applications – How do I get a real Id when i can’t provide marriage records

I was married in 1997 in New Jersey for maybe a week when I found out my husband and his kind family were only using me to obtain a green card. Therefore, I went back to California and left him. I tried to have all my documents in my maiden name from dmv but was informed that my married name is now my legal name. 20 years later, I need my marriage certificate and New Jersey send me an official sealed letter informing me they can not locate my records. Now what do I do? I gave them all the information I could remember.

Marriage and Kids?

As a lady or gent, do you want marriage and kids? I don’t, I have enough on my plate with my own person to deal with currently in life, that I can’t handle anyone else’s issues.

Does my marriage to an EU citizen give me unlimited freedom of movement within the EU

I am a UK national and my husband is Greek. We have been living in the UK for 15 years then for the last year have let our house and have been travelling around europe spending a month or two in each destination before moving to the next which we hope to continue to do.
We do not want to settle and reside in any country but to continue with this nomadic lifestyle.
Now that brexit has happened am I limited to the 90 days in 180 rule or can I still travel unlimited when travelling with my EU husband?
We do not work but do have a regular income from property we let in the UK

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Marriage Visitor Visa Financial Aspect

My fiancée is a US citizen and is wanting to apply for a UK marriage visitor visa but has some problems with the financial support element. It states on the documentation required that you should provide six months of bank statements/payslips. That makes her first problem, because she has only recently opened her bank account and isn’t employed meaning no obvious source of income. She has a power of attorney who has managed the money left to her by her late guardian as well as paid the bills for the house left to her which she lives in with her mother. Can she provide the will stating what’s hers as well as the power of attorney agreement showing he has managed her finances and what was left to her as financial support for herself? Also into her new bank account she is obtaining perhaps $140,000+ which is money owed on life insurance from when her father passed away. She can give the necessary paperwork to prove this isn’t “funds parking.” The problem is she cannot provide anymore than one month’s worth of bank statements since this is a new bank account, which may render that amount of money useless in the overviewers eyes because they can’t see the ties to her local economy they look for. She has dealt with numerous mental health issues and setbacks in life which is why her financial circumstances are what they are in terms of her not working or controlling her money in the past. My fiancée is 23. As stated above she is also unemployed, isn’t a student, so proving ties to her home country will be difficult. Does owning her house count towards ties? She is also close with her mother who lives with her in the house she owns and her mother is dependant on her, and would definitely not overstay because she needs to see her. Perhaps having a power of attorney could also provide ties? She thought maybe he could give a statement of some kind. My own parents have provided a written statement that she can stay with us, and that they will support her financically with the various things she would need. They have given bank statements, a mortgage statement as evidence they own their house, and the balance in their savings account to show they can support her during her stay. I will also support her as much as possible during my study. Do you think providing everything I’ve mentioned with a carefully thought out explanation and evidence of her circumstances will make her application successful or should this be done another time, in other words will it be very difficult to have this approved? We have February 17th next year booked for our marriage and really want to be with each other, so I’m hoping there are ways to problem solve here. Thank you for reading and for answers given, it is very much appreciated.

us visa waiver program – US Marriage ESTA

My fiance and I are currently seperated on different sides of the Atlantic thanks to the Covid travel restrictions and we are trying to plan for the future. We want to be married (even if we end up living apart while we apply for a US Spousal Visa so that I can join her in the states).

My question is this; Assuming the currently travel restrictions are lifted; Can I visit my fiance in America on a ESTA/VWP, get married, return to the UK, then apply for a Spousal Visa so that I can join her at a later date?

Is it legal to go to the US on a ESTA/VWP to get married if I have every intention of leaving the States at the end of my holiday?

canada – Is UK Marriage Visitor Visa required for Canadians?

I am a Canadian Permanent Resident and will be getting my citizenship next year. I am planning to marry my partner in UK who is currently on LLR in UK.

As a Canadian citizen, will I need to apply for a marriage visitor visa? I know that as a citizen I would be able to travel without a visa and can stay up to 6 months in UK. For marriage, do I need a specific visa or is it sufficient to provide a notice of marriage to the marriage registry in UK 70 days prior to my visit for marriage?

What differences are there between the implications for immigration status between marriage to different nationals? [migrated]

If you marry a British citizen is the situation different than if you marry a non-British EEA citizen on "treaty rights"? I have gotten the impression that the terms of immigrating as the spouse on treaty rights are more favorable rather than on the basis of a spouse’s citizenship.

Combination of names on passport differs from marriage certificate

My husband bears 3 names. He used the names interchangeable on his passport and marriage certificate. on his Nigeria passport is Udo ikechi obinna. While on our marriage certificate his used his baptismal name which is Udo Benjamin ikechi. We are planning to apply for UK Visa as married couple so we will be presenting our marriage certificate. Will the difference in name post a problem for us or is there any kind of document or action to take to prove that he bears the 3 names.

[ Politics ] Open Question : I'm gay. Blacks in California, when given a chance, voted OVERWHELMINGLY against Gay Marriage in California. Tell me again why I should care?

Two dead flies about Black Lives Matter?