there, you'll understand its appeal. This is one of the most important and well-known squares in Rome, and it has a rich history, since it was where the Domitian stadium was a few millennia ago. Formerly seen on sports events, Piazza Navona is now lined with small cafes and cozy restaurants (always crowded) that offer rest to tired travelers, provided they do not fear the noise of tourists. What makes this place more special than others are its beautiful fountains. The most appealing of these is the Four Rivers Fountain, which is not only large but also hypnotizing in its craftsmanship.

9. Villa Dei Quintili

If you want to see how high consuls and influential people lived in ancient Rome, visiting Villa of the Quintili will be a treat for you. It is not located in the heart of Rome, but rather on one of the countless roads leading to it. This villa was once the epicenter of political plans and intrigues, thanks to the fact that it belonged to the Quintili brothers, who accorded great esteem to Marcus Aurelius as to his esteemed advisers. However, times have changed, as has the emperor, which led Quintili to fall from grace and to be executed in his own home by order of the Emperor Commodus. Today, thousands of years later, when you arrive in this villa, you will see some incredibly well preserved Roman baths, not to mention the fact that whole buildings are still standing, proud to withstand the time that past. If you want to wander through a more peaceful landscape and feel the energy of the past, Villa Dei Quintili will be your cup of tea.

8. Capuchin Crypt

We are not talking about Capuchin monkeys here, in case you are wondering, but of the order of the Capuchin friars. This religious order has existed since the 16th century and they have dedicated their lives and deaths to their vision of the world, which we literally mean. Just below the church Santa Maria Della Concezione Dei Cappucciniare, six small chapels adorned with the bones of 3,700 brothers who served the order and died for him. Even though it is a bit weird and morbid, the Capuchin crypt shows how to turn the deceased's bones into works of art by simply organizing them in the right direction and, if in doubt, discover the crypt of the skulls. At bottom, this crypt is a vivid but macabre reminder that life is ephemeral and must be cherished as such. Keep in mind that taking pictures is strictly prohibited on this site.

7. Church of San Luigi Dei Francesi

If Italy does not miss things, it is her painters and her churches that they have transformed into artistic jewels by their brushstrokes. There are many sites throughout the country that must be visited to feel the energy that ancient artists put in their paintings and Rome is a great place to start. The Church of San Luigi Dei Francesi houses the Baroque art of Caravaggio, where you can find "The Call of St. Matthew", one of the most recognized works of the painter. If you are a fan of Caravaggio, this is a place not to be missed. An added benefit is that there is no admission fee. However, be aware that this church closes every day from 12:30 to 15:00, so you can plan your visits accordingly.

6. Trastevere District

We will speak in a few moments of some very touristy places in Rome, but we also want to devote our attention to more authentic and less populated areas of the Italian capital. The Trastevere district is much more discreet than the city center and you can be sure that you will have a better overview of real life in Rome by visiting this neighborhood. The jewel of Trastevere is the Church of Santa Maria, considered one of the oldest churches in the entire city of Rome. It's majestic and breathtaking and certainly worth a visit, as well as the entire Trastevere district.

5. Campo de 'Fiori

You have probably heard of Campo de Fiori, especially if you come to Rome to explore its nightlife, among others. This is a place that offers its visitors two completely different faces: one is the living and lush market during the day, and the other is the paradise of the bars that jump during the night. The market offers everything and anything to potential buyers, all you have to do is find it in the endless rows of suppliers. There are innumerable restaurants and all possible variants, from ice cream parlors to simple cafes, there is something for everyone. As night falls in the city, head to Campo de Fiori to discover how Italians are switching their night life and do not plan to leave before seeing the day again.

4. Vatican City

The city-state of the Vatican does not need to be presented because it is the heart of Roman Catholicism and not visiting it in Rome would be quite close to a crime. We do not say that from a religious point of view, but from a cultural point of view, because there is so much to see in the Vatican that you should spend a few days exploring this city of Rome. The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica are just the tip of the iceberg of the Vatican's museum treasures and you will be amazed by the beauty and knowledge you will find there. Whether you climb 323 steps to the top of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica to see all Rome in front of you or quietly admire Raphael Rooms, visiting the Vatican is an experience not to be missed.

3. Borghese Gallery

If you want to enjoy the splendor of Italian art, you should go to the Galleria Borghese. Although it is a little difficult to get the tickets (you have to book them in advance and their price is 11 euros), two hours to spend in this villa-museum are well worth it. The view itself looks like a castle with its amazing architecture and gardens surrounding it, but what is really worth visiting this museum are the masterpieces on display inside. Sculptures and paintings by big names such as Bernini, Rafael, Titian and Caravaggio will attract your attention and two hours await you during your exploration of Galleria Borghese.

2. Colosseum

Whoever goes to Rome takes a picture at the Colosseum, it is his tradition. This former gladiator stadium is located in the heart of Rome and there is no chance to miss it because it dominates the panorama and the queues are quite negligible. Thanks to its unusual architectural design and bloody history, it is virtually impossible for anyone coming to Rome to come and study it more closely. We strongly suggest that you reserve your tickets online to avoid queues and, whenever possible, ask a tour guide to discover the meaning of this place as it is well worth it.

1. Roman forum

Among so many curiosities of the eternal city, the Roman Forum rightly deserves the first place. If you are interested in modern Rome and all its wonders, then you have the whole city at your disposal, but the Roman Forum portrays the old glory of the city and it has a lot to show. First of all, there is no admission fee, which is a blessing in itself, but it is a minor advantage over the monumental remnants of old buildings, shrines and houses that you can see when you are walking around. The ruins may not seem very fun, but you will change your tone as soon as you come to the Roman Forum, knowing that its energy and unique beauty will be enough to hypnotize you for several hours. The remains of the Temple of Saturn, the Arch of Titus, the Basilica of Maxentius and the Forum of Trajan are just some of the grandiose monuments of the glorious bygone era. If you have any interest in the vast history of Rome, the Roman Forum is the place to visit.

As in any other capital, exploring Rome will take all your time and you'll always feel like you're not getting enough. These ten places are a good place to start your visit, but you certainly should not finish it here, but think outside the box and explore for yourself. – Theresa Brawner

Theresa Brawner is a 28-year-old fitness teacher from Boston, Massachusetts, who has written articles for, as well as for Blue Apron Deliveryin his free time. When she does not help new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen and work on new recipes.