How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

Accepting the "control" of your new is not really possible, because of social networks. Whether you are in dialogue or not, people will talk about you on the Web, there is also no way to "restrict" exactly what they say. However, what you can do is combine these conversations, but also influence them as part of them. Because of the negative reviews about Twitter customer complaints about Yelp, the best way to influence your viewer's understanding of your company is to take part in discussions …

How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

The best way to do Internet marketing? /

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    I like receipts:

    Can someone please help with ideas on how internet marketing is done and the best way to do it. Want to know how to easily get more customers for my business?

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How should we use Twitter for marketing?

Hello to all members, Twitter has more than a million users and is great for sharing your content and connecting to other influencers in your area. What is your thought?

which is the best between Facebook or Instagram for marketing?

which is the best between Facebook or Instagram for food marketing

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GET – Ted McGrath – Masters in Marketing (map) | NewProxyLists

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Ted McGrath – Map of Marketing Masters


Invitation to all coaches, experts and speakers
Find out how to set up your sales funnel
get more customers, more automated sales and
More freedom for your company

You must generate income quickly.
The problem is.It seems that there are a million ways to create income with your online business.
They all take time and you simply do not know which method to choose or where to devote your attention.
You may have even heard that you need a sales funnel, but honestly, it sounds incredibly complicated.

Let me simplify that for you.
You need to quickly generate revenue for two reasons:
Your peace of mind: what you build is worth it
To finance your online advertising investments to continue to grow your business
What's cool is.
A sales funnel will do this for you. A simple sales funnel:
Create a constant stream of prospects
Create cash flow
Finance your online advertising (paid traffic)
Get your product in front of more people
Start creating a relationship with potential customers (while you sleep)
Automatically increase your average sale

I will show you:
How to design a high conversion acceptance page
My 7 step frame to create awesome videos (easily)
How to create a simple product that sells.
You do not have to spend weeks working on it either: you can actually get a functioning functional funnel in a week.
So many people are bogged down in the idea that they have to create a complicated product otherwise people will not buy, but the reality is that a simple works best in your starting funnel.
I have the numbers to support it. My business grows each year with thousands of new customers, just by my first simple sales funnel.
I'm going to ask you to put on the blinkers for a moment and focus on a simple funnel.
Take my Marketing Masters card and model it for yours.
Let me guide you through your sales page, your video creation and your product development in a fraction of the time you have already spent trying to understand all of this for yourself.
How to find the time to leave your business, to have more free time for your friends, your family and your travels, while keeping your sales
flowing consistently and reliably?

I have spent a lot of time designing this Marketing Masters Card so that novices in the field of online marketing and novices in sales have the opportunity to do so easily.
Let me ask you something.
How will you find freedom in your business if you do not automate it?
How are you going to sleep knowing that new emails, new prospects and sales come in every day, every hour, whether you're at work or not?
You will not do it.
Not before implementing a system that guarantees the creation of prospects and revenue growth at every moment.
It does not have to be difficult if you follow and model a sales funnel that already works.
My simple sales funnel still works today, continues to collect leads, generate sales.
With Marketing Masters Map, you can create the same thing.
I will offer you the Launch Master series.
This is my series of personal interviews where I conducted 7 interviews with renowned entrepreneurs such as Bill Baren, Rich German, Derek Rydall and MindValley's Ajit Nawalkha.

This series of behind-the-scenes interviews, very honest and real, shows you how each of these business owners has achieved millions of dollars in sales through their own launches and looking for partners to promote your product or program.
How cool is that ?!
You get to hear their secrets for free.


My Local SEO – Step by Step Checklist Guide 2019 -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

My Local SEO – Guide to the 2019 Step by Step Checklist

Step 1 – Preparation of the local list

* Configure the local profile as soon as possible

  • Google My Business

  • Bing Local

  • Yahoo Local

Step 2 – Your optimized listing

  • Name of the company

  • Map

  • Address

  • Photos and videos

  • Contact information

  • introduction

  • Category

  • Keywords

  • Hours of opening

  • Validate

Step 3 – Get regular customer reviews every month

  • Checks contest

  • Start with the best customers

  • Start asking for reviews – Google, Yahoo, Bing, TrustPilot

Step 4 – Add a Standard Name, Address and Telephone (NAP) Quote

  • Start with important NAP sites

  • In what country did you base?

