skype – Is end-to-end encryption appropriate for Adobe Connect calls and meetings?

I read that Skype did not use end-to-end encryption, which allowed Microsoft, and perhaps even US government agencies, to monitor the data.

My question is this: Does Adobe Connect suffer the same problem? From what I read, it does not seem clear.

By the way, are there any services that offer full E2E encryption for phone calls or meetings that are unlikely to be seen by anyone other than users?

g Suite Administrator – How can I replace the default Google Calendar settings for users so that they can edit and move meetings between our rooms?

Within our organization, we have four conference rooms currently configured as resources via GSuite for Business.

One of these rooms has become the recruiting / interview room. I would like to give our recruiting team priority access to this room, with the following basic rules:

  • If the room is not reserved, any user should be able to book it for an event.
  • If the room is reserved for an event, Recruitment should be able to modify the details of the event and move it to another room.
  • Other users should not be able to move or edit default events.

We have already configured where the rooms are configured as resources. We have also added calendaring to all rooms where "Make Changes and Manage Sharing" access is enabled. However, while they are able to see events they are not able to move an event in another room.

Someone has thoughts?

Automation: Is it possible to automatically connect to google meet online meetings online? (for hands-free operation)

I'm looking for a way to automatically connect to scheduled Google Calendar (or hangouts) meetings once they've started (to allow easy hands-free operation while driving).

If there is an option to get an "incoming call screen" to accept or reject the meeting, it is even better.

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dnd 5th – How can I add meetings in the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign without giving too much experience to PCs?

I am reading the LMOP scenario. I was thinking of adding a few encounters if the PCs want to explore the forest or other areas of intrigue that are not taken into account in the book.

But in reality, I do not want them to earn too much XP with these devices, and since I've never done a demo, I do not know what the amounts of XP are.

The reason I care about giving them XP is that:

What I've already thought about:

In the scenario, each game is specifically rewarded by XP, so I can only give XP for scripted games, but it may seem a little disappointing for the players.

On the other hand, if I attribute to them the entirety of the experience given in the statistics blocks of the monster, one of the problems I mentioned above could result.

Given past experiences as a GM or player (especially with LMOP in particular), how can I give PC XP encounters that are not scripted without changing the scenario level too much?

5th dnd – Estimation of the difficulty of the continuous meetings (no short rest / waves of enemies)

For a level 10 group, consisting of 4 players, the daily budget is 36k, which allows them to make 6 encounters of a CR10 monster. However, (I think that this), that supposes that they have the time to repair after a battle or even to rest a little.

Do you think it would be much more difficult if the monsters kept coming, and if so how much stronger? Maybe it's not much more difficult if they are allowed one or two rounds between the waves? Or should we consider a multiplier similar to the group of enemies (2x for 6xCR10 seems a bit too much, maybe 1.5x)?

For the purpose of the question, suppose that there is no warlock in the party.

How did you apply the practice of activity-centered design at work? (steps, people involved, processes, meetings ..)

I'd like to see how ACD is applied to work to engage the design team or simply the company in the process of discovering a new way of designing a product. I was curious to know how I could apply in Activity Centered Design practice & Mobytize Meetings Case Study: $ 2439 spent with a 125% return on investment! | NewProxyLists

Offer: and Smartlink


The source of the traffic:

AP: Mobytize


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Hello everyone! Today, I decided to write my case on vertical dating that I have been promoting successfully for a few months now. In fact, this is my first experience of push traffic and the non-Russian market in general. However, since the payments on the offer were delicious and the competition was low, I managed to promote this offer with a good return on investment. In the meantime, I have gained professional experience with push traffic and learned various features that I will share with you today in this case study.


After first attempts to use push notifications on dating, I started looking for offers from this market, which had an acceptable ratio of price-per-click in and payment in the program. # 39; affiliation. I chose & Smartlink, which was in AP Mobytize. It was an SOI offer. I was particularly surprised by the payments (desktop and mobile computers, respectively):


An additional condition of the offer was the age of 21 and over. Therefore, the user who has entered the age of under 21 – the registration will not be counted. As it is push notifications traffic, there is no possibility to target on age, so this offer seemed to be a definite disadvantage.

However, looking at CPC prices in at that time, finding that they were not high and checking the payments, I realized I had to try.

The very first days, the combination worked. Subsequently, I tried to enlarge and not lose the return on investment I had at that time. Until a certain time, I was successful because had a lot of traffic and the offer had a wide choice of GEO solutions. As soon as the return on investment began to fall, I tested new angles, creations and GEO. That's how I discovered Belgium, which brought me almost half the profits in this case.

Overall, after testing many geos over a period of three to four months, the campaigns began to run out. He was influenced by the competition in, which resulted in an increase in the CPC on the geos I was aiming for. In addition, my nodes in ads have burned, which is why other affiliates use the same nodes. In the last days of this business, I was promoting my campaigns with a low return on investment (10-20%) to complete the CAP for this offer.

CAP. When the combination worked, there was just one more question I could not influence: it was the CAP. I made 100 conversions, reached the CAP and I was expecting the announcer's comments. They gave me an additional limit of 100, after which they increased it to 400! Given the payments, it is already a kind of volume. This is for the record to those who say that push traffic is not working and that no one is buying it.

