release management – Transition to the semantic version from simple version numbers

There is a software / application / framework library that currently uses "simple version numbers". So he is currently at the version (let's say) 135 and publications are made at irregular intervals whenever "there is enough for a new publication". The next version would be 136 in this scheme.

I want to use this option to use semantic versioning (version numbers and release behavior, of course).

Which version should I use for the "first" semantic version?

That is, if the next version should be 135.1.0 … or 136.0.0. Or 1.0.0? What is the "correct" approach and which approach breaks the least number of version comparison algorithms?

process – Is there a better all-in-one tool for UX design, prototyping, transfer, project management and design systems?

There is no correct answer to this question. My "educated" preference these days is still Figma plus a task management tool such as Asana or Jira.

TL version; DR benefits of Figma: Same as or better than Sketch, but available on all platforms and in all browsers, replaces InVision for prototyping and comments, and Zeplin, because you can integrate developers with Figma and get the latest version of what they need.

* Long versions

Design System Manager

I think Figma is pretty well equipped to create and maintain Design System. You can define font styles and colors, as well as the component system and its implementation. IMO is much more powerful than Sketch.

Advanced prototyping
Figma's prototyping has improved significantly in the last two years and is now comparable to InVision. You can easily emulate rollover states, sticky elements, vertical and horizontal scrolling, and more.

Sensitive design
You can design responsive and scalable components, but in reality you will still need at least 2 versions of layout and, in many cases, 2 versions of each component. If you want flexibility similar to that of HTML / CSS, you have to design in HTML and CSS.

The comments and the answers "on the spot" should in no case to provoke the enthusiasm. It's the same as in InVision and Marvel, but doing it directly in the tool reduces the iteration time.

Unique source of truth
Unlike file-based Sketch, Figma files are hosted in the cloud and updated live: no versions of files and conflicts. It's huge if there is more than one designer in the team. Trying to synchronize sketch files at the end of the day is a daunting task. If necessary, the Figma file can be taken offline.

Plus, the developer's transfer eliminates the need for Zeplin or waiting for the designer to extract the assets.

Components and Libraries
The components are similar to the Sketch symbols, but I think the Figma implementation is better because it provides more control over what you can replace in instances (not just scale, text, and internal symbols). ). In this sense, Figma's implementation is closer to OOP classes and instances. Add libraries to the mix and you will have the perfect tool to create design libraries.

I've built my design process so as to have everything about design in Figma, plus a thin layer of "Definition of Done" and related links in a Jira or Asana ticket. | Ozone Day | Direct Admin Server Management | $ 30 / month / server | | NewProxyLists

(IMG)A flawless stay

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Android File Management – Stack Exchange Software Engineering

I'm a beginner in Android development and I'm working on my first Android project, dealing with the management of .txt files. I have successfully created a txt file on Android Emulator, which is stored in: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.example.test/files/test.txt.

My problem is, I do not know how to test with code if this file exists. I write a few lines that I found on the Internet:

fun checkIfFileExists() {
val fileName2 = "test.txt"
var file = File(filesDir, fileName2)
var fileExists = file.exists()

if(fileExists) {
    println("File exists")
else {
    println("File doesn't exists")


File backup function:

btnSave.setOnClickListener(View.OnClickListener {

    val file:String = fileName.text.toString()
    val data:String = fileData.text.toString()
    val fileOutputStream:FileOutputStream
    try {
        fileOutputStream = openFileOutput(file, Context.MODE_PRIVATE)
    }catch (e: FileNotFoundException){
    }catch (e: NumberFormatException){
    }catch (e: IOException){
    }catch (e: Exception){
    Toast.makeText(applicationContext,"data save",Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show()

But it still displays "The file does not exist", although I checked and the file exists.

I hope someone knows what I did wrong.

quantum mechanics – What is the status of the birth rule in the management of axiomatic quality?

While physicists have tried several times and have failed to derive the birth rule (for example: I wondered what axiomatic quantum mechanics had to say about it? Is it fundamentally impossible to derive the rule born or is there hope?

Here is a great discussion link in the same spirit:

I think Lubos Motl was of the view of the measure which should constitute a separate fundamental axiom. If so, do I imagine that it becomes difficult to demonstrate that there is no non-redundant axiom when the born rule is included?

The Roots: Dyman Management & Associates Business Solutions – Discussions and Help

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How to avoid the conditions of competition during the management of the UNIX process in C?

I'm trying to build a simple UNIX shell for educational purposes. My intention is to correctly manage the processes in the background, displaying a message at the end of the work via the SIGCHLD manager in the parent process. But my code seems to follow in a loop, creating child processes every time I add & to my order, for example: ls &

So, I guess there are alarming bugs about race conditions, since I'm getting the expected result when using gdb and go step by step in debug mode, but I can not pinpoint the places where I'm wrong. Do they use best practices for process management? (In my original code, I made sure to manage jobs through proper data structures and manage memory via freeso this is not a problem)

Code snippet for reproduction: (alternative mirror here)


int argLength = -1;
char** argVector;
int isBackground = 0;
int childPID = -1;
int parentPID = -1;

void printPrompt()
    printf("Shell~: $ ");

char* str_concat(char* s1, char* s2)
    int l1 = strlen(s1);
    int l2 = strlen(s2);
    char* op = (char*) calloc (l1 + l2, sizeof(char));
    for(int i=0; i 0)
                        printf("(bg)  %d finishedn", pid);

                    int status;
                    waitpid(pid, NULL, WUNTRACED);
                isBackground = 0;
    return 0;

Chartoken – Investment Management with FREE 500 CHAR TOKEN – Cryptocurrency Corner

Qv8Gc6P.jpg "class =" ipsImage "style =" height: auto; "data-src =" "src =" "/>
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<div data-id=

magento2 – Inventory Management – Can not Add Inventory After Migration

When I arrived at Stores-> Stock, there is an error message:

The website with the requested code base was not found. Check the website and try again.