  • Add new NAP quotes every month

Step 5 – Listed in Industrial Directories

Step6 – Must have a separate page in each product / service offer

Step7 – Do you have long form pages – min. 500 words?

  • Check the contents of the hard disk. You can use, for example: Presentation, Proposals, FAQ, Box of e-mail.

Step8 – Optimize every page of your website

  • Identify the target keyword for each page

  • Create UNIQUE metatags (title, description) for EVERY page

  • Crete keyword rich URLs for ALL products or services

  • Add keywords to H1, H2 and H3 headers

  • Add keywords to text +/- 2 to 3%

  • Link to other pages from the text

  • Optimize images

Step 9- Do you have many external websites linking to your website?

* Opt for quick wins, for example:

  • Give testimonials to local suppliers

  • LinkBack from social network profiles, for example: Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

  • Paid authority directories, for example.

Step 10 – Have you completed all the optimization tasks?

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • XML Sitemap & Robots.txt

Step 11 – Does your website load faster than your competitors?

  • Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest

  • Switch to SSD hosting

Step 12 – Is your website compatible with mobile devices?

Step 13 – Is your website safe and secure?

Step 14 – Do you have a blog setup

  • Set up the WordPress blog

  • Look for competitors' blog ideas

  • Identify the best blogs in your niche

  • Create a schedule of 10 to 15 blog posts according to your FAQ

Step 15 – Do you know what to blog

* Businesses (to choose from the following options) – Information Letter, Procedures Guides, Buyer's Guide, E-List Based Content, g 21 Ways to …, Best Practice Guides, Product Reviews, List of Best, List of Ways to Use, Screen Capture Videos, Predictions / Old Content / New Content, Infographic, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Common Mistakes in Content, case studies, contents of the checklist

* Individuals (to choose from the following options) – Newsletter, Procedural Guides, Local Interests, Content based on e lists, g 21 ways to …, Seasonal / Holidays / Guides / Upcoming Events / Upcoming Events, Best List, Ways to Use List, Product Videos, Forecasts / Old vs News Content / Latest Fashion Trends, Checklist

Step16 – Is your content optimized for SEO and sharing?

  • Title grabbing attention

  • Identify targeted keywords

  • Include keywords in meta tags

  • Keyword in title and headers

  • Keyword in the URL

  • Optimize images

  • Add related keywords in the text

  • Internal link to other messages

  • External link to the content of the authority

  • Add social sharing buttons

  • Mobile Ready Check

  • Check the loading speed

Step17 – Do you use video a lot on your website

* Configure Youtube channel> Are you happy to appear on video?

If yes, choose from the following options

If no, choose from the following options

  • Examples before and after

  • Talking slides

  • Cartoons

  • Screen capture

* Have you optimized your videos for SEO? If yes Next topic

IF NO, follow these steps for all videos

  • Choose keywords for all videos

  • Add a keyword Rich Title & Metatags in youtube

  • Transcribe a video and create a blog with integrated video

  • Optimize blog articles (title, metatags, titles, etc.)

IF YES, does your website create trust?

Yes, relax and have a coffee

Not sure> Professional accreditations, supplier logos, warranties – all this information is clearly displayed on all pages.

If this can help your local business and you have a site to try SEO audit, give me your feedback or send me a message to so that I can try my list of Audit control of local SEO site. Cheers!!!

How many followers should I follow a day on Twitter – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

I am thinking of writing an article on the best way to get the most members possible. However, to give you some clues:

  • Follow up to 150 to 200 people a day to avoid suspension of your account.

  • Follow the people who are active and relevant to your niche.

  • Check an influencer, a big gun in your area and follow the latest people who follow him. To give you an example, if you are in the niche of SEO tools, you can follow people who follow SemRush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

  • Follow the people who are active – they liked or retweeted something from these popular accounts.

