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My vote is for JVZOO, for whoever becomes a Seller in JVZOO is free. Unlike Clickbank, you have to pay a merchant fee once to become a merchant or seller, JVZOO's approval is much faster for configuring your products / services. Since then, clickbank has become a gigantic giant, and because of the large number of members it sells, Clickbank staff have a hard time approving approval.

if you make mistakes on clickbank, you will be banned without your knowledge, not even a notice or a board or a board of appeal, even if you are reported by an innocent third party, nothing to do with clickbank or even a clickbank member, that 's how they do business today with clickbank. I think that they are already overcrowded, that's why.

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Hello @sven, a bug that I've noticed since uses a lot SER recently. In Windows 7 (possibly also in Windows 10), SER requires "two clicks" when you run a project and move away from the SER window.

To recreate the bug:

– SER open
– Launch a project (make active)
– Click another program from the taskbar, for example Excel
– Wait a little, do not click on the SER immediately after
– Click the SER icon in the taskbar
– SER does not recognize the click, the window does not open
– Click again on the icon of the SER task bar and it will display correctly.

This is a minor but really annoying problem because when a program is clicked, you expect it to appear accordingly. This could be a Windows problem, but I have never encountered this with any program other than SER.

Update: Actually, I just have this problem without active project. Does SER have some kind of "sleep mode" that requires 2 clicks to reopen the window after you have not clicked it for some time?

marketing through stories

I've been advertising director for many years. Recently, I created a community of narrators. I'm thinking of marrying both to create a course: "How to connect with your customers through stories". What do you think is the biggest question about using stories to communicate with customers? Thank you

In SEO, the content is king

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In SEO, the content is king

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  1. Smile In SEO, the content is king

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Do not neglect email marketing.

Many companies focus primarily on advertising on Google and Facebook, but neglect e-mail marketing.

Email marketing continues to work well year after year. The reason is clear: for ten consecutive years, email generates the highest return on investment for marketers. For every dollar spent, email marketing generates a return on investment of $ 38 and gives marketers the widest possible reach of all available channels. Despite the plethora of tools available to marketers, email marketing is simply the best choice for business growth.

1. Email has a greater reach.
2. Email sends your message.
3. Email conversions.
4. Email has a better return on investment.
5. Email is the preferred communication channel.
6. Email is an open platform.
7. The email will always be there.

Marketing and gains on Youtube

Hi all,
I have this idea to create a Youtube channel for many national singers. My idea is to contract with them to share the revenue, to make them accept and allow.
I think we could have 100 m of views in a year.
Does anyone have any experience with that?

linux – How can I make sure that the server can handle the load of new users in the email marketing tool?

My situation is that I have just taken over a web team that hosts all of their clients' websites using a server provided by Clook

Web sites have a feature that allows client clients to subscribe to a mailing list via a web form. The customer will then be able to connect to the marketing tool, Interspire Email Marketer, and send emails to anyone who has already done so. subscriber.

EM (Email Marketer Software) is installed on the Clook server and is currently used without any problem. However, we plan to add 300 to 500 additional users to EM and I have to make sure that the server can handle it and that it will not suffer any negative impact. We can not afford to try with errors because ALL our websites are hosted from this server and it will be expensive for these sites to disappear.

I am very new to the server business. So I wonder if anyone can advise me on what I need to check and how I can make sure we can add these new users without any problem.

I've already looked at the server specifications: 7-core processor, 9216 MB memory (does not specify what type of memory it is), 220 GB SSD, 100 MB port speed. J & # I have access to the server, so I can check other information if necessary.

Any advice would be great, thank you.

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