seo – Attractive site of more than 600 numbers with a mediocre structure. Should I start again?

I've therefore charged someone with whom I have a good report to design a WP site using a custom theme for my IT services company. I think the style and theme are excellent, but …

1) He did the work as if I had asked him to fully create a site for me with little or no contribution from me. There are many things that I have to change and

2) I did an audit of the site with SEMrush and there are more than 600 problems and 78 errors:!AsYZObWoazxfk0phU880wCvNMJfJ?e=d3OPc6

The website (until it's ready to go online) is

I've lost a lot of time editing content strictly based on his presentation. This will lead to more mistakes given the structural changes I am going to do to strengthen SEO.

Given this level of errors and problems, how much time would I need to reconcile all these problems? Keep in mind that I do not want my referencing to be affected in any way by the problems or corrections made … Am I starting from scratch then? real test of 2 months using this mediocre service

A council ignore this mediocre service.
Before I started, I saw fake reviews and started with this bad company. I'm just wasting my time and money with them. I really regret choosing my choice. I wish to be careful in your choices. features that shit, first of all, I have a lot of downtime and they keep telling me that it's fine, we have updates, and their support supports BTW, it's slow (with their lazy conversation, btw), they are not ignored 100%. DMCA, they tell me that it will go before … real test of 2 months using this mediocre service

Bing Ads Review || Mediocre support and fraudulent TOS

My company has tried to create a bing ads account for advertising our products / services. We were stuck at the payment method stage because we could not add a payment method. Bing ads continued to refuse the credit card. There has been a support ticket on this for weeks.

Bing was unable to solve this problem and so decided to close the account without just cause. Seriously? We did not create any advertising campaigns or use the account to justify closing the account.

When we contacted them, they hid cheaply behind their fraudulent TOS which states that they can close an account without specifying the reason! Does it make sense? How can you close an account without telling the customer why? What if we added funds? made payments? So, like that, they can close the account and leave with our payment and billing information.

I had to bring this here to create an awareness about this because it is really frustrating.

Stay away from classifieds!

My download is mediocre (0.14 MB / s). How can I speed up the download? | NewProxyLists

Hello people, my name is Arthur and I come from Brazil. I am a download user, but I can only use remote download on some sites, because my download speed is very modest. To download 600 MB, I need to wait more than a week :(

I know that other downloaders have solved this problem by using online servers or online services that give a "virtual" desktop.

0 idea about this, where should I start?