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New Twitter Data Highlights The Emergence Of Gaming – And Marketers Should Take Note – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

If you don't pay attention to the influence of gaming on modern culture, you may be missing the biggest change in the way the next generation connects.

The game should become a $ 196 billion market by 2022, and five of 10 best YouTube channels in 2019 were directly connected to the gaming community. The game is rapidly emerging beyond a subculture, with play teams like FaZe Clan helping to take it mainstream. Even rapper Travis Scott recently launched his latest music via a transformative live event at Fortnite, which saw 12.3 million simultaneous viewers logged in to participate.

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And among the COVID-19 locks, the games get even bigger, even faster. Again, if you don't pay attention to it, you should do it, as it could open up new branding and awareness opportunities in play spaces.

Highlighting this, Twitter this week released new data on the evolution of the conversation about games on its platform.

According to Twitter:

"In 2019, we had over 1.2 billion Tweets about video games, and now in 2020, the conversation about games on Twitter is more important than ever. In fact, in the second half of March, we saw a 71% increase in the volume of conversations and a 38% increase in the number of unique authors compared to the first half of the month. In the United States alone, there was a peak of 89% in conversations with a 50% increase in the number of unique authors over the same period. "

Comprehensive social messaging apps for Ebook marketers and PLR / MRR video training guide for $ 1

Comprehensive Social Messaging Apps for Ebook Marketers and PLR / MRR Video Training Guide

"Are you ready to get your business to take the place of social media? Harness the full potential of messaging apps!"

Every business knows the importance of social media for their marketing campaigns. It offers the ability to create a potentially viral message, build powerful relationships with fans and prospects and get feedback from this audience. But this is just a tool that the digital age provides us with when it comes to reaching a large audience and building closer relationships with it.

The missing piece of the puzzle for many creators? Social messaging applications.
These apps are of course things such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and iMessage.

Smart marketers know that the key to great online success is to use all of these tools together.

Even good old-fashioned SMS should be taken into account!


  • You will learn how great the power of messaging is.
  • You will learn how to get leads through different social messaging platforms.
  • You will know the SMS marketing keys of your prospects.
  • You will learn how to start a conversation with your prospects.
  • You will learn how to create an application for your business.

Includes MRR and other gifts


CHALLENGE. (only the best marketers will solve it)

Do you know how to solve the next questions? Only the best marketers know how to do it!

Are you one of them?

A) I have a conversion rate of 5% from the click to the lead and I want to reach a maximum price per lead of $ 10. How much should each visit cost me maximum?

  1. $ 0.5
  2. $ 0.2
  3. 5 cents
  4. $ 9.52
  5. $ 0.01

B) I have a CTR of 0.35%. If I buy 2 million impressions, how many clicks will I get ?.

  1. 7,000 clicks
  2. 70,000 clicks
  3. 700,000 clicks
  4. 700 clicks

C) All the tracks I buy have a cost of $ 5. I have a 12% buy / sell lead conversion (STR). How much will each client cost me?

  1. $ 8.33
  2. $ 0.4
  3. $ 0.6
  4. $ 41.67
  5. $ 0.04

D) I have a CPM of $ 12 divided into a photo ad and a contact form ad. The photo ad has a CTR of 0.25% and the prospect ad has a CTR of 0.38%. What will be the cost per click for each format ?.

  1. Photo announcement $ 4.76 and main announcement $ 7.239.
  2. $ 0.048 for the photo ad and $ 0.031 for the prospect ad.
  3. Photo ad: $ 0.003 / Main ad: $ 0.004.
  4. CPC photo ad = 4 & # 39; $ 8 / click CPC main form ad = 3 & # 39; $ 157 / click

E) I have a CTR of 0.2%, I want to make clicks with a maximum of $ 0.5. What will be the maximum CPM I can spend?

  1. $ 10
  2. $ 0.25
  3. $ 1
  4. $ 0.01

F) The campaign CPM is $ 5 and I have a CTR of 0.15% and my LTR (pass rate) is 3% and my STR (sales though rate) is 7%. What will be the cost for each client ?.

  1. 3.33
  2. 0.0031
  3. 15.75
  4. 15.87
  5. 0.0315%
  6. 1,587.30

Share your answers and how you got there!

Need help from marketers!