I've verified that the inventory_stock table is in the database and contains the default stock that no longer appears in the admin.

After the migration, there is another inventory_stock_1 table.

This is a problem when all products are out of stock. Can any one tell me how I would reactivate the stock by default?

MightWeb – Pure SSD RAID10 | cPanel – Linux | 20% reduction over the lifetime | Basic management

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Quote Originally posted by Jason Freeman

Best customer service I've ever seen! Not only is the service fast, but the support is too! These rock guys. Marcus and the team are top!
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Quote Originally posted by Ann Eliese G.

MightWeb support is fantastic, Greg was a great help today – he responded in minutes to confirmation of the resolution. Their response times are better than those of all the companies I've worked with in the past, and they go out of their way to help, even with little things.
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Quote Originally posted by Scott W.

I have not been with MightWeb for too long, but I must say that their service and support are stellar!
MightWeb has the best prices and the service continues to work. In fact, I feel bad sometimes to pay so little for all the exceptional support and service! Thank you!
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Quote Originally posted by Catherine C.

Super service and support. I am used to a delay of more than 6 hours between support communications from my old host and I was very pleasantly surprised at the almost immediate response to a ticket. A resolution of my strange problem was very fast.
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Quote Originally posted by Katy C.

You had a really weird problem when connecting to WHM and cPanel. It took hours and there was no obvious cause for connection failures. Like magic, everything arranged, but Marcus stayed with me and did not stop trying to debug / solve, even though it was almost certain that the problem was only concerned not the server. Excellent customer support from these guys.
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Quote Originally posted by Sachin

Excellent host with a great support team. I can recommend them for support alone (if not for an excellent price, fast performance or reliable service). I will recommend these guys everyday. Good job Marcus and Mike.
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Quote Originally posted by Ben Ringnalda

After reading some positive comments here and on the Webhostingtalk forum, I decided to move our website to Mightweb and I got the Enterprise package. I was looking for better customer service, better spam blocking and better performance, including higher resource utilization limits. I am really satisfied with the performance and service provided by Mightweb. Our website was not the easiest to migrate and required some changes that were quickly handled by technical support (thanks Marcus!), Even beyond what you normally expect from a company d & # 39; accommodation. Everything works very well, we see much faster performance and much less spam. The customer service is almost instantaneous, especially via chat, while tickets are quickly processed. Never had to wait more than 30 minutes. And all at an unbeatable price! Overall, an excellent hosting company. Recommend strongly!
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Quote Originally posted by Jordan G.

Marcus and Mike are great! It's one of the best supports I've ever received. Thanks guys!
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Quote Originally posted by Brian H.

MightWeb was exactly what I was looking for at a host. I've been using another (super big business) in recent years, but I did not feel like I was getting the performance or attention I wanted. MightWeb presents all the latest aspects of performance I was looking for: LiteSpeed ​​server, CloudLinux, MariaDB, and hosted on SSDs … all for an incredibly affordable price. The icing on the cake was the technical support. Marcus at MightWeb was extremely helpful and kind. He was ready to talk at any time and never seemed in a hurry. He ended up feeling more like a personal friend than a company. Excellent customer service. In the expectation of a long term relationship with MightWeb.
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Quote Originally posted by Jen D.

When I discovered the reliable service of MightWeb and affordable prices, I immediately switched to hosting provider! I bought and hosted domains from different sites, many of which seemed enjoyable but ended up having a terrible customer service! Unlike its competitors, MightWeb gives priority to customer satisfaction and offers its customers an easy-to-use service and friendly customer support! I highly recommend their services.
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Quote Originally posted by Vladimir Stafford

I am so happy to have found MightWeb on WHT. I was looking for a host who offers simple email hosting without the hassle of seeing big players and getting paid for each mailbox. Mightweb has incredible support and reliable servers. It's just a simple host that offers great services.
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Quote Originally posted by Cory S.

Quote Originally posted by Garrett A.

Quick and stable hosting, expertly managed, avoids problems and slowdowns. I have encountered very few problems while using MightWeb; However, when a problem arises, they are always resolved quickly by their dedicated staff.
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Quote Originally posted by Lee Li

I met MightWeb before a little over a month ago. At first I was talking with a representative to get information about the server. I had a great time and very good explanations, leaving me absolutely speechless. Usually, I do not even bother to evaluate the companies I use, but this business seems and feels different, like a good home, a perfect audience and a professional team. I wish the best of luck to this company, I think they deserve to grow because they really have something different! Therefore, I would recommend everyone and rate their services 5/5!
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Quote Originally posted by Andrea B.

I am really happy with MightWeb. I was looking for a host offering SSD + LiteSpeed ​​+ CloudLinux in the Chicago area and I discovered MightWeb on WHT. Excellent speeds, incredible support and reliable servers. I recommend this provider 100% 5/5. Marcus does a great job!
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Quote Originally posted by WebHostingTalk Reviews

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Q: Are you a reseller?

A: No, we are not a reseller. We own and operate our own infrastructure.

Q: What virtualization?

A: We use KVM virtualization for all our virtual private servers.

Q: Which means of payment do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, credit cards and BitCoin.

Q: Can I, as a customer outside of the United States / Canada, order from your home?

A: Absolutely! Do not forget that due to VAT, prices may differ if you order from the EU.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

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A: We offer additional IP addresses at an additional cost of $ 2 / IP / month.

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