Automatic merge of all HDR footage into a folder in Lightroom CC Classic

I have recently made many shots in parentheses, which I merged into HDR images in Lightroom Classic CC (Mac).

I find the process of selecting 3 images, go to the menu to select HDR, display the preview and then start the merge for each sequence rather tedious.

I could do more than 20 sequences in a day. Most of my treks take place in areas where dark forests and snowy alpine areas blend. Dynamics is always a challenge. I use Nikon D5100, which does not allow you to enable the HDR when shooting in raw format.

I would like a mechanism to detect all the sequences (images taken a few seconds apart) and merge them with HDR using the same settings (without anti-ghosting) and ignoring the preview.

Is there a way to do that I've neglected? Or could you point me in the right direction to find a way to script this behavior?

merge – Why does Github show a complete list of all my previous merged extraction requests?

I am relatively new to Github and I am having a problem. I work with a small team on a repo, "Upstream". I have my own fork on which I push my changes, "Origin", and then I submit a PR to Upstream to merge my changes. Once my changes have been merged, I "pull" to extract all the other changes made by Upstream.

My problem is that, for whatever reason, when I go public relations, every commit I made (including all that had been previously merged) is displayed. It looks like something like:

S & P commits on January 1, 2019

  • Commit 1
  • Commit 2
  • Commit 3 (green tick because it has been merged)

S & # 39; s hired on 2 January 2019

Even so, "Modified files" only correctly reflect newly modified files. How to get it so that only unmerged commits appear?

database – Drupal 8 Merge expression () called many times

I'm trying to use a merge query to increment views value:

$ this-> connection-> merge (& # 39; page_stat & # 39;)
-> condition ('nest', $ nest)
-> fields ([
    'views' => 1,
-> expression (& # 39; views & # 39; views +: inc & # 39; [':inc' => 1])
-> execute ();

As said, if the registration already exists, views will be set to its current value plus 1.

But if I run the code above, the view value increments its current value plus 3. It appears that expression () calls three times. What seems to be a problem?

Table top structure page_stat:

CREATE TABLE `page_stat` (
`nid` int (10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL COMMENTARY 'The node.nid that this record follows.'
`views` int (10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;
`thumbsUp` int (10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;
`thumbsDown` int (10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT & # 39; 0 & # 39;

How can I easily merge tabs from two Chrome windows?

I have two open Chrome windows with a bunch of tabs. I want to merge the tabs / windows so that all the tabs are in a window. Is there a way to merge them without manually moving each tab from one window to another?

Download Excel as a mail merge in a Word template and display the Word template with all the fields, but using the C # code

I have uploaded a photo. I want to download an Excel file as a mail merge inside a Word template, but with the help of a C # code. There are many mail merge methods. But manually, we upload an Excel file into a word template to merge the values ​​( Check out this youtube link for a better understanding, please. But I want this Excel file download in a word template to use the form code c # win only. I really need your help for that, please. Specify the path only by uploading an Excel file into a word template, because I know all the other methods of merging. I want to download an Excel file inside a Word template with the help of C # code, please. Thank you
enter the description of the image here

design – Synchronize two notifications and merge them into one

I am experiencing this problem:

Suppose that there are two independent services, A and Band both treat the messages of C.

Suppose I have a service X who needs to know if a message m of C was treated by both A and B. What are the reasonable models for designing such a thing? How to synchronize notifications from both A and B say X this A and B are done with m?

Informix – where the clause with merge

j & # 39; uses Informix Dynamic Server version 12.10.FC9W1X2.

I need to update a table with fields from another table. I'm trying to use the


statement, but I'm not able to use a Where the clause to filter the information of the table being updated because this causes a syntax error. I've also tried to add AND the When corresponds and it does not work.

Is there a way to do that?

This is my statement so far,

MERGE IN table1 as t1
USE table2 as t2
ON t1.some_no = t2.some
When corresponds
UPDATE SET t1.some_other_no = t2.some_other_no, is_processed = "Y", resolution = "AAA & # 39;

mergesort – Python Merge Sorting for a List Containing Separate Values

This code below is what I think should be the implementation of Python merge sorting and it works as expected. He sorts the given list, where we can safely assume that all values ​​are distinct. But after reviewing some online implementations, I doubt mine. So the basic question is "Is this guy even merged?"

def merge (arr):
# base case
length = len (arr)
half = length // 2
if length == 1 or length == 0:
back arr
# recursive case
firstHalf = fusion (arr[:half]# sort the first half
secondHalf = fusion (arr[half:]# sort the second half
length_firstHalf = len (first half)
length_secondHalf = len (secondHalf)
sortlist = []

    i, j = 0, 0 # variables for iteration
while i! = length_firstHalf and j! = length_secondHalf: # add elements in the new array until one of the two sub-arrays is completely traversed
if first half[i] > second half[j]:
rangedList.append (secondHalf[j])
j + = 1
Carry on
if first half[i] <secondHalf[j]:
rowList.append (first half[i])
i + = 1
back (sorted list + first half[i:] + second half[j:]) # return the array after adding what remains of the sub-array that has not been completely traversed 

array – Merge TIFF files into a multi-page C # TIFF file

I create a program to convert and concatenate files. I wanted after the conversion of PDF files to TIFF format, I combine them into a single multi-page TIFF file.

I have been looking for a long time and I still have not found a code that works as I wanted it.

I convert PDF files to TIFF format and save them to a temporary folder. Then I have an array of strings that will contain all those files in the temporary folder (via a function GetFiles ()).

I want you to combine the files in this table into a multi-page TIFF.
Can someone have the solution or can you direct me to her?

Thank you in advance.

Another possibility to merge instructions for managing static data in SSDT projects

I have a database in which some of the tables are relatively static. To keep the data synchronized between database versions, I use the merge statements generated by sp_generate_merge in the post-deployment scripts. That works well. This, however, disturbs my DBA because the merge instructions are problematic.

The merge statements are relatively safe in my use case, but if there is a way to generate a safer T-SQL for the same end goal as simple as sp_generate_merge, I would much rather do it. .