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JRiver Media Center – an all-in-one multimedia management application turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub that allows full control of your digital media: audio, video, images and television. It connects the computer to stereo, TV, remote controls, digital cameras, scanners and portable MP3 players. It reads all media, rips, burns and organizes all your music, images and videos. MC encodes and plays all popular multimedia formats. Media Server is a powerful utility that allows you to stream music and images to remote PCs. Media Center is more than a world class player. It is also a network of media, a solution of music, movies, television and photos for the whole house. The leader in audiophile quality sound. The most powerful multimedia database available; an essential tool for large collections.
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l & # 39; Audio
* Native support for DirectShow DSP filters
* Audiophile – Exclusive WASAPI output using high-end USB DAC
* Audiophile – Ability to read files in memory instead of a disc
* Audiophile – Supports high-end USB DAC with WASAPI
* The DSP headset makes listening more natural and comfortable.
* SoundcardSwitch command for launcher, allows selection of sound card
* The 3D album view adjusts the text size to display more tracks if needed
* The 3D view of the album allows to play, add, mix and add to the next reading

* The preview image allows you to zoom from a thumbnail to rotate, delete, compare, edit and more
* Thumbnail images (optional)
* Support for Photoshop PSD files
* Unique command copy / send to an editor like Photoshop and stack a new image with the original

* Video tagging with Sidecar files
* Chapter support for MKV and MP4
* Chapters added to the on-screen display
* The information panel displays the metadata

* Added a new "watched" column to metadata
* EPG can automatically retrieve XMLTV data
* Automatic correlation of XML channel names and MC channel names
* The information panel displays metadata, including TV programs.
* TV program of YADB

Theater view
* Watch Hulu and YouTube from Theater View
Customizable Nested Views in Theater View
* Customizable file information panel to view metadata
* Improved speed and quality
* Custom backgrounds
* Touch screen support
* Clock on the screen

Remote controls and servers
* Wiki articles: remotes and servers
* Remote relays using IR transceivers to control a decoder or receiver
* Remote Setup Wizard
* Media Center Remote Learning and Blasting
* Media Center can connect to another Media Center to act as a remote control (TRemote)
* New HID remote control plug-in – supports shortcuts with keyboard, mouse and gamepad
* Remote control with REST-based web service interface in the library server
* Library Server supports read and write to allow shared access to a multi-user database.
* DLNA added to the UPnP server
* Library server clients can write changes to the server.
* Connections to the library server allow reading to the server as Immediate Read zones.

What's up:
1. Fixed: DLNA: our rendering engine, when queried about the URL of the file and the metadata of a file being read in the zone, provided data based on the first DLNA server conversion settings and not what was being read.
2. Fixed: The right-click menus of Theater View did not seem correct when tooltip transparency was turned off.
3. Corrected: Some poorly formed raw AAC audio files could not be played.
4. Fixed: The embedded web browser could display an error when trying to open about: blank instead of displaying a blank page (temporary), if any.


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imovie – How to add a video to Project Media

My goal is to remove fluff in the middle of a video clip by removing many small sections. My understanding is to make the clip must be available in the Project Media

I clicked on Project Media and added a local file. However, it was added to the iMovie library and not visible in Project Media:

enter the description of the image here

To edit this video, what should I do at this point?

database – Drupal 8 + DB select to retrieve media from a reference field (in nodes)

Inside a type of node, I have a reference field to target a media.
With a database selection, I have to load all the media related to the nodes.
For that I use this code:

$ database =  Drupal :: database ();
$ result = $ database-> select (& # 39; media_field_data & # 39; m & # 39; m & # 39; m)
-> fields (& # 39; m & # 39 ;, ['mid'])
-> condition (& # 39; m.bundle & # 39;; & # 39; gallery & # 39;)
-> leftjoin ('node__field_related_gallery', 'n', 'media_field_data.mid = node__field_related_gallery.field_related_gallery_target_id')
-> leftjoin ('field_related_gallery_media_field_data', 'node__field_related_gallery.entity_id = field_related_gallery_media_field_data.nid & nbsp; & nbsp;) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;)
-> range (0, 5)
-> execute ()
-> fetchAllKeyed (0, 0);
dpm ($ result);

But with this code I receive an error and do not recover the associated mediums. If I delete the line with the leftjoin I receive the mediums.

How can I check if a media is tied to a node and only get support with an associated node?

With the views, I can easily get the results with this query:

SELECT media_field_data.mid AS mi,
field_related_gallery_media_field_data.nid AS
{media_field_data} media_field_data
LEFT JOIN {node__field_related_gallery} node__field_related_gallery ON
media_field_data.mid =
node__field_related_gallery.field_related_gallery_target_id AND
node__field_related_gallery.deleted = & # 39; 0 & # 39;
LEFT JOIN {data_node_node} field_related_gallery_media_field_data ON
node__field_related_gallery.entity_id =
WHERE (media_field_data.status = & # 39; 1 & # 39;) AND (media_field_data.bundle IN
(& # 39;)) AND (field_related_gallery_media_field_data.nid IS NOT NULL)

Thank you.

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javascript – How to share an online SharePoint page on social media?

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