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You have invested assets and energy in building your brand by delivering marketing content, creating campaigns to reach your audience, and now you are ready to enter multilingual or global markets.
To do this, you need to locate your content. Now, how can you make sure that this brand has been precisely localized for different language markets?

Here are the 5 factors you should consider when translating your marketing content:

The main point to consider when translating your marketing content is to determine who your target audience is. It is for you to know what you should mainly focus on.

Are you trying to reach mothers, the elderly, businessmen, traders? There are contrasts between focusing on a mainstream audience or a technical audience. Your approach will be different in terms of tone, choice of words and anything else that may appeal to your target audience.

This is why, it is also important that you inform your translation service provider of this detail, so that it adapts to suit your target audience.

You should keep in mind that direct translation can never be enough and that you need localization services like TRANSEY. It is actually much more difficult to translate marketing content than technical or generic content.
Marketing copywriters frequently use idioms or figures, content like these cannot simply work if they have been directly translated.

Good localized content would read as if it had been written native to your target language, so it will greatly affect not only your content but also your overall brand in general.

Before translating or localizing your content, you may need to first culturally assess your target geographic area. It is for you to have a better understanding of your target audience. A good, experienced translation service provider will suggest modifications to suit your market.

If your content consists of a few pages to localize or translate, I advise you to provide your translation service with a style guide, source pages (give the links to the pages of the offer) and other practical documents for them.

Style guides help translators to choose the right words, to use the right tone, the precise perception of the brand when translating / localizing marketing content. Basically, by using these, they will be able to use the right approach and provide translated content as desired.

Be smart in choosing which translation team you will hire for your content.
You should hire a translation service that has native translators who are not only subject matter experts, but must also have writing skills in their own native language. Not everyone acquires the skills to know the subject and can write it well at the same time. Ideally, all translators should be as good, but they are not, so it is imperative to be particular with your translation service providers.

With all of this, you can always count on TRANSEY, as we have very experienced native translators who will provide localized marketing content that definitely meets your targeting needs.

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Adorable and Creative Cardboard Boxes – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Cardboard boxes are used for almost all packaging needs, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to groceries. This is because these boxes are strong and sturdy. Their quality, resistance and appearance are fully adjustable due to customization. It allows businesses to personalize these boxes in a way that represents their product and the business in a way that they like. The carton is adjustable and can receive unique shapes and sizes to effectively adapt to each type of product to give an attractive appearance, which helps to attract attention and market the products. It is not only customizable but durable and profitable.

New innovative companies invade the world every day like a plague which increases competition. Introducing new business undoubtedly requires more work for better presentation, which makes it difficult for existing businesses to maintain their reputation in the market.

Turning directly to the question of importance, custom cardboard packaging gives you the best packaging solution that can increase profit like crazy and that too instantly. There are many reasons and factors that make cardboard packaging a miraculous packaging solution to increase the profits of the business.

Profit depends on the quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness of the packaging, as this is the first thing consumers see about the product. In addition to these factors, the attractiveness of the product packaging contributes to enhancing the image of the company, without forgetting sustainability.

Now the question arises: where can we find packaging that meets all packaging needs and requirements.

Cardboard boxes!

It's the answer to all the packaging needs and solutions you've been looking for. It doesn't matter whether you are a reputable company or a beginner; Cardboard packaging is what you need to improve your business performance in terms of marketing, promotions and most importantly, sales.


Through customization it is possible to reach the desired boxes in the shapes, sizes and designs of your choice. Cardboard is the only packaging material highly compatible in all aspects;

Shapes such as round boxes, square boxes, cut out boxes for windows, open boxes, magnetic closure boxes, cylindrical boxes, presentation boxes, display boxes and any other strange shape that improves the appearance of the product. The shapes give a lot of ideas about the product and the size, which makes it easy for customers to make their purchase.

Build brand image

The carton can easily be printed in any color, patterns, prints, images, illustrations and animations or custom logos and company name. Personalized graphics help create a stronger relationship between customers and the business. Unlike regular boxes, you can use designs that are close to the hearts of customers and that are in the best interest of the business. People who trust their blind trust in a business based on packaging and custom designs make it easier for customers to connect to the product, and the business at a deeper level, which is possible, helps to increase sales.


Poor, unsustainable packaging causes a lot of product damage when it goes through the shipping and handling process at the retailer. Cardboard is the strongest material which can also be improved depending on the nature of the product to reduce damage and save money on returns and breakages.

Reduce your expenses

Profit depends not only on sales, but also on the type of material you use for packaging your products. The wholesale of custom cardboard boxes offers the cheapest packaging to businesses. It is not because they are less quality but because of a large number of items in one batch.

Another important feature is that the cardboard is very light and saves a lot of money on shipping and storage. Shipping companies charge customers based on the weight of the package, not the size. You can always save your dollars on shipping which can go to the benefit of the business.

Respectful of nature

Sustainability has been the hottest trend in recent years, as eco-friendly packaging has caused a lot of damage to the environment. Eco-friendly packaging helps to create a responsible image of the product and the brand in the market, which leads to increased sales. Consumers are turning to brands that use sustainable packaging for their products. Cardboard provides 101% eco-friendly packaging in the most attractive and captivating way.

There is no equipment that could offer such benefits to the business and this too at economical and most affordable rates. Cardboard packaging will never fail to increase sales and create a professional brand image. The personalized packaging not only gives the boxes an aesthetic appeal, but also contributes to the marketing of the brand without additional effort.

No matter the size of your business and the period of time you have been in the market, if you don't use custom boxes for your products, you're wasting a lot of time. Give your business the success and appreciation it deserves with these boxes.


buy your own MLM software + Free Hosting – MLM and Network Marketing

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UTF-8 code page available for requests and submissions? -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hello team,
I also need to create links with anchor texts containing non-English characters (CZ actually, it means ěščřžýáíéúů etc.). Is there a way, how to support these characters in SER when queries against search engines are made?
Thank you for your reply,

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing model that is geared towards promoting the products or services of other people in exchange for commissions on sales. If you own a website and are looking for the best way to monetize your blog, affiliate marketing is one of the best options for you, although you need a lot of website traffic so you can start generating income right away.

If you're still a beginner blogger and your blog is still under construction, don't apply for affiliate programs yet, because if you do, you will likely have a 90% rejection rate. Not because you don't have a nice website, but because you don't yet have what it takes to promote affiliate programs using traffic to your site Personal web.

So, you need to create high quality and engaging content consistently for a period of 6 to 12 months before you consider applying for these affiliate programs.

However, there are programs out there that accept you, whether you’re already driving traffic or not yet, and it’s a good thing to know that Amazon (being a hero in the affiliate marketing industry) ) is one of the most promising affiliate programs that will accept you even with a website without traffic.

When you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you only need a personal website, whether or not it's still under construction, but you'll need to submit your details. bank account and your tax documents when applying online.

Becoming a super affiliate involves having a high level of understanding of what online marketing entails and a full clue of what the Google search algorithm is. It's about understanding that you need time to create content, create lots of external backlinks, generate engagement with your audience, and promote your blog content consistently with the right energy and good resources.

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing ..?

Hello friends,

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing ..?

Watch the video that changes my view of money online – MLM & Network Marketing

I visited the isurebets website in December 2019 and watched a video that completely changed my view of money online.
The video deals with the affairs of surebets on their platform, which made me forget about forex, article writing and all the other jobs that people talk about every day.

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What is the keyword density in digital marketing?

What is the keyword density in digital marketing?

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