lighting – Unity light cooked in memory

I have a problem: every time I try to cook light in my scene, I get this error after a while:

Clustering job failed for system: 0xde0e37c3393f9955a3f751d3aff6b594, error: 4 - 'Out of memory loading input data.'.
Please close applications to free memory, optimize the scene, increase the size of the pagefile or use a system with more memory.
Total memory (physical and paged): 42560MB.

My scene is a small to medium pitch with a skybox.

What can I do to make sure I can prepare my scene?

apache 2.4 – php-fpm using more memory than mod_php

I have recently moved a PHP5 application from Apache 2.4 + mod_php to Apache 2.4 + php-fpm. Apache is configured to proxy all * .php requests to php-fpm on Unix Domain Sockets. The application required that the php parameters increase the memory limit to 384 MB, which was the case when using mod_php and this parameter was kept under php-fpm.

After switching to php-fpm, some queries consume about 1GB of memory before being killed by the Linux OOM. The same requests in mod_php do not consume the same amount of memory and are not killed.

Note that I have reduced Apache's mpm event to only 2 processes and 8 threads each. PHP-FPM pm is set to ondemand and only 2 processes. I can see that only this application is being executed at this time. The memory of the php-fpm process continues to steadily increase up to 1 GB and is destroyed before it can come back.

My questions are:
1] Why does php-fpm exceed the php.ini memory_limit setting of 384 MB?
2] If apache is php-fpm proxy using a unix domain socket, is buffer emptying equally important? I guess no.
3] Do you have any recommendations to solve and solve this problem?

mac pro – how to swap memory in Mac Pro 2019

my Mac is pro 2019

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

I have no information on Mac or PC.

I use R and I manage a heavy model. but I can not get any result because of lack of memory. Is there a way to repair it? as an exchange of memory?

help me please, step by step
if it is not possible please let me know
Thank you for your time

URL Rewrite – IW URL Extension Memory Leak Rewrite 2.1

The next problem was that when I visited my website using the IP address instead of the host name, a certificate error was displayed because the certificate is issued only for the domain name. Looking a little bit about it, I discovered that doing and redirecting the URL seems like the usual way to solve this problem. For example, is redirected to

So, using the Rewrite URL module, I wrote this rule that seems to work:


About 12 hours later in the middle of the night, the production server broke down and everyone panicked. The "IIS worker process" (w3wp.exe) that typically oscillated around 1.5 GB of use took up all 16 GB of the machine.

Restarting the site erases the memory, but it still increases rapidly. Disabling the rewrite rule stops the use of memory.

I then found this article on a memory leak in the extension, but that was for version 2.0 and I'm using version 2.1.

bash – NRPE script to monitor memory usage

This script is based on the previous NRPE script for monitoring the average load. Same goal – get NRPE friendly output with minimal use of non-integrated controls. In this case, it was not necessary to count floating point. So I could omit bc.

Yes, I've read Why use a command loop to handle text considered as bad practice. And there is a lot of truth. Bud I always think of these NRPE scripts as bash script training to get more practice.

Desired output:


#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -o errexit -o pipefail


while read -a meminfo_row; do
  # Remove the colon character. 
  row_value_lenght=$(( ${#meminfo_row(0)} -1 ))

  case $row_value in
      mem_apercent=$(( meminfo_row(1) / 100 ))
done < /proc/meminfo

mem_percentage=$(( mem_available / mem_apercent ))

if (( -z $mem_percentage )); then
  returned_text="MEMORY UNKNOWN - check script"
  returned_text="MEMORY_TOTAL=${mem_total}kB MEMORY_AVAILABLE=${mem_available}kB | MEMORY_IN_PERCENTAGE=$mem_percentage;$warning;$critical"
  if (( $mem_percentage -gt $critical )); then
  elif (( $mem_percentage -gt $warning )); then

echo "$returned_text" 
exit $returned_code

Drupal 8 – the website would not load for an anonymous user. This leads to an allowable memory size of 629145600 bytes out of print

We have a Drupal 8.7.6 that works perfectly when you are logged in as an administrator – all pages, features work well with good performance.

