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Focus ring does not turn in manual mode

I own the Nikkor “af-s 55-200mm f/4-5.6g ed dx” and recently in manual focus mode the ring is not turning and of course, I can not adjust the focus.

So, what may be is blocking the ring? I am familiar with electronics, should I open it and fix it? If yes, what should I check?

enter image description here

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Restricted apertures using manual settings on Canon 5d3

I have full aperture range on my Canon 5D3 in Av and tested with different lenses, but in Manual, the camera controls only vary between 3 f stops and not always the same stops.
Option, it seems to me are:

  1. an incorrect setting buried in a submenu.
  2. Firmware error.
  3. Hardware or other.

If 2. above, is that fixable with a firmware update/reinstall?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

signature – Signing transaction offline – manual way vs. Electrum

Being inspired by the thread (Redeeming a raw transaction step by step example required) I wanted to understand transaction signatures on the byte level.
So I created my own Linux scripts that:

  • generate key pairs
  • accumulate all the necessary bytes that a raw transaction needs
  • leverage OpenSSL to sign the transactions

Everything that deals with private keys I do on an offline computer, while I look at the blockchain explorer on the screen of a different, online system.
For my test transaction, I wanted to redeem one utxo of an address that I control on mainnet, and send some satoshis (just above the ‘dust‘ level) to some other addresses using P2PKH. Here is the transaction that I created and signed manually:

    "version": 1,
    "locktime": 0,
    "ins": (
                    "n": 1,
                    "script": {
                            "asm": "304402200c441b33dc180ec93e1df07df575399f74112dbf4a0a200151c9c4f1afc7c71e02200fc2fcf42847d5c504f06edef7b8fa81b092e7b8b00169d7f8868a02da6ad12401 02dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2",
                            "hex": "47304402200c441b33dc180ec93e1df07df575399f74112dbf4a0a200151c9c4f1afc7c71e02200fc2fcf42847d5c504f06edef7b8fa81b092e7b8b00169d7f8868a02da6ad124012102dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2"
                    "sequence": 4294967295,
                    "txid": "127ea67612d6e217f99b2b28cc9f8347eb518f99c45102f925774ad8f4958d0f",
                    "witness": ()
    "outs": (
                    "script": {
                            "addresses": (
                            "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 b5e5e05c83c470ffd21c3330fb99a6a0101351ad OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
                            "hex": "76a914b5e5e05c83c470ffd21c3330fb99a6a0101351ad88ac"
                    "value": 800
                    "script": {
                            "addresses": (
                            "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 b5d9896cc07a30e1d739097df0c1d47181cbbe75 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
                            "hex": "76a914b5d9896cc07a30e1d739097df0c1d47181cbbe7588ac"
                    "value": 900
    "hash": "18d7100c870deb63dec258282f5ff150ebc64e4497d107073503fb4343f4810d",
    "txid": "18d7100c870deb63dec258282f5ff150ebc64e4497d107073503fb4343f4810d"

… which corresponds to hex representation

Electrum has a menu item to ‘load transaction by text‘, what I did with my hex string. It displayed the result correctly as a “transaction unrelated to your wallet” because I had not imported the private key yet. Electrum offered me the option to broadcast the transaction, but I decided not to (*) because I wanted to compare the manually created transaction with the transaction that Electrum would generate when I use their UI features.
(*) I later broadcast my manual transaction via
So, in order to be able to compare, I imported the private key into Electrum and created a transaction with identical parameters (using the ‘Pay to many’ feature). Here is the transaction that Electrum created:

    "version": 2,
    "locktime": 636848,
    "ins": (
                    "n": 1,
                    "script": {
                            "asm": "3045022100fa7033d292275ebcd4d8fdf38d6b76461ba4a9330df3b21cf5e72f25f08938c802207268e19442c1d3e0ff9850cd6f500985260c250e18d71976093475bd61180ebb01 02dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2",
                            "hex": "483045022100fa7033d292275ebcd4d8fdf38d6b76461ba4a9330df3b21cf5e72f25f08938c802207268e19442c1d3e0ff9850cd6f500985260c250e18d71976093475bd61180ebb012102dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2"
                    "sequence": 4294967294,
                    "txid": "127ea67612d6e217f99b2b28cc9f8347eb518f99c45102f925774ad8f4958d0f",
                    "witness": ()
    "outs": (
                    "script": {
                            "addresses": (
                            "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 b5e5e05c83c470ffd21c3330fb99a6a0101351ad OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
                            "hex": "76a914b5e5e05c83c470ffd21c3330fb99a6a0101351ad88ac"
                    "value": 800
                    "script": {
                            "addresses": (
                            "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 b5d9896cc07a30e1d739097df0c1d47181cbbe75 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
                            "hex": "76a914b5d9896cc07a30e1d739097df0c1d47181cbbe7588ac"
                    "value": 900
    "hash": "0f33ae7fc5ca788351a4b571083cf0fa8cbb37afe0206260b02c4c889c05c099",
    "txid": "0f33ae7fc5ca788351a4b571083cf0fa8cbb37afe0206260b02c4c889c05c099"

