8 – How to display menu items based on user roles and node type?

I want to display some menu items (merged with the main navigation menu) when viewing a node (full content) of a custom content type. In addition, these menu items depend on the roles of the user. It could be something like a context menu, but with the main menu. For example, I have a custom content type "bill" and when a user is viewing an invoice, some new menu items must be displayed, such as "send by email", "pay",. ..

Retrieving the value of a cell based on the results of items in the drop-down menu on another sheet

I have 2 sheets named sheet 1 and sheet 2 …

Sheet 1: Contains the drop-down list on column B4. Based on the selection of the article, it extracts the result of the displayed price displayed on column D4.

Sheet 2: contains 2 columns.
Based on column 1 Id. Get the opening price of sheet 1 and indicate in column 2 of sheet 2 …

Note: I do not want to change sheets 1 and 2 in any case …. Please do not add an extra column in sheets 1 and 2 … By using this, I can get the result …

Without modifying any criteria that I need to get the result, I will retrieve previous data and perform complex operations on it …

link sheets

Highlight "shop" in the menu when you are on the product page without displaying a submenu?

I've tried to research this, but I can not understand what's going on …

I have a main menu in which I want to highlight a page (named "Shop"), but I do not want a drop-down menu with sub-pages (categories of products and products). I want the customer to click on "Shop" and then from there.

I understand that I can get the word "Shop" by creating a page hierarchy, and then disable the drop-down submenu. But if I do that, then my second menu will not have a drop-down submenu, which is necessary.


Can I move the alt menu to the top bar?

I was wondering if I could move the menu that appears when I click the Alt key on the top bar. I know it sounds stupid but I do not want it to take up space on my window.

system.xml – Multi-select drop-down menu for Magento 2 system configuration status

I first created a dropdown list of countries in the backend configuration, using the source model as

Magento  Directory  Template  Config  Source  Country

Then, depending on the selected country, I have to inform the states of this country in a multi-selection field located under the country field.

Currently, there is an option to load the report into a single selection drop-down list. But I need it as a multiselect attribute.

grub2 – Custom fstab + grub menu in a bootable persistent USB stick created with mkusb

I've created a custom live CD image (er … live USB, I guess it would be more accurate) thanks to a combination of Cubic (to generate a custom .iso file) and mkusb so to make it persistent through one casper-rw partition.

It works really well, but MKUSB seems to create his own fstab and his own worm menu.

One of the things that MKUSB does not create a "normal" NTFS partition so that the USB key can be used as a "normal" storage key (to save images, documents or whatever it contains), but this partition does not appear to be mounted at startup .

It would be great if this could happen, because I have a fairly specific use that I would like to give it (more specifically, Docker images that only seem to work correctly if I specify it). devicemapper as the storage driver). It would really help if I could have this NTFS partition mounted in / var / lib / docker /[storage]but even if I change / etc / fstab In Cubic, these changes are not reflected in the image written on the USB key.

Something similar happens with the Grub menu. Cubic allows to specify yours, but that seems to be overwritten by MKUSB and because of problems with computers where the stick is going to be used, it would be nice if I could add a nolapic flag at the start line.

Is there a way to do that?

PS 01: I'm not married at MKUSB… I like how easy it is to get a persistent USB stick, but maybe another tool would give me more control?

PS 02: I do not know much about … nothing, really, but for this specific use case, let's say I do not know much about persistent partitions on bootable USB sticks.

windows 10 – Is there a way to have the file explorer (associated with the taskbar) display a context menu (drop-down list of associated folders) with a left click?

I want to see the drop-down list of my pinned folders, instead of opening the Explorer window for quick access. Similar to list view for Mac-anchored folders.

I looked around me, but I could not find a solution … surprising given the tp software designed to mimic Mac functionality.


How to automatically fill in the drop-down menu of the choice of the image

I have an ecommerce site using magento 2.
I have a product with several color options. I've been able to configure the drop-down menu to switch to the appropriate images when the color is selected, but I also want to automatically populate the drop-down list from the moment the photo is selected.
No advice?

mistletoe design – Language change menu

I want to design a language selection menu and the requirement is,

on the right menu should appear (which shows the selected language)

when selecting, it should list all available languages
and also the selected language must be displayed as selected

screenshot is attached and we use bootstrap.

It may seem simple, but I am new to design, so any help will be appreciated.

thank you,
Prakash.enter the description of the image here

google sheets – Navigate the menu with keyboard shortcuts

In the past, I opened a menu with a shortcut key (for example Alt + F) the menu itself would open.

Now the shortcut keys are displayed but the menu is not open, it makes it a lot harder to remember the right shortcuts and makes it impossible to learn new shortcut paths.

How to change this behavior?

enter the description of the image here