gui – UI / Menu working with and without VR (Unity, WMR)

I am working on an application that I want to be able to use without and with virtual reality (with a Windows Mixed Reality HMD like the Samsung Odyssey).

For non-VR, I simply use a canvas in "Screen Space – Camera" and a second camera, which is a child of the main camera and can only see the user interface (the main camera can see everything except the user interface). In this way, the menus are displayed as transparent overlays always visible to the player (with the game scene in the background).

For virtual reality, you must use World Space. It makes sense because I want to be able to look around without the menu moving too.

How do you now make an example? break menu works in VR and non-VR – depending on whether the player plugs his headphones before launching the application or not?

  • Do you change the screen space to global space in the code when running if there is an HMD?
  • Do I have to move the entire canvas at run time to where the player is? You want the menu to be in front of the player, no matter where it is, but it must also be in front of other objects in the scene, so you can interact with it.

I am using Unity 2017.3 with OpenVR / SteamVR.

Is it possible to have multiple shortcuts of Windows cmd in the Start menu?

In Windows 10, I would like to pin several shortcuts to cmd.exe at the beginning so that they run different predefined commands in different folders.

However, when I add a second shortcut configured differently in the Start menu folder, it replaces the thumbnail of the previous one – just the thumbnail, both shortcuts are still in the Start menu folder – that does not seem right.

drush – How can I change the UUID of the Drupal site and its execution in the fixed menu?

My Docker file

version: 3.1 & # 39;


image: drupal: 8-apache
- 8082: 80
- / var / www / html / modules
- / var / www / html / profiles
- / var / www / html / themes
# this takes advantage of Docker's feature that a new
# volume (which is what we create here) will be initialized with the
# existing contents of the image at the same place
- / var / www / html / sites
restart: always

image: postgres: 10
restart: always

To change UUID, I have to use drush according to this example. How can I import the configuration to another site?
. But I can not use drush in the Docker container.

redirects – Using the link in the Xenu menu to remove broken page links / links 301

I'm trying to solve 2 problems based on Xenu's Link Sleuth report.

  1. I have many 301 redirects from URLs based on WordPress SQL despite the use of publication name URLs.

Despite the use of URLs based on the name of the message (for example,, when I launch Xenu's Link Sleuth, it displays a list of redirected URLs, all of which are related to the SQL database (that is,. Is it normal or should I do something to eliminate / remedy this situation?

  1. There are broken links to local pages on many of my pages with a format of The anchor occurs several times

the # text-5 happens in almost all, but how can I solve this problem? I do not have typical anchor links on the page leading to a particular place on the page. Is it just a WordPress theme or problem and should I even care about it?

magento2 – How to create a drop-down menu with a value in Dynamic Row magento 2 Admin

I just created a dynamicRow using UIform (UiComponent). In this value field, I want to scroll it with predefined values. How to make a dropdown list, I also want to change the data type of another field: textarea.

** Dynamic Row Magento 2 **

My form.xml:

            Add value
            dynamic lines
                    Magento_Ui / js / dynamic-rows / record
                        first name
                        FIRST NAME

Thanks in advance.

8 – "Expand All Menu Links" Menu Block Selection Displays All Bulk Menu Items, Not Just Active Tracking Items

I have a menu block that I configured with Initial Visibility Level = 2 and Number of Levels to Display = Unlimited. When I check the "Expand all menu links" box and view my menu block, it displays ALL menu items at Visibility Level 2 relative to the menu items of the active menu plot.

What is the best way to display only active path menu items without entering each menu item and set them as "Show as expanded" individually.

I'm using Drupal 8 and a custom Bootstrap theme

sharing menu – Sharing crashes in all applications

The sharing feature of all apps hangs on my phone. Regardless of the application I use, as long as I click the share button, the application crashes and restarts before displaying the list of applications with which I can share.

My phone is a Huawei Honor 9 and the version of the operating system is 8.0. I am an Android developer and I have therefore tried to get the exception of Android Studio:

E / AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: ModernAsyncTask # 1
Process:, PID: 19271
java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while running doInBackground ()
at pu.done (PG: 5)
to java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.finishCompletion (
to java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.setException (
to (
on java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker (
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor $ (
on (
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: attempting to read the field & & # 39; on a null object reference
at android.os.Parcel.readException (
at android.os.Parcel.readException (
to $ Stub $ Proxy.queryIntentActivities (
at (
at (
to aham.d (PG: 7)
to pi.d (PG: 3)
to pi.b (PG: 19)
at (PG: 5)
to (
on java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker (
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor $ (
on ( 

It seems like this NullPointerException

java.lang.NullPointerException: attempt to read the & field & # 39; on a null object reference

is the cause of this problem.

I believe this is not the problem of the application (in this case, Google Photos) because this occurs in all applications. So, is it a system problem or is it caused by another application I have installed? How can I find and uninstall this application if it is the last case?

Reduce the width of the background for the mobile menu only

I'm trying to fix a menu according to our design that works well on the desktop version but is modified on the mobile version. Basically, it would be better if it came from the top and the bottom rather than the side, but my boss said that maybe it was good, but if we could reduce the bottom to not cover as much space. By and large, now when the menu appears, the text is left-aligned and takes up about half of the background. Therefore, if it could go from 400px to 200px, then it would be fantastic, again for the mobile version.

Someone knows how to do these things?

Top Navigation The drop-down menu disappears once archived

Top Navigation Drop-down menu visible in preview mode, but once archived, the drop-down menu stops working on the first page. In all subsites, the dropdown menu works. I've checked the term store and it has not changed. It just happens on the first page.

Thank you

  1. On Sharepoint 365
  2. Global administrator access
  3. Managed navigation

jquery – Closes the menu by clicking on the outside

    $ (& # 39 ;. downUp & # 39;). click (function (e) {
$ (& # 39 ;. openClose & # 39;). hide ();
if ($ (this) .hasClass (& # 39; open)) {
$ (this) .removeClass (& # 39; open & # 39;);
} else {
$ (this) .next (& # 39 ;. openClose & # 39;). show ();
$ (this) .addClass (& # 39; open & # 39;);
e.stopPropagation ();

// Open the menu on tablet
$ (# Imgburger & # 39;). click (function () {
if (($ (window) .width () <= 991)) {
$ (# SmartBMH). slideToggle ();