… which corresponds to hex representation 02000000010f8d95f4d84a7725f90251c4998f51eb47839fcc282b9bf917e2d61276a67e12010000006a47304402200dd93baf0a38e4a352a7029c2a37a9bb8ef06bc32ab33fabb8278c6733193e4a02203393c4f5b73345a2a76694de9dff429d65b4de77581601ccc748c642a0dac308012102dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2feffffff0220030000000000001976a914b5e5e05c83c470ffd21c3330fb99a6a0101351ad88ac84030000000000001976a914b5d9896cc07a30e1d739097df0c1d47181cbbe7588ace5b70900

And here comes my question:
When I compare the 2 decoded transactions, I get the following differences:

~/$ diff tx-manual tx-electrum 
<   "version": 1,
<   "locktime": 0,
>   "version": 2,
>   "locktime": 636848,
<               "asm": "304402200c441b33dc180ec93e1df07df575399f74112dbf4a0a200151c9c4f1afc7c71e02200fc2fcf42847d5c504f06edef7b8fa81b092e7b8b00169d7f8868a02da6ad12401 02dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2",
<               "hex": "47304402200c441b33dc180ec93e1df07df575399f74112dbf4a0a200151c9c4f1afc7c71e02200fc2fcf42847d5c504f06edef7b8fa81b092e7b8b00169d7f8868a02da6ad124012102dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2"
>               "asm": "3045022100fa7033d292275ebcd4d8fdf38d6b76461ba4a9330df3b21cf5e72f25f08938c802207268e19442c1d3e0ff9850cd6f500985260c250e18d71976093475bd61180ebb01 02dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2",
>               "hex": "483045022100fa7033d292275ebcd4d8fdf38d6b76461ba4a9330df3b21cf5e72f25f08938c802207268e19442c1d3e0ff9850cd6f500985260c250e18d71976093475bd61180ebb012102dece727c6ddde3140abfcc554ffe50768ab29faa7439c411772fe3c7b93f7cb2"
<           "sequence": 4294967295,
>           "sequence": 4294967294,
<   "hash": "18d7100c870deb63dec258282f5ff150ebc64e4497d107073503fb4343f4810d",
<   "txid": "18d7100c870deb63dec258282f5ff150ebc64e4497d107073503fb4343f4810d"
>   "hash": "0f33ae7fc5ca788351a4b571083cf0fa8cbb37afe0206260b02c4c889c05c099",
>   "txid": "0f33ae7fc5ca788351a4b571083cf0fa8cbb37afe0206260b02c4c889c05c099"

Who can explain me the differences (or point me to the appropriate BIP) and why does Electrum use them? I’m aware of the fact that the signatures are not deterministic and must consequently differ, and thus the hash/txid must differ as well. But what about version, locktime and the significance of the e5b70900 suffix after the last scriptpubkey (see hex representation of the Electrum tx)?

flash – Black Dots when shooting video on Nikon D5300 manual settings

after i shoot videos for a few minutes these black dots appear on my video. I am aware that my Nikon is mainly a photography camera but i am not sure why this keeps happening when i shoot video in this youtube video that i shot , the lines appear on the white paper on which the drawing in drawn(just click to open it at the time stamp)

they look like flashing black dotted lines

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Shutter activates when manual focus is achieved. How?

I have a canon 5D mk ii which I’ve been using for donkeys year. I was messing about with a new lens in the office today and somehow stumbled on a feature I’ve never noticed before.

Using manual focus, the shutter would actuate when the subject moved into sharp focus.

I have no idea how I did it, all I know is I was using the 5d2 and 70-200 f2.8 l Is ii. Can anyone tell me how to restore this fantastic functionality?


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