When I tried to load the website as an anonymous user – it continues to run and eventually ends with 504 incorrect gateways and in the logs, the following error appears:

2019/08/14 20:39:42 (error) 25423 # 25423: * 15460 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 629145600 bytes exhausted (attempt to allocate 20480 bytes ) in / core / lib / Drupal / Core / Entity / ContentEntityBase.php on line 191 "when reading the header of the response from the upstream

(error) 25423 # 25423: * 14852 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: Fatal PHP error: 30 seconds maximum execution time exceeded in /core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/Sql/SqlContentEntityStorage.php at line 606 "when reading the upstream response header

Everything was working fine until yesterday, before the migration of users and the content of our old Drupal 6 system started.

We have a similar configuration for our development environment that works perfectly.

I've tried setting the runtime to 0 in settings.php, increasing the allowed memory, etc., but this problem still persists. A lot of data has been migrated and I will not be able to restore it from the new copy.

Please recommend possible ways to solve this problem – thanks in advance.

apache2 – apache process terminated by significant use of memory

I have an Apache web server (v2.4) + ckan (v2.7.2) running in a Docker container.

In our scenario, CKAN receives a large number of requests at certain intervals (for example 10 requests per second). Then, after a while, the memory consumption tends to increase towards its threshold value.

After a certain interval / some time, if we access the ckan home page at the address https: // url / abc with a large number of queries (with the help of Jmeter ), the memory usage of the Apache process continues to increase and eventually the process hangs. and does not work properly. (NOTE: ckan is mounted on the root / abc path)

To remedy this quickly, restarting the fixed menu container reduces memory usage.

My concern is: is there a set of conditions / parameters in CKAN or Apache Webserver that must be considered to avoid this behavior? What are the threshold values ​​for processing these requests? Should I limit the no. requests to Ckan below its threshold value so that it does not hang? Or is it possible to limit the memory consumption of the Apache web server?

Some of the values ​​defined in apache2.conf are:

  1. Timeout 300
  2. KeepAlive On
  3. MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
  4. KeepAliveTimeout 5

The /apache2/mods-enabled/mpm_event.conf file also includes the following parameters and values:

  1. StartServers 2
  2. MinSpareThreads 25
  3. MaxSpareThreads 75
  4. ThreadLimit 64
  5. ThreadsPerChild 25
  6. MaxRequestWorkers 150
  7. MaxConnectionsPerChild 0

Memory card for nikon d3500

Is the sandisk extreme pro 95 MB / s 32 GB memory card a good memory card for Nikon D3500 (Full HD at 60fps and 24.2 MP)?
Should I buy a cheaper one?

cooling – Wraith Stealth + Tall Memory

I plan to build a PC with a Wraith Stealth AMD stock cooler. I will remember the Team T-Force Delta RGB, which is supposedly "big", according to the standards of memory.

"The standard height of the memory modules is about 30 to 33 mm, the total height of the Delta RGB is 49 mm at its highest point.",3.html

The Wraith Stealth measures 54mm and "supports RAM", but I just wanted to check. I do not have the memory on me yet, so I just wanted to check and make sure it would work. I am a little new to this field, so tell me if you are missing something!

Thank you to everyone who helps!

memory – the operation takes a very long time, all the variables are erased

I'm trying to simplify a very big expression and to accomplish that, I use the following lines of code:

Parallelize(SimpExpression = Simplify(Expression);)

the Compress(SimpExpression) The line is just there to generate an output that I can save later. After running for several hours ($ sim12 $) I receive the following output:

Simplify: Time spent on a transformation exceeded 300.` seconds, and the transformation was aborted. Increasing the value of TimeConstraint option may improve the result of simplification.

Simplify: Time spent on a transformation exceeded 300.` seconds, and the transformation was aborted. Increasing the value of TimeConstraint option may improve the result of simplification.

Simplify: Time spent on a transformation exceeded 300.` seconds, and the transformation was aborted. Increasing the value of TimeConstraint option may improve the result of simplification.

General: Further output of Simplify::time will be suppressed during this calculation.

In addition, all the variables have been erased. Any ideas on what is happening or how can I solve this problem?

I am not sure that this is relevant, but I am using an evaluation version of Mathematica. Also, I can provide Expression if someone wants to reproduce that.