I work for a stock photography studio. To make the content more useful, you want to hear comments about what you buy from micro-action agencies, the issues you face when choosing photos. If you're ready to help, let me know! Thank you so much!

Nature | Forum Promotion – Best forum for webmasters, administrators and internet marketers

Look around you, nature is everywhere. From flowers to trees to birds and bees, nature is so natural and beautiful in every way. Yet we are very busy stopping to give a breath and look around to see the real beauty. How many of you love nature and plan to study it from time to time? Would you like to have more time to mix with nature?

What are your thoughts on nature?

Namecheap | Forum Promotion – Best forum for webmasters, administrators and internet marketers

I think everyone knows Namecheap about the areas. However, do you know their very cheap accommodation?

Personally, I did not use them for a website, but I created my sister-in-law's blog and it seems to work pretty well. Not to mention their support that is super responsive.

Have you used Namecheap for hosting? What did you like or not like about them?

[GET] Andre Chaperon and Michael Hauge – The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers | NewProxyLists

(GET) Andre Chaperon and Michael Hauge – The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

Storyfluence Workshop: The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers

There were three of us on our second bottle of red, the conversation became more and more open and fluid.

We shared things that, under normal circumstances, would probably have stayed behind the curtain, sealed in a black box.

An amazing steak washed down with expensive wine has an almost magical ability to help build relationships and establish a deeper connection level.

The conversation was passed to the narration.

I mentioned that the more I got there the better I earned money. Not just by email, but wherever people read something that I wrote.

He said, "Do you know what I'm doing?"

I waited while Daegan was eating a big piece of Wagyu cow. "I'm paying a history consultant in Hollywood to coach me."

No more chewing. Another puff of Bordeaux.

"One of the stories he helped me to create helped me make more than $ 315,000 in one night. It has transformed my way of thinking and communicating … & # 39;

You will learn to tell your marketing story in the most IMPACTATIVE way that arouses the most emotion.

This is not just for "email writing" (although this certainly may apply to this too) …

… but for any story you want to tell in your marketing funnel.

It does not matter if it is one:

history of origin,
the story of someone else (one of my favorites),
pre-sale history,
history of email (another favorite),
case study and educational story,
… or even a story in a sales message:
Sales letter,
or presentation on stage.


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Oxygen / oxygen software | Forum Promotion – Best forum for webmasters, administrators and internet marketers

Note: This message has been copied from my original message from You can find the original thread here:

Hello everyone.

Nowadays(And after a day of work on), I created an organization on GitHub. This is called: Oxygen(But it can also be called Oxygen software).

Oxygen is a decentralized group / organization on the Internet that creates the FOSS software. Think of GNU. Oxygen has extremely strict goals on what he wants to achieve and what he wants to do. I've created manifests for Oxygen itself, a FOSS license and a coding style used by Oxygen.

For things like programming languages, Oxygen's main languages ​​are C, Java and PHP. But I will allow other languages ​​to be used in one of the projects (Provided it is not a language with a syntax that disgusts me (* cough *, C ++, * cough *, Haskell * cough (x2) *, python, * cough (x100) *)). For software made by Oxygen, we focus on utilities, educational software and Web software (WebWareBox, no matter who?). We will focus on other types of software, but we focus primarily on these types.

Oxygen also accepts Ideas for Software, but before accepting Ideas for Software, I need to create a process. Oxygen will also host your project for a short time, but I have not found it yet. If you also run your own FOSS organization and want to affiliate with Oxygen, you can tell me about your organization, what it creates, the goals, you get the idea.

The GitHub page of Oxygen is here:
The Oxygen website can be found here:

SCP | Forum Promotion – Best forum for webmasters, administrators and internet marketers

Anyone here, read or heard about SCP?

First of all, for those who do not know it, here is the explanation. SCP (Or SCP Foundation) is an internet website hosting these stories for entities named & # 39;SCP& # 39 ;. These entities come in all forms. Some seem normal but do extremely dangerous or weird things (Like SCP-049). Or, those who do not seem at all normal and who look like any other SCP, can be very dangerous (Like SCP-096).

The website hosts many stories on more than 4900+ SCP covering 5 series.

I've heard about SCP in the past, but that did not interest it as much. I remembered it today and read three of them (SCP-173, SCP-049 and SCP-096). I really liked them and could read more.

So what about you? Have any of you read any SCP stories?

If you want to read one, visit: