Varnish making the administration ajax very slow

We are on Magento1.7 with Varnish + nginx + HHVM. The front of the website is fast, but on the administrator's side, AJAX calls will take a lot of time.
I've found that disabling Varnish makes the administration load fast, but I'm unable to understand why the polish is causing this problem. Please note that we are instructed not to cache the administrative part and yes, we have no cache problems, but the performance is killing us.
Please help me with a way to solve this problem.

Sort the list after making a python set

I have a list with names, there are repeated names, I want the list to be in the same order in which the items appear.

names = ["Rodrigo","Rodrigo","Alberto","Juan","Juan","Mario","Juan","Mario","Mario","Rodrigo","Juan"]
# deletes items that are repeated but not displayed,
set (names)
{"Alberto", "Juan", "Mario", "Rodrigo")

list (names of set)
>>['Rodrigo', 'Alberto', 'Mario', 'Juan']

My goal is to print the following:

>>['Rodrigo', 'Alberto', 'Juan', 'Mario']

It does not help me .sort () because it only alphabetizes, and I have to keep the same order in which the elements were stored

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5th dnd – Making attacks through a cage cage cage cage

It is clear that any weapon of a width greater than half an inch, in any dimension whatsoever, can not reach the bars. A half inch is rather small; most of the arrows and crossbows can not even pass through. Blowing needles and spells * are probably the only things you can pass through these bars without custom-designed weapons designed to shoot or reach such small spaces.

* and not even all spells, if they create a projectile of more than half an inch; it's about a centimeter and a half, so that's your favorite unit.

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unit – How to prevent a rigid body from making unnecessary collisions on smooth surfaces in Unity3d?

I had problems with a custom character controller that I make. The root of the problem lies in the collisions. I'm trying to create a motion code, but the ground movement is a problem for me. Pay attention to this gif. It may be difficult to notice because of the low frame rate, but the collider records collisions with objects (in red) that do not point off the ground. They share the same position as the ground. I've printed the normal collisions and there are many that are perpendicular to the normal ground (which blocks the rigid body).

The problem lies in the collisions in the unit. If I had to print the position y of the bottom of my collider, it would be just a little lower than the y position of the ground. The collider actually rests under the ground in an almost negligible amount (which is why it does not always come up against these objects).

Here is what I tried: I've created a function that runs at the beginning of each FixedUpdate () that uses the current collisions to change the y position of the rigid body. It only works on collisions that would have ground the player (which means that they are below the collider). The problem with this approach is that the same problem can occur with the walls, which means that the collider can get stuck on the walls. I can not create another function that would do the same for walls for a variety of reasons.

Here is what would solve the problem: I need help to know how to make the collisions more discreet in the unit. Colliders rest slightly below objects when they are above them. They can also "sink" a little in the walls. In other words, colliders can stay in other colliders and I need that to stop.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Is Bernie Sanders subject to Putin's blackmail, making him a Russian agent just like Trump?

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