  • Use the search function and find people from your niche.

Let me know if an article where I will go into the details of this case will be useful.

An innovative business solutions provider launches private expansion offer – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Zapo VCC, a provider of strategic investment and investment solutions, announces the launch of its private fundraising offer to develop the business and allow individuals to become shareholders

Zapo reiterated its goal of helping millions of people around the world, eager to take advantage of the incredible opportunity inherent in the cryptographic space, with the launch of their private fundraising offering for Zapo VCC.

The main objective of the private offering is to integrate the company and allow many people with small contributions to become future shareholders and take advantage of the incredible opportunity to earn money. As a result, contributors can participate in the growth and share the financial benefits in return with management and all members.

ZapoVCC is a strategic solution for corporate management with guarantee, which also raises funds for the expansion of the Zapo Group's activities. Zapo VCC Crypto will be issued in three phases that can be converted to become a shareholder of Zapo with all the benefits for shareholders once qualified.

The Zapo ecosystem includes a multitude of Internet services, including the Zapo cryptographic trading pool, the Zapo gold / silver trading pool (coming soon), the Zapo casino, the Zapo repository, the Zapo directory and many more. . This offers members the opportunity to use and extend their marketing reach for their business and services around the world, as well as expand their contacts with the help of the Internet. Zapo Global Directory.

Other benefits of participating in private fundraising are lifetime access to Zapo Casino, which offers Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice and 2 slot machine games. This also includes receiving 20,000 credits each month, with the main winners receiving a cryptographic currency allocation at the end of each month.

More information on the private offer and other Zapo Group projects are available on its website.

Zapo Group
Robert Schmitt

: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

@ Sven & nbsp;
Hi Sven,
Can you tell me how to insert geographic modifiers into kw strings?
For example, if I had kw as such: {kw1 | kw2 | KW3}
How could I insert, for example, "Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, San Diego, etc."
Is there a simple way to do this, or do I need to create exact kw variations for the entire list?
thank you so much

HONEYBEEAPP – Crowfunding for people – Start with $ 10 – MLM and Network Marketing

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HONEYBEEAPP is a community fundraising app. We are developing this foundation of Blockchain technology applications, with a strong commitment to equality and fairness. How will it be fair? We will explain below. The application is an electronic wallet with a mini-game of crowdfunding integrated. We have created a community in order to help members who use our app have money. This money is funded by members of the honeybeeapp community. The members of our community will support each other with a minimum amount of $ 10. We will explain how our blockchain system works. For more information, please refer to our conditions. You may think that there is a chance that you lose that $ 10 for good. Absolutely not, if you give $ 10 to support other members and they do not get it, our blockchain system will pay you back. That's our commitment.


Referring to the Honeybeeapp app, remember: it's the electronic wallet support community. Before joining the community, we will have 5 questions for you and your reference. The purpose of these questions is to show us your confirmation and your reference. An agreement and a commitment to accept the help of other members. We will refund you $ 10 if no one accepts your support.


You will absolutely get help from others, it's a sure thing. Whenever your sponsorship supports other members, you receive some help from the system. It is a privilege for sponsors to help a partner.


– This is not a game of chance

– This is not an ecommerce business


You must have at least $ 10 available in your wallet. The system will generate 5 ProvideBee commands and we will get GetHoney 5 times. That means you gave $ 10 with $ 2 each time.

Before giving a hand, we have 5 questions for you and your partner. If you agree with these 5 questions, you will continue to create help orders.

You can check your 5 orders at GETHONEY a Your PB in the application

To receive help from other members, you must go to GetHoney. a PB list. You will see all the other help lists here and at this point you are getting help. Click the GetHoney button. You will receive $ 2 each time. After that, you will be able to receive all of the $ 10 that you have helped others.

Each time you press the GetHoney button, you lose a small fee for the system, equivalent to $ 0.2. These fees are used to maintain the system. This tax is converted into BeeKey. To buy Beekey, you have to go to the Beekey section to buy the package. The cheapest package is $ 1 with 5 bees

So it's perfectly fair for everyone, sharing the help of the other, it's great.

We have rewards for your help. For each of your references generating 5 PB commands, you will have an additional chance of getting GetHoney. That is, you get a chance to receive an extra $ 2. Of course, you will not get those $ 2 if you do not create a PB. In other words, if you do not create help, you will not receive $ 2 anymore.

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Terms for GetHoney:

– You must have at least 1 Beekey (system fee)

– You must have at least 1 point corresponding to GH times

– You must have at least 1 PB command, command that has not been GH from another member.

Conditions to increase the number of times GetHoney :

– Your partner or referral generates a ProvideBee help. Whenever a partner or referral creates a ProvideBee order, you immediately get 1 point.

The element of equality in the HBA system is to help others, so you will get help. Same as the picture below

The system will reimburse the amount you have supported if no one receives this assistance from you. Thus, we will have a full circle of mutual support within the system and the application user community. If the community expands, you will get more support.


What is HONEYBEECOIN? HONEYMOON is a part of our blockchain system. It was created to boost the value of the application. It is also a coin symbolizing the interest of those who keep money in the HBA portfolio.

When it comes to converting your assets into HoneybeeApp, we have the responsibility to preserve them and protect them. We therefore have an attractive payment program for those who keep money on the HBA electronic wallet.

The table below shows that interest payments depend on the amount available in your wallet:

– From $ 100 to $ 250 you receive 3% / month

– From $ 251 to $ 500 you receive 3.5% / month

– From $ 501 to $ 750 you receive 4% / month

– From $ 751 to $ 1000, you receive 4.5% / month

– From $ 1001 to $ 2500 you receive 5% / month

– From 2501 $ to 5000 $ you receive 5.5% / month

– From 5001 $ to 7500 $ you receive 6.5% / month

– From $ 7501 to $ 10,000, you receive 7% / month

– From $ 10001 to $ 25000, you receive 7.5% / month

– From $ 2,500 to $ 50,000 you receive 8% / month

– More than $ 50,000 that you will receive 8.5% / month

The application acts as an electronic wallet and a bank. As a result, profits may be higher than those of banks, but we guarantee that, compared to other investments, this level of interest payment is secure enough for application users.

The interest you automatically receive in the app will be converted to the corresponding HONEYBEECOIN (HBC). To convert HONEYBEECOIN (HBC) to BTC, ETH, LTC or XRP, use SWAP.


– The profits will automatically be converted into HBC. We can change the percentage of profit depending on the community using this app.

At least $ 100 must be paid by the system for each portfolio, the calculation is separated on the BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP portfolios. The system does not accumulate on all portfolios.

You will get 1% on every profit from your referral. During the operation, we have the right to change this, depending on the community using this application. Of course, we will increase the percentage because it is a reward for people with references.

The system will convert your interest into CBH at 10h10 UTC every day.

The system will calculate every day, only a limited number of CBH is converted to other parts.

You must open the interest payment feature, otherwise the system will not update HBC for you.

Electronic wallet

HONEYBEEAPP is like the other wallets. You can reload or withdraw anytime, anywhere, because we do not have many obligations. But we have conditions as follows:

A withdrawal fee of 0.5% is charged on each withdrawal, to limit the amount of massive investments that affect the community and other members.

Every time you withdraw, the automatic payment system stops, you have to reopen this function.

Each withdrawal must be spaced 15 minutes apart. To make sure the system is working properly and against the pirates. We will inform you if this situation occurs.

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HoneyBeeApp ecosystem and goals

In the near future, we aim to develop many mini-games of crowdfunding for the community. In 10 years, we hope to receive support from you for e-wallet products combined with crowdfunding tombs as well as convenient and easy-to-use users.

Rewards for the user?

You will receive 2 BEEKEY for the first time you download the application, to experience the crowdfunding game.


The document describes the plan and operation of HONEYBEEAPP. We hope that HBA and the community will grow together. For a support community. Best regards.


LINK : https: //






Your reference: honeybeeapp – Get this reference to your registration or sponsor


bee wax.PNG