[ Politics ] Open Question : Are you aware of Joe Biden's mental deterioration?

( Politics ) Open Question : Are you aware of Joe Biden's mental deterioration?

How to develop a feature-rich mental health solution

In this article, we discuss medical mobile apps to treat mental health issues. You can see the list of features that we think would work perfectly for these applications and see a list of solutions already available on the market. And finally, you will learn the ins and outs of development of mental health applications that will benefit patients and benefit your business.

Mental problems and how to overcome them

Sometimes being online is definitely one of the skills that make the most of you mentally. I have experienced this in my working time. I remember countless tedious nights of work that may or may not work for me in the long run. I know many of you have the same mental problems, but I was wondering what was the biggest mental problem you encountered while working online?

How often does psychotherapy really help a person with mental health?

Psychotherapy, on the whole, probably does not have good statistical results, and there are reasons for this. Like other professions, there are people who are fairly skilled and who help people, and there are more who do not. That being said, I would say that there are a lot of auto mechanics who are primarily concerned with making money, and who can do a good job, or make short cuts, and not be very good at what they do.

At AJS Therapy, our goal of talking about therapies is to provide a supportive and secure environment where you are encouraged to rediscover your own behavior patterns, cognitive habits, as well as your emotional and spiritual conceptualization. During your journey of self-awareness, you will explore your trigger points, adopt your own coping mechanisms and reach closings with past experiences or unresolved emotional trauma.

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Why did the Republican Party fully invest in Donald Trump's mental health issues?

why has the Democratic Party fully invested in the mental health problems of Biden, Sanders or Hillary? they are more unstable. Oh, and Trump's mental health is excellent. It continues to whip your desolate buttocks daily and still makes America great!

[ Politics ] Open question: are Trump's makeup accidents a sign of his mental deterioration?

[Politics] Open question: is Trump's makeup a sign of his mental deterioration?

Forum on Mental Health and Cat.

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My forum is now 7 months old and is starting to grow.
Not just mental health, a variety of general discussion topics too.

dnd 5e – Would the dimension trigger or circumvent a mental prison?

After failing the backup roll for mental prison, the target is subject, among others, to this:

If the target is out of illusion, launch a melee attack
through her, or reaches a part of her body through it, the target
takes 10d10 points of psychic damage and the spell ends. (XGtE 161)

If, under this effect, the target launches dimension doorwhat would happen? Would it count as being "out of illusion" by the spell? Is the illusion, being in their head, following them? Would it be different if someone else throws dimension door on them?

Make one for mental health [on hold]

I create an app for mental health. I would therefore need such data as a user's searches, their most used keywords, a help, how can I get the date and integrate it into my application, like their API