I will set up and manage Facebook Ads Campaign to Boost your Page for $10

I will set up and manage Facebook Ads Campaign to Boost your Page

Digital Marketing is my playing field. I will follow some exceptional digital marketing strategies, which can take your business one step further.Hi, I am a Certified Digital Marketer and specialized in Facebook Ads Manager offering Facebook advertising solutions for businesses at any level. I will give you the best possible result. I will set up a Professional Facebook Ads Campaign for your Business. This is what you will get from this Facebook Marketing Service:

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  • Custom Audience Setup
  • Retargeting & Remarketing

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By statistics, Facebook Marketing is an obvious choice for most businesses. You can increase the scope of your business by launching a Facebook advertisement Campaign. Any type of campaigns I can create for FB advertisements. By this GIG I will promote your Business, Store, Product, Website, Blog, or anything that you want to promote and get more social visitors or website traffic.Now start your journey with me.Thank you!


nessus – How to manage my vulnerability scan reports efficiently

My company uses multiple tools for vulnerability scanning. We have Nessus Pro for network scanning, White Source Bolt and GitHub Dependabot for dependencies, and SonarQube for source codes, and Burp Suite Pro for web applications. These make us very complicated when clients or my executives or internal auditors asks us to provide the evidence of How efficient we conduct the vulnerability scanning. The efficiency evidences, not about only provide the Policy & Procedure for paperwork. Initial, We expect to have the vulnerability reports store on Google Drive by the respective periodical, Folders organize by year-month. For example, network vulnerability reports by monthly, application vulnerability reports by release. I assume all vulnerabilities were remediated through a defined set of Policy & Procedure with the remediation verification report.

So the question is How to manage my vulnerability scan reports efficiently. We are not a business just says yes or no when asked about security.


t sql – How to manage numerous maintenance jobs on multiple SQL servers?

maybe you can give me some advise in terms of what would be the most efficient way to schedule and manage multiple maintenance jobs on each server?

Basically, I am looking for a third party tool that would help me to bird view all my scheduled maintenance jobs.

Since I have virtual servers, I want to make sure maintenance jobs spread out efficiently and not run all at the same time.

I also want to know the how much time it took, I want to easily reschedule them etc.

Please help

sharepoint online – Is there a client API to manage user’s alerts for document libraries/files?

In SharePoint users can use the “Alert me” function to get notified of file changes in a document library (or single files):

enter image description here

Is there a client API to set those alerts? E.g. from a SharePoint Framework web part?

We’d like to provide a more streamlined UI for a user to manage their alerts. We’d need access (create/read/update) to the user’s alerts to do this. Can this be done?

(SharePoint API is fine, Graph API is fine.)

key management – How to manage Encryption Key for Server Side Encryption in AWS S3

I need to encrypt personal data like email, phone number, etc. I am using AWS KMS for managing the encryption keys. This is the system that is already implemented is as follows:

  1. All the existing data is encrypted using a worker which first generates a data key by calling the aws-sdk. This call returns the plaintext(decrypted data key) and the encrypted data key. This plaintext is then used to encrypt the data and then is removed from the memory.
  2. Now whenever a new data key is generated, the encrypted data key is stored in a .json file and uploaded to AWS S3 bucket. This upload has Server Side Encryption enabled using a Customer Key. I store the path to this json file to the db table that keeps record of the active data keys.
  3. Whenever I need to decrypt data, I get the json file from the s3 bucket which contains the encrypted data key. Then I call the decrypt function of aws sdk and retrieve the original data key which is then used to decrypt the encrypted data.

Now my question is:

How do I manage the customer key used in step 2 for the server side encryption of the s3 file upload. Right now I generate a random key for each data key and store this in the data keys table.
Is this a safe way to handle this key?
What is the general practice regarding using SSE-C keys? Should I keep a constant key for each data key instead of generating a new one?

any help is highly appreciated

react.js – is this the right way to implementation context API to manage state in this code?

// Reducer
 case ADD_CHILD:
      return {
        childern: {
          (action.index): (
            ...(state.childern(action.index) ?? ()),
            { id: action.id }
      case ADD_ITEM:
        return {
          childern: {
            (action.payload): (
            ...(state.childern(payload) ?? ()),
              { id: "test" }

branding – Who should manage CSS colour variables in a web project? Design or Front-End?

We’re working on a multi-brand project where the site must switch between company branding.

To do this we have CSS colour variables in place switching between styles depending on what brand is using the system.

The design team have been tasked with managing this by the front-end team and applying the matching named colour styles in Figma and documenting in a system based chart.

enter image description here

This is taking up a lot of our time and resources and slowing down our design time greatly as we have to create, document and attach all these new styles with the design files as opposed to working with a set palette from each brand. Creating a lot of additional work and duplicate colours styles in our design system. So the front end can inspect and see what colour variable has been applied. Rather than a single colour.

In what team would this responsibility to document this logic normally sit? I feel when a variable is introduced this should be handled in the CSS and the logic is managed by the front-end as opposed to complicating the design files with multiple styles?

Any experience in this? Your advice is greatly appreciated 🙏

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(Website Set-up and Transfer)

I will install this website on your cpanel. I will transfer the site to your hosting free of charge and make sure that the site files and domain name are successfully transferred.

(After Sale Support)

Feel free to contact us! We will assist you in any problem you might be having.


2013 – Manage user access in SharePoint hosted add-in

I’m developing SharePoint hosted add-ins and I need a way to manage user access to the apps I’m developing. For example, I have a site with 3 different SharePoint add-ins that access to lists in the same site, I would like to let a group of users to access 1 application and don’t access to the others applications installed.

I came up with 2 different ideas to reach this:

  1. Create SharePoint groups that corresponds to each application, add the users I want to have access and then in the SharePoint add-in get all the users from a certain group and check if the current user belongs to that group.
  2. Create a subsite for each SharePoint add-in and manage the permissions from “Site permissions” under “Site settings”

Also I would like to know as well if there is a way to manage “roles” inside the application, for example let some users with permissions as “read-only”, other group of users with “edit” and other one with “delete”.

Thank you so much in advance.

I will setup, optimize and manage your facebook ads campaign for $8

I will setup, optimize and manage your facebook ads campaign

Areyou searching for new ways to engage with your audience and increase your
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