web server – How properly manage several webapps on one domain nginx

as in title I’m trying to setup several webapps (nextcloud, roundcube) on one domain, let’s say example.com, without using cname subdomains. I installed webapps in default location /usr/share/webapps/ and I want this directory to be also my webroot server. How can I achieve effect like this:

example.com -> /usr/share/webapps/index.html
example.com/nextcloud -> /usr/share/webapps/nextcloud/
example.com/roundcube -> /usr/share/webapps/roundcube/

using (if possible) several nginx configurations file? For example, nginx config for nextcloud contains few server blocks while roundcube config from archwiki (server is running Arch Linux) is all written in one location block. How should look nginx configuration to make all this working and with option to easily add new webapps?

pathfinder 2e – Fall of Plaguestone: How to manage combat difficulty?

I’m new to Pathfinder and started it with my group on roll20 due to Corona. I have decade long gm experience in in games like DSA (Das Schwarze Auge) and Shadowrun but not for Dungeon Crawlers.

Long story short: We are playing the Fall of Plaguestone module and my group (Rogue, Sorcerer, Paladin and Priest) needed hard intervention from my part as not to die on multiple encounters. Since I still need to get a feel for the difficulty I’m not changing anything from the module and play it by the letter.

The group nearly died by: (contains spoilers)

The bear guarding the medicine bushes in Plaguestone, the wolfs in the tree-root-cave (no ranged attacks possible), the battle against the animals & minders at the pen (because of unlucky dice) and the fight against the blood-slime.

Enemies are totally able to one-hit my players with a critical hit and I feel the only reason they survive at all are the mighty resurrection possibilities of the priest (the 3 action heal). I’m looking for advice how to make the adventure more fun by not obviously saving my group, but also for other opinions on how difficult that module is.

The priest and the paladin are level 2, the others level 1. The others will level up after the next encounter as there is only a small XP difference.

I feel like the group struggles as a whole but the rogue is the weakest member in battle. The last fight (against the blood slime) was a total loss that had nothing to do with crits. In other fights I would say the crits are the problem but I’m not saying the dice are against my players.

sharepoint server – How do I create a search query by column name in Manage Result Sources?

I have a document library. And I wrote a query in the search that brought only the documents in this list. But in addition, I want a column-bound search in this list.

**There is a document library as shown in this example.

In the searches on the page, I only provide the fetching of these documents with a query.

However, I would like to search by column C for example.**

How can i do this?

enter image description here

dependency management – approach for manage dependencies of application

We have a lot of applications with their dependencies including ssis packages, sql scripts and other applications. other side, we have a lot of customers with diffrent conditions and statements.
our application have diffrent stack (java, .net core, python, web application, console and …) we deployed specific version of our applications for the customer based on their conditions. but for now, we have many challange to manage these issues.
many times we forget dependencies of specific application and we dont know how to migrate from specific version to another version.
is there any tools like maven and nuget? but for our objects (applications, ssis packages, or sql scripts). or maybe some approach!

8 – What is the purpose of the Manage Display in Content type?

For example, in the Body field there is a LABEL with the following values:

And there is FORMAT with such values:


How does something change on the site depending on the selected values in the Manage Display and what does each value mean?
I tried to create my Content and change these values in Manage Display. But nothing happens to my Content and it doesn’t change at all. Although I tried to choose different view mode.

How can I manage content in magento 2 website?

I am having an eCommerce website developed on Magento 2. Want to implement the best CMS system to manage content.

c# – How to manage project dependency per Project Type

I am working on a small nuget package (MakeNot). In short, I added some Extention Methods for String,Bool and also ModelStateDictionary.
In order to have access to ModelStateDictionary I should have installed below package which has its own dependency.


and I set TargetFramework like below in order to let applications based on .Net Framework to use it:


My question is, when I want to use this package in Windows form application it downloads Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Abstractions and its dependency which is not required for this type of projects.
enter image description here

Is there a way to handle this ? or Have I done it right ?

requirements – How to manage multiple virtual assistants in enterprise?

I work at the department responsible for IT-system support to Economy, HR, Communications and other internal functions. We already have one generic virtual assistant that currently only can answer questions. We hope that the furture will bring support for virtual assistans within the systems. Many of our system vendors (UBW, ServiceNow etc) offer their own virtual assistants.

My gut instinct tells me that we should try to “drive” the system specific assistants with our current generic assistant. One way in for our customers, but then integration and coordination behind the scene.

  1. What is the best strategy to use multiple virtual assistants so that our customers (coworkers) have the best experience that help them be effective?
  2. What requirements should put on our virtual assistants to make sure that they work together?
  3. Is there a standard for how they should interact between themselves? Maybe an open framework?

HYIP Script to create and manage – HYIPs

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manage backups azure sql option

This may be a silly question but I recently created an azure sql database and I need to check the backup policy but I cannot find the option manage backups that the documentation shows as you can see in the next picture:

enter image description here

and this is how the blade of my database look like

enter image description here

Am I missing something?