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The terms Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the buzzwords in the field of technology and economics. Unlike before, people know about cryptocurrencies and all the investment options.

Among the many investment options available in the crypto market, offering security tokens is considered a reliable and lucrative opportunity for investors and the company that sells tokens to raise funds.

Now, you may want to create a security token for your business and trade it in exchanges for fundraising, but wondering where to find experts in STO development solutions, contact Blockchain App Factory now. They can help you with A to Z in developing STO for your business.

Consider that you have your tokens ready to compromise in the market, the next step is to market your security tokens in STO exchanges to reach all potential investors.

When you develop your security tokens, you must understand that the marketing of your STO is as important as its development.

When you contact Blockchain App Factory, you are not only insured by STO development services, you can benefit from 360 degrees STO Marketing Services for Your STO Services.

Here is the list of security token marketing services offered:

  1. Owner's manual audit

  2. brand image

  3. Reputation management

  4. Influence Marketing

  5. Curation content

  6. E-mail advertising

  7. Social media management

  8. Press release and much more.

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How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant

Due to the extensive technological reforms in the business and industry sector, the demand for specialists such as digital marketers or digital marketing consultants has increased overall. With this ever increasing demand, a huge supply is needed to maintain a balance in this equation, thereby creating a vast array of opportunities in the world of digital marketing.

Learn digital marketing course in Bangalore and get to know the 24 advanced modules, which helps to be an expert in digital marketing.



Before defining the skills required to become a digital marketing consultant, here are a few points briefly explaining why digital marketing consultants are of paramount importance for businesses:

They help the organization / company cope with constantly changing market trends and keep track of recent changes and technological models.

Thanks to a great knowledge of several digital marketing tools and their application in different situations, they allow the company to conduct marketing campaigns with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally, they help to establish competitive strategies and tactics by closely examining the methods and plans of competitors in the market.

Essential skills required:

It was established from the above points how digital marketing consultants improve the productivity of a business directly or indirectly, henceforth justifying their high demand. Here is a list covering the essentials that make up a successful digital marketing consultant:

Formulate strategies according to the target audience

The initial skill is being able to find target customers through different sources. Next comes the step of identifying their prospects and therefore creating marketing strategies to channel the campaigns. It is paramount to know how to conduct a well-targeted and goal-oriented campaign in order to avoid spending leaks.

Use KPIs to develop tactics

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are quantifiable measures that determine the success rate of marketing campaigns. These help set measurable goals that prevent the business from incurring losses. To discover the KPIs of a new client, interviews must be conducted and existing records must also be consulted. These provide very important figures like global supply, total income, return on investment, total sales, etc.

Know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is the method to bring the client's websites to the top of the Google search ranking generating high web traffic which also generates a high level of sales. Although this is a slow process, it has proven effective for many organizations in generating monumental profits. In fact, a customer always begins their search with Google, regardless of the other existing marketing platforms.

Core of online advertising

With the next advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it is essential to know the fundamentals of online advertising. A broad knowledge of creating high conversion campaigns will help to more effectively achieve customer goals.

Make content viral

An important skill to master is to know social media from the inside, that is, to know how to make advertisements that go viral on the Web to reach larger masses. This is done taking into account the existing advertising content of the client already published on the Web.

With the aforementioned points, it is clear that a career in digital marketing consulting is far-reaching. So learn digital marketing course in Bangalore and get to know all the advanced modules.

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Security – Can I Check a Free Bitcoin Marketing Ad?

Total Bitcoin beginner here. I don't have a bitc, nor a wallet, and I'm not sure I want one. I have been intrigued for some time, but security is a big passion for me …

Today, YouTube told me about an interesting talk by Bill Gates and others. (1) Apparently, it was at the SF, CA exploratorium in the "morning", but it would not be in line with the current time zone if it is live. (This part just got to the end of the Bill Gates section a few minutes ago.)

This video is supposed to be from Microsoft Europe – but the author only has this video.

There was a big picture on the screen while Mr. Gates was speaking at the "Village Global" event. It advertised free bitcoin if you send bitcoin, for example, it will send you 10 times what you send from 0.1 to 20 bitcoins.

The address by "Microsoft administrator" in the chat is: 1w1AQvpK4ixo9YQ3KHFYi4BgKHuDqg1hR

Online, I searched for this (2) and found this:

Total Sent
0.00000000 BTC

I believe this indicates that the ad is definitely a scam.
Did I understand well???

Are there other ways to find fraudsters I don't know?
Thank you so much!

(1) Bill Gates on Microsoft Future, Quantum Power, Bitcoin Evolution – YouTube:

(2) Blockchain Explorer – Search the Blockchain | BTC | ETH | BCH:

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Why Women Should Take Digital Marketing Classes

Today’s women have come a long way since the days of our grandmothers, when thinking of a career was frowned upon. In recent decades, women have broken this stereotype and pursued varied careers, ranging from rocketry to the highest public service.

