database design – How to manage datas from specific world areas (i.e. several CRS) in Postgis?

Until now, I used to store spatial data concerning the French metropolitan territory in a PostGis database. The reference coordinate system chosen is 2154 RGF93/Lambert93.
Very soon, I will have to manage data from overseas. How can I manage these datas, which will have a CRS specific to the region in question, compared to the PostGis database ?
Should we multiply the databases with their “good” CRS according to the datas ? Or find a global CRS, insert all the data after reprojection, then decline views according to the region of the world? Or something else?
I don’t know how to approach the subject.
Thank you for your advice.

Better ways to manage a list of files for archiving

There is a need to selectively archive files and folders from a volume.

For such purpose there is usually a command line option in archivers that can be used to supply a text file listing of files to archive. Unfortunately, archivers don’t have a GUI equivalent of such feature, where you would be able to manage a file listing before archiving.

My question is, are there any ways to make managing file listings for later archiving easier, rather than just plain old text editing.

Google did not net me a solution for this problem. I had to came up with something myself for now. Using Link Shell Extension or ln.exe I create a clone of the parent folder I want to archive, which basically just recreates the target’s folder structure and populates it with hard-links to the original files. Then I manage and prepare the clone with standard file manager applications. And the final step is archiving it with an archiver. There are some disadvantages as well as advantages to this solution, but I’m interested to hear of other possible solutions, on any OS.

python manage runserver não retorna nada

Estou tentando inicializar um servidor Django com Python mas estou tendo problemas

ja tentei
python runserver
python runserver 8000
python runserver
mas não funcionou
peço ajuda

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

amazon ec2 – ec2 permissions to manage only firewall access

I’d like to allow some developers to manage firewall rules, specifically rules in ec2 security groups, (or some of them ideally) so that they can, eg, update their changing IP addresses to access development machines. I’ve found there isn’t a way to do this using the visual interface to define an ec2 group – so I can only give them full ec2 admin, or read-only. What is the best way to accomplish this, if there is a way? Can I create full ec2 admin access for just those machines in some way, or, ideally, can I create IAM permissions so they, as a user, can login to ec2 and only see and edit those security groups I select? I suspect this could be possible programatically (using JSON rules, maybe with the aws cli), or some other way that I am unfamilar with – regardless, appreciate your help.

How can I manage to view if a table has been read recently in postgresql 12?

How can I manage to view if a table has been read recently in postgresql 12 ?

Manage nginx configuration file

Currently, I am connecting directly to the server and am modifying the config file.

I don’t think this way is good.

What is the best way to manage Nginx config files?

ex] git, docker etc..

8 – Permission name to view manage display page

The route definitions for the Manage diplay pages are added from RouteSubscriber::alterRoutes(), a class implemented from the Field UI module. The relevant code is the following one.

$route = new Route("{$path}/display", (
  '_entity_form' => 'entity_view_display.edit',
  '_title' => 'Manage display',
  'view_mode_name' => 'default',
) + $defaults, (
  '_field_ui_view_mode_access' => 'administer ' . $entity_type_id . ' display',
), $options);

The permission the users need to have to access those pages is administer $entity_type_id display. Since there is a page for every fieldable entity defined, the permission changes basing on the entity for which that page is shown. For nodes, that permission is administer node display.

Those permissions are defined from the Field UI module in FieldUiPermissions::fieldPermissions(). A module using them should add the Field UI module to its dependencies.

What is difference between shared hosting and manage WordPress hosting?

Hi to all members
i want to know what is exactly difference between a shared cpannel hosting and manage WordPress hosting? can anyone guide… | Read the rest of

Can a KMS manage an Asymmetric Keypair on another platform?

Can a KMS manage an Asymmetric Keypair on another platform?
i.e. the keypair has expired its effective crypto period and needs to be replaced by a new key pair.
And if so how is this done?

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