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Recently, Remitano is holding a mini game to welcome a hot summer: Remitano Bounty event.


You guys just need to go to the notification, click on a button, do what the system asks you to do.


The game runs from 03/07 to 23/07/2020, with a prize pool of up to 1.000 XRP.


The prize is counted according to the total number of entries. For example, this game has 150 participants, then if the total of these 150 entries is 5000, the total prize will be 1.000 XRP. And this will be divided by the number of people awarded. This time, the system will choose the 100 luckiest people.



Join the game now to take free XRP to your pocket.


P/S: The more people play, the higher the reward will be.


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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be paid for all of your unused, yet paid internet bandwidth?

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The app is called Honeygain and is the first-ever app that enables individuals to earn money online by sharing their internet connection. It’s a platform that enables users to share their bandwidth with business clients for web intelligence and content delivery in a no-hassle and noninvasive method.

This is a fantastic concept and the app can be installed on Windows, Mac, and smartphones.

Great deals of individuals currently using the application, and they make good enough cash monthly.

Honeybee recommends that you use one device per IP address to receive the best revenue possible.

The app is designed in such a way that it will not use more than 10% of your available bandwidth at any given time. Having said that you need not have to worry about your internet slowing down while using this app.

I have the app running 24×7 on my machine and honestly, I do not see any difference in performance when it comes to browsing with or without the Honeygain app.

Why Honeygain?

(1)Ease of Use: You can install the app in less than 5 min on your smartphone or computer.

(2) Supportive Cause: By involving yourself with Honeygain you are helping the businesses that are geared towards creating a better future for everyone.

(3) Passive Income: You get paid for sharing your bandwidth.

Honeygain is a genuine company that pays the participants for their involvement. The payout happens as soon as you hit the min payout mark of $20 and takes 3-4 business days for them to approve the payment via PayPal. Please check the payout proof listed below for your reference.


So what are you waiting for? Click “HERE” and register for an account and start earning passive income without lifting a finger. If you join today you will also receive a $5 joining bonus instantly sent to your account.

Happy Earning!

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unity – Making pick up objects, with that have gravity

I am trying to create pickups, that appear after an enemy dies, and that the player can pick up, but I am running into some issues.

First of all, I want the pickups to be affected by gravity, so I need a rigidbody2d and a boxcollider2d (non-trigger), so this works.

enter image description here

Now, if I want to collect the pickups on contact, I need to make the layers for the loot and the player get in contact, so that they can interact.

enter image description here

Now, of course, I do not want to push the pickups around. I want to actually pick them up when I touch them, but the collider is not a trigger so I thought I would use OnCollisionEnter to handle this.

        void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D other)
            var loot = other.gameObject.GetComponent<ILoot>();

            loot?.PickUp(gameObject); // Destroys also the pickup

While this works, I am still using a non-trigger collider, which means that there are some physics effects that are not desired. For instance, when I “jump” onto the pickups.

enter image description here

Notice the subtle, but still present, slowdown in the fall, when the player enters in touch with the pickups?

How could I solve this issue??

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the BLM movement making themselves look really bad with all the protests?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the BLM movement making themselves look really bad with all the protests?

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Hello everybody, l’m here pour vous présenter aujourd’hui ce merveilleux site que j’ai découvert très récemment. Ceci est le site Grabbtc. Oui, comme son nom l’indique, c’est un site qui vous paie en btc. Les tâches à effectuer sont assez simples