memory hardware – A doubt on best media for a time capsule

So, I have some data to a time capsule project of mine. But the thing is, I need to know the best media on long-time scale to use as storage unity. The time range is 120 years. Now, I’ve been thinking about two medias: the average CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and a outdated Vinyl/LP. On the one hand the CD/DVD is a good one, due to its dimensions and information space, but the question remains about the difficulties to read a CD/DVD in 2141. A vinyl LP could be more simple.

So my question is: what is the best media for a time capsule?

capacity planning – Media Server hardware requirements for 1000 users

We need an on-premise server that stores static video files and streams them to students.

The resolution for files is 480p, cause students will use mostly phones to watch videos.

The codec is H265 to decrease network traffic and because videos would be updated just twice a year, the conversion speed is not very important.

Don’t worry about network bandwidth, for now we will have approximately 500 concurrent users. And estimating for future there could be 1000 concurrent users at max. So 1000*480p/hevc/24fps is 1gbs network. Our ISP could provide 2gbs network.

The server won’t be used as archive storage for videos. There will be placed videos currently used for this semester. So I think, 1 TB of drive space would be enough.

The main question is about CPU, RAM, and disks.

Will this server be enough?

CPU: 2x Xeon Bronze 3204 1.9G, 6C/6T

RAM: 8x 8Gb 3200MT/s

Disk: 4x 480GB SSD SATA Read Intensive 6Gbps RAID10

Clubhouse – a new era in social media?

Well, I think there's no need explaining what Clubhouse is..

So what I'm thinking, is that a new way of communication? People became so tired posting photos, writing texts, calling each other? I've entered few rooms and I wasn't really impressed with the idea as if I want to listen to someone, I'd better choose some podcast.

What do you think about idea of moving to audio format? Do you like this app or prefer something more conservative?


Necesito hacer una automatización de capítulos de video y regularmente lo hacia con BACH DOS, pero ya tope, bueno, Tengo un listado de archivos de video nombrados en este orden capítulos dentro de una carpeta, (A_WorkingDir) pero algunos pueden ser de diferentes extensiones: avi, mp4 o mkv, lo importante es que están numerados de la siguiente forma:

  • Cap_001.avi
  • Cap_002.mp4
  • Cap_003.avi
  • Cap_004.mkv
  • Etcétera…

Como referencia para no hacer o editar el código se me ocurrió usar el directorio actual:

  1. Al ejecutar el script dentro de la misma carpeta de los archivos: que el Cap_001 se mueva a una carpeta nueva llamada EMITIDOS dentro del directorio actual independientemente de su extensión

  2. Por ultimo lo desearia añadir a la lista de reproduccion de Media Player Classic

posible codigo no terminado, agradeceria cualquier sugerencia y corrección:


RegExMatch(A_LoopFileFullPath,"^D*d{>0}$", mayor)

Loop, %A_WorkingDir%*.*, D
if A_LoopFileExt in %ext%
    FileMove, %mayor%, %A_WorkingDir%emitidos

archivo=FileMove, %mayor%, %A_WorkingDir%emitidos

run mpc-hc64.exe / %archivo% /add


media library – wp-contents/uploads folder is empty in FTP – trying to upload from Remote to Localhost

I’m trying to get a local copy of my remote site so that I can edit the site locally before publishing to the remote server.

I have transferred my site to localhost via FTP, however I do not see any images on my site. When I inspect the wp-content/uploads folder of my Remote site, it doesn’t have any Media Library files.

How do I get my media library from my remote site to appear on my localhost? I have tried using Add From Server, but I don’t see the media files within the directories shown by that plugin, either. Is this a permissions issue? I can connect to my remote site using FTP, so why can’t I access the media library?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

8 – Get image file values in $form_state in media entity form

I am trying to get the values from an uploaded image inside a media entity during form submit.

Where my approach doesn’t work:

  1. When first uploading an image in the media_image_add_form form.
  2. When editing an existing media entity and removing, then uploading a new image and trying to save.

My validation only works when editing and submitting an existing media entity (without changing the uploaded image file).

Here is my entire code for brevity, though it may be long, MYMODULE.module:

 * Implements hook_form_alter().
function MYMODULE_form_alter(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {

  if ($form_id == 'media_image_add_form' || $form_id == 'media_image_edit_form') {

    if ($form_state->getFormObject()->getEntity()->get("field_media_image")->entity) {

      $form('#validate')() = '_MYMODULE_validate';

 * Validates submission values in the FORM_ID() form.
function _MYMODULE_validate(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {

  // $imageEntity = File::load($form_state->getValues()('field_media_image')(0)('fids')(0)); // Tried File::load here as well.
  $imageField = $form_state->getFormObject()->getEntity()->get("field_media_image");
  $imageEntity = $imageField->entity;
  $imageFileSize = $imageEntity->getSize();
  $imageFileMime = $imageEntity->getMimeType();
  $imageFileName = $imageEntity->getFilename();
  $isIssue = FALSE;
  $showConditionalMessage = FALSE;
  $ciuMessage = "";
  $ignoreWarnings = $form_state->getValues()('field_ignore_warnings')('value'); // Field set on media image entity type.

  // Conditional issue.
  if ($ignoreWarnings === 0 && $imageFileMime === "image/jpeg" && $imageFileSize / 1000 > 150) {
    $isIssue = TRUE;
    $showConditionalMessage = TRUE;
    $ciuMessage .= "<p>Conditional: This JPG file size is larger than 150kb, have you optimized this JPG image?</p>";

  // Conditional issue.
  if ($ignoreWarnings === 0 && $imageFileMime === "image/png" && $imageFileSize / 1000 > 200) {
    $isIssue = TRUE;
    $showConditionalMessage = TRUE;
    $ciuMessage .= "<p>Conditional: This PNG file size is larger than 200kb, have you optimized this PNG image?</p>";

  // Non-conditional issue.
  if (strpos($imageFileName, ' ') !== false) {
    $isIssue = TRUE;
    $ciuMessage .= "<p>Filenames cannot contain spaces.</p>";

  // Non-conditional issue.
  if (strtolower($imageFileName) !== $imageFileName) {
    $isIssue = TRUE;
    $ciuMessage .= "<p>Filenames need to be in all lowercase.</p>";

  if ($isIssue) {
    if ($showConditionalMessage) {
      $ciuMessage .= '<small>To ignore conditional errors, check the "Ignore conditional errors" checkbox below.</small>';
    $form_state->setErrorByName('title', new FormattableMarkup($ciuMessage, ()));

One caveat for using hook_form_alter() is that some of the errors are conditional, and I would like to provide a field on the media entity type to allow ignoring some of the errors.

How can I get the uploaded file/values in $form_state when adding an image to a new media entity, or adding a new image to an existing media entity?

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What Is New Rule For Social Media In India..?


What Rules Guidelines Should You Follow When Using Social Media?


Disadvantages Of Social Media

Usually, social media presents everything nicely wrapped in a sparkling sheet which attracts users towards its false depiction of perfection. They remain in their imaginary picture-perfect world and don’t make any efforts to change their condition. Moreover, social media is also a source of promoting violence, racism, extremism, and sectarianism among users. The authenticity of most of the news circulating on social media is not confirmed, and most of the time, the viral news is fake. With…

Disadvantages Of Social Media