bluetooth – MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE causes the phone to go to sleep

I have a problem with my phone mounted as a car PU. It connects to the stereo of my car via Bluetooth so that I can control the music with the help of physical buttons on the multimedia unit. Unfortunately, every time my radio sends scancode 200 or 201 (key code – 85: MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE), the screen turns off. Other buttons – then, the previous ones work, they do not put the phone on standby. I do not see anything wrong in syestem / usr / keylayout. In addition, sending MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE via ADB has the same result: the music stops but the screen also turns off. The phone is an old device mediatec – lenovo a820 running near the stock 4.4.4 android. Someone knows how to fix this?