Webkul Magento 2 Multivendor marketplace seller wise product URLs

I have Webkul’s Magento 2 multivendor marketplace extension installed and configured. I want product URLs to be sellers based.

The current product URLs is www.domainname.com/product_name_1.hmtl

I want to be like below:


How can I achieve this?

Selling – Selling Facebook Marketplace with shipping option and BM accounts | NewProxyLists

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    Selling – Blank fb accounts with marketplace feature available on them | NewProxyLists

    Hello guy i am selling empty fb account no friend or anything but they all have the marketplace feature in cheap price (no friends)

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    InfixHub – Ultimate Digital Marketplace

    InfixHub script you can sell your projects without resellers commission takes half the cost of your project. All profits just for you just need to install the script and add your products. Or you can setup your marketplace and accept any user to upload their products and get the selling commission


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    How to Build an Online Marketplace

    The amount of online marketplaces increases every day. Both consumers and suppliers increasingly turn to online interaction. Online marketplaces dominate over traditional offline platforms due to convenience and time efficiency. In such a manner, more and more entrepreneurs come to an idea to build an online marketplace platform and need to make many decisions before any work is done. What are they?

    In this article, we discuss five main aspects you should consider if you want to build an online marketplace


    How To Build An Online Marketplace

    With more and more clients switching online in the search of goods and services, there grows the popularity of online marketplaces as the ideal spots for buying and selling whatever you like. Such popularity owes much to numerous advantages online marketplaces give for all the parties involved: buyers, sellers, operators, and third-party vendors like logistic companies. In this article, we discuss five main aspects you should consider if you want to build an online marketplace

    Artdeco Introduces The First Nfts Marketplace Blockchain For Artists And Creator

    Recently, NFT has become the talk of the town so much that its boom is in full force. Its widespread impact hasn’t gone unnoticed as celebrities, big brands, and athletes mint their own NFTs to take advantage of the latest crypto trend. The trend is now lucrative such that everyone is looking for an opportunity to make millions through the process.

    However, if you are a creative artist, it can be difficult to mint and sell your piece of art as NFTs because of the cumbersome process of navigating through the NFT Blockchain. How can these creators mint and sell their NFTs?

    Reduced Size Image

    If, as an artist, that has been your major concern, there is nothing to worry about because ARTDECO is designed to make the process easy. ARTDECO is an Elon Musk inspired community-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that comes with a unique decentralized NFT Minting Protocol for creative artists to convert their arts and collectibles into NFTs.

    NFT Minting & NFT Marketplace

    The ARTDECO project comprises two aspects, which are the NFT Minting and the NFT Marketplace. The NFT Minting acts like a digital container designed to hold your unique and priceless collectible. For instance, the first jersey Leo Messi worn, the signature of Abraham Lincoln, or a video you shot 40 years ago.

    However, the NFT Marketplace allows everyone to mint and sell their NFTs. Even if you love art but have financial constrain buying popular arts, the ARTDECO NFT Marketplace allows you to create and sell your NFTs. Interestingly, anyone can make money from the ARTDECO platform either by minting or selling.

    ARTDECO Platform – Mint and Sell your NFT projects

    The ARTDECO platform is a web-based NFT creation and minting platform that allows everyone with internet access to upload their unique art piece and convert it into a Binance-based NFTs without any smart code contracts.

    Each NFT project has its unique token on the Blockchain, with the creator and successive holder having 100% verifiable ownership of the project. All that is required is to upload your creative work (Music, Photo, or Drawing), including a description, selling price, and the ArtDeco app will issue it using the BEP-721 token format on the Binance Blockchain.

    Public Sales of ARTDECO Token

    Currently, ARTDECO is launching the public sales of its unique token, which will be used within the ARTDECO Marketplace. The token is available on sale on the Bounce Finance platform, with a maximum allocation of 500 million ARTDECO.

    The purpose of the public sale is to help raise liquidity to fund the development of the ART DECO decentralized Web 3.0 NFT Marketplace on DeFi exchanges and top-tier centralized exchanges. The public sale is scheduled to last for 40 days or pending when it has achieved its goal.

    The Sale aims to raise liquidity to fund the ARTDECO development of Our Decentralized Web 3.0 NFT Marketplace on DEFI Exchanges and top-tier centralized exchanges.

    Artdeco is currently conducting a public sale of 10% of its Total Supply on Bounce Finance at the price of $0.0003. Buying possible from https://artdecotoken.gitbook.io/artdeco/how-to-buy-artdeco

    Contract Address: 0x6515A41578BB7Ad5486b96384E4148E7844F3D70

    More Information At:

    Website: https://artdeco.community
    Telegram: https://t.me/artdecocoin
    Facebook: https://fb.me/artdecobsc/  
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/artdecobsc
    Medium: https://artdecotoken.medium.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artdecobsc/

    notification – Ideal frequency for reminder email to review host/guest in Airbnb marketplace app?

    In a marketplace app (e.g. like Airbnb), what would the ideal frequency be for reminder emails to review the other party (e.g. host/guest)?

    I read about Email Reminder Best Practices as well as the non-specific suggestions on Email reminder frequency to complete a task.

    Example schedule

    Based on the answers to the aforementioned questions, I think the idea frequency should be:

    • Ask to review 2 hours after end of trip (while it’s top of mind)
    • Reminder 48 hours after end of trip
    • Reminder 1 week after end of trip
    • Reminder 13 days after end of trip
    • After 14 days, the review period closes.

    This is based partly on the suggestions in the aforementioned questions, and partly on what I’ve seen actual marketplace apps use.

    Would this schedule be approximately optimal, if not, what would be?

    ShoppyStore – Responsive Multipurpose Marketplace OpenCart 3 and 2.x Theme

    So ShoppyStore is a responsive OpenCart theme which is fully customizable and suitable for any kind of OpenCart stores, especially, any heavy OpenCart store. Your store will be well displayed on any devices or screen resolution.
    So ShoppyStore comes with 5 color variations that allows you to easily change the color of all elements…