Move to Settings and Creation:

Settings for the ad campaign. I aimed mainly at the desktop, on all operating systems. As everyone already knows, from this source of traffic, the conversion rate of a desktop is less than that of a mobile, but I chose it because of the payments and price per click.

Creations and landings. I was promoting this offer without pre-landing because it was not an adult offer and there was no moderation problem. Regarding the landings – there were Smartlinks. That's why I have not changed anything.

Text part. At that time, the angle is quite exhausted, but still works. The idea of ​​advertisements was to create a live communication image. Title – the name of the girl, her place and age. Text – here there are two options: start with the standard "hello, how are you?" Is finished with the meeting offers and so on. I have tried to make a maximum of simple text, so as a result of the translation it does not sound stupid and the google-translate will suffice.

The graphic part.

On a small image (icon), I've mainly tried 3 creative knots: usually 18+, 21+, an image of a symbol meaning to get to know someone and some images with the meaning of "new message".

On a large creative image, there are mainly faces of pretty girls, where only the face or chest-face are visible. Everything else: explicit images (not bare) that the body shape, etc. did not work well Here, I had to draw a line between the appearance of the model and too "realistic" images, because the creation where a "model" appeared did not convert, as well as those with a "too realistic" appearance. ". In addition, there were different girls on different GEO – in Scandinavia: blonde women in Europe, blond girls and brown-haired with Slavic appearance.

I will not put here the creations I used because they are still active for other offers. J

Now about the numbers:

I will not show any statistics from, I have lost access to my first account. (The support team helped shift the budget balance to the new account, which I thank for.) He spent about $ 233.

Here are the current account statistics:


Statistics in the Mobytize Affiliate Program:


A few recommendations from my experience with push traffic and in particular with

Translation. I would recommend using the Google translation service only for simple and widely used words / phrases, because even in small sentences, some errors can be made by Google. As a result, the user response is negative, which affects the conversion rate. Therefore, do not be greedy and order the translation.

Study the characteristics of GEO. Before promoting a campaign for a particular GEO, get more detailed information about it on Google / Wikipedia: characteristics and differences in the appearance of girls in this GEO, which language is the most used (for example, in most European countries) speak 3-4 languages). In addition, if you use names in the creatives, find in Google what names are popular among the young people of these GEO.

I would like to highlight {city} macros separately, which indicate the city of a user via IP. You can create a few nodes using these macros. In my case, it worked well.

And of course, analyze traffic and pay close attention to existing variables, which can be optimized to achieve a higher return on investment.

Existing variables in MP.

The number of variable parameters affecting the conversion rate and with which you can play, is limited compared to other popular traffic sources (you can not target sex, age and interests). variables:

Creative and angles. Test some angles on a GEO / offer;

Landing. Same here – the more tests you run, the more likely you are to find a landing page with a good conversion rate;

Pre-landing (I did not use it);



-Time of the week;

– the time of day;

Device (Office / mobile)


I hope it has been helpful to you and that you have learned something from this case.

Thank you for your reading and wish you a high return on investment :)

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Development of outsourced applications

An outsourced team offers many benefits to your startup. Many big global companies have started in a garage by outsourcing their advanced ideas to grow. Outsourcing involves some risks, but the benefits generally outweigh the benefits.
Benefits of outsourcing

1. Cost reduction. By using an outsourced team, you will only pay for the services you want and these are defined from the outset in your contract.

2. Contractual periods defined. By clearly defining how long you need the services, you are able to estimate the costs.

3. Scalability. An outsourcing team will be able to take on many tasks and services for you. This allows you to grow your business much faster by leveraging new technologies or opportunities as they develop.

4. Access to expertise. By definition, an outsourced team will only employ professionals in their field. You can access this feature through your contract and get advice on improving efficiency and reducing costs.

5. Adaptability and resilience. Like scalability, your outsourced team is able to adapt to your changing needs by engaging staff from other departments in their organization to work on your project. Giving you flexibility that is not offered to you internally.
Outsourcing Disadvantages

1. Conflicting priorities. You will not be the only client of the subcontractor, so there may be consistent priorities depending on who screams the loudest or who pays more. This can affect your business because you may not receive the instant answer you need.

2. Risks related to IPR. Giving your data, sensitive information and trust to a donor can be dangerous. You only need one violation to expose your business to the risk of opponents or hackers.

3. Logistical and geographical problems. Your development team may be located at the other end of the world, which is clearly not compatible with the organization of conferences, meetings or visits.

4. Quality control and processes. You will not control the quality and processes used in your software development until the product is delivered to you. Then you may find some work to align with your goals and standards.

5. Cultural and organizational differences. With the ability to work around the world, it is possible to hire a subcontractor from almost anywhere. A brilliant opportunity can be a problem if you do not research cultural and organizational differences. This may be simple, such as shorter work weeks or extended religious holidays, but in extreme cases it may be illegal activity or discrimination.

Many custom software development companies consider these advantages and disadvantages when developing any software.