Assign ID to menu items in default language

I’m using the next code in functions.php in order to generate an id for the menu elements with the title of the menu page item.

My site is multilanguage so it changes the id depending on the language you’re browsing on.
This is the code I’m using and what I’m looking for is to assign an unique id for every language generated by the default language title

function custom_nav_menu_item_id($id, $item) {
    $title = sanitize_title_with_dashes($item->title);
    return $title;

add_filter('nav_menu_item_id', 'custom_nav_menu_item_id', 10, 2);

Python = elaborar um menu

Menu – Elabore um programa que mostre o seguinte menu na tela:

Cadastro de Clientes
0 - Fim
1 - Inclui
2 - Altera
3 - Exclui
4 - Consulta
Digite uma opção: 

Ao digitar um valor para a opção, o programa exibe qual opção foi escolhida.

Você escolheu a opção '0'.

catalina – How do I change an app icon image on the menu bar?

(macOS 10.15.7)

I want to change the icon image of an app on the menu bar, for example, the “syncing” image of Dropbox:

enter image description here

However, I cannot find the corresponding image in /Applications/ . Another post says changing the menu-bar icon may require the knowledge of Xcode.

Is it possible to change a menu-bar icon without using Xcode? Or is it possible to at least “shrink” the original icon (make it smaller but not disappear) without using Xcode?

Is there any way to call the share menu in a termux script?

I made a bash script for termux and at the end of it i want to call the share menu to send a file made by my script by whatsapp for example

I really don’t have any idea about how to do this.

Any help is appreciated :]

sharepoint online – Context menu jumps

When right clicking on documents in SharePoint Online to reveal the context menu, the menu jumps for some reason which results in clicking on the wrong options. For example, if you want to click Download, the jump causes you to accidently click on Delete as shown in the video in the link below:

View post on

Is it possible to stop this from happening?

Using fully updated Windows 10 and Edge.

8 – Create multiple Menu blocks from the same menu

In Drupal 7, the Blocks page contained a link for ‘Add menu block’, from where you could create multiple menu blocks of the same menu.

In Drupal 8, menu blocks seem to be generated automatically, however only one-per-menu exists (two, if you have are using Superfish).

I have a main menu block that needs to be rendered in different ways, depending on the Content Type being displayed.

Most of my content has a menu position assigned, however one type does not as it has over 300 sibling nodes; I need the same menu to appear, just showing one level higher. The sidenav will normally show the parent page, with the current page and all sibling pages underneath:

Parent page
 - child 1
 - child 2
 - child 3 <current page>
 - child 4 etc...

For the special Content Type, I need this structure:

Grandparent page
 - Parent sibling 1
 - Parent sibling 2
 - Parent 
 - Parent sibling 3 etc...

This would have been pretty simple in D7 – have I missed something?

How can I render the same menu at different levels? I’d rather not have to clone the entire menu using Entity Clone just to expose part of it.

Pages are automatically added to the top of the page menu

When I create a page it gets automatically added to the page menu even if I don’t have any menu, how can I fix this? Every page I add gets added there and the more pages I add the more will be added to the menu.

navigation – Recreate the Management menu on Drupal 8?

I’ve just done the upgrade from Drupal 7 to 8 (on a site that was updated from Drupal 5 to 6, 6 to 7…) and the management menu seems to be a bit of a mess. An attempt at trying to fix it up left it worse off and I’m wondering if there’s a way to just have Drupal re-create the menu from scratch. I don’t care about its customization, it would just be good to go back to the defaults.

sharepoint designer – Change Title (linked to item with edit menu) to different column for new online

There are several answers about this online but they don’t appear to work anymore with the sharepoint online experience.

I set up the title/linked field as the wrong column and want to change it. The existing instructions say to use sharepoint designer and add these fields to the viewfield tag:

<FieldRef Name="COLUMNNAME" linkToItem="TRUE" linkToItemAllowed="TRUE" listItemMenu="TRUE"/>

I did this and it has no effect. I think it might have something to do with the current field which looks like this:

<FieldRef Name="LinkTitle"/>

This is interesting because the actual name of that column is “status”, but it appears as LinkTitle.

Empty Developer Options menu in mobile Chrome

Open the Developer Options in the Chrome on mobile, but only one menu item: Tracing. Where is the others? (I want enable USB debugging)

Device: MIUI 12, Android 10, Mi 9T, Chrome 90

enter image description here