google chrome – Internet Download Manager natve host stopped working

I have been facing a problem with the extension of idm which integrated with my chrome browser.Every time I exits the browser it shows a message “internet download manager native host stopped working”

I am using a paid idm version so there is no chance to be fake serial issue.

Is it a system issue???

Bookmark manager what do you use?

Bookmark manager what do you use? | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. Bookmark manager what do you use?

    Not Default browser bookmark manager!

    Looking for a bookmark manager that I can settle for a long time , easy to search

  2. try with their browser addon. You’ll end up falling in love with Notion cause of its versatility and editing capabilities.

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LVE Manager MySQL Limits – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

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user – Term Store Management Link is invisible for Group Manager and Contributors

I want to give a user access to the Term Store Management of a site collection and I noticed that I can add multiple people to the Group Manager field. So I tried it and the user can access this page, but only if he or she specifies the direct URL, which is

However, when this user opens the website settings, the Term Store Management menu item is not visible… I find it very inappropriate that only the direct link to the Term Store Management can be used.

Is there a user role that can access the Site Collection Term Store anyway? Or how can I include the link in the websitesettings of the websitecollection?

productivity – Window Manager for Mac

I’ve always been a Mac user, but when my Mac died I borrowed a Chromebook. Chrome has an awesome extension that manages windows to let you see all windows and their own tabs in one view, merge or save windows, close windows or tabs directly from that page, see which app is playing an audio or video, and more. I can’t find anything like it for Mac. This is crucial since I frequently have close to 100 tabs open for research. The link below shows what I mean. Is there anything similar for Macs??

programming practices – How do you delegate coding task efficiently as a project manager?

I appreciate that you do not down vote this question. I deliberately did not make the question very specific. I believe your answer will help project managers in software development.

I would like to know your opinion in delegating task efficiently, it can be how detailed are you, or how demanding are you.

Please read tl:dr to understand the purpose of this question.


I am new to software engineering and currently competing in getting a bootcamp scholarship. The instructor gave a task in written paragraph. The paragraph explains how the apps works in detail with logic flow specified.

The task is simple but because of the logic flow is specified, the task becomes tedious and in the end the code becomes a very long if else statement.

Then, this question struck me and I put it on practice. I refactored the code with different logic flow and the code becomes shorter.

In my opinion after refactored the code

The written task should only explains the purpose of the app, the input, the output, the check in literal code, and the deadline. The process / logic flow should be left to the software engineer.



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. – How to copy pdf file to Books using File manager?

I have many pdf books in iCloud, now I wanna read it with Books application, according to, It said can Tap the share button and Tap copy to Books. But When I using Files to share the pdf file, there is only Open in Books avaliable, there is no Copy to Books avaliable:enter image description here

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