uploads – MIME types not recognized by media library

We have several thousand MP3 files that were transferred to WP (from a dying Drupal site) via a custom script by the developer, with whom we don’t have contact anymore. WordPress, however, doesn’t recognize those files’ mime type:

A screenshot of the Media Library overlay showing an empty field for the file type

The server (debian lamp stack) shows that the file has the correct mime time associated with it:

# file --mime-type 1-14_FNC.mp3
1-14_FNC.mp3: audio/mpeg

Is there a plugin or script that can go through these old files and assign the correct type within WordPress? (needed to offload them onto s3 with another plugin, heh. That script fails with an empty mime type.)

What Is A Social Media Press Release Should Be Like?

What is a social media press release should be like?

How to target Right Audience in Social media websites

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media – Automatically Insert alt attribute above image has h2

When inserting an image in a WordPress post, I would like that it automatically add the alt text of the image above the image as h2.

Example, when inserting an image, WordPress ads this into the post:

<img src="" alt="Hello" />

What I would like is inserting:

<img src="" alt="Hello" />

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attachments – How do I set the browser icon on a PDF uploaded to Media Library?

I have uploaded PDF files to my site to allow visitors to view those PDFS.

When the visitor clicks on the link and the PDF is displayed, the icon in the browser tab changes to the WordPress logo.



Show this header:

<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">
<title>my file.pdf</title>
<!-- This snippet is used in the Firefox extension (included from viewer.html) -->
<base href="resource://pdf.js/web/">
 <script src="../build/pdf.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="viewer.css">
  <script src="viewer.js"></script>

How do I modify the ‘head’ tag to display my own site icon?

What is the role of social media in communication? – SEO Help (General Chat)


Social media is about conversations, community, connecting with the audience and building relationships. It is not just a broadcast channel or a sales and marketing tool. Authenticity, honesty and open dialogue are key. Social media not only allows you to hear what people say about you, but enables you to respond.

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Why is Social Media Harmful?

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Python: Calcular média e desvio padrão através de valores em um arquivo

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