nat – Modify the HNSNetwork Hyper-V Subnet Mask

I am running Windows 10 Pro Build 1803 and my default network Hyper-V HNSNetwork correctly assigns IP addresses to my virtual machines. However, the IP addresses are apparently rented for a while, even if the virtual machines are disabled and not registered. If several different machines are imported / exported, my network runs out of IP to rent and the virtual machines are assigned a non-routable IP address until I restart Windows.

I found that Get-HnsNetwork results Subnets: {@{AddressPrefix=; GatewayAddress=}}

Clearly, the mask & # 39; / 28 & # 39; Limits my network to very few IP addresses for my use case (15?) and I would like to change it to / 24 & # 39;

What is the right way to do this? I can not find any current documentation on the subject. Thank you in advance.

Error entering ios nativescript plug-in mask

Learn more about the application, download
CONSOLE file WARN: ///app/tns_modules/nativescript-input-mask/input-mask.js: 31: 49: The class "InputMaskDelegateImpl" already implements the "UITextFieldDelegate" protocol.

How to unlock the password of the 7zip file?

Easily unlock the 7zip file password without data loss by applying ESoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software. It has three recovery techniques: mask attack, brute force attack, and dictionary attack. You can also add your possible password combinations in this tool to save time. A free demo version is also provided by this tool to recover the first three letters of the 7z file.

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wpa2 – Brute Forcing / Mask Attacking a WPA-2 Handshake Using Hashcat

I've therefore captured a handshake from my mobile host and I've got it in .cap and .hccapx file formats.
My question is, if I know that the person who is the hijacker that I am hijacking is supposedly "Dave", how can I put it in the search parameters of a brute force for 8 characters. The password could be DaveXXXX so how can I get hashcat to do brute force.
I am a beginner and have only used hashcat successfully once, so help me with the basics.

javascript – The SVG mask does not work when used with React Suspense

j & # 39; uses React.lazy dynamically load components when the page starts. During loading, I want to display an svg icon with a element. To simplify, let's say that I have a Loading component like this (which does not work either in my case):


This is displayed correctly when I use it anywhere except in the React.Suspense component. If I write }>{/*...*/}, It appears like this:

enter the description of the image here

It stays that way for a while before the loading is complete. I've tried to follow, when he corrects, and I discovered, that it happens after the files manifest.json and favicon.ico are loaded, which is pretty absurd. What could cause such behavior and what can I try to solve?

ESoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software

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Depth Mask Shader – Game Development Stack Exchange

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twitter bootstrap – Remove the input mask before burning it


I have an entry with currency mask, however, appears pry error in SQL due to formatting. I have tried several times to remove the mask, whether in the model store function or controllers, but still generates an error.
Please ask if anyone can show me an example of a mask in an entrance and where the mask is removed to make the recording. The mask is in R $ currency with decimal.
My value field is decimal 8.2.
It's done in Laravel and the mask is in Create.Blade: input type = "text" name = "vr_plano" value = "" class = "act-control form-control input_geral">
Controller: $ plan-> vr_plano = $ request-> get (str_replace (& # 39 ;, & # 39;. & # 39 ;, Vr_plano & # 39;));

Thank you again for your help.

Paulo Cezar

Future request: clear mask mask

(How) can I set the subnet mask for the WiFI access point

NOTE: The root is necessary.

The default DHCP IP address range is hard-coded (1)you can not change it without rebuilding the ROM with the modified source code. Or use a little hack.

When you enable connection sharing, what happens (at least):

  • hostapd – the daemon that manages the access points – is started.
  • Network interfaces are configured, an IP address is added to the Wi-Fi interface (hard-coded before Android Pie (2, 3), then randomized (4)), and the routing table is added (5) for local network (6).
  • dnsmasq – the DHCP / DNS server (up to Pie) – is started with hard-coded command-line arguments (7) (which can be set via /etc/dnsmasq.conf (8) other).

So that we can replace / system / bin / dnsmasq with a custom shell script, taking control of the process between the two. Rename the original binary into something else:

~ # mv / system / bin / dnsmasq / system / bin / dnsmasq.bin

Create a script / system / bin / dnsmasq:

#! / system / bin / sh

OLD_SUBNET = 192.168.43 & # 39;
NEW_SUBNET = & # 39; 192.168.1 & # 39;
WIFI_INTERFACE = & # 39; wlan0 & # 39;
LOCAL_TABLE = & # 39; 97 & # 39;

export PATH = / system / bin

# delete the old route, add a new one
ip route $ {OLD_SUBNET} .0 / 24 dev $ {WIFI_INTERFACE} table $ LOCAL_TABLE
ip route add $ {NEW_SUBNET} .0 / 24 dev $ {WIFI_INTERFACE} table $ LOCAL_TABLE

#set the new IP address on the Wi-Fi interface
ip address add $ {NEW_SUBNET} .1 / 24 dev $ WIFI_INTERFACE

# injects a new subnet in the hard-coded arguments received from netd
set - $ (printf% s "# $ *" | sed & # 39; s / $ {OLD_SUBNET} & # 39; $ {NEW_SUBNET} & # 39; / g & # 39;)

# executes the original binary with new arguments
exec dnsmasq.bin $ *

Confirm the name of your Wi-Fi interface (wlan0 d & # 39; habit). Check with ip link or ls / sys / class / net /.

Also check that your local network routing table is 97: grep local_network / data / misc / net / rt_tables. Android routing is a mess that gets more and more complex with each new version. So, I'm not sure if this has been persistent or not. Similarly, before making any changes, check your rules and routing tables to determine what you need to put in your script:

~ # RULES = "$ (rule ip | grep -vE & # 39; inaccessible | local & # 39;)"
~ # echo "$ RULES"
~ # for t in $ (echo "$ RULES" | awk & # 39; {print $ NF} & # 39; | uniq); does ip r s table $ t; completed

SELinux rules must also be defined if (all or part) is not already defined and if the status is defined. enforce. Use Magisk & # 39; s suploicy or another similar tool like sepolicy-inject:

# run binaries from / system / bin
allow netd system_file dir {read open getattr search}
allow netd file system_file {read gettattr open execute execute_no_trans}

# execute / system / bin / sh
allow netd file shell_exec {read getattr open execute execute execute_no_trans}

# execute / system / bin / toolbox and its applets
allows netd file toolbox_exec {read gettattr open execute execute execute_no_trans}

# configure RPDB routing rules / tables
allow netd netd capability {sys_admin}

* not persistent during reboots, use-in init.d script or replace / sepolicy in ram record

Set permissions on files:

~ # chown 0.0 / system / bin / dnsmasq *
~ # chmod 0755 / system / bin / dnsmasq *
~ # chcon u: object_r: dnsmasq_exec: s0 / system / bin / dnsmasq *


Another option is to change the value of config_tether_dhcp_range (9) in the Android frame as explained in this answer, but I have not tested it.

Or you can configure a complete modem from the command line, by running your own processes. This answer includes instructions, although the question is different.


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