City of Mist – What kind of myths is mental speed?

If in doubt, start with the archetypes on the pages. 70-73 of the Player's Guide (pages 104-107 of the first printed basic book) as a quick and easy guide. For example:

  • "God / dess of knowledge:" Divination (Access to all knowledge) + Expression (Give or take knowledge) + Bastion (Protect knowledge)
  • "Prophet or seer:" Diviniation (divine knowledge) + expression (words of truth) + relic (sacred object)
  • "Magician / Warlock / Witch:" Adaptation (Ritual) + Divination (Scrying) + Subversion (Disguise)

On the basis of this list and descriptions of the theme book, I would suggest:

  • If your mental agility is related to knowledge, perception, or deduction, divination is probably your best choice.
  • If the mental speed allows a surprising creativity, the adaptation is well suited.
  • Bastion or Mobility best represents strong defensive reactions, but be careful not to reduce your power too much.

In many ways, there is not a single true answer here – the theme books do not have a lot of "built-in" mechanics, so the most important thing here is to be able to write good power tags (interesting, multiform and helpful). . Read each relevant theme book and see if the questions asked match what you think are cool and interesting about the concept; if that is not the case, explore other theme books.

A forum for mental health.

I've recently launched my own forum for people with a mental health problem.
we offer support and even a listening ear.

What is the value of SAN compared to "one-fifth of the current mental health" to determine unlimited craziness?

The rules of indefinite madness stipulate that it comes into play after the loss of a character …

a fifth or more of the current mental health points during a single day

Since SAN losses can occur at various times of the day, what is the "Current mental health" against which & # 39; a fifth & # 39; is measured? Is this the SAN character at the beginning of the day?

[ Politics ] Open Question: How many trumpets here secretly hope for Bernie Sanders to win the mental health care they so badly need?

[ Politics ] Open Question: How many trumpets here secretly hope for Bernie Sanders to win the mental health care they so badly need? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Call Blacks & # 039; N & # 039; word, hate crime, blacks throw a white child from mall balcony his mental illness?

Jussie Smolletts 16 hate crimes against America, all charges were withdrawn by Kim Foxx, black prosecutor.
Obama has done more harm to America than Pearl Harbor. .

Do you agree with President Trump, the white nationalists "have very serious problems", that is, they have mental illness?

As far as nationalism as a whole is concerned, I think left-handed people are idiots in this area.

They want to take the nationalist word and declare Trump some white KKK supremacist.

Trump said that I am a nationalist.

The problem is that they are stupid fools who apparently do not even understand the basic English vocabulary. Nationalism is defined as someone who is proud of the country in which he resides and that is where his loyalty lies.

But see that even the demonrists know it, that's why, to run to their pathetically used pathetic running card,
they ALWAYS say the WHITE nationalist.

Why do they inject the word white? Even the stupid ones, like the Liberals, know that nationalists have absolutely no respect for race or ethnicity. And they admit that by making and inserting the white word in front to condemn Trump when he never said anything about the race.

I hate the democrats. I have recently been promoted to Director of Human Resources in my office. And today, I received an email telling me that the company needed to be restructured to reduce budget costs and that I needed to evaluate, review and select 17 employees to decide to fire or fire. to me but told me that I have to issue these pink leaflets by the end of the week next week.

I assure you that each of them will be a democrat.


EDIT: @hombre: I do not care about your subjective "it gives an indication" nonsense.

What counts is objectivity, you DECIDE that it is convenient to distort and distort the truth, it is not the truth, it is your interpretation.

What you do is say 1 + 1 does not mean 2 if 3 would be more convincing as a political narrative.

And FYI, in case you have not understood it yet, it is not the truth, it is your reaction.

And by the way, sparkling? If you were right, your precious demonists would not feel the need to add the word
"WHITE" nationalist in front.

What is the second confirmation that you are in fact – false. Find?


[ Mental Health ] Open question: Why was Angela Merkel re-elected after the rape and massive attacks by Muslim migrants in Germany, now commonplace?

Going from Taharrush to attack the Germans in the pools to be half-dressed, as this offends their Islam

The left kunt who says it's a lie can not refute the millions of reports online.

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open question: Do you think Kanye West is a mental illness?

[ Rap and Hip-Hop ] Open question: Do you think Kanye West is a mental illness? .

call of cthulhu 7th – Do the ceiling rules of mental health loss apply to the sight of corpses?

Do the ceiling rules of mental health apply to the sight of corpses?

The rules relating to mental health loss state that once an investigator has suffered the maximum mental health loss for having seen a mythos creature, any further loss is voided. For example, if they see a ghoul (loss of mental health 1 / 1d6) and lose 4 points, any other ghoul encountered can only lead to an additional loss of 2 points of mental health. Once this maximum loss is reached, the investigator will no longer suffer loss by seeing ghouls.

So, does the same ceiling apply to other sources of mental health loss? If they see a corpse and absorb the maximum loss of 3 points, will a dump truck full of corpses encounter more mental health losses thereafter? Or do they develop the same resistance to mental health loss as that described for mythos?

mental health – How to classify SAN losses due to chemical-induced fear at Delta Green?

As a relatively new manager, I've gone through the manual of Delta's Green Agent (the new system, not the compliance control system), but I unfortunately do not have the driver's guide, and I decided to change the last object. Last mission to be the mission "intro" for agents.

One of their (multiple) enemies will be a rival organization composed of DGs and MJ-12 Renegades, some of whom have moved to the private sector and now have large holdings, and others who occupy various other positions. positions in the blackest sectors of government, including double. agents within the official DG itself. Their goals are to take revenge on Delta Green and create a more fascist-corporatist government (think Brave New World). Their logic differs, but it is attractive for some of DGs because it allows easier monitoring of citizens and potential epidemics of the supernatural; but it runs counter to the special Delta Green special access program in that it wants to research and exploit the Unnatural, which DG is strongly opposed to. For those of you who have read The Laundry Files, think of something like the Dark Room: constantly experiment with things that they can not hope to understand or control.

This group will use fear-inducing chemicals from human pheromones; synthetic hormone-like compounds; and catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and inhibitors of 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2. These are enzymes that break down stress hormones; By inhibiting their production, the body has too many stress hormones.

In summary, the chemical stimulates the production of stress hormones and reduces the body's ability to destroy stress hormones. The group uses it to enlighten their opponents. The group discovers traces of its use in Clyde Baughman's apartment (although they do not know it at the time), and one event in particular is believed to threaten the SAN when it is associated with the effects of the drug (0/1). The effects of the drug are actually much worse if they are concentrated or exposed for long periods.

Should I consider this a "helplessness" and treat it this way for the purpose of adaptation, or should I declare it as a separate category?