The rapid growth of the Internet has opened up another career option for women – digital marketing. Women can start with it in just 3 to 6 months ” digital marketing course.

Women of all ages are now comfortable using technologies such as laptops and smartphones. Many women do online shopping, online information research or entertainment on YouTube, so why not learn the ins and outs of this field and make a career out of it. After completing the course, she can join any business or pursue an independent career from the comfort of her home.

In this article, let's explore the top 5 reasons why women should get digital marketing training.

1. Huge demand: all companies, big or small, are moving online. Nowadays, many customers use digital platforms to search for information, make purchases or have fun. Therefore, businesses see a huge opportunity to reach customers. Therefore, there is a huge demand for digital marketers that women can meet.

2. Various positions: a woman who completes a digital marketing course has several positions that she can apply for. She can become digital marketing director, SEO director, social media manager, affiliate marketing expert, etc. She therefore has the choice to pursue a career in the field of digital marketing that she wishes.

3. Better wages: digital marketing has experienced rapid wage growth in recent times. If you are looking for a career that offers good financial compensation, then go ahead and take a digital marketing course.

4. Homework: Many women cannot make a career because they cannot leave the house because they have young children or elderly dependent parents. This course can give you the opportunity to work from home. You can have a website and start blogging or affiliate marketing and earn commissions paid by advertisers who place ads on your blog. You can also earn money through affiliate commissions on ecommerce sites if someone buys products from a link on your affiliate website. .

5. Freelance: After you finish training, you don't need to go to an office to start a career. Many freelance opportunities exist, which gives you the flexibility to work wherever you want. Plus, you have the freedom to work when you want.

6. Creative: This career offers you enough opportunities to develop and use your creativity. This can be in the form of developing creative posts for social media or creating creative emails or attractive copies for ads.


Digital marketing is a growing field and it is a career that is best suited for women. So do digital marketing course and start a promising career.

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: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hello, people of the world on the GSA forum. I hope that if you are in a Covid-19 location that is locked, you are OK.

Anyway, I was wondering if it was worth doing something like:

As the GSA Scraper proxy runs and the individual proxies work or do not work with different search engines when scraping with SER, only serve the proxies which have NOT yet shown that they didn't work with a certain SE. Thus, the default value for a proxy would be to serve this proxy, unless specifically prohibited.

I know it could slow things down a lot? So let's just share for fun. :pirate:

Maybe SER could use a second port for each affected working port, communicating on the second pair of each port to PS what SE that first port in the SER pair is trying to scratch, and if it succeeds. So, one port to use as usual and a second one to use to keep track of SEs so that PS can set up a bit for each SE, storing it with other features of each proxy.

At the same time, if a proxy begins to fail when scraping with a certain SE (where it has been marked as working before, or just never tested against that SE), the second port could be used to return data to PS which this particular proxy is no longer good for this SE.

Of course, since PS tests SE proxies, this data can also be used.

It's just that SER gets precious data every time a proxy fails / shows up as blocked on a certain OS, so why waste this?

Like the other functions, the proxies can be configured to be deleted in 1, 2 or any other number of failures.

This second channel for communicating the proxy SEs during scraping could also be used with tests carried out by the PS user by (or automatically) against the SEs. Again, the data is there and there would be greater precision for which proxies to serve for which SEs.

Sven, is it doable? Is it worth it? Would that slow things down enormously? Is the loss of speed worth the gain which is not used by the proxies who have proved unusable, either by PS test, or during the actual execution of the SER project?

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Hmm..I guess for this to work, SER should also notify PS when a port is used for pigging, and if so, which SE so only non-faulty / blocked proxies will be served.

How can I maximize income in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online adventure that allows you to get paid a certain share of the money or income generated from the sale of products that could be digital or physical.

Affiliates offer sales commissions to their subsidiaries at given percentages and over a given period of sale of products or services. When you sell, you are paid part of the sale price.

Examples of affiliates are Amazon Associates Central, eBay Partner Network, Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program, Powerhouse Affiliate Program and many others.

To maximize affiliate income, simply do the following:

  • Post content consistently (preferably daily)
  • Develop engagement with your readers on a regular and consistent basis
  • Submit guest articles to niche blogs

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Social media marketing company for orthopedics

With the advancement of technology, cosmetic and plastic surgeries are now on the rise. Now the treatments have become less invasive and provide safe results. People have become aware of choosing a cosmetic / plastic surgeon who suits their needs and who also provide optimal results. However, there are many surgeons who claim to offer excellent services. Therefore, it has become necessary to have a social media platform where one can provide accurate information to the general public, interact with patients and also talk about the latest developments that are happening in the field medical. Engagement helps increase the number of patients and establish a brand in the market. Digi Lantern is the best social media marketing company for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. The company provides a strategically composed solution for social media marketing for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. One can also extend their practice of orthopedics with Digi Lantern, a social media marketing company for orthopedics surgeon. For more information, contact Digi Lantern!