Google Xlookup sheets do not work but require results in the table showing the maximum date according to the condition of the user list.

Problem 1:

Page-2-Seznam članov > Coloumn C : It must be the maximum dates.
The function must search the list for the name of Page-2-Seznam članov > Coloumn B and in the area Page-3-Podaljsave to give the same person the exact maximum output of Page-3-Podaljsave > Coloumn E

In Page 2 > column C > cell C3 you can use vlookup.


A =sort function to guarantee that the output will be the max Availability date.


Then use a arrayformula to cover the range.


Be careful, the larger the range in this search, the slower the sheet will be to open / process new data.

Problem 2:

Page-2-Seznam članov > Coloumn D : It must be the maximum dates.
The function must search the list for the name of Page-2-Seznam članov > Coloumn B and in the area Page-3-Podaljsave to give the result of the same person the exact max date of Page-3-Podaljsave > Column F

Same idea:


You can combine the two formulas in one table with that in C3 :


Bonus: you can reduce 'Page-3-Podaljsave'!$B:$E to a table with only two columns: {'Page-3-Podaljsave'!$B:$B,'Page-3-Podaljsave'!$E:$E} then use it in the function like this:


Different maximum server memory on availability replicas

I have a scenario in SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn High Availability where other services run in one of the secondary read-only replicas.

These services obviously require additional memory. Is there a good practice or a specific reason why SQL Server should have the same memory configuration on different replicas?

macbook – How to force a Retina display to always keep the maximum resolution scaled?

On previous versions of OS X, and apparently more in Catalina, my MacBook changes the resolution of the retina's built-in panel to "Default for Display" instead of the Scaled: More Space setting. Is there any way to force him to always keep the panel integrated on Scaled: More space?

dnd 5th – Does a troll die if his maximum health is zero?

The Troll has the Regeneration feature that says:

The troll regains 10 life at the beginning of his turn. If the troll suffers acid or fire damage, this trait does not work at the beginning of its next turn. The troll only dies when he starts his turn with 0 life and does not regenerate.

I wonder what's going on anyway a trolls maximum life points has been reduced to zero. I do not know if this method works to kill a troll because I'm not sure whether they have regenerated or not. Does the troll die?

Change the error message on the maximum size of the download file

I would like to change the default error message for the maximum size of the download file, but I can not find the configuration.
I've looked at the general settings of the web form, the individual settings and the multimedia file settings, but I have not found anything about it. The forum issues only talk about configuring the maximum file size, not the customization of the error message.

Can any one help me?

Is the maximum size of the SD card for the S9 + really limited to 400 GB?

I have a Samsung S9 + and I plan to upgrade to 512GB or even 1 TB, as this would leave room for Kiwix ZIM files.

However, Samsung's marketing materials suggest a limit of 400GB (400x1000x1000x1000 bytes). This seems arbitrary (not the usual power of two and the difference between GiB and GB that can be explained by a placeholder – in case of corruption – does not change that). Now, maybe there is a technical reason that I do not know, but on the operating system side (Linux / Android), I do not understand why there would be a limitation to 400 GB SDXC appears to be the standard supported and should support up to 2 TB (2x1024x1024x1024x1024 bytes).

Is this limitation simply due to what was available around the release of the S9 + or is there an artificial limitation imposed by the customizations of Samsung to Android, or is there any there maybe no limitation?

optimization to find the maximum sum of sigmoids with some constraints

I have a problem of maximizing a sum of sigmoid functions on different time instants with certain constraints.

Considering the standard sigmoid function $ f (x) = frac {1} {1 + e ^ {- alpha x}} $ and it's derived $ f (x) = f (x) (1-f (x)) $

In my case, it is slightly different, the sigmoid function at the moment $ n $ is defined as $ f_n (x) = frac {1} {1 + e ^ {- alpha ( frac {x} {y_n} -z)}} $, where z> 0 and $ alpha> $ 0 are constants and $ y_n> 0 $ is defined for each moment $ n $.

I need to find $ x $ which maximize the following:

$ sum_ {n = 1} ^ N frac {1} {1 + e ^ {- alpha ( frac {x} {y_n} -z)}}: : -c x : : $ such as $ : : x leq X $, $ : : 🙁 1) $

or $ c> $ 0 is a constant represents a cost value, $ X $ is another constant represents the maximum value of $ x $ and $ N $ is the total number of time instants.

One of the solutions I thought was to use the Lagrangian:

$ L (x, lambda) = sum_ {n = 1} ^ N frac {1} {1 + e ^ {- alpha ( frac {x} {y_n} -z)}} : : -cx : : – lambda (xX) $

or $ lambda $ is the multiplier of Lagrange, since we can find the derivative of the equation (1) on $ x $.

I've tried this method but after having $ frac { partial L (x, lambda)} { partial x} = 0 : : $ I could not solve it.

I am not sure that this type of optimization problem (1) can be solved or not. And if this is not the case, a type of approximation / relaxation can be used to solve it.

I do not have much experience in the problem of optimization. I therefore hoped to get some help.

-Thank you

problem of optimization to find the maximum amount of sigmoids

I need to find the maximum $ x $ for the continuation:

$ sum_ {n = 1} ^ N frac {1} {1 + e ^ {- alpha ( frac {x} {y_n} -z)}}: : -c x : : $ such as $ : : x leq X $

-Thank you

5th dnd – What is the maximum amount of melee weapon attacks that a character can perform reliably at each turn?

This is what I came up with:

Feat: Ritual Roulette. Use this to obtain Find familiar. This will allow your pet to use the help to give you an advantage during an attack. Choose an owl so you can step back without being hit by an opportunity attack.

Feat: Master of Firearms. You will use it to give you a bonus action attack. In addition, you can continue to move backward so that the target continues to have to move within range and re-trigger a second-hand attack.

Fighter 20 (Samurai). Choosing Samurai gives you a quick hit at level 15. You will convert the benefit conferred by the help action of your pet into an additional attack.

This gives you 5 attacks from your attack action plus a bonus action attack and a potential reaction attack each turn for a total of 6 to 7 melee weapon attacks on each turn without